25 Unique Trinket Gifts that Won’t Break Your Piggy Bank

Some of you might be familiar with the ideas of a trinket. For those who have never heard about the word trinket and don’t have any clue about it, trinket is a small ornament with little to no value. Trinkets usually come in the form of jewelry and necklace, but it can also come in the form of other inexpensive small items as well, such as tiny toys and tools. Some people love giving small trinkets as a gift to save money because a trinket only comes in a few bucks that won’t break your piggy bank.

Even though it is not really valuable, many people still love collecting trinkets, particularly jewelries, because with the right placement it can instantly enhance our look without spending too much on expensive items. Some of them even have a special trinket box to store their collection.

If you are on duty to find some unique trinket gifts requested by someone else, you are on the right page. We know that not everyone can understand what items are suitable as trinket gifts. Therefore, we have curated 25 unique and cheap trinket gift ideas for you to begin with. These ideas will help you in finding the perfect trinket gifts that work for almost everyone including adults, children, him, or her.

1. Conch Stud Earrings

Trinket Gifts

It’s a perfect tiny trinket gift idea for girls who had piercings and looking for something to pop their piercing out. These delicate stud earrings come in tiny small size thus they are easy to pop in. The earrings are made of steel with 20gr of weight, which makes them lightweight and will stay nicely as stud earrings. Suitable for her who loves getting trinket jewelries.

2. Tiny Gold-Plated Brass

Trinket Gifts

Looking for inexpensive trinket gifts? This one could be a great idea. It’s a tiny gold-plated brass, which is even smaller than a one cent coin. The item comes with a hole brooch pin for easier use. These tiny trinkets are made of nickel free brass plated and cubic zirconia with rose gold color. Remember to always store these tiny items in a trinket box so you’ll never miss any of them.

3. Xmas Tree Ornaments

Trinket Gifts

Never miss some Christmas tree ornaments in the list of trinket gift ideas because many Christmas tree ornaments naturally come in a tiny size. Giving these assorted hanging Christmas tree ornaments would be a great idea, because they can act as useful decorative trinket gifts for those who receive them. They can save these decorative trinket gifts until Christmas. The hanging ornaments are made of glass and come in a variety of colors.

4. Floral Pin Set

Trinket Gifts

A trinket can act as an accessory for bags, boards, or the other items as well. For a girl who loves flowers, getting these floral pin sets as a gift would be an excellent idea of small trinkets gifts you can try. The set comes with 8 floral pins in gold color. Each of the delicate pins is made of hard enamel in high-polished gold plating and comes in 5” size. It’s also a great gift idea for girls as a decorative trinket for their backpack.

5. Thin Nose Ring

Thin Nose Ring

Some girls or women would love to wear a nose ring. For those who prefer a thin and lightweight ring, getting a thin nose ring is one of the most recommended trinket gifts that will come perfect for them. The nose ring is made of 925 sterling silver, which protects it from rust. This small trinkets jewelry is very comfortable to wear due to its small and thin size. 

6. “I Love You” Hand Sign Earrings


For a girlfriend who loves quirky things, getting her these pairs of “I Love You” sign earrings would be a great and inexpensive trinket gift you can consider. It has a small size with a unique design showing a hand sign, which means I love you. The earrings come in a set of 3 different color earrings and in high-quality stainless steel material. 

7. Pumpkin Enamel Pin

Pumpkin Enamel Pin

Don’t think that trinket gifts are always about jewelry and stuff. You can also bring a funny and cute thing as a trinket gift such as this pumpkin enamel pin. It has a small 1” size, which would perfectly fit in a trinket box. The pin is super adorable with an orange body and a cute green stem. A girl who loves cute things would definitely adore this enamel pin.

8. Moon Phase Hair Pin

Trinket Gifts

As a small jewelry, a trinket could be helpful in enhancing a woman’s look, such as a hair pin to hold the hair in place and create some sort of hair style. Bring a useful and beautiful trinket gift for her in this moon phase hair pin for a stunning hair inspired for lovers of the night sky. This celestial-vibe pin comes with a rhodium-plated brass bezels topped with glass domes. The night sky looks perfect inside the brass bezel, which adds the magnificent effect to the pin.

9. BirthStone Stud

Trinket Gifts

Women would always love things that have sentimental value, such as birthstones and flowers. For the women you love, bring a small but sentimental gift such as these birthstone stud earrings. They would be a great trinket gift for her since it has a small size. Each of the earrings is made of real gemstone, which represents the birth month. You can also personalize this trinket gift since different gemstones represent each month.

10. Resist Fist Pin

Resist Fist Pin

Trinket gifts are not just about a beautiful present and jewelry for women. You can also bring a trinket gift for guys or adults in general, and this resist fist lapel pin set can be an option. It will support others who are speaking up or giving a protest to the government. The lapel pin comes in a set, which has a fist on the front. It’s a cool trinket gift where men and women can comfortably pin on the hat, bag, face mask, etc. 

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11. Bullet Cufflinks

Trinket Gifts

Another trinket gift for guys or adults that you can consider is a pair of bullet cufflinks. It’s a great trinket gift, especially for adults, who love shooting sports. The cufflinks are made of copper with white and rose gold color. Highly suitable for a formal meeting or important occasion such as a wedding party and banquet.

12. Dog Enamel Brooch

Dog Enamel Brooch

This dog enamel brooch is a cut unisex item that you could bring as one of the best trinket gifts, which are suitable for everyone including adults, men, women and even girls. The brooch pin comes in an enamel style with a Christmas cute dog design. It’s a nice companion to your formal Christmas suit, suitable for both men and women. 

