33 Best Bridal Wedding Bracelets You Can Buy

Wedding bracelets are among the most important aspects of your bridal look. Though you may have found your dream gown, without the right jewelry to match, your look is incomplete. A wedding bracelet is a great way to accentuate your style and showcase a bit of personality on this big day.

Depending on your choice of gown and wedding décor theme, there is a perfect bracelet somewhere to accessorize perfectly. To spare you the hassle of finding the one, we have searched the web to bring you some of the best bridal wedding bracelets ever!

Featuring a wide variety of designs, colors, styles and sizes, there is something for everyone. Whether you are searching for a bridal bracelet with ring attached or wedding bracelet for the groom, you can be sure to find whatever you have in mind.

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Unique Bridal Wedding Bracelets You Can Buy

So take a look at our list and discover some of the ultimate bridal bracelets to make your special day truly memorable.

#1 Nichola Bridal Cuff Bracelet 

Nichola Bridal Cuff Bracelet
Nichola Bridal Cuff Bracelet
Nichola Bridal Cuff Bracelet - wedding bracelets

Add a touch of sparkle to your look on that special day with one of these vintage wedding bracelets. Featuring top-of-the-range crystal beads and faux pearls, this bridal cuff is as stylish and versatile as they come.

No matter what your bridal style is, this is the piece to complete your ensemble. Choose a white, gold, or rose gold piece to match your look perfectly.

#2 Gold Pearl Floral Wedding Bracelet 

Gold Pearl Floral Wedding Bracelet
Gold Pearl Floral Wedding Bracelet

You can never go wrong with a floral accent such as this one to compliment your bridal look. Freshwater pearl bouquets work with rhinestones and jeweled leaves on this piece for the perfect finishing touch.

The stunningly curated piece will add the perfect amount of glamor for the ultimate visual appeal. Whether you go for classic silver, rose gold or light gold finishes, your bracelet will carry the day.

#3 White Crystal Swarovski Bride or Bridesmaids Bracelets 

White Crystal Swarovski Bride or Bridesmaids Bracelets
White Crystal Swarovski Bride or Bridesmaids Bracelets - wedding bracelets

Looking for a simple way to radiate brilliance on your wedding day? Well, this authentic Swarovski crystal wedding bracelet would be a great place to start.

Sporting a distinct boho style the piece comprises gold or silver plating over brass. Genuine Austrian Swarovski stones are set in a captivating pattern on both ends. An adjustable design guarantees a comfortable fit for your wrist.

#4 Gussie Crystal Bridal Bracelet


Showcase elegance at its best with a vintage-inspired piece covered in rhinestone. An intricate embroidery pattern reflects a breathtaking radiance that will add serious glitz to your style.

If your bridal dress is simple and laidback, this is the ideal piece to flam it up. Based on an organza fabric setting, the piece features a blend of Swarovski gemstones and rhinestone. A satin ribbon ties the two ends together completing the magnificent effect.

#5 Art Deco Vintage Style Crystal Bracelet 

Art Deco Vintage Style Crystal Bracelet

For a timelessly trendy look why not try out one of these vintage bridal wedding bracelets? It is simple yet elegant and would make the perfect addition to any look. Designed in a closely knitted Marquise pattern it is an instant stunner.

Simulated diamonds set in an art deco formation add to its remarkable appeal. Fine craftsmanship and great attention to detail make it an unforgettable accent piece to make your special day memorable.

#6 Bohemian Crystal Rose Gold Cuff Wedding Bracelet 

Bohemian Crystal Rose Gold Cuff Wedding Bracelet

Breathe life into your Bohemian wedding concept with this sophisticated cuff bracelet. Simplicity and versatility are evident on every aspect of its artistic execution.

In spite of its understated appeal, it has just the right amount of sparkle to make it a statement piece. And thanks to its flexibility, you can adjust it to any custom fit. Choose between gold and rose gold plating for the perfect look.

#7 Art Deco Style Bridesmaid Bracelets 

Art Deco Style Bridesmaid Bracelets - wedding bracelets
Art Deco Style Bridesmaid Bracelets

If your wedding décor is inspired by art deco style, these wedding bracelets for bridesmaids are a must-have. They are the ideal accessories to add a charming touch to their look and capture the attention of guests as they walk down the aisle.

More importantly, they are stylish pieces that your bridesmaids will cherish for all time. Spruce up your bridal party look and make everyone feel special with these alluring pieces.

