25 Maleficent Cosplay Ideas for Your Next Halloween

Maleficent becomes successful due to the character and the plot being intriguing and giving a few twists, especially in the end for the fans. Angelina Jolie, as the Mistress of Evil, acted so well that people could not handle their admiration for this actress. The dress, horns, wings, and even Diaval really captured Disney fans’ hearts. Therefore, doing Maleficent cosplay ideas for next Halloween is what Disney’s fans are waiting for.

From the kids to the adults, you can take the inspiration to be Maleficent and be ready to become the fierce character all night long. Now, let’s take a look at the costume, makeup, and hairdo for you or even your daughter!

1. Maleficent Full Set Costume

Maleficent Cosplay

A full set costume of Maleficent will make you look stunning as the Mistress of Evil for next Halloween. All black costume complete with iconic horns on your head. The horns will make your preparation time easier since you just have to roll your hair and wear the horns to cover your head. Oh, don’t forget to bring Maleficent’s Staff to curse everyone with your magical powder in it.

2. Maleficent’s Horn For Kids

Maleficent Cosplay

If your daughter is so into Maleficent, but you think it is pretty difficult to create the costume, then this Maleficent cosplay idea can be your inspiration. Create simple horns for your girl and let her wear an all-black costume for this Halloween. By seeing the horns, people know who the queen is.

3. Wings Of Maleficent

Maleficent Cosplay

The wings of Maleficent are very magical. It is so stunning for everyone who wears it. So do you. You can wear the spread wings of Maleficent and let your appearance steal everyone at the party. This Maleficent cosplay is surely undeniable because you can be a queen and an evil at the same time.

4. Maleficent Bold Makeup Idea

Maleficent Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@stylebistro.com)

Bold red lipstick and a good technique of face contour are the keys to getting a perfect Maleficent look of Maleficent. Actually, the makeup is not that complicated, but the contour step is pretty tricky. As seen in the movie, Maleficent has a high cheekbone. Contouring or adding the material on the cheekbone can be done to get the perfect look when you do the makeup.

5. Maleficent Head To Toe Costume With Pants

Maleficent Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@saradujour.me)

There is nothing wrong with wearing pants in Maleficent cosplay. It is more comfortable than wearing a dress, and of course easier to wear. For attending the costume party all night long, you can be a dark, evil fairy that can move easily because you wear pants. The top should be black too to match the outfit, including the cape. Just by looking at the horn, people know who you are this time. Let’s do a fierce pose!

6. The Classic Maleficent

Maleficent Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@ladyfordsguidetoevhttps://id.pinterest.com/pin/69172544266070443/erything.blogsp…)

As for adults, you can imitate the look of Maleficent as seen in Sleeping Beauty as well. No high cheekbones but a green face with purple eyeshadow and high eyebrows. The dress and cape have purple color along the edges as well. Once you come to the party with this appearance, everyone will feel nostalgic for your Maleficent cosplay idea.

7. Maleficent Robe Costume With Diablo

Maleficent Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@screenrant.com)

Maleficent not only wears an all-black dress with wings but also a robe like this one. You can see this costume in Maleficent’s 1st movie. As the actress, Jolie is very pretty in this costume since her hair can be seen. There are many pictures of Jolie wearing the costume on the movie set.

So, you can do a Maleficent cosplay idea by wearing the robe, bringing the Staff, and don’t forget to bring Diaval, a Maleficent’s raven. This can be your alternative if you want to appear at the party in a different costume of Maleficent and if you feel too tired and bored seeing the all-black costume of this character.

8. No Makeup Maleficent Girl

Maleficent Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@poppyapps.com)

Being a witch is not a mistake for the next Halloween cosplay idea. If your daughter is so into Maleficent, not an Aurora, you can start looking for the best-suited horns for her. A horns-shaped headband will make her comfortable, then just roll up the hair into a classic hair bun. As for the dress, you can make it by yourself for the black dress with purple color inside.

9. Maleficent Girl With Makeup

Maleficent Girl With Makeup
Source: Pinterest (@Pamela Ewing)

It is such an adorable Maleficent cosplay idea for your daughter. Stunning, dark, and complete with Diaval. A faux leather cape can be worn for a stunning and irresistible appearance. You can choose lightweight horns for them, so they are able to wear them for quite a long time.

