25 Unique Candle Molds To Make Amazing Gifts for Your Love Ones

Candles are a great gift for everyone and anytime. From birthdays, Valentine’s day and Christmas to just saying hello or thinking of someone, candles are always the perfect gift. With unique candle molds, you will be able to create a beautiful candle that can become the focal point on any shelf or table in your house. In addition, it also makes the gift even more meaningful because it’s uniquely made by you. Furthermore, it is also easy to make with supplies you have around the house, like wax and food coloring. A combination of natural materials, like beeswax and soy waxes, with unique candle molds can create stunningly beautiful candles that burn cleanly in your house.

If you are going to add beautiful candles oin your special gifts for your loved ones, then you will definitely need the best and unique candle molds. Let’s take a look at the article below because we have compiled the perfect and unique candle candle molds just for you. From unique flower and animal candle mold to the best 3D geometric candle mold, you will surely fall in love with these gifts. Let’s get started!

1. Be Kind Wave Pillar Resin Mold

Be Kind Wave Pillar Resin

Share positivity to your special ones with this pillar resin mold. It features a great message to always be kind to others, which will be one of inspirational and unique candle molds in any occasion. This DIY candle mold is constructed of A+ silicone, which is strong, reusable, and extremely soft and flexible. Interiors that are shiny and smooth also lessen the requirement for trimming and polishing.

2. Yin Yang Silicone Mold

Yin Yang Silicone Mold

For those people who believe in the power of Yin and Yang, they will surely be happy receiving Yin and Yang candle gifts. This Yun Yang silicone mold allows them to create DIY candles with any colors and natural oil for aromatherapy. High-quality, soft, non-sticky, reusable silicone was used to make the candle mold. It is one of the best and unique candle molds for scented candles. 

3. 4 in 1 Geometric 3D Silicone Mold

4 in 1 Geometric 3D Silicone Mold

One unique candle gift is never enough! Create more attractive candles with the 4 in 1 geometric candle mold. The set features 4 artistic and unique candle molds you can use for any gift purpose. From the tall pillar mold to the small and petite mold for aromatherapy candles, you can create them based on you taste and preference. To create a one-of-a-kind candle, use your creativity to add paint, flowers, or any other element you desire.

4. Cube of Multiple Balls Mold

Cube of Multiple Balls Mold

To make your gift more special, you can use this cube of multiple balls mold. You can put the unique cube ball candle on the top of your gift to bring extra fun. This is one of the smartest and unique candle molds to add layers, making your gift look stand out. The candle molds are constructed of silicone that is suitable for use in the kitchen and in the refrigerator. The surface is smooth, durable, and easy to clean.

5. Owl Silicone Mold

Owl Silicone Mold

Look at how adorable the little owl candle is! You can use the owl silicone mold to make a special gift for your owl loving friends. Furthermore, the owl is a great symbol of knowledge and wisdom, making it one of the best and unique candle molds for deep thinkers. Beside that, this silicone candle mold may also be used to manufacture cake, chocolate, and other baking purposes.

6. 3D Middle Finger Mold

3D Middle Finger Mold

Make fun with your funny friends with middle finger candle gifts to decorate their room. Or, simply give the figure candle mold to create their own candles.  This soft silicone mold’s surface is non-sticky and simple to pull off. Push it into the mold’s base, and then remove the sturdy piece with ease. This is one of the most unique candle molds to bring laughter and joy.

7. Feeding Baby Candle Mold

Feeding Baby Candle Mold

Suppose Mother’s Day is coming, then let the feeding baby candle gift be a great company to reminisce the good memories between you and your mother. This will be one of the most heartwarming and unique candle molds to show your love to her. You can make resin art for Mother’s Day surprise table decoration. Add a little bit of natural oil to create a great scent in the table area.

8. 3D Skull Shape Silicone Mold

3D Skull Shape Silicone Mold

A quirky and scary candle will be a perfect Halloween gift for your friends. To make your creepy candles, unique candle molds will be the best solution. This figure candle mold will help you to create the creepy 3D skull candle in your life. Because it is composed of high-quality silicone, it can survive repeated use. It can be folded, is flexible, smooth, not easily torn, and difficult to distort.