#8 Crystal Bridal Bracelet & Matching Earrings Set 

Crystal Bridal Bracelet & Matching Earrings Set

A matching bracelet and earring set is a great way to create an unforgettable harmonious look on that special day. They are a great way to show off your personal flair and create great photo moments.

Available in a wide array of styles, they bring in lots of personality to your look on the big day. Select the style that best matches both your personal style and event theme.

#9 Swarovski Crystal Wedding Cuff 

ROSE GOLD Swarovski Blush Rose Marquise Bracelet & Earrings,Rose Gold Bridal Cuff Wrap Bracelet,Marquise Navette Earring,Bridal Cuff,Wedding

Wedding cuffs offer lots of versatility on your wedding day and are a popular go-to style. One look at this piece and it is easy to understand why.

A dainty band design with Swarovski crystals on either end make it unique and outstanding. The crystal clusters are just the perfect size to highlight the delicate beauty of the ensemble. They are not too large as to overshadow the band but instead offer the perfect amount of dainty pizzazz.

#10 Rhinestone Flower Three String Pearl Bracelet 

Pearl Bridal Bracelet, Pearl Wedding Bracelet For Bride, Three Strand Pearl Bracelet, Crystal Pearl Bridal Jewelry B102

Treasured for their classic visual appeal and modern day adaptability, pearl bracelets are a wedding day favorite. This three string design takes their appeal several notches higher. Its three constituent strings comprise enchanting Swarovski glass pearls.

A delicate centerpiece accentuates the beauty of the piece and heightens its appeal. Featuring a large circular crystal surrounded by smaller crystals creates an impossible to miss floral design.

#11 Swarovski Black Crystal Wedding Bracelet 

Swarovski Black Crystal Wedding Bracelet - wedding bracelets

Break away from the norm with this edgy bridal bracelet for weddings. A complete deviation from the regular hues, this black and gold bracelet feels like a breath of fresh air.

If you have a penchant for breaking the rules, this piece defines you. Sporting a simple, minimalist design, the power of its appeal is in the color contrast. Showcase your personality by wearing one of these elegant pieces.

#12 Crystal Rose Gold Bridal Bracelet 

Crystal Rose Gold Bridal Bracelet

Inspired by the amazing beauty of a leaf vine, this bracelet is for the nature loving brides in the house. Bringing out both your love for the outdoors and impeccable taste, this piece offers the best of both worlds.

An intricate design of crystal clusters on a leafy metal setting creates an unbeatable look. If your style is glamorously vintage this is the ideal piece to bring that out.

#13 Crystal Marquise Bridal Bracelet 

Crystal Marquise Bridal Bracelet

Every lady wants to feel like a princess or a queen on that big day. With one of these wedding bracelets on, you can turn that from fantasy to reality.

Featuring cubic zirconia beautifully patterned into a leaf shaped this bracelet is the ultimate in bridal glamor. Its art deco design adds a classic twist to the look and turns it into a fashionable statement piece for your bridal look.

#14 Rhinestone Bridal Cuff Pearl Bracelet 

Rhinestone Bridal Cuff Pearl Bracelet - wedding bracelets

Searching for the ultimate piece to create an effortlessly elegant look on your wedding day? By wearing one of these ornate wedding cuff bracelets, you will achieve that and much more.

Drawing its inspiration from nature, the piece features a blend of Swarovski crystal clusters and faux pearls. The delicate open cuff arrangement will add a classic touch and lots of feminine charm to your appearance.

#15 Filigree Style Silver Wedding Bracelet 

Filigree Style Silver Wedding Bracelet

Put the perfect finishing touch to your antique wedding look with one of these charming bracelets. Sporting a delicate filigree pattern, the piece brims with heritage appeal.

Swarovski crystals in a silver plated finish give it just the right amount of style to amaze onlookers. Pair it up with a coordinating earring design and the effect will be out of this world.

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#16 Ivory Pearl Wedding Cuff Bracelet 

Pearl Wedding Bracelet, CZ Bridal Bracelet, Floral Bridal Bracelet, Floral Pearl Bracelet, Wedding Day Jewelry, Bracelet for Bride ~4891

Your wedding look is not complete until you add one of these bridal wedding bracelets. With just the right amount of shine and sparkle, the piece is an instant head turner.

