30 Gifts for Indian Mom on Her Special Day

There’s nothing like a mother’s love. It’s a love like no other and is considered as the purest form of love in the world. Well, we couldn’t agree more. For that reason, it would be wonderful if we could do something to tell our mother how much she means to us. Giving our mother a special gift is always a good idea. Whether it’s a small, big, expensive, or cheap gift, it will definitely be something special if it comes from our hearts. If you plan on giving a special gift for your Indian Mom on her special day, you might want to dig a bit deeper and look for a gift that has a touch of India this time. It can be something that brings out your Mom’s memories from back home or something that reminds her of home, back in India.

To start with your search, try to find out your Mom’s preference. It could be something that your Mom is missing, such as food, an incense fragrance, or even Indian traditional clothes and accessories. To help you find the best gift for your Indian Mom, we have curated a list of 25 of the best gift ideas that you don’t wanna miss.

BEST Gifts for Indian Mom

1. Kantha Indigo Wrap Bracelet

gifts for indian mom

Are you looking for a chic gift for your Indian mom? This Kantha Indigo Wrap Bracelet can be an option. The color mixture adds a chic look to this item with a touch of minimalist design. The patterns are also unique because they apply spiraling layers.

They use beads and embroidered kantha fabrics and wrap those around lightweight beads. It can be used as an accent or as a focal point for your Indian mom’s daily look. Or perhaps, she wants it to match her saree Indian dress.

2. Sliced Raw Diamond Bracelet

gifts for indian mom

These bracelet is the perfect gift for your Indian mom. Made of gold, this item will definitely look glamorous on your mom’s wrist. On the other hand, it also has a simple design, making it a perfect accessory for everyday use.

Moreover, it also has a very modern and edgy accent inspired by Indian Polki jewelry. Without a doubt, your mom will love this one! In addition to her daily look, she can wear one whenever she attends a party with her favorite Dhoti Kurta outfit.

3. Sari Patchwork Apron (Indian’s Art)

gifts for indian mom

As an Indian mom, cooking is one of the house chores that she does. Not only because she has to but also because it has become her hobby. If you want to surprise her with a present for your Indian mom’s special day, give her this beautiful apron to add fun to her cooking time.

It features a unique pattern and color combination. These Repurposed Sari pieces are stitched together to give a brilliant combination. Moreover, the pattern will also remind her of the traditional Indian clothes that have colorful patterns.

4. Music Of India (3 Classical Ragas) (CD)

gifts for indian mom

For an Indian mom who has been living away from home for years, the feeling of missing home is something she has to deal with every day. This CD can be a sweet gift to remind her of home and perhaps brings back her teenage memories.

This CD is titled ‘Music of India’, and it’s full of Indian music that your mom can listen to while relaxing at home. She can also play it while cooking, doing home chores, or simply working her stuff on a computer.

5. Song of India – India Temple Cone Incense

gifts for indian mom

India is famous for its authentic fragrances, which is why your Indian mom would love to have a taste of Indian temples at home. This India Temple Cone Incense is one of the best gifts to consider.

It allows your mom to enjoy the authentic Indian fragrance while also reminding her of her hometown. Each box consists of 25 incense cones, and each cone is sized 1” tall and 25” wide. Surprise her one on her birthday or as a mother’s day gift.

6. Gharara Outfit

Gharara Outfit for indian female

If you have an Indian friend who is also a mom to a lovely little girl, then this pair of Indian outfits would be a perfect gift for the mom and also the little one. This item is called Gharara Outfit, and it comes with a floral printed Gharara.

In addition, the set also comes with a beautiful red chiffon dupatta! She can also match it with a kurta and wear the complete outfit to celebrate wedding festives or other formal occasions.

7. Hindu Mother Coffee Mug

Hindu Mother Coffee Mug

This mug is a perfect gift for your Indian mom. It includes the heartwarming saying, “To the world, you’re a Mother, but to your family, you’re the world.” Without a doubt, your Indian mom will be super happy to receive this sweet gift from you.

Furthermore, this mug also has an Indian woman illustration that you can choose based on the one that fits your mom the most. You can include art supplies, chocolate, or a small flower bucket to tuck into the mug. Choose one that suits your mom’s taste.