9. Rose Candle Mold

Rose Candle Mold

Show your romantic side to your significant others with a flower candle as a Valentine gift. In case fresh flowers are boring, you can use rose candle mold to make your own flower gift for Valentine. Especially if they are rose lovers, you can make a fun activity together by creating DIY rose candles. Add some rose natural oil to bring out the real rose scent once the candle is burned. What a romantic and unique gift!

10. Eye Shape Silicone Mold

Eye Shape Silicone Mold

Feel the creepy vibe of getting spied on by mysterious eyes with the eye shaped candles. This is one of the most unique candle molds to scare your friends as Hallowen gift surprise. Create your DIY eye shaped candles with the mold, then place it in the dark room. Once the candle is lit, they will find some scary eyes watching them under the fire burn.

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11. 3D Statue Candle Silicone Mold

3D Statue Candle Silicone Mold

This is indeed one of the most ideal and unique candle molds you can use for home decoration. The figure candle molds have various shapes of unique statues, making fantastic ornaments in your living room. You can make some statue candles and share it with your friends as a gift. They will surely be grateful to receive this gift as it serves a great and awesome decor both in dark and light rooms.  

12. Geometric Stack Candle Mold

Geometric Stack Candle Mold

Are you often bothered with the wax melt on the body of a candle? Make it look a hundred times better with geometric candle mold.  Create a candle stack with this silicone mold, so the wax melt will flow through the unique candle stack, which will look like a piece of art. You can give the 3D candle stack as housewarming gifts to decorate their house.

13. Spiral Swirl Candle Mold

Spiral Swirl Candle Mold

A tiny pillar candle mold that radiates elegance in simplicity, you will love to make a simple gift with this mold. Unlike the regular and basic pillar candle, it comes with a unique swirl mold that will naturally blend with other room decor. You can request the height of the pillar, so it will suit your decoration well. Made from silicone, this is one of the most unique candle molds which can be cleaned easily.

14. Teddy Bear Candle Mold

Teddy Bear Candle Mold

Teddy bears are indeed one of the cutest creatures on earth! Make your birthday gift to your loved ones more special with some DIY teddy bear candles to light up the celebration. It is flexible and reusable, because it is made of silicone. It also has a silky, smooth inside with a great detail. You can paint some candles with brown tones, create the best teddy bear candle figurine.

15. Ghost Candle Silicone Mold

Ghost Candle Silicone Mold

Who doesn’t get goosebumps with the spooky ghost candles? Rock the Halloween party with some little ghost candles in the dark. Use the figure candle mold to create some creepy ghost around your house. Or, you can give it as a Halloween gift to children, you can have a fun Halloween activity by making some cute ghost for trick or treat.

16. Croissant Silicone Mold

Croissant Silicone Mold

Hold your saliva back because they are not real croissants! In fact, they are made of unique candle molds. It features a delicious and tasty figure, such as croissant and egg tart. SImply make some tasty candles and paint them golden brown after baking to increase your appetite. In addition, you can add butter pastry fragrance to the wax, perfect gifts for food lovers.

17. Geometric Striped Candle Mold

Geometric Striped Candle Mold

Abstract lovers will surely love the unique candles. Inspired by modern striped abstract, these unique candle molds radiate future and technology vibes. Make some decorative candles in different colors, so each shape will look stand out. You can either give the finished product as a decoration gift or simply the candle mold for your creative and imaginative friends.

18. Self Love Mold

Self Love Mold

Have you ever felt so down until you hate yourself? Let those negative thoughts away with a simple but impactful self love message in this candle mold. The silicone mold is flexible, non-sticky, and simple to demolish. It will become one of the most unique candle molds for yourself to warm your heart and light up your burden. Make a candle gift for yourself every time you feel down and let the beauty of it calm your mind.

