25 Indian Return Gifts For Any Occasions

Gifts are something we hand out out of sincerity to show love and respect towards others. In general, we give gifts without expecting anything in return. However, some cultures have a habit of giving back gifts as a way to say thank you and that’s what we call return gifts. 

In some cultures like Indian, return gifts are very common especially on special occasions such as weddings and religious events. Families would prepare party favors and hand them to the guest as a form of appreciation and say thank you.

Indian return gifts are a way for Indians to show respect towards one another. It makes both the host and the guest feel special. And if you are in search of Indian return gifts ideas, the following is a list of most common return gifts for different occasions.

Indian Wedding Return Gifts

Since a wedding is one of the most important events someone can have their entire life, it is very common for people to hand out return gifts so the guest will always remember the special occasion. Below is the list of the best Indian wedding return gifts to get. 

1. Indian Handmade Women’s Embroidered Potli Bag

Indian Return Gifts

Potli bags are very common to use as return gifts. They are beautiful on their own but can be easily filled with different party favors such as earrings, bracelets, or kumkum powders. These hand embroidered potli bags are very beautiful with intricate details and well made accessories making it appropriate as a wedding return gift. They can store several items and the guest will be able to reuse them later. 

2. Indian Kumkum Danni Box

Indian Return Gifts

A Kumkum box is also another common item used as Indian return gifts. Since Indians use kumkum powder a lot, it makes sense for them to have kumkum boxes in their houses. And there is no such thing as too much kumkum box so it is very appropriate to use as wedding return gifts for anniversaries. The design is so pretty with beautiful details and bright colors.

3. Jewelry Box

Indian Return Gifts

Another great wedding return gift idea is a jewelry box. They are pretty and relatively small. And most importantly, they are actually useful. You can fill it with fillers or hand it out just as the boxes. Some people may go the extra mile by wrapping them in pretty wrappers, but since it is already beautiful on its own, people can hand it out as Indian return gifts just on its own. 

4. Handmade Matki Box

Indian Return Gifts

Matki box is a traditional Indian gift box that has existed for a long time. It has multiple purposes such as a gift box, jewelry box, or to store some of the most valuable knick knacks. These matki boxes are pretty big in size and they can fit several bangles in it. It comes with beautiful outer fabric and soft lining making it safe for jewelry. It also has a zipper closure for safety and easy access. 

5. Indian Handmade Women’s Embroidered Clutch

Indian Return Gifts

Aren’t these clutches so adorable> the guest will be impressed and happy to bring these handmade clutches home. They can use it in their day to day life as a beautiful yet functioning clutch. Aside from being nice wedding return gifts, these clothes are also adorable as bridesmaids gifts. They come in different colors of fabric and are carefully made to ensure durability. Your guest will be able to use it for years to come. 

Cheap Indian Return Gifts

If you are on a budget and looking for some cheap Indian return gifts, we’ve selected a number of affordable items that will make nice Indian return gifts as follows. 

6. Coin Pouch & Earrings

Indian Return Gifts

Coin pouches are very useful in everyday life making them suitable as Indian return gifts. Earrings are also jewelry pieces Indians wear a lot. Combine the two and make a pretty return gift package that is very nice and pretty but still very affordable especially if you buy them in bulk. 

7. Indian Handicraft Puppet Keyring

Indian Return Gifts

Another fun way to get cheap Indian return gifts is through kering. Keyrings are usually very affordable and suitable as return gifts. They are pretty and can actually be used daily. These keyrings feature handicraft puppets that look so adorable. The guest will be happy to bring them home and use it on any key in their house. It will make a nice bag decoration too. 

8. Meenakari Earrings

Indian Return Gifts

Meenakari earrings are so pretty and often used as complimentary jewelry whether for special occasions or everyday. Hence, handing out meenakari earrings can be a great idea as cheap Indian return gifts for any occasion including anniversary. Even though they are affordable, they are still beautiful and the guest will be able to wear them as a statement piece. 

9. Jute Potli Bags

Indian Return Gifts

Potli bags come in different types and price ranges. Some of them are more pricey compared to others, but you can also find some affordable ones you can use as cheap Indian return gifts. Even though they are affordable in price, they don’t look cheap at all. They still look pretty and appropriate as Indian return gifts with a crystal embellishment at the front. 

10. Ganesha Candle Holder

Indian Return Gifts

Candle holders are pretty, functional, and can be a great option if you are looking for cheap Indian return gifts. They are commonly used as return gifts in different occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, or religious events. This candle holder has a simple design of Ganesha silhouette making it a beautiful decorative item while serving its main purpose as a candle holder. 

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Indian Return Gifts for Birthday Party

Birthday parties are not complete without the party favors. Therefore, an Indian birthday party needs fun Indian return gifts for birthday party you can find below.  

11. Handmade Pocket Mirrors

Indian Return Gifts

Pocket mirrors are cute and fun to have. They are small in size making them easy to put on the bags, purses, or clutches. Easy to carry everyday and will be a savior when you need to do a quick makeup fix. These pocket mirrors are so pretty and it can be a nice Indian return gift for a birthday party or anniversary. 

12. Ganesh Wall Decor

Indian Return Gifts

Wall decors may not be something that pops up in your head the first time when you think of return gifts. But they can be a fantastic choice to get. The guest will be able to use it as decoration on their wall and it will be a constant reminder of the special event you hold. For example, you can get this dangly wall decor that looks simple yet unique at the same time. 

13. Indian Bangles

Indian Return Gifts

Indians wear lots and lots of bangles and they can always use more bangles. So why don’t you get bangles as Indian return gifts for birthday parties? Everybody who loves them can always use more of them. The bangles come in different bright colors you can mix and match and create small packages with assorted colors. 