8. Mother’s Day Chai Mug

Mother's Day Chai Mug

If you want to give a sweet gift to your Indian mom on mother’s day, then you might want to take a look at this one. Similar to the previous item, this one also features a sweet graphic. What makes it a bit different is this one says, “Amma is just another word for love.”

In short, this is a simple yet heartwarming gift for a special mom in your life. Moreover, this mug is also considered as a traditional white ceramic chai mug. Lovely, isn’t it? We recommend including her favorite beverages to wrap with this mug.

9. Kitchens Of India Ready To Eat Rajma Masala

Of India Ready To Eat Rajma Masala

Sometimes, there are moments when your Indian mom is feeling sad, especially when she misses her home in India. Well, since we’re talking about India, we just can’t ignore its delicious food (that’s impossible, huh?).

This Indian Ready-To-Eat Rajma Masala will be the perfect mother’s day gift to make her feel a little bit at home on this special occasion. Rajma Masala is one of the most well-known foods from India, and this gift will let your mom enjoy it at lunch instantly.

10. Pie Chart Indian Mom Greeting Card

Pie Chart Indian Mom Greeting Card

On your Indian mom’s special day, it’s best to let her know how much she means to you. You don’t have to say it out loud, but you definitely can give her this cute Indian Mom Pie Chart Greeting Card.

You can write your own personal message on this card. Don’t forget to tell her that she’s the best Indian mom ever! But we think it will be empty without additional gifts. Consider sending her a flower bucket with the card to warm her heart.

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11. Bharatanatyam Dance Costume

gifts for indian mom

This traditional Bharatanatyam costume is so unique, making it one of the best gifts for your Indian mom. Featuring diverse striking colors, this unique costume will be perfect to wear for her dance classes and even to perform.

The blend of teal and magenta will make her look stunning! Made of the best material of art silk, this costume is also very easy to wear. If you consider purchasing this item, you’ll get the blouse, pants, and also Dhavani.

12. Elegant Indian Elephant Family Trunk Statues 

gifts for indian mom

Do you know that for Indian people, elephants symbolize power, strength, wisdom, and fertility? Now that you know, you can try to give this Elegant Indian Elephant Family Trunk Statue to your mom.

Your mom is not the only person who’ll fall in love with this statue because your whole family will definitely love it, too! This antique statue is believed to bring good luck, so it will be a gift to treasure for years to come. Your mom can put it in the living room, beside her bed, or even in her office.

13. Bell Ganesha Tea Light Candle Holder

gifts for indian mom

If you’re planning on giving your Indian mom a cheerful gift for her special day, then this Ganesha Tea Light Candle Holder is the perfect item. It can be used for any occasion, which will also be a great home decoration.

The candle can be replaced with her favorite scented aromatherapy candle. She can also light it to create a peaceful ambiance in her bedroom. All in all, this multi-function piece of decoration is a must-have item.

14. Floral Patterns of India: Gift Labels, Stickers and Tape

Floral Patterns of India

If your Indian mom loves beautiful things, we can guarantee she would love this item. The Floral Patterns of India will be a good gift for her special day. It features gift labels, tape, and also stickers so your mom can easily explore her creativity.

This beautiful gift includes more than 300 designs that feature floral patterns. It includes not just ordinary floral patterns but it has authentic Indian floral patterns.  Wrap this gift with a journal book if she loves writing, too!

15. Translations Gift Set: India Through Her Literatures

Translations Gift Set India Through Her Literatures

This gift set is definitely one of the best gifts for an Indian mom. This Translations Gift Set contains 5 titles of books, which is why this gift set is called “India Through Her Literature.” Now, you can get your mom this set of books of famous Indian literature.

Each book captures the depth of Indian writing, which can also improve your Indian mom’s understanding of the amazing Indian culture and life. Any mom who fancies reading will absolutely in love with this gift set!

16. Assorted Tea Gift Set

Assorted Tea Gift Set

Moving on to the next item on this list, this one is a super exclusive gift for an Indian mom. An Assorted Tea Gift Set can lift her mood in no time! It comes with three cans of caddies filled with tea, which offers positive encouragement for your mom’s health and wellness.

Not to mention the luxurious and eye-catching packaging that will make it a great gift. You can consider one for your tea-loving mom, but we recommend including a travel cup to allow her to enjoy the tea while traveling.