Also, for the makeup, the key point for the look is bold lipstick. We suggest you use kid-friendly makeup. Therefore, you can let your daughter wear bold lipstick without worrying about the side effects of makeup.

10. The Brown Maleficent

Maleficent Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@coolest-homemade-costumes.com)

This Maleficent cosplay idea is beyond and one of a kind. Because it brings you back to the time when Maleficent is still young. Brown dress, brown wings, brown horns. No need to do the hairdo, just let the hair as it is. Therefore, the suit fits the kids. If you can find the dress with comfortable materials, we guarantee the costume will stay for a whole day. The great point is that you don’t have to think about the makeup since your daughter does cosplay as a kid too.

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11. Maleficent In Purple Tutu Dress

Maleficent Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@popsugar.com)

Although the dress is a bit fancier than the true Maleficent, this purple tutu dress still matches the theme. The look is still dark in a cute way, especially with the horn-shaped headband. A tulle skirt with a two-tone style, purple and black, is ready to turn your daughter into a beautiful evil fairy. The horn-shaped headband also is easy to wear and lightweight. If Maleficent looks like this, no one can hate this witch.

12. The Complete Look of Maleficent

The Complete Look of Maleficent
Source: Pinterest (@costumewall.com)

Look at the magnificent details of the wings. It is so dark with very detailed colors since the wings provide gray and black colors. The horns are dashing, while the makeup is sharp and on point. Also, you have to see the staff because the green orb is mimicking the real one. This is the true evil fairy Maleficent cosplay idea! It is a costume for you who are ready to be the best costume player. A very fine and magnificent cutting dress.

13. Kids With Maleficent Costume

Kids With Maleficent Costume

Tiny wings and cute horns for your sweetie pie are what you can do for the next Halloween cosplay party. Your daughter will be the most adorable and cutest evil fairy ever. You can create wings by using organza material to make them lightweight to be worn by your daughter.

The dress, of course, should be black. If your daughter doesn’t like to roll up her hair, you can let her hair as it is, then wear horns to complete the look. As for the makeup, you can ask her before applying the lipstick on her lips to ensure she will be comfortable wearing makeup to the party.

14. Maleficent In The Forest

Maleficent Cosplay

Oh, how dark and intriguing the look of this Maleficent cosplay idea. The black eyeshadow, high cheekbones, and dark yet bold lipstick. You can dress up like this and do the photoshoot in the local forest. Fall should be the best time to do this since the autumn breeze will suit the theme.

To give you an idea for the dress, add wings as it will give a more dramatic look as the Mistress of Evil. No need to wait for the party. You can do it by yourself and share this on your social media.

15. Makeup and Body Painting Maleficent

Maleficent Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@popsugar.com)

The real look of Maleficent Mistress of Evil. High and prosthetic cheekbone, fleek eyebrows, bold red lipstick. She also did body painting similar to Maleficent’s dress in the movie. For the horns, there is no flaw on them. If you can do this look for Halloween, you can win the best makeup at the party.

16. Classic Maleficent For Kids

Maleficent Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@costume-works.com)

It is unique when your kids decide to have a villain look like Maleficent, as seen in Sleeping Beauty. Although the dress and makeup look are pretty different, this Maleficent cosplay idea is peculiar with the green color as the base face color with high eyebrows and purple eyeshadow. Maleficent’s Staff and Diablo should be on hand too!

17. Maleficent In Satin Dress

Maleficent In Satin Dress
Source: Pinterest (@Lookalike Angelina Jolie Francesca Vegas)

Although the material of this dress is made of satin, not leathery or shiny like in the movie, this dress is gorgeous as well. You can be the Mistress of Evil by wearing horns, dressing in the organza cape, and bringing Diaval to the party. Bold red lipstick and pale makeup cannot be missed to get the exact look of a dark, evil fairy.

18. The Sexy Maleficent

Maleficent Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Tonya Kellar Libretto Tourigny)

Who says that Maleficent’s cosplay cannot be this sexy? You can be sexy, mysterious, and pure evil. The wings and horns are majestic. While Maleficent’s Staff, together with Diaval, is always ready in your hand. Through your seductive appeal, no one can deny your command.