14. Multi Color Jute Floral Potli

Indian Return Gifts

Jute bags are a cool way to use as party favors packaging. And if you want something that looks more casual as an Indian return gift for a birthday party, these multicolored jute bags will do the job. They come in solid base color with colorful small flowers making them cute and suitable for any age. The drawstring feature allows you to fill the bags with small trinkets or snacks safely. 

15. Animal Keyrings

Indian Return Gifts

Animal keyrings will add more fun to any party favor. Whether you use them as jute bags filler or as a stand alone, they will be something that the guest can keep forever. They are available in different colors with detailed paint jobs making each piece unique. You can get them in bulk too to get a better deal. 

Indian Return Gifts for Pooja

Pooja is a religious ceremonial worship that Indians do ranging from at home daily rites to more elaborate temple rituals. If you are planning to prepare some Indian return gifts for Pooja, the following can be your references. 

16. Haldi Kumkum Ambiya Design

Haldi Kumkum Ambiya Design

Of course, kumkum appears often in an Indian return gift list. Because Indians use the powder so often especially for rituals like Pooja. Therefore, a package of kumkum powder will be the perfect option for Indian return gifts for Pooja. Especially when it comes in nice containers like these ones. 

17. Silver Plated Haldi Kumkum Stand for Pooja

Silver Plated Haldi Kumkum Stand for Pooja

Other than boxes, you can also pick kumkum stands as Indian return gifts for Pooja. It makes the kumkum powder easy to access and it has a beautiful design to add aesthetic value to the offerings. It is small in size but serves its main function well. It is also easy to clean and your guest will be able to reuse it countless times. 

18. Diwali Diya Vilakku for Pooja

Diwali Diya Vilakku for Pooja

In Hindu tradition, the lighting of a Diya is an important part of prayer and it signifies purity, goodness, good luck, and power. Diyas or oil lamps are an essential part of Pooja decoration making it a perfect Indian return gift choice for Pooja. Especially since these Brass diyas are traditionally made for Diwali Poojan. 

19. Silver Plated Pooja Thali

Silver Plated Pooja Thali

These sets are well made using high-quality materials making them the perfect Indian return gifts for Pooja. It is a little heavy due to the high-quality material used but you can still hand them out as a return gift with no hassle. You can also pick this one if you are looking for Sri Indian return gifts. 

20. Haldi Kumkum

Kobi & Knight Premium Skull Liquor Bottle

While we are already in the mood for a religious ceremony setting, why don’t we just add kumkum powders to the list? Any Indian will receive it happily since they will be able to use the powder on multiple occasions. These powders are also packed in nicely decorated plastic bags making them cute enough to be handed out directly as return gifts for Pooja. 

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Tambulya Indian Return Gifts

Tambulya also known as thamboolam, is a traditional Indian gift platter. The platter usually consists of betel leaves, betel nuts, slaked lime paste, coconut and fruits. Now you can get the best tambulya return gifts below. 

21. Engraved Decorative Platter

Engraved Decorative Platter

These engraved platters are very nice and suitable to use as tambulya return gifts. They come in medium size making them perfect as daily thamboolam offerings. They also add aesthetic value to the overall decoration. These platters come in beautiful gift packaging. You can gift this beautiful platter to your guests on religious occasions, Diwali, Pooja, and many more. 

22. Pearl Floral Haldi Kumkum Holder

Pearl Floral Haldi Kumkum Holder

This platter is very pretty and designed in a way to fit several items on it. Despite the kumkum holder, you can also add tambulya items on top of it and you can present the thamboolam neatly. It has a beautiful design and is adorned with beautiful Pearls giving it an ethnic touch. 

23. Peacock Haldi Kumkum Holder

Kobi & Knight Premium Skull Liquor Bottle

Offer thamboolam and haldi kumkum in this stunning set of Haldi Kumkum which comes with a Peacock placed in its center which makes it unique. It can be placed on a Puja Thali or Home Temple. It is made up of light metal and hence is a sturdy piece your guest can keep forever. It is ideal as tambulya return gifts or Sri Indian return gifts. 

24. Engraved Brass Plate

Indian Return Gifts

This piece is known as a thali, a traditional Indian serving tray. It may be filled with offerings and placed at a temple in a home as a part of Pooja or prayers. You can display the thali platter on a plate stand on a shelf or table and share some of the thamboolam essentials on top of it. It is beautifully embossed with colorful design making it a nice tambulya return gift. 

25. Haldi Kumkum Tambulya Holder

Indian Return Gifts

Looking for the ultimate tambulya return gifts? Then you should get this well crafted tambulya holder. It features a divided container with a cover to fit all of the tambulya essentials. You can access it easily, offer it to your guest, and it will make an outstanding decorative piece on the table. 

Latest Post:

What are return gifts?

Return gifts are some gifts we prepare and hand out to guests as a form of appreciation and a way to say thank you. Guests who bring us gifts usually don’t expect to get something back. But we can still offer them with nice return gifts to tell them that we appreciate their effort and good intentions. 

What are the best Indian return gifts?

The best Indian return gifts are the ones that represent the occasion the most. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, the more affordable ones are the best. You may need to consider whether the product will be useful and if the guest will be able to use it for a long time. 

Why do Indians give return gifts?

Indians give return gifts is a tradition that comes from a long time belief. There’s an ancient scriptures that says Indians should see God in guests who visit them. Therefore, they must treat the guest with the most respect and the best service possible. When it comes to celebrations, the guests are usually given clothes as a token of thank you for gracing the occasion. 

Why is return gift Important?

Return gifts are important to show respect to the guest. It is a way to ensure that all your loved ones remember your special occasion. This makes both you and your guests feel special and loved on the special day. In short, return gifts are a way to keep good relationship in society. 

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