25 Unique Stoner Valentines Gifts for Your Sweethearts Who Love To Get High

Love and flowers are all you need to celebrate romantic Valentines day with your significant others. However, if you want additional endorphine to express the love, then you’ll also need something to distract you. Instead, you can change the flowers with a bouquet of cannabis to impress your partner. Moreover, stoner Valentines gifts also can enhance the good vibes around. Whether your loved one is into smoking or just loves anything cannabis related, stoner Valentines gifts are sure to please.

If this is your first time choosing stoner Valentines gifts for your partner, you may get confused in finding the best one. However, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have compiled some unique stoner valentines gifts for your inspiration. From stoner game cards and care packages to iconic Marijuana jewelry and more, there’s always something for everyone. Let’s jump to the list!

1. Marijuana Belt Buckle

Marijuana Belt Buckle

Give your boyfriend vintage stoner valentines gifts, like this cool Marijuana belt buckle. Originally made from leather, the vintage Marijuana weed leaf design is printed and coated with an extremely thick urethane layer to seal and protect the buckle for a long time. Your boyfriend will surely be happy receiving this stylish gift.

2. Cannabis Love Pendant

Cannabis Love Pendant

Surprise your stoner girlfriend with a wonderful necklace in Valentines day. This necklace comes with a charming Cannabis plant inside the pendant. The plant material is permanently fixed in the jewelry grade resin. As Cannabis is a natural healing plant, this gift may be one of the best stoner valentines gifts to bring your girlfriend good fortune.

3. Personalized Glitter Grinder

Personalized Glitter Grinder

If you are looking for useful stoner Valentines gifts for your partner, then this personalized glitter grinder will be a good choice. Beside its primary function to grind weeds, it can be a wonderful keepsake for them. You can personalize the acrylic cover with gold lettering, making this gift more romantic and special.

4. The Ultimate Smokers Green Box

The Ultimate Smokers Green Box

A delicious treat for Valentines day is also important for your stoner partner. Unlike the regular snack box, this gift set offers the ultimate smokers green edition. It consists of green packaging snacks along with green theme accessories and skin care in one box. You stoner boyfriend or girlfriend will adore this expertly constructed present package, which has everything they need to satisfy their appetites and unwind!

5. Smoker Essential Pink Lovers Care Package

Smoker Essential Pink Lovers Care Package

Pamper your stoner girlfriend with everything they want to satisfy their desire in smoking. This package features a grinder, ashtray, smoking filters, flavored papers, and some bubble gum in pink colors to enjoy. The pink tones are ideal to celebrate Valentines day with her. It will be one of the cutest but useful stoner Valentines gifts, especially for pink lovers.

6. Stoner Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Stoner Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Wrap your Valentine chocolate gift with this stoner chocolate bar wrapper to impress your Stoner girlfriend. Inspired by some popular chocolate bar brands, it combines those designs into a creative “Stoner” word. Giving her this unique chocolate bar for Valentine will surely be one of the most romantic stoner Valentines gifts in her life. 

7. Marijuana Plush Doll

Marijuana Plush Doll

Let your stoner girlfriend get high and sleep peacefully with her favorite thing in her life: marijuana. This unique marijuana leaf plush doll will be a great company on her chill night, making it one of the best stoner Valentines gifts for a bedtime’s sidekick. Made from high quality polyfill and minky, this super chill face marijuana leaf is super soft and comfortable to hug.     

8. Stoner Kit Munchies Gift

Stoner Kit Munchies Gift

Give your partner a new stoner kit to have an unforgettable Valentines day together. This munchies gift comes with a rolling tray, tin, smoking pipe, grinder, various cones, and flavored papers, all in fantastic marijuana motifs. As they can try their new stoner kit with you, you will definitely get an amazing stoner Valentine day.

9. Weed Smoker Funny Socks

Weed Smoker Funny Socks

If you are bored of romantic Valentine gifts, then these funny socks will be ideal for your stoner boyfriend. The unique and funny text on both the right and the left sock is incredibly hilarious, a perfect reminder for your anxious boyfriend. The funny letterings will remind him to only inhale the good shit and exhale the bullshit, making your beloved boyfriend calm and relaxed.

10. Cannabis Travel Mug

Cannabis Travel Mug

Show how proud you are to have him as your boyfriend with this cool travel mug on Valentines day. Especially if he is a fan of cannabis, then this gift is ideal for him. The creative design on the front side compliments him as the “World’s Dopest Boyfriend”, which will surely make him smile. It also comes with a comfortable grip handle and thumb rest, such useful stoner Valentines gifts on the go!  

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11. Gold Weed Leaf Pendant

Gold Weed Leaf Pendant

For those stoner couples who want to have a better commitment on Valentines day, this gold weed leaf pendant is a brilliant idea. The pure gold symbolizes your pure love to your partner. Moreover, the charming weed leaf pendant resembles the magic cure while having problems. By wearing this necklace, it will remind them of your love and their favorite cure.

12. Cannabe Your Valentine T-Shirt

Cannabe Your Valentine T-Shirt

Express your romantic side in a funny way to your stoner boyfriend with this creative “Cannabe your Valentine” t-shirt. Inspired by the word “Cannabis”, it will be one of the most romantic and funny stoner valentines gifts for your partner. The lovely marijuana leaf cartoon with hearty eyes will be the focal point, the perfect outfit to wear at 4:20!

13. Weed Makeup Bag

Weed Makeup Bag

Whether your stoner girlfriend needs a bag to store their makeup or weeds, this lovely makeup pouch will be very useful stoner Valentines stoner gifts. It features a funny quote design that will make your girlfriend laugh receiving this gift. This unique makeup bag is also made of 12 oz canvas, which is both softer and more durable than regular canvas.

