Prepd Lunchbox Set: A Smart Lunchbox That Help Maintaining Your Health

For me, lunch is one of the most important meals of the day. Well, it actually applies for almost everyone, especially those who have to grab their lunch out of home almost everyday, whether it’s at work or school.

Being a meal that we need to have in between our activities in a day, lunch needs to be more than just delicious in terms of taste. It also needs to be healthy and nutritious since we need proper nutrition intake to make sure we stay fit through the day.

When it comes to lunch, I have to admit that I can be a little too careful in selecting my lunch menu. I think meal prepping is the most crucial step that I need to plan carefully every morning.

Aside from the menu, I think it is also necessary for me to use a reliable lunch box as it has to keep my meal fresh and nutritious until lunch time. To be honest, I hate to find that my lunch is leaking from the box, which will totally ruin my appetite.

So, I need to have a new lunchbox that guarantees that.

prepd lunchbox set
Reliable Prep Lunch Box Set

There are hundreds -if not thousands- lunch boxes being sold in the market today, both online or offline.

I was thinking of buying a new lunch box that offers more advantages in terms of everything. Not only the leak-proof feature, but also the reliability and design as well.

Since we live in a digital world now, I decided to look for it online and when I opened Kickstarter, I found a Prepd Lunchbox Set. It grabbed my attention right away!

To be honest, the design was the first thing that caught my attention. But after I did some digging about it, surprisingly it was pretty awesome which came as the best solution for me.

Getting To Know The Prepd Lunchbox Set

Being a cool lunch box that excites me, I am now excited to share some reviews with you about the product. To give a brief description of what Prepd Lunchbox Set is, it is a new reimagined lunch box that offers you more than just a box to keep your lunch everyday.

One thing that I think will become a plus point of this product is definitely the sleek and elegant design and I think I have never seen a lunch box like this before. In short, it’s like a stylish lunchbox for adults.

prepd lunchbox set
Packaged in A Fancy Box with A White Small Prepd Logo on Top

Upon receiving the product, I was able to see that it was neatly packaged in a fancy box with a white small Prepd logo on top. Inside the box, there is the lunch box and four containers in different sizes and a set of magnetic cutlery that includes a spoon, a fork and a knife.

The containers can be combined in multiple configurations based on your menu for the day. Interestingly, the lunch box has a beautifully designed lid made of bamboo, which also works as an eating mat that will keep your desk clean while you enjoy your meal.

Free Prepd App

In terms of functionality, I have to say that it was really well built. Not to mention that you can also get a pair of chopsticks and buy it separately. So if you are having a noodle for lunch, you can pack along a pair of chopsticks to replace the spoon and fork.

Free Prepd App
Free Prepd App

Aside from the design, Prepd also has a free Prepd App, which I think perfectly adds a ‘smart’ touch to the product. We’ll get to that later as a ‘last but not least’ review that I think you really need to know.

Unboxing and First Impressions

The neat packaging and sleek design of the lunch box were two aspects that I love the most. Opening the box felt like I was opening a cool gadget because each item was arranged neatly inside the box. Not to mention the lunch box was also very impressive because it is slim, sleek, and the color is beautiful.

I bought the first edition and the color was a combination of natural bamboo color, light blue and gray. Overall, this product is beautifully aesthetic and very pleasing to the eyes if you ask me.

prepd lunchbox set
Unboxing and First Impressions

In my opinion, the color combination is perfect for both men and women. It comes in a neutral color that will look stylish in the hands of simply everyone. As for the materials, I must say that it’s pretty solid and I expect durability from this product.

The lid is made of high-quality bamboo that makes it an eco-friendly lunchbox.

When I first found this product at Kickstarter, the containers were claimed to be leak-proof and so far I have never experienced any leaking, so that’s enough for me.

Using The Prepd Lunchbox Set

I am using this product as my lunchbox for work so I use it practically everyday. Thanks to its compact size, The containers are pretty functional especially because they have integrated sauce compartments as well.

With 4 compartments in total, I think you will have more than enough space for each of your meals, including your side dish, too.

Honestly, I do think the inside containers are pretty common just like other food containers we’ve seen. One thing that I think makes Prepd food containers unique is how they perfectly fit inside the lunch box, making sure your meals do not move while you’re carrying it around or during commute.

1. The Prepd Lunchbox Set Features

When it comes to features, there are some features that I love about this product. The first one is of course none other than the sleek design.

It feels like fresh air because it looks like a stylish lunch box rather than the classic lunch box or lunch bag that we have been using since we were kids, back in school.

The Prepd Lunchbox Set Features
The Prepd Lunchbox Set Features

The next feature is the free Prepd App that is available for Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. More than just your boring meal prepping app, the Prepd App allows you to get instant access to tasty lunch menus and recipes, plus a complete nutritional information.