17. Fresh India: 130 Quick, Easy, and Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

Fresh India: 130 Quick, Easy, and Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

To remind her about her lovely hometown, try to give her this as a present! An Indian mom’s day would be full of happiness when she reads these original recipes from India through this book that was created by Meera Sodga, “Fresh India”.

As we know, Indian cuisine is one of the most vibrant cuisines in the world, rich in herbs and spices. Hence, this book will be a great dictionary for your mom’s cooking routines, especially if she’s a vegan.

18. Scented Candles Gifts Set

Scented Candles Gifts Set

Scented Candles seem to be one of the perfect gifts for women, including your Indian mom. The beautiful design of this candle creates a cheerful look, making it perfect for featuring anywhere in the house.

Plus, it is also petite in size, so your mom can take it anywhere she goes. This candle comes with essential oils that feature a peaceful and soothing aroma. Thus, we highly recommend this Scented Candle Gift Set to be the perfect gift for your mom’s special day.

19. Stone Beads Jewelry for Indian Mom

Stone Beads Jewelry for Indian Mom

Stone Beads Jewelry is a unique accessory that you can choose as a gift for your Indian mom. Although it is not actually a traditional piece of jewelry, this stone-beaded jewelry has a unique similarity to the original Indian art.

The color of the beads is an eccentric point for a fashion item, with a blend of blue, teal, and black hints. It has a timeless design, so you can get this for your Indian mom and get another one for yourself, too! She can wear one with her lovely, bright saree dress.

20. Pashmina Wool Stole Wrap Indian Art

gifts for indian mom

Look at this wonderful shawl! It can be the best gift for an Indian mom. With an elegant design and bright color, this shawl will look super adorable on your mom. Besides, it has a similar pattern to Indian art, which can make her feel confident while wearing it.

Not only that it can remind her of her hometown, but it will also be the perfect accessory to complete her casual or semi-formal look. She can wrap it around her neck in the fall or winter and match it with her coat.

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21. India: Cook Book

India: Cook Book

This cookbook can help your Indian mom in providing delicious and comfort food for everyone in the family. Being an Indian family in another country doesn’t mean that your family cannot enjoy authentic Indian food.

If your mom struggles to find tasty Indian meals that remind her of home, this “India: Cook Book” can solve the problem. This book is full of Indian food recipes that your Indian mom would love to try in her kitchen. We strongly recommend buying Indian herbs and spices along with this book to complete the gift set.

22. Graphic Indian Art on Canvas

Graphic Indian Art on Canvas

No one can resist the beauty of this wall art, including your Indian mom, for sure. For her special day, you might want to try and look for a gift in the form of unique wall art, like this graphic Art on Canvas with Peacock design.

This item features a traditional and contemporary style with a unique Indian touch, which will bring back her memories back home. Knowing its bright color combination, this wall art will look amazing and striking against white walls.

23. Traditional India Multicolor Paisley Print Twin Size Kantha Quilt

Traditional India Multicolor Paisley Print Twin Size Kantha Quilt

This gift is the item that will remind all Indian moms about their hometown. This is a traditional Indian quilt, and it offers a taste of India’s art in general. It features a striking color combination with yellow as the base and blue, red, and black as the additional markings.

The most important thing is that your mom can display this awesome Indian quilt in the living room as wall decor to brighten up the dull space. Besides, she can spread one on her bed to highlight the Indian theme in her room.

24. PATAK’s Tika Masala Curry

indian masala curry

Having an Indian mom means we have the privilege to taste and enjoy Indian food. That’s why we can understand if you and your mom can sometimes feel like cooking India’s traditional food for dinner.

For that reason, you might want to give your mom this PATAK’s Tikka Masala Curry. It’s a perfect summer sauce that we all can enjoy at the dinner table. Also, this one will save your mom from hustling in the kitchen to prepare food for your family.

25. Celestial Seasonings Decaf India Spice Chai Black Tea

Celestial Seasonings Decaf India Spice Chai Black Teaa

Food is clearly not the only thing that your Indian mom is missing from her hometown. She will also miss India’s tea, and that’s why we think that this Decaf India Spice Chai Black Tea will be a perfect gift for your Indian mom.

