Top Rated Telugu Movies in 2020

Top Rated Telugu Movies in 2020
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The pandemic year (2020) is hard for all of us; even the movie business got slow. At that time, millions of people are out of boredom finding out which movies to watch and adding joy in that time of the year. In the pandemic times, only the OTT industry emerged, and the Aha application is loved worldwide; even foreign people are showing it by downloading it. When people talk about movies with their friends, they always want to watch top-rated ones. There are unlimited movies in the Telugu industry that are top-rated in 2020. When we talk about the top-rated movies, we mean they have all the features of a good film, so Tollywood is where we can find this. A lot more than thousands of movies represent every character in it. There is a lot of laughter when watching Telugu movies online and can comfortably be seen with family. More than anything, these movies teach us the actual values of our parents, elders, and younger ones. In today’s time, we lack values and understand them Telugu movies have shown them. Showing values is a fantastic initiative by the Telugu industry, making it top-rated in all senses. One of the top-rated films of 2020 is Bhanumatti and Ramakrishna. You can watch bhanumati and Ramakrishna movie online on aha.

Bhanumatti and Ramakrishna is an Indian Tamil movie directed by SrikanthNagothi and released on 3rd July 2020. This is a beautiful love story of a girl named Bhanumatti; she was an urban woman whose ex-husband dumped her because he finds a young girl. She was a woman who is very well aware of what she wants, what she deserves, and what is her ambition. She handles herself quite well, and she didn’t show her tears. She was only under stress. She went out shopping, ate burger meals, dyes her hair, and even on blind dates. Later on, she meets a boy name Ramakrishna who gets closer to her, but they have feelings for each other. Then, Bhanumatti’s father went on asking her about her break up and weight gain. At the same time, Ramakrishna asked her roommates about their live-in relationship. The movie ended when their love story started.

This film got so much love everywhere in the world. It has become one of the top-rated movies in the year 2020. The film was released in the pandemic year; millions of people watched it due to the story content it had. It is a slow love story movie, which won millions of hearts.


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