27 Most Recommended Gifts for Indoor Gardener

The best gift or present that we can give to someone special is a gift that is thoughtful and lasts a lifetime. There are times when we probably find it challenging to pick the right gift for someone with particular characters, such as your favorite indoor gardener. Whether it’s your parents, wife, husband, or friends, we believe that they deserve to have the best gifts to support their love for indoor gardening. Therefore, it’s recommended to pick the gift wisely before you finally make a decision.

There are plenty of gift options of for indoor gardeners, including those adorable and useful items that make their indoor gardening session be more fun and enjoyable. You can pick any special occasion to give a special gift to them, including a birthday, Christmas, housewarming, or other special occasions that you can think of.

Now, if you still have no idea on what gift to pick, you might want to sit tight, because we have listed down a list of the perfect gifts for indoor gardener below.

Best Gifts for Indoor Gardener

Indoor gardeners have a special knack for nurturing life in the coziest of spaces. For these green-thumbed magicians, every corner holds potential for vibrant growth. If you’re hunting for the perfect gift to make their verdant paradise shine even brighter, you’re in luck. Dive into our thoughtfully curated list that promises to enchant every indoor plant enthusiast.

1. Smart Planter with Grow Light

Smart Planter with Grow Light

As one of the most crucial tools that every indoor gardener needs, we think this smart planter is certainly the kind of gift that your special person would be thrilled to have. The combination of modern design and botanical science make this a perfect gift for indoor gardeners.

Moreover, it also comes in several color options that you can choose based on the receiver’s preference or favorite color. Even better, how about giving two or three of these in different colors? We have no doubt, they will make a great set of gifts to decorate their indoor garden.

2. Living Composter

Living Composter

This tool is something that a smart and healthy indoor gardener will love, since this biomorphic composter will turn food scraps into fab fertilizer. Amazing, isn’t it? The fertilizer will make your plants healthy and happy, thanks to the functional worms inside this compost container.

In our opinion, this is one of the high-tech gifts for indoor gardener to pick, It will be a unique and useful gift for your favorite indoor gardener for sure.

3. My Gardening Handbook

3 My Gardening Handbook

Every gardener needs a handbook, including your favorite gardener of course. By having this journal, we’re pretty sure your gardener will be able to create a personal horticultural reference with this adorable structured journal.

Moreover, your favorite indoor gardener will also be able to keep track of seasonal tasks and keep photos of the plants for further observations. It also comes in bright green, which is a perfect color to match your favorite indoor gardener’s love for plants.

4. Wooden Air Plant Mobile

Wooden Air Plant Mobile

These wooden hanging air plants will undoubtedly create a beautiful hanging garden indoor, inside your special indoor gardener’s house. This beauty features an amazing work-of-art design made of birch wood, which will add an artistic touch to any gardener’s sunny room.

It will also become a nice addition to home decoration, making it a perfect housewarming gifts for indoor gardener who just moved in to a new home. We hve no doubt, it will be one of the best housewarming gifts, ever.

5. Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

This Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest comes as an adorable box of bonsai kit, which brings the essence of nature that gives a sense of relaxation to your favorite indoor gardener’s life.

Being a complete set of gifts, it comes with everything required to cultivate a grove of miniature trees. We believe without a doubt, this is definitely the best gift for an indoor gardener.

6. Indoor Herb Garden Kitchen Smart Planter

gifts for indoor gardener

A smart planter will make your favorite gardener’s gardening time more fun and enjoyable. Take a look at this adorable smart planter. Being such a cool gift for a new indoor gardener, this adorable smart planter will definitely become one of the perfect gifts to pick.

This is an item that allows gardeners to grow flowers, vegetables and other indoor plants without any natural light needed. So, it can be used during any season and weather, all year long.

7. Cfmour Wood Plant Stand

Cfmour Wood Plant Stand

This wood plant stand is definitely the perfect gift for indoor gardeners, including your favorite indoor gardener for sure. This cool stand can accommodate at least 12 plant pots.

We also think that this stand will look perfect in any room at home. Made of 100% Eucalyptus wood, this wood plant stand features 4 universal wheels, so anyone can easily relocate it to any space or spot at home.

8. Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter

Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter

Moving on to the next recommendation on the list, we have this sweet looking hanging planter, which will be a perfect gift for those who love industrial-designed home. In terms of function, we think it is perfect for Succulent of hanging plants.

Therefore, we believe that this item would become one of the best gifts for indoor gardener who loves industrial design. What a perfect gift for your favorite indoor gardener! In addition, we think this gift will be a great and unique tool to grow herbs indoors, too!

9. Owl Succulent Pots

Owl Succulent Pots

Who doesn’t fall in love with these cute little Owl Succulent Pots with bamboo saucers as the stand holder? This one is the perfect gift for your special indoor gardener, whether it’s your Mom, grandmother, sister or best friend.