This item also has a very authentic taste of spices like ginger, cardamom, smooth vanilla, and cloves. Nonetheless, giving only one pack is, in our opinion, not enough for her. Hence, you better grab three packs with a mug to complete the gift.

26. Taj Mahal Lego Set

Taj Mahal Lego Set

Lego is not only for kids. In fact, a complicated Lego set like this Taj Mahal edition is perfect for adults! An Indian mom might also appreciate receiving this advanced lego set of the most iconic architecture from India.

Building the miniature Taj Mahal will take her back to her beloved home country. She can put it together in her spare time or do it together with you for a mother and kid-bonding session. What an amazing gift!

27. Sikh Golden Temple Wall Art

Sikh Golden Temple Wall Art

While the Taj Mahal is the most iconic building in India, the Sikh Golden Temple is actually just as beautiful! The holy site of the Sikh religion is surrounded by incredible architecture with a giant pond in the middle of the building. And, of course, the Golden Temple itself is so stunning.

Your Indian mom will absolutely love this unique wall art set depicting the temple. It will blend really well with a modern living room! The set consists of 5 canvases, and you can arrange them to create a unique landscape view of the Sikh’s holiest place.

28. Indian Flag Pin

Kobi & Knight Premium Skull Liquor Bottle

Perhaps your mother is a patriotic Indian? If so, she will appreciate these Indian flag pins. They come in bulk, and each order will provide you with ten metal pins. She can share the pins with you and other family members for a matching style.

Furthermore, it is a perfect pin that can go well together with another accessory. Attach it to a purse, shirt, or bag to display her love for the homeland! If she gives one to you, consider having one on your suit to attend a prom!

29. Namaste Wooden Fridge Magnet

Namaste Wooden Fridge Magnet

Here is a little something if you are looking for an affordable gift for your Indian mom! A wooden fridge magnet featuring an artistic Indian woman carving with her traditional purple Indian head scarf.

On the magnet, there is also an engraving in Hindi that says Namaste, making it more special if you want to give it to your mother. You can buy one and wrap it in a wooden box and slip a thanks card to make this gift even more special.

30. Cotton Kurti Indian Dress

Cotton Kurti Indian Dress

Your mother will not say no to this dazzling Indian Kurti dress! It is a typical dress that is unique to South Asia, especially in India. The colorful embroidered Kurti will make your mom looks more beautiful!

Having a chance to wear traditional clothing from her homeland will definitely touch her heart. As this dress will especially suit formal occasions, we recommend your mom wear one at weddings, parties, or festive!

Final Thoughts

Apart from birthdays, mother’s day is one of the special days to express your love for your Indian mom. You can say “Happy Mother’s day” to simply say thanks for what she strives for, for you and your family. However, there’s nothing wrong with surprising her with a gift to make her feel loved.

Consider giving gifts that will be useful to her, such as those that match her styles, hobbies, and interests. For example, a cookbook and cooking utensils are a great gift combo if she loves cooking. Don’t forget to tuck in a gift card where you can write how thankful you are to have an Indian mom like her.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you get an Indian mother for Mother’s Day?

Every mom would definitely love any gift that comes from you. But she will definitely feel a lot happier if you give her something that reminds her about her home back in India.

You can give her special gifts like Hindu Mother Coffee Mug, Sari Patchwork Apron, or India CookBook. Those are some of the things that she can use daily and will give her a touch of India, too.

What is a good gift for a 50 year old Indian woman?

For a 50 year old Indian woman, it would be suitable to give her something useful and make her feel like she’s near to her home back in India. So, you can try to give her things like India Temple Fragrance, Pashmina Shawl, an Assorted Tea Gift Set, or Stone Beads Jewelry. These gifts have a nice sense of India’s fine art and traditional touch, which will definitely remind her of India.

What are the best gifts for an Indian mother in law?

It’s actually quite easy to find the perfect gift for an Indian mother-in-law. For her special day, you probably want to try and give her a nice Graphic India Art on Canvas, Scented Candle Gift Set, Bell Ganesha Tea Light Candle Holder, or an Elegant Indian Elephant Family Trunk Statue.

The Elephant Statues are believed to bring luck and happiness to their receiver. Moreover, your mother-in-law can also put it in her living room as a home decoration.

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