YouTube Views Bot – Why NOT to Use These

YouTube Views Bot – Why NOT to Use These
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Everyone would like to see more views on YouTube. It’s better to have thousands of views than a few dozen.

A YouTube views bot is a tool that many people use to increase their YouTube views. An automated program or system that artificially increases the number of views or hits for your YouTube video. This program will super-spread your video with hits, driving it to the hundreds or even thousands of views.

Although it might be tempting to use a YouTube views robot, there are two very good reasons not to.

BANNED. Your video could be removed or banned. This is why it is important to avoid bot systems. Your video may be removed if you use a YouTube views bot that is not in compliance with the terms of service read the full info here. Your video disappears after you have spent thousands of dollars artificially increasing your views. All those views vanish with it.

ACCOUNT SUBSCRIBE. This can be very frustrating, especially if your channel has many videos. Then you decide to try a bot program. The program gets a lot of hits and then suddenly your entire account is suspended. You don’t just run the risk that one video will be removed from your channel, but you also risk losing access to the entire channel. Many accounts suspended will have other videos that were artificially viewed inflated. Even if they only allow you to use one video of the program, they can still shut down your entire account and cause you to lose all your videos.