Aside from being a cute place to grow your plants, we also think that this cute gift will also be a nice addition to her home decoration. This set of gifts include three pots and a bamboo stand. So, it’s a complete set of pots and decor item.

10. Homarden Copper Colored Watering Can

Homarden Copper Colored Watering Can

This metal watering features easy pour and long spout for your favorite indoor gardener. The small size of this watering can makes it easy to carry, which creates an effortless plant watering experience.

Moreover, in terms of design, we have to admit that the copper finish makes this a one-of-a-kind kind of item to pick. Without a doubt, it is a nice and adorable gift for indoor gardeners.

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11. Flower Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand

XXXFLOWER Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand

This adorable item will be a sweet and unique gift for indoor gardeners. It’s not just a pretty looking plant terrarium, but it’s also an artistic piece of home decoration that your favorite gardener can simply put in a living room or working room to add a touch of greenery to the room.

In our opinion, this terrarium with a wooden stand will be perfect to be placed inside a studying or working room. So whenever you feel like your eyes need a break from the screen, you can see this adorable item and fell fresh again.

12. 4TH Succulent Mini Garden Tool Set

4TH Succulent Mini Garden Tool Set

If you’re looking for a gift that can be used by your favorite gardener for a long time, then this set of 3 pieces mini garden plant tools is definitely the best pick. This set includes a hand shovel, a transparent shovel and a cultivator hand rake.

Moreover it also features a non-slip wooden handle to give a strong grip for a wonderful gardening experience. If you are looking for something that will be useful for long period of time, search no more and put this inside your shopping cart, quick!

13. Skyhaven Pruning Scissors

Skyhaven Pruning Scissors

All gardeners, indoor or outdoor, need a good scissor. Based on that reason, we think this traditional Japanese scissor is one of the best gifts for any indoor gardener. Being one of the mandatory tools for gardeners, giving a gardening scissor is always a good idea.

Being a Japanese style gift, this scissor comes in a nice bamboo gift box, making it a nice gift to be given to special indoor gardener in your life. Without a doubt, this scissor will be a versatile tool for them.

14. Everso Mini Garden Hand Transplanting Succulent Tools

Everso Mini Garden Hand Transplanting Succulent Tools

In need of a complete set of indoor gardening tools as a gift for an indoor gardener who loves succulent plants? Search no more, because we have the perfect choice of gift for you.

Take this one for instance. This Everso Mini Garden Hand Transplanting Succulent Tools is just the perfect kind of gift for you to pick. These tools include 12 pcs of gardening tools plus a carpet, which your special indoor gardener will surely adore.

15. Indoor Gardening for Beginners: 2 Books in 1

Indoor Gardening for Beginners 2 Books in 1

Someone who just started doing indoor gardening will definitely love to learn new things, including new tips and tricks on how to grow indoor plants, and to make them grow happy and healthy.

Therefore, this Indoor Gardening for Beginners will be the best gift. As a package of two books, your favorite gardener will learn about indoor gardening, especially indoor vegetable gardening from these books.

16. Grow Light

Grow Light

Growing plants indoors will require support from additional lights to replace the natural sunlight. Based on that reason, that is the reason why your favorite indoor gardener needs this grow light.

Made of high-quality metal material, this grow light features 3-Head plant light with 3 switch modes and 5 dimmable options. A grow light with a cool design and great functional aspects, this is truly ideal for all kinds of indoor plants.

17. Decorative Garden Tools Accessory

Decorative Garden Tools Accessory

This gift set of 3 gardening tools is a perfect gift for your favorite indoor gardener who just started growing indoor plants. The cheerful patterns and bright colors will bring out the fun feeling of indoor gardening, and will be the tools that your favorite gardener will cherish for a long time.

Moreover, this is also a perfect gift for a girl since the colors and patterns are so girly. In our opinion, this is a great option of gift for a daughter who just showed her interest in indoor gardening.

18. Value Line Stand for Seed Starting

Value Line Stand for Seed Starting

Any indoor gardener will always need additional stand to place their plants in order. For such gardener, we think this stand can be a perfect choice of gift. It can accommodate as many as 72 plants in each tray and features 4 LED fixtures and 4-fixed shelves with 1 tan perma-nest plant trays per shelf.

We believe without a doubt, any indoor gardener will appreciate this gift as it will be a valuable tool that is durable and super useful. That is why this line stand is a cool gift for indoor gardeners.

19. Vertical Rectangular Garden Planter 

Vertical Rectangular Garden Planter

Another option of planter, aside from the planter that is made of metal, this wooden planter is also a good pick for you who’s currently searching for a nice gift for your special indoor gardener.

Aside from it’s unique design, this freestanding vertical growing system also features 3 removable 20-inch wide planter boxes, which are adjustable to accommodate different plant heights.

20. Indoor Garden Dangling Terracotta Mini Pots

Indoor Garden Dangling Terracotta Mini Pots

If you’re in love with these dangling Terracotta mini pots, you’re not the only one, because we fall in love with them, too! These adorable pots are just too cute to handle, don’t you think?