13. Bridal Bouquet Charm

Trinket Gifts

A small trinket gift such as this bridal bouquet charm can be very useful for important occasions such as a wedding ceremony. It’s a great memorial charm for a memorial of a person on a special day such as wedding parties. The charm includes a photo frame where you can put in a photo of a special person, who will not be able to be with the bride or groom on their wedding day. 

14. Red Ribbon Lapel Pin

Trinket Gifts

For those who are aware of alcohol, drug abuse, AIDS, and COVID-19 guardian angel, there are some special trinket gifts that they would probably love and be proud to wear. Bring them this red ribbon lapel pin with enamel silver plated to show their support. This pin is perfect for showing their support for the cause and widely used for events such as campaigns and fundraisings.

15. Vinyl Brooches

Vinyl Brooches

A vintage enthusiast who loves vinyl music must be happy getting these inexpensive trinket gifts! A pair of vinyl brooches could be a nostalgic item that brought them back to their happy childhood era. These brooches can also become a collectible fashion item due to its uniqueness and vintage look. You can stick this button pin on a jacket, hat, backpacks, and the other items you want to decorate with.

16. Rose Boutonniere

Trinket Gifts

Another inexpensive trinket gift you can consider getting for adults or for guys is a rose boutonniere. Purposely designed for men, it comes in a perfectly small size to stick as a boutonniere on very special occasions such as wedding parties. The rose is made of satin cloth and available in several color options.

17. Little Frog Charm


Some people love collecting unique charms as a collectible item or good-luck charm. You can give a unique charm as inexpensive trinket gifts such as this little frog charm. It has a very small green color, which is often associated with frogs. The frog charm is a famous form of good luck charm, which is believed to attract good luck for the bearer. 

18. Silicone Ring

Trinket Gifts

Ever think of giving a colorful item as a gift for adult friends or family? For you who don’t really have so much left for buying a gift but want to give something unique and out of the ordinary, this colorful silicone ring would be a clever trinket gift idea to consider. You can choose the color from some available options. For the extra quirky, make sure to choose a pop color such as shocking pink and purple. 

19. Tiny Pocket Knife

Trinket Gifts

A guy who mostly works outdoors would love getting this tiny pocket knife. As the name suggests, the tiny foldable knife literally has a very small size and works perfectly as a real knife. It would be a good inexpensive trinket gift idea for guys or for adults who need some tools while working outdoors that doesn’t take too much space.

20. Forest Necklace

Forest Necklace

Nature’s lover would definitely love these unique trinket gifts. It’s a silver necklace with a pendant that looks like branches of a tree. In the middle, you see a rhinestone on the upside and downside. The necklace is made of metal alloy with 18 inches length. The whole design looks like a tree in a forest smaller in size, therefore women who are enjoying nature would definitely love this gift.

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21. Smallest Playable Harmonica

Smallest Playable Harmonica

Yup! This tiny harmonica is still playable although it comes in a super tiny size. It has almost the same size as a paperclip. This is a great trinket gift idea for musicians or music enthusiasts. The harmonica features a lobster claw clasp to keep track of it on your keyring, or you can show it off on a backpack zipper.  It features 7 note ranges in C-major.

22. Skull Earrings

Trinket Gifts

This one would be the perfect trinket gifts for Halloween where everyone dresses in spooky costumes. Don’t worry because it is not made of a real skull. The material of the earrings is a zinc alloy with a hook closure. Besides during Halloween, you can also get these skull earrings as trinket gifts for family or friends who are celebrating their costume party.

23. Love Hand Sign Ring


Most of the trinket gifts are associated with jewelry such as necklace and ring with an inexpensive price. For a unique trinket gift, you can get this love hand sign ring as the trinket gifts for her. The stylish and unique love hand design makes this ring beyond a trinket gift, it’s an inexpensive trinket, which is also suitable for an engagement ring. The ring is available in several sizes for you to choose from.

24. Retro Earrings

Trinket Gifts

Women who love antique and vintage-styled jewelry would love these retro earrings as the trinket gifts ideas. The earrings are made of sterling 925 silver and moonstone as the main stone. Highly suitable for daily use or special occasions such as wedding, engagement, party, anniversary, or other celebration. Always store your trinket in a special trinket box to avoid it from losing because of its small size.

25. Hand Statement Earrings

Trinket Gifts

The last item in our trinket gift ideas list is these hand statement earrings that would be a perfect trinket gift for women with bold style and love to wear statement pieces. The earrings are made of metal alloy with hook fastening. It has about 2.75” length, which is the perfect size as an earring. Small trinkets such as these pairs of earrings are also better to store in a trinket box to avoid you from losing them.

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What is a trinket used for?

A trinket is often used for jewellery or an inexpensive gift for family or friends. The definition of trinket is actually a small and trivial thing that is often not valuable. Trinkets can be a cheap gift alternative that won’t break your piggy bank.

What are considered trinkets?

Things that we call trinkets are cheap jewelry or other inexpensive small items with little to no value. A jewelry that has a low quality with only a few bucks is also considered a trinket. You can consider a ring from a vending machine or a necklace that you bought for only a few dollars as a trinket.

Where did the word trinket come from?

The word trinket comes from an Old French dialectal form of trenchier which means to cut. Later, this word became trinket in Old English which was associated with “a sort of knife” until these days became the word trinket that we used lately.

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