2. How To Clean Prepd Lunchbox Set

There are now special requirements to clean the Prepd Lunchbox Set. You can simply clean it the way you clean other lunchboxes.

However, to make sure the surface remains smooth and clean, make sure you don’t wipe it using cloth with a rough surface to make sure you don’t scratch the bamboo lid or the inside containers.

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Performance and Functionality

You cannot expect your lunch to stay cool from around 08.00 AM to 12.00 PM, don’t you?

Well, it’s undoubtedly impossible anyway. However, this versatile lunchbox set does come with a pair of cool sticks that you can get with an additional price. They will help your meal to stay cold for a certain period of time.

Performance and Functionality
Performance and Functionality

Based on my experience, the sticks were able to make my lunch stay in the refrigerator cold from home to work, which is about an hour or so in my case. So in short, the sticks are useful to keep your meals cold until you can finally put your containers into a refrigerator.

One thing to remember, though. Make sure you don’t put the Prepd pack into the fridge. Since it is made of bamboo, putting it inside the fridge will cause contraction which will lead to ingress of water.

Well, bamboo is basically made of wood, and putting wood and water together is a big no no.

Delicious and Healthy Meals

Sometimes we can feel bored of our lunch menu and that’s completely normal. However, I do find the Prepd App very useful in terms of giving me new ideas for my lunch recipes. There are countless healthy recipes that I can try.

Even better, you can also put in your own personal healthy recipes and make them accessible for other Prepd Lunchbox Set users to try your recipes, too!

Delicious and Healthy Meals
Delicious and Healthy Meals

However, since the app is full of healthy and tasty recipes, in my opinion this app will be very useful for those who are on a diet program. Plus, it can also connect to HealthKit App on iOS, so you can track your health-related information in one app.

On-the-Go Convenience

The compact design of the Prepd Lunchbox Set is truly one aspect that makes it a perfect lunchbox for on-the-go.

It’s truly convenient and durable for me to travel. First, thanks to its slim design, I can easily put it inside my bag and still leave enough space for other items inside the bag. Second, I can also carry it easily using the Prepd Neoprene sleeve add-on which is available for an additional cost.

The sleeve also has a strap that allows me to carry the lunch box using one hand.

Portability and Durability of Prepd Lunchbox Set

The Prepd Neoprene sleeve was designed to give extra protection to your lunch box, ensuring your meal’s temperature stays consistent during travels or commutes. The size of the sleeve is just perfect as it fits the lunch box as if it hugs the lunchbox, keeping the meals protected and secure until lunch time arrives.

Portability and Durability of Prepd Lunchbox Set
Portability and Durability of Prepd Lunchbox Set

Although the initial pack already includes a set of magnetic cutlery, you can also get a pair of chopsticks to add to the cutlery set. In summary, there are three additional accessories that you can get with additional cost, which are the Prepd sleeve, the chopsticks, and the cold packs.

Personally, I have to say that the sleeve and cold packs are very useful. So, I would recommend you to get one for yourself, because you won’t regret it.

Personal Recommendations and Tips

If you are a worker who brings your own lunch to work everyday, then we are on the same team. I always think that it is much healthier and cost efficient compared to having lunch out everyday or buying your lunch out.

So, if you are looking for the perfect lunchbox that comes with countless healthy recipes to try, then I highly recommend this Prepd Lunchbox Set to you. Do remember to install the free Prepd App to have access to the meal recipes and nutritional facts.

I personally have one favorite recipe that I got from the app, which is the Wholegrain Tuna Pasta. Just go ahead and try, and you can thank me later.

prepd lunchbox set
Personal Recommendations and Tips

Even better, you don’t just get to enjoy tasty and healthy lunch everyday, because you will also get some compliments from your co-workers for a sleek and elegant-looking lunch box. And did I mention that the Prepd Lunchbox Set comes in new colors now?

The product is being sold on Amazon and you can find four colorful options to choose from, including blue, green, pink and gray.

Is It Value for Money?

If you ask me whether the Prepd Lunchbox Set is worth my money? The answer would be yes, totally! It’s totally worth the money because it allows me to have a lunchbox that is sleek, elegant, stylish, and durable.

I also love it because it comes with a free app that provides me with countless tasty recipes and healthy lunch ideas everyday.

prepd lunchbox set
Is It Value for Money

As for the price, I bought the product with a price of $55 for the basic kit. You can get it on Amazon or on Prepd’s official website. However, I would advise you to make sure the price because I bought it a while back, the price might have gone up already.

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All in all, I enjoy using the Prepd Lunchbox Set as my everyday lunchbox. I can say that it is the best lunch box for meal prep that will be one of the best school lunchbox ideas for moms, too. In short, I can really say that the Prepd Lunchbox Set is a smart lunchbox to improve your healthy lifestyle and still maintain your stylish look wherever you go.

Hope you find my review useful, which can be a reliable reference to help you pick the best option to meet your needs.

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