Video Apps – Digital Marketer’s Secret Weapon

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According to a report by Flurry (a mobile analytics company), 58 new iPhone app companies are being launched each day. Why should this be restricted to smartphones?

Apps on the Web are just as powerful. A whole new category of apps that are video-enabled is being developed for the Web. TechTarget reports that 72 percent of IT buyers use videos to help them make purchasing decisions. These numbers are even greater outside of IT. Video-enabled marketing apps combine interactivity and video to convert prospects at a higher rate than traditional tools. You don’t require any special skills to start using iPhone apps.

With just a Cisco Flip camera, marketers of all sizes can now create video-enabled marketing apps that have distinct calls to action. This includes prompting viewers to register for a webinar or download a trial. It is easy to track and measure. How do you start? It is simpler than you think, and there are three main areas that come to mind: customer testimonials, event promotion, and product promotion.

Promotional Event

Companies are trying to increase attendance at live and online events. You can record a presenter or host in less than an hour and add interactivity, including social networking links, to create a video app that promotes the event. A video teaser can be included in the webinar invitation and on the event landing page to increase conversion by up to 30%. The content can be embedded in an app, broken down into key topics with calls to actions, which makes it more engaging and compelling for viewers, increasing conversions.

Customer Testimonials

Customers are better at communicating with prospects about you than anyone else. Many prospects have become accustomed to graphics and text, which fails to convey genuine enthusiasm and insight. However, video is a great tool for this. Digital marketers who are successful have developed video-enabled apps that allow customers to tell their stories and include interactive elements that encourage users click to learn more or get more information about the speaker. This enhanced experience can be created in just hours by marketers with calls to actions that provide a significantly higher return on investment than traditional testimonials.

Promotional Products

Video-enabled apps can drive interest further into your organization, unlike traditional product collateral, particularly standard text descriptions. It’s possible to make a personalized interaction with click this website prospects by “branching” their video. This allows users to control the experience and lets them tell a marketer about their interests through how they interact the video app. A vanilla product teaser can be transformed by the marketer into an engaging tool that tells a story while attracting prospects for targeted follow up and lead-nurturing.