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19. The Animated Version Of Maleficent

Maleficent Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@acparadise.com)

Maleficent’s animated version is undeniable too. The gown with black, purple, and deep pink colors dominates the look. You can do face painting with green color, purple eyeshadow, and red lipstick. Wearing horns is a must. Also, never forget to bring Maleficent’s Staff with a green light orb on top.

20. Maleficent’s Close-Up Makeup

Maleficent Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@behance.net)

A terrific recreated makeup look of Maleficent for cosplay like this fits makeup enthusiasts. Although it uses many techniques of makeup, especially for the high cheekbones, you won’t regret it once you finish with the step. You can take a record when you do makeup, so people can see the significant before-after ones.

21. Maleficent in Gold 

Maleficent in Gold
Source: Pinterest (@epbot.com)

This Maleficent cosplay is something that will bring out the ‘positive’ side of Maleficent. It comes with a gorgeous golden dress plus the wings and iconic horns, making it perfect for a special cosplay event. The wings look stunning due to the gigantic size, making it a cosplay that will be adored by all the other participants of the event. So if you want to look different for a special night, this cosplay is highly recommended.

22. Featherly Maleficent

Featherly Maleficent
Source: Pinterest (@dtjaaaam.com)

Look stunning with a full-black Maleficent cosplay while still feeling the comfort to move around with the black pants. It does not include the iconic Maleficent wings, but it has the adorable feather that goes from the neck and down to the shoulder area, making it a great accessory to replace the wings. To complete the look, don’t forget to put on your horns and wear your black gloves. 

23. The Sexy Maleficent

The Sexy Maleficent

If you have been looking for some ideas of sexy female cosplays, we probably have one of the best recommendations for you. You can cosplay this sexy Maleficent that features a long black dress with a touch of purple, which comes with the iconic Maleficent horns as well. This cosplay can highlight your curve, making you the start of the night. As the final touch, make sure you bring your stick along with you.

24. Maleficent in a Green Dress

Maleficent in a Green Dress
Source: Pinterest (@geekxgirls.com)

This green Maleficent cosplay is definitely something to wear for a special cosplay event or exhibition. It will make you look like the ‘kind’ version of Maleficent who has a heart full of love, especially for her dear Aurora. Unlike other Maleficent costumes, this one comes with brown wings that look more natural compared to the black ones. So confuse no more and pick this cosplay right away!

25. Maleficent in a Mini Dress

Maleficent in a Mini Dress
Source: Pinterest (@yourtango.com)

This Maleficent cosplay looks adorable yet fierce with the mini black dress, black robe, black boots, and of course, the black horns. This cosplay looks even more stunning with long hair. So if you happen to have long brown or blonde hair, you can leave it as it is under the horns. It will add an elegant touch to your overall appearance, especially if you bring along the black stick with you.

Latest Post:

How do I dress like Maleficent?

Maleficent’s dress is all about black. As long as you have a long black dress, then you can save your time preparing for other items you need. Get a perfect look by adding the cape with the same color and dark gray to light black wings.

What color are Maleficent’s wings?

The color of Maleficent’s wings is dark gray to light black. The wings also still have claw-like talons at the top. So, when you think that there are claws on both sides of the wings, yes, you are right. They are claw-like on it.

What do you need for Maleficent makeup?

Face contour, even tape for the face to create a high cheekbone, and bold red lipstick. When you think it is simple, the technique doesn’t seem so. You can ask for the makeup pro or makeup artist to do the contour.

What lipstick does Maleficent wear?

Bold red lipstick is the color that Maleficent always wears. Even in the animated version, the lipstick is more purple, the audience will always remember that red lipstick that Maleficent always had on her lips.

How do you do Maleficent eye makeup?

The eye makeup for Maleficent is pale, with almost no eyeshadow that is different from her face tone color. The only eye makeup that can be seen clearly is her fleek eyebrows. The eyebrows are relatively high compared to ordinary makeup to insist that Maleficent is not a friendly character.

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