19. Beauty Girl Candle Mold

Beauty Girl Candle Mold

A beautiful girl will never fail to impress any man! Get your single male friends a little sidekick in their room with the unique candle molds he may never have thought exist! Especially if they know madame tussaud, now they can make their own with the beautiful figure candle mold. It portrays the detailed features of a girl in an elegant way. The inside of the mold is also smooth, and the candle may be removed without difficulty.

20. Mother’s Hand Candle Mold

Mother’s Hand Candle Mold

Show your gratitude and love to your mom on Mother’s Day with a romantic mother’s hand candle. Try to surprise her with the unique candle mold you have filled with wax. Let her remove the candle from the mold to make her feel touched with the candle inside. The image of a daughter holding mother’s hand is so heartwarming. This is one of the best and unique candle molds for mothers in your love. 

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21. Honeycomb Candle Mold

Honeycomb Candle Mold

A warning for trichophobia, but good gifts for honey lovers! With the honeycomb candle mold, you can get a perfect visual of a honey scented candle. You will be pleased with your first candle as a beginner with the detailed mold. Constructed from dependable new food-grade silicone that is recyclable, safe, and environmentally friendly, perfect for soap and cake making as well.

22. Funny Cartoon Shape Mold

Funny Cartoon Shape Mold

Bring a little smile with these innocent guys in your room. It is made of a multipurpose cartoon candle mold with chubby cheek and fatty body features, making an ideal gift for those who love quirky and funny figurines. Use your painting skills to color the cartoon candle mold as you want. This will be one of the most versatile and unique candle molds to make various funny cartoon characters.

23. Flower Garden Cylindrical Candle Mold

Flower Garden Cylindrical Candle Mold

A wonderful and elegant flower candle may be a great gift for any occasion. Use the flower garden cylindrical mold to bring the beautiful flowers atmosphere indoors. With this mold, you don’t have to carve the cylindrical candle surface to make a flower pattern, such unique candle molds! Simply pour the wax inside the mold, and you will get the smooth edges flower pattern in your candle..

24. Christmas Tree Mold

Christmas Tree Mold

In case you need a charming Christmas ornament, then let this unique mold be the perfect solution. The quirky stacked circle Christmas tree mold is a perfect gift for you and your family to DIY, have fun, and enjoy some downtime. To add variety to your project, you can mix resin with glitter, dried flowers, cards with adorable or lovely patterns, or other creative accessories.

25. Three Eyed Cat Animal Candle Mold

Three Eyed Cat Animal Candle Mold

As a cat figurine is already mainstream, then the three-eyed animal candle mold will surely impress you. In fact, three-eyed cats frequently show up in our dreams as a metaphor of waking to our higher selves or a heavenly spiritual connection. With this unique mold, you can make your own three eyed cat candle to bring good fortune and protection while sleeping. 

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What molds can you use for candles?

If you want to take the candles from the mold to use them as free-standing candles, you can use paper or silicone plastic containers as candle molds. Any paper carton also can be converted into a candle mold, but the best ones are probably the ones that are intended for individual servings. If you are looking for unique candle molds, you can read in the article above.

Are silicone molds good for candle making?

Silicon molds are particularly lovely because of the seamlessness and fine details. TThey work well with different waxes but particularly well with beeswax. They are the most user-friendly molds available. There is no need for silicone release spray with these molds. In addition, unlike metal candle molds, they don’t demand a wick plug.

Why do candle molds have a hole in the bottom?

Because it is filled with wicks. The wick draws the melted wax up into the flame to burn, acting as a fuel pump. Different amounts of fuel can be sucked into the flame by using different wick sizes. To string the wick through while manufacturing the candle, use the hole in the bottom of the mold. At the top and bottom of the mold, you must secure the wick.

Can you use food molds for candles?

Yes. Mini candles can be made using food silicone or plastic candy molds. Some larger candy molds are sold in two-piece sets designed for chocolate and also work well for candles. As they are designed for food as well, it makes the candle removing process easier compared to other candle mold material.

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