Though the style is not necessarily elaborate, the choice of material and colors is perfect. Ivory pearls and teardrop rhinestones alternate to make it a wearable art piece. Tie it neatly with a satin ribbon and enjoy making memories.

#17 18K Solid Yellow Gold Wedding Bracelet 

18K Solid Yellow Gold Wedding Bracelet

Flawlessly accessorize your bridal look with the ultimate luxury wedding bracelet. If you wish to stand out and make a truly memorable statement on your big day, this is the perfect choice.

It features a one-of-a-kind handmade design in solid gold that will be sure to make waves. The Greek mid-century design makes it a timeless heirloom that you will get to pass to countless generations.

#18 Rose Gold Bridal Bracelet + Crystal Bridal Earrings Set 

Rose Gold Bridal Bracelet + Crystal Bridal Earrings Set

Enjoy the perfect blend of style and quality in this bracelet and earring set. An ornate design and meticulous craftsmanship make these the perfect jewelry pieces to accessorize your gown.

The long chandelier earrings with an oval pearl at the bottom are impossible to miss. And the delicate arrangement of crystals on the bracelet makes it a statement piece. Together, they have what it takes to make your day complete.

#19 925 Silver Leaf Crystal Bridal Bracelet 


Are you obsessed with outdoors-inspired designs? If so, then this bracelet will let your personality shine on your wedding day.

Multi-shaped crystals are arranged into a delicate leaf vine pattern that begs for attention. No matter your style or wedding décor, this piece will add lots of natural shine. Spice up your look using this bohemian style bracelet and thank us later.

#20 Bridal Statement Bracelet in Gold 

Bridal Statement Bracelet in Gold

Heirloom bridal bracelets do not come any better than this piece. It features cubic zirconia pearls set in a yellow gold background. Elegance and sophistication oozes from every angle, holding the guarantee to make that day special.

The dainty design and petite size makes it all the more alluring, a must-have for the chic bride. Take a step ahead of the trend with one of these and have fun while at it.

#21 Sterling Silver Infinity Knot Bracelet 

Sterling Silver Infinity Knot Bracelet
Sterling Silver Infinity Knot Bracelet - wedding bracelets

Nothing beats the potential of an infinity bracelet to add meaning and appeal to your bridal look. A charming delicate piece for minimalist brides, this bracelet has simplicity at its core. The thin silver band gives it a barely there look while directing attention to the focal points.

On the one hand, the infinity knot symbolizes eternal love. On the other, the freshwater pearl stands for serenity and purity. Add a personal touch to make it the ultimate gift for your bridesmaids.

#22 Pearl Cuff Ribbon Bridal Bracelet 

Pearl Cuff Ribbon Bridal Bracelet

You doubtlessly want to look your best on that special day, and this gorgeous bracelets guarantees just that. Set on a fabric background, a variety of crystals and pearls are arranged in an outstanding ornate pattern.

The contrast between ivory pearls and clear crystals creates lots of visual interest. A double faced satin ribbon ties the two ends together to complete the look.

#23 Lily of the Valley Bridal Bracelet 

Lily of the Valley Bridal Bracelet - wedding bracelets

As its name implies, this bracelet is a tribute to one of the most magnificent marvels of nature. The lily of the valley is delightfully romantic and charming in its visual allure.

An antique brass band with Swarovski pearl accents turns the piece into a work of art. And thanks to the link chain at the end, it can be adjusted to fit virtually any wrist size.

#24 Open Leaf Gold Bangle Bridal Bracelet 

Open Leaf Gold Bangle Bridal Bracelet - wedding bracelets

In as far as creativity is concerned this is one of the most amazing wedding bracelets ever! An understated design which balances between delicate and charming makes it irresistible.

Offering a trendy modern style to transform your look, this pretty gold-plated piece will be a major highlight. If you are aiming for a simple dainty look, this is your best bet.

#25 Large Single Pearl Bangle 

Large Single Pearl Bangle

Anyone who subscribes to the “less is more” concept would treasure one of these bridal wedding bracelets. A minimalist band with a single freshwater pearl is a great way to accessorize.

It is also a beautiful way to showcase your personality and let it shine on your special day. Whether you choose to wear it alone or stacked, the effect will be equally amazing.