Therefore, we highly recommend these cuties to be a gift for your sweetest indoor gardener, whether it’s your Mom, grandma, or sister. We can assure you that she will be as in love as we are with these mini pots.

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21. Wooden Planter with Mexican Tile

gifts for indoor gardener

Add a touch of a Mexican tile to your favorite indoor gardener’s home with this unique and artistic wooden planter. Made of pine wood and 4 Mexican Tiles, this planter will definitely be one of the main items that brings out a touch of artistic decoration in any room.

Even better, it will also become the best planter for unique and rare plants. Moreover, especially if it showcases beautiful plants, we believe it will make any room looks more artistic.

22. Watering Can for Indoor Plants

gifts for indoor gardener

Another idea of a watering can to pick as a gift for your favorite gardener, is this cute can made of plastic. The combination of leak free feature and sleek design makes it a perfect watering can for indoor plants. Not to mention the adorable colors to choose from.

It comes in two color options that highlight blue as the main color of it. If you are looking for a watering can for your indoor gardener grandma, then you might want consider having this can, because it’s so light and easy to carry around the house.

23. Plant Soil Moisture Meter

gifts for indoor gardener

Make sure all your favorite indoor gardener’s plants are healthy with proper moisture level. In order to do that, you need to have this Soil Moisture Meter. This tool might be small, but it’s very useful so we highly recommend you to get one of these for your favorite indoor gardener.

This tool measures the level of wetness between 1 – 10, which makes it ideal for house plants, indoor gardens, as well as lawn and farm.

24. Cube Medium Geometric Glass Terrarium

gifts for indoor gardener

This elegant geometric terrarium is a perfect gift for indoor gardeners. Handcrafted by stained artist, Lenka at the South of England, this terrarium is perfect for small low-maintenance plants like cactus, succulents and air plants.

This will also be a nice home decoration, as it will add a touch of artistic decoration to any room at home. It comes in two color options, which are black and white, and you can choose the one based on reference. Our advice, pick the one with a color that fit to the receiver’s character.

25. Herb Seeds

gifts for indoor gardener

Seeds are the essence of gardening, and having seeds as a gift for indoor gardeners will never go wrong. This pack of seeds include Genovese Basil Seeds, Mammoth Dill Seeds, Italian Parsley Seeds, Cilantro Seeds, and Common Chive Seeds.

All seeds are organic and guaranteed fresh, which will be a great gift for your favorite indoor gardener. It also comes in a nice packaging, making it a nice choice of gift for a special indoor gardener in your life.

26. Seed to Sprout Kit

gifts for indoor gardener

We believe that we can call this the box of happiness, since this box includes things that will make your special indoor gardener feel happy to have this gift. Beautifully packaged in a nice box and sweet color, this gift box will be a perfect gift for indoor gardeners.

It includes 6 herb seed pack, biodegradable growing pots and soil disks, all packed in an adorable box that will make a very sweet and beautiful gift for anyone who loves indoor gardening.

27. Personalized Garden Tools Crate

gifts for indoor gardener

Any gardeners need to have a proper tool box to store their gardening tools. Therefore, we think this personalized gardening tool box will be a nice gift for your loved ones who love indoor gardening.

Being a personalized gift, you can add a personalized message on the front side of this box, or put your favorite gardener’s name on it. Simply adorable! We can guarantee that your favorite indoor gardener will smile from ear to ear when she sees this gift.

Final Thoughts

Since people are forced to stay at home during the pandemic, people are starting to grow their love for indoor plants. Until now, even when the pandemic is over, indoor pants still have a certain charms that make people love to have them and take care of them. If you know anyone who becomes an indoor gardener due to the pandemic, then make sure you give them special gifts for indoor gardener that can be useful for them.

Here we have collected 27 of the most recommended gifts for a special indoor gardener in your life, which we believe will be a nice form of support towards their love for plants. From pots to watering cans, we have it all, and we believe you will find the one you’ve been looking for on our list.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does every indoor gardener need?

There are few things that an indoor gardener needs, but Plant Trays are the first things that they need, followed by Tiered Plant Stands, Plant Seeds, Plant Lights, and Fertilizer. Having complete tools for indoor gardening will make it easier and more fun to do.

What’s the latest buzz in gifts for indoor gardeners?

Well, self-watering planters are making waves! They grant plants a steady sip of water, ensuring they’re always quenched. Sleek and functional, they’re the plant-parenting dream. A real game-changer.

Any tech gifts for the modern indoor gardener?

Definitely! Smart plant monitors are a hit. They sync with your smartphone, alerting you about your plant’s mood swings. It’s like your plant sliding into your DMs!

What do you give a gardener in your life?

Choosing the perfect gift for an indoor gardener can be tricky, but the best gifts are surely a gift that is useful and can support your favorite gardener’s hobby, such as a Glass Terrarium, Indoor Gardening Tool Kit, Watering Can, which we have reviewed in this article for you.

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