15 Fascinating Tesla Coil Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Tesla coil is probably Tesla’s most well-known innovation. It’s a device that generates gorgeous electrical arcs in the air. Did you know that Tesla invented it in an attempt to wirelessly convey power? Well, this invention stretched the boundaries of electrical knowledge. It’s a light-producing air-core transformer and there are many Tesla coil facts that will shock automobile enthusiasts.

Because the Tesla coil generates extremely high voltages, the electricity can escape and travel through the air to reach the ground. Moreover, it can also make music when linked to a MIDI device. The primary goal of this invention was to research high frequency and high voltage electrical systems.

In fact, this step-up transformer boosts a 120 volt AC input to roughly 100,000 volts, and the blowing amount is high enough to burn you. If you are curious about this amazing invention, then we will provide some fascinating Tesla coil facts to broaden your knowledge.

1. It Produced Fantastic High Voltage

Tesla Coil Produced Fantastic High Voltage
Tesla Coil Produced Fantastic High Voltage

To begin with the list of cool Tesla coil facts, let’s start with the basic yet most important fact. The Tesla coil can create spectacular long-sparking high-voltage displays. It takes a 120vAC output and steps it up to an exceptionally high voltage using a multi kilovolt transformer and driver circuit. Later, electrical arcs will form when voltages rise above 1,000,000 volts and are discharged. Moreover, the coil’s unusual design is governed by the necessity for low resistive energy losses at high frequencies. Therefore, it results in the highest secondary voltages.

Tesla coils are one-of-a-kind that they generate extraordinarily strong electrical fields. Moreover, large coils can also wirelessly light fluorescent lights from up to 50 feet away. Because the electric field travels directly into the light and bypasses the electrodes, even burnt-out fluorescent lights will shine.

2. It is an Alternative to Distribute Electricity Safely

It is an Alternative to Distribute Electricity Safely
It is an Alternative to Distribute Electricity Safely

Tesla’s brilliance was responsible for solving the difficulty of securely and efficiently distributing power to homes, stores, and factories. Tesla coils were the first technology to transport electricity over long distances. It was groundbreaking, and it transmits energy using two coils and a power source such as a battery. The current can pass across both coils to create a frequency when one coil powers the other. With that invention, Tesla ushered in a new era of industrialization.

3. You Can Power Light Bulb at Home with It

You Can Power Light Bulb at Home with Tesla Coilv
You Can Power Light Bulb at Home with It

What was Nikola Tesla’s contribution to the world? Yes, it’s the Tesla coil! The Tesla coil was an alternating-current power system, which supplies electricity to homes and buildings. If you have a recent smartphone, it most likely has wireless charging built in. Moreover, there’s even discussion of electric automobiles receiving wireless charging at home in the future. 

Imagine a home where there are no plugs or cables and everything just works. In any case, you can make a DIY Tesla Coil at home to respect the great inventor’s name. This coil will be powerful enough to light a lightbulb wirelessly and even generate small lightning bolts that spark off the surface. You can create a Tesla coil using electronics store equipment or spare materials in many home applications, ranging from particle accelerators to televisions and toys.

4. It was Invented During Wireless Lighting System Development

It Was Invented During Wireless Lighting System Development
It was Invented During Wireless Lighting System Development

During his efforts to construct a “wireless” lighting system, Tesla invented the Tesla coil. Gas discharge light bulbs, which glow in an oscillating electric field generated by a high voltage, can be used as a high frequency power source.  He was also suggesting to use electrical energy to manipulate the weather. 

Furthermore, he foresaw machines that would render combat impossible. He also envisioned a global wireless communications system. The ideas were almost unfathomable to most people, but Tesla was a guy who made them a reality.

5. It Can Produce Ozone

Tesla Coil Can Produce Ozone
It Can Produce Ozone

Tesla coils can produce ozone by sparks, brush discharges, and corona. It is created as a result of an electrical discharge. The arcs from the coil ionize the air, dissociating the oxygen and nitrogen in the air into highly unstable oxygen and nitrogen radicals. 