#26 Rose Gold Swarovski Bridal Bracelet 

Rose Gold Simple Bracelet, Bridal Crystal Adjustable Bracelet, Rose Gold Wedding Bracelet, Bridesmaid Bracelet, Bridal Jewelry, Evelyn

Designed to provide the ultimate finishing touch to your look on D-Day, this bracelet will do that and so much more.

One of its most prominent highlight is its availability in a variety of finishes. From yellow gold and rose gold to silver, you will be sure to find the perfect match. Its ornate execution is yet another highlight, guaranteeing lots of compliments and great photo moments.

#27 Silver Cubic Zirconia Wedding Bracelet 

Silver Cubic Zirconia Wedding Bracelet - wedding bracelets

At times, it is the simplest of steps that take your bridal look from great to absolutely amazing. And this silver wedding bracelet promises that precise effect. No matter what style you prefer, be it boho, edgy, glam, bold or natural, its versatile design will be sure to match.

Thanks to its mosaic pattern set, it takes on a life of its own and defines your look. Its sparkle and shine guarantee lots of attention all through the day.

#28 Gold Leaf Bridal Bracelet 

Gold Leaf Bridal Bracelet

A dainty bracelet is a great way to showcase your feminine flair on your wedding day. But this effortlessly chic piece does so much more than that.

Sporting a blend of pearl buds, sparkling Swarovski crystals and a vine of gilded leaves, its beauty is matchless. An ivory satin ribbon completes the delicate look and promises lots of aesthetic potential.

#29 Intricately Crafted Cubic Zirconia Bridal Bracelet 

Intricately Crafted Cubic Zirconia Bridal Bracelet

For the fashion-savvy bride, nothing but the best will do, and this is it! By wearing one of these crystal bridal bracelets, you get to show the world your impeccable tastes. You also get to highlight aspects of your look that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Glistening zirconia stones in round and teardrop shapes make it a beauty to behold. Add the perfect amount of glamor to your look with this elegant bracelet.

#30 Blush Champagne Crystal Wedding Bracelet 

Blush Champagne Crystal Wedding Bracelet - wedding bracelets

Take things up a notch with one of the most captivating wedding bracelets yet. Brass is the base material with an option for gold or rose gold plating. On the edges of the open cuff bracelet, Swarovski crystals provide an interesting focal point.

One large blush crystal is surrounded by smaller clear ones for an incredible effect. All you need is the right attitude to match the look and you’re good to go!

#31 Feraco Sapphire Bracelet

Feraco Blue Tennis Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

Add a touch of luxury to your look by wearing this bracelet. It is an exclusive blue sapphire decorated with sparkling crystals that gives an elegant impression to the bride. The design is like a hollow chain, making this bracelet look more classy, perfect for those of you who have small wrists to make it stand out. 

This bracelet is made of lightweight zirconia material, making it more comfortable to wear. The definition of one of the best bridal wedding bracelets you must consider buying!

#32 Teardrop Zirconia Bracelet

WeimanJewelry Real Gold Plated Adjustable Teardrop

This bracelet is the most fantastic choice for those who prefer a simple but chic look. It features a diamond-studded teardrop design with cubic zirconia as the chain, where the diamonds use a prong setting that creates a robust design. 

It is an adjustable bracelet. Thus, it is easy to fit various wrist sizes using a metal ball. Do you want to buy one?

#33 Rafaelian Bangle Bridal Bracelet

Alex and Ani Bride Bangle

For those who like anti-mainstream items, maybe you will love this unique bridal bracelet. Unlike other ones, this Rafaelian Bangel Bridal Bracelet is chainless. But, don’t worry! It is an expandable bracelet that can adjust to the bride’s wrist.

Its golden brown color gives it a vintage vibe. Not to mention the four pendants with different designs and writings make this bracelet look very personal. It surely will be a focal point in your appearance on your wedding day.

What is a bridal bracelet?

A bridal bracelet is a bracelet that is worn during a wedding procession. Usually, these bracelets have sparkling crystal knick-knacks, giving the bride an elegant impression. Its eye-catching design makes the bridal bracelet a focal point for wedding guests.

How can you choose a bridal bracelet?

Choose one that is in tone with your wedding dress and concept. Also, look for one that fits on your wrist to let the bracelet stand out and make it easier for you to hold the flowers while walking to the altar.

Small as it may seem, a bracelet could make a world of difference especially on a day as special as your wedding day. Pick out the ultimate piece to add sparkle to your look, and enjoy its glamorous transformative effect.

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