14. Stoner Coloring Book

Stoner Coloring Book

Help your chill partner to release their stress and anxiety with this unique coloring book for stoners. It features amusing and humorous images depicting psychedelic designs with aliens, fairies, and other creatures, perfect for your loved ones who want to chill and lose themselves in a psychedelic dream. It’ll be one of the best stoner Valentines gifts, promising hours of entertainment, stress alleviation, and relaxation.

15. Stoner Card Game

Stoner Card Game

Let your beloved partner have a fantastic stoner Valentine with these stoner cards. There are incredibly high discussion starters, humorous videos, insane would you rather, and fun information to play with in this game. You can play it with your significant others to get to know each other while enjoying your favorite marijuana. 

16. Vintage Stoner Street Sign

Vintage Stoner Street Sign

A special and private place needs a unique sign, so does your smoking hidden area with your partner. By giving your partner this vintage stoner street sign, you can mark your special place to smoke on Valentines day. Made from foam and tin in a vintage style design, this street sign is easy to hang on the wall as the room decoration.

17. I Love You More Than You Love Weed Keychain

I Love You More Than You Love Weed Keychain

Show your love to your stoner girlfriend with this romantic keychain that she can bring everywhere. It features a beautiful marijuana leaf pendant and also a romantic quote pendant that expresses your love to her. Because the keychain is constructed of stainless steel, the text will not tarnish or fade easily. It will be one of the most romantic stoner valentines gifts for a girlfriend that she can bring everywhere.

18. GanjaLand Board Game

GanjaLand Board Game

Let your significant others have a great time on Valentines day with this fun GanjaLand board game. Inspired by the ganja terms and words, they can explore the fantastic world of GanjaLand from this game. Especially if your loved ones are fans of marijuana, they will find their own world in this game, making one of the most exciting stoner Valentines gifts to play with.

19. Marijuana Weed Leaf Warm Cotton Socks

Marijuana Weed Leaf Warm Cotton Socks

Give your Cannabis loving partner warmth and comfort in a fashionable way with these cool  marijuana leaf socks. They come with a 2 tone concept between the background and the marijuana leaf color in vivid printing. Made from cotton and polyester, these stoner Valentines gifts are breathable and stretchable to wear.

20. Stoner Girl Roast and Toast Imprint Mug

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Enjoy your dry herb comfortably with this lovely roast and toast mug. Made from ceramic, it features a sexy pink color with cute imprint, making it one of the most precious stoner Valentines gifts for a smoking girlfriend. The handy mug is also comfortable to grab. With this gift, your stoner girlfriend can have a fantastic experience with her favorite marijuana.

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21. Marijuana Weed Leaf  Fleece Blanket

Marijuana Weed Leaf  Fleece Blanket

Wish your stoner partner a deep sleep with this beautiful weed blanket. Because it is composed from fleece and faux fur, this blanket is super cozy and soft, perfect stoner Valentines gifts to snuggle up and chill together. It features a large marijuana leaf pattern at the center of the blanket, which will be a focal point in your partner’s queen size bed.

Marijuana Cookie Cutter

In case your stoner boyfriend or girlfriend loves baking, this lovely marijuana cookie cutter will be one of the most thoughtful stoner Valentines gifts in their life. It features 3 pieces of marijuana leaf cookie cutter in one package. These cookie cutters are made of food-grade stainless steel and can be used to cut cookie dough, fruit, or fondant.

23. Juanna Be My Valentine Journal

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Help your beloved stoner partner to be more organized on this Valentine with this journal. Featuring a unique and romantic cover, this journal will lead your partner to write down their reflection exercises as well as to do lists and reminders. It comes with a matte finish paperback cover and 120 beautifully lined pages that will be ready to mark their daily achievements.  

24. Smoking Accessories Multi-tool

Smoking Accessories Multi-tool

Rolling your own cigarette takes a long time, but with this smoking multi-tool it will be easier and faster. In one package, there is a clip for rolled cigarettes, a cutter for dividing cigars, a scraper for quick cleanup, a pick for arranging while smoking, and even a flashlight. Your stoner partner will be happy receiving this sophisticated gift on Valentines day.

25. Marijuana Pot Leaf Waffle Maker

Marijuana Pot Leaf Waffle Maker

Nothing can beat fantastic munchies with marijuana leaves on the table for stoner Valentines day. With this marijuana leaf waffle maker, your stoner partner can enjoy their favorite “marijuana” everyday. The marijuana leaf shaped pancake or waffle will brighten up their mornings and serve as a tasty snack when they’re craving for some weeds.

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What do you get a stoner for Valentines Day?

You can be romantic by giving them jewelry or accessories such as the gold leaf pendant or the i love you more than you love weed keychain. Moreover, unique gifts that show their love of marijuana will be a brilliant idea. Try to give them fashion items such as the marijuana weed leaf warm cotton socks or the Cannabe your valentine t-shirt to impress them. If you are looking for more stoner Valentines gifts, you can read in the article above.

What should I get my stoner boyfriend for Valentines Day?

Try to get him a useful gift such as the smoking accessories multi-tool or the cannabis travel mug. Furthermore, they will also enjoy funny stoner Valentines gifts such as the weed smoker funny socks. For more gift inspiration, please check in our article above.

What are the best valentines gifts for stoner girlfriend?

Thoughtful stoner Valentines gifts always deeply touch her heart. Therefore, you should observe their specific hobby or preferences before giving her a present. For example, if she loves baking, then the Marijuana cookie cutter will be the best gift for her. Or, in case she is a fan of pink color, then you can surprise her with the Smoker essentials pink lovers care package.

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