Though they are fantastic, SSTCs and DRSSTCs emit relatively little ozone. Ozone is produced in large quantities by SGTCs (Spark Gap Tesla Coils). However, ozone is harmful to inhale because it corrodes lung tissue. Even though the concentration is too low to smell, if you are going to breathe it for a few hours a day, it can be unhealthy to breathe. What a cool Tesla coil fact!

6. It Can Detect Gas Leaks in High-Vacuum Systems

It Can Detect Gas Leaks in High-Vacuum Systems
It Can Detect Gas Leaks in High-Vacuum Systems

The Tesla coil has been the part of the vacuum leak detector. People have been using this gadget to check for small leaks in glass apparatus under vacuum. It consists of a Tesla-style high-frequency coil with one secondary terminal linked to the electrode’s pointed end. High-pressure sodium and mercury lamps were on, too. At a frequency of 0.5 megahertz, it generates a spark that w can adjust from 10,000 to 50,000 volts. 

When you take the Tesla coil tip close to the device and leak it under vacuum, the tip will spark around the glass, ionizing the low-pressure gas inside the device. Moreover, when you take the high voltage tip close to any small leaks in glass to glass seals, the sparks will concentrate to the location of the leak.

7. Wound Copper Wire Creates Tesla Coil 

Wound Copper Wire Creates Tesla Coil
Wound Copper Wire Creates Tesla Coil

Now that we’re halfway through the list of Tesla coil facts, make sure you stay put because we have more cool facts to go. The Tesla coil consists of two coils. It’s usually consist of wounded copper wire. Aside from that, it has a primary and secondary capacitor, as well as a frame or enclosure to hold everything together. 

Furthermore, this equipment includes two principal components; a primary coil and a secondary coil. Each of the coils has its own capacitor. These capacitors, like batteries, function to store electrical energy. Moreover, a spark gap connects these two coils and their capacitors. The spark gap is a space between two electrodes full or air.

8. Tesla Coil Gun Has 100,000 Volts of Electricity

Tesla Coil Facts
Tesla Coil Gun Has 100,000 Volts of Electricity

Nikola Tesla used to develop a defensive weapon that used a Tesla coil. This weapon utilized electrostatic repulsion to accelerate pellets or slugs of material to a high velocity inside a vacuum chamber before firing them out of directed nozzles at chosen targets. Later, Rob Flickenger used that principle creating the Tesla Coil Gun in 2012.

His Tesla gun is essentially a hand-held spark gap Tesla coil, with a power of an 18V drill battery, inspired by the comic novel The Five Fists of Science. What makes it interesting, it can produce 8 to 24 inches of lightning and 100,000 volts of electricity when fired.

9. Touching It Will Cause Death

Tesla Coil Facts
Touch It Will Cause Death

Tesla coils are potentially dangerous equipment. The Tesla coil generates sparks with extraordinarily high voltage and frequency. Therefore, you should never touch the Tesla coil’s output. Otherwise, you’ll suffer a severe burn at best, and a potentially life-threatening shock at worst. While the bus capacitors are charging, the Tesla coil’s control board is also harmful. Thus, we must always pay attention to safety precautions before each operation to avoid property damage, injury, or even death.

Furthermore, we can use oils containing PCBs in high voltage devices such as transformers and capacitors in Tesla coils. These compounds have the potential to create major and long-term health issues, as well as lethal malignancies. Not to mention, that the components utilized in Tesla coils have the potential to detonate violently. High-voltage capacitors, in particular, can store a lot of energy and collapse catastrophically.

10. Modern Tesla Coil System

Tesla Coil Facts
Modern Tesla Coil System

Wireless telegraphy, radio transmitters, and early television models all utilized Tesla coils. However, modern systems have now taken their place. Moreover, people continue using modern Tesla coils as spark plugs in vehicles to start the combustion of fuel. They’re also available in electrical devices to prevent dangerous voltage spikes from forming.

Instead of a spark gap, modern Tesla coils create electricity for the primary circuit using transistors or vacuum tubes. They are available in two types: Dual Resonant Tesla Coils and Solid-State Tesla Coils that are solid-state. Moreover, transistors, MOSFETs, and IGBTs are used to switch power between the two circuits of solid-state Tesla coils. Solid-state Tesla coils with spark gap Tesla coils are used in Dual Resonant solid-state Tesla coils.

11. The Plasma Ball, a Mini Version of Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil Facts
The Plasma Ball, a Mini Version of Tesla Coil

A tiny Tesla coil powers the plasma ball. In fact, a partial vacuum exists inside the glass globe. This just indicates that some air has been released. Because there is less air in there, it is simpler to create visible electric sparks. The electrons then leave the glass ball and move through the air.

When power is active, the plasma, which consists positive ions and negative electrons, emits an electric current that produces colorful light tendrils. Furthermore, the plasma ball works by applying voltage to the small Tesla coil, which creates an electric field inside the ball. The departing electrons are introduced into the larger glass ball because the electrode is negatively charged, where they interact with positively charged ions floating around inside.

12. It Can Produce Music

Tesla Coil Facts
Tesla Coil Can Produce Music

The Tesla coil makes sound by turning on and off a set number of times per second. It causes air molecules to heat up and vibrate around it. With a Tesla coil, you can make music by adjusting the frequency. The more sound waves per second equals a higher pitch, while fewer sound waves per second equals a lower pitch.

Scott Coppersmith was the first to build a complete Tesla coil system based on MIDI. In fact, the most frequent technique of music production is MIDI. It uses a microcontroller with a special configuration to interpret MIDI input and emit a Pulse-width modulation signal in response.

13. The World’s Largest Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil Facts
The World’s Largest Tesla Coil

The inventor of the Tesla coil is Nikola Tesla back in 1891. It generates high-voltage, low-current electricity. Tesla coils are most typically available in science museums and classrooms to create spectacular lightning displays. 

The 130-kW, two-coil system erected on top of a 38 feet sculpture at Gibbs Farm, Kaipara Harbor, New Zealand, is the world’s largest functioning Tesla coil. The Electrum Project, which is the famous name of it, is a merger of art and technology that brings the phenomenon of lightning within reach of everyone. It was the result of a partnership between sculptor Eric Orr and high-voltage engineer Greg Leyh.

14. Hindenburg Explosion Answer Tesla Coil Fails

Tesla Coil Facts
Hindenburg Explosion Answer Tesla Coil Fails

Wardenclyffe Tower, Tesla’s attempt in giving wireless power to the masses, was one of his most well-known initiatives. In fact, the tower was never completed and was demolished in 1917. Later, scientists have just lately discovered that a discharge of static electricity was the final cause of failure. It was similar to the Hindenburg’s catastrophe in 1937. The airship had apparently just experienced an electrical storm and had become charged with static electricity. As a result, a spark ignited some leaking hydrogen, which went off with a bang.

It’s easy to see the connection between this and Tesla’s wireless power. Tesla’s wireless electricity functioned in a way that was eerily similar to an electrical storm. Because air is a conductor, it can create arcs of electricity when it becomes charged with electricity. This suggests that, if Tesla’s technology had been successful at Wardenclyffe, airships would have exploded!

15. Tesla Coil Circuit Mechanism

Tesla Coil Facts
Tesla Coil Circuit Mechanism

Finally, we’ve come to the last item in our list of Tesla coil facts. In case you are curious about how this amazing technology works, then we will give you a brief explanation. The Tesla coil circuit made from the spark gap connects the two coils and capacitors. The spark of electricity is generated by a gap of air between two electrodes. Moreover, the entire system is powered by an external source connected to a transformer. Hence, the Tesla coil is just two open electric circuits joined by a spark gap.

The Tesla coil operates on a mechanism that allows it to achieve resonance. The primary coil emits massive quantities of current into the secondary coil to provide maximum energy to the secondary circuit. The fine-tuned circuit aids in the transmission of current from the main to the secondary circuit at a tuned resonant frequency. Now that you know about 15 cool Tesla coil facts, we hope you are now enriched with new knowledge.

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