15 Amazing Lamborghini Facts You Might Never Know

Lamborghini is one of the world’s most exclusive brands of vehicle. This high-end automobile is only available to the wealthy and famous, and it is one of the most famous Lamborghini facts. Meanwhile, most people can only dream of owning one. For those people who have driven a Lamborghini, they feel that concerns, problems, or obsessions have faded away, leaving just the sensations of a thrilling experience. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people respond with a Lamborghini when asked what automobile they would buy if they won the jackpot.

Furthermore, this Italian automobile is renowned for its speed, power, and aesthetic appeal. Car aficionados are fascinated by how this car is built to accomplish such fantastic outcomes, and many would love the chance to drive one even once. 

Despite the fact that Lamborghini is a well-known brand and the automobile is immediately recognizable, only a few people are familiar with the luxury vehicle and the firm that produces it. You may have noticed that Lamborghini has come to be linked with riches, rank, and luxury. However, there are a lot more amazing Lamborghini facts you might never know. Here are the best 15 amazing Lamborghini facts you should know!

AMAZING Lamborghini Facts

1. Tractors as The Beginning of Lamborghini

You may be familiar with its luxurious and sophisticated cars that Lamborghini produced. However, do you know that it began as a tractor company? As it might come as one of the most shocking Lamborghini facts, Lamborghini began as a tractor manufacturer in 1963, but eventually transitioned to the vehicle industry. It was Ferruccio Lamborghini who started Lamborghini in 1963. 

Originally, Lamborghini was a tractor manufacturer. The company’s founder anticipated an increasing demand for farming equipment and vehicles after the war. This is when he created his first tractor, which was fashioned from military vehicle parts. The ‘Carioca’ tractor was the name given to the first tractor. As a result, Ferruccio Lamborghini founded his first company, Lamborghini Trattori, based on the tractor’s success.

2. Lamborghini Produced Cars Because of Ferrari

Maybe you wonder what Ferrari did until Lamborghini started to produce cars after their success with tractors. Well, there is a long story behind it. In 1963, Ferruccio Lamborghini, a well-known tractor maker, was feeling dissatisfied with his Ferrari. He believed the clutch on the car was too easily broken. Therefore, he met Ferrari to tell them about it. Moreover, he also offered a suggestion on how Ferrari could extend the clutch’s life with simple measures. 

However, Ferrari rejected Ferruccio’s idea and insulted him since he only can make tractors. As a result, Ferruccio proved Ferrari wrong by launching the Lamborghini 350 GT in 1964.

3. The Most Powerful V-12 Engine

Although power isn’t everything, knowing which Lamborghini has the highest brake horsepower might be one of the most useful Lamborghini facts to know. In 2020, Lamborghini unveiled the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12, a track-only, limited-edition supercar powered by a V-12 engine. The naturally aspirated V-12, which will produce more than 830 horsepower, will be Lamborghini’s most powerful engine to date.

The extreme aerodynamics and massive carbon-fiber rear wing provide more downforce than a GT3 race vehicle. Before that, the SVJ, which was the most extreme variant of the V-12-powered Aventador, produces 759 horsepower and accelerates to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds.

4. Lamborghini Invented First World Supercar 

Did you know that Lamborghini was the pioneer of supercars? When the Lamborghini Miura debuted in 1966, it was a game changer in the automotive world. It was widely considered as the world’s first supercar, designed by the enigmatic Nuccio Bertone and constructed by Lamborghini.

It was a revolutionary innovation, and the Italian powerhouse had laid the way for everything that would come after. Not to mention, it was the fastest production road car ever produced when it debuted. Furthermore, the Miura’s design has since become the benchmark for high-performance sports and supercars.

5. Lamborghini Built Motorbike After a Bankruptcy

Moving on to one of the most shocking Lamborghini facts, Lamborghini was striving to survive in the early 1980s after a bankruptcy-fueled reorganization saw the removal of founder Feruccio Lamborghini. The company then acquired by the Mimran Brothers. As a result, Patrick Mimran, the new owner, attempted to build motorbikes as well. 

Mimran had the idea to develop a Lambo-branded bike. Instead of equipping the Lamborghini factory to produce motorbikes, Mimran entrusted the design and manufacturing of the new bike to Boxer, a French boutique bike manufacturer. After that, construction on the bike, dubbed the Design 90, began in earnest in 1986. Finally, the Lamborghini motorcycle gained its name as one of the best in the world, alongside the famed Bimota brand, which was also a European firm.

6. Aventador Will Be Lamborghini’s First Plug-In Hybrid

Lamborghinis are famous for their high-revving, powerful engines. Therefore, this Italian company always innovates for the upcoming years. And this is proven by this Italian automobile company that in 2023, Lamborghini will begin its electrification efforts towards its super cars. 

It will start with the Aventador replacement arriving with a plug-in hybrid system and a new V-12 engine. So, we need to remind you to get ready, as Lamborghini will launch it as it’s first plug-in hybrid vehicle. Moreover, the Aventador’s successor such as the Lamborghini Urus and the Lamborghini Huracan will also be plug-in hybrid powered by the developed V12 engine and will be released in 2024. 

7. The Most Expensive Lamborghini in the World 

We realized that all Lamborghini cars are indeed expensive, and it is one of the Lamborghini facts that no one can deny. In case you are curious about the most expensive one, then you should know about the Veneno Roadster which holds the record. The Veneno Roadster was sold for $8.3 million during the auction in 2019. The amazing car has only been driven for 202 miles, and the factory tires are still on the car, and the beige interior appears as new. 

When it debuted in 2014, the drop top variant was limited to just nine models and had a starting price of $4.5 million. It became one of the rarest, fastest, and of course the most expensive Lamborghini ever sold.

8. Terzo Millennio Fully Electric Sports Car for the Future

This famous super car brand will never stop inventing. Today, the Terzo Milano is the world’s first hybrid supercar from Lamborghini, including four electric motors and a 6.5-liter V12 engine. Lamborghini, on the other hand, sees a bright future for this hybrid vehicle.

Although the experts say that electric vehicles will take over the market in the next few years, there will be a competitive environment as consumers begin to adopt the electric vehicles concept. As a result, Lamborghini Upcoming Electric Car News came directly from the firm, stating that they will be releasing a fully electric vehicle in the second half of the decade, with a target date of 2030 to 2035. 

In 2022, Lamborghini was announcing that exclusively combustion engine vehicles will stop production. Moreover, it will solely introduce vehicles with electric motors starting next year, starting with hybrids and plug-in hybrids. In addition, it has been reported that the renowned automaker’s first all-electric vehicle would most likely be a four-door sedan.

9. V12 Engines are Used in Speedboat Racing 

The Italian entrepreneur Ferruccio Lamborghini was interested in more than tractors. He also made a name for himself in the world of speedboats, with designs like the Riva Aquarama, which included a pair of his own V12 engines. Although we know that Lamborghini is famous for V12 engines, not all of them are used to power their vehicles. They make V12 marine engine blocks to power racing boats. 

It was Alberto Petri who won the Union Internationale Motonautique European Championship in 1984 using V12 engines. Moreover, Petri was also heavily involved in the boat’s construction, and in 1985 he raced the speedboat as a privateer. In fact, the Lamborghini V12 can be boosted to a displacement of 8.0 or even 9.0 liters in the marine versions. 

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10. Car Donation for the Italian Police Officer for Transporting Organs

Do you want to drive a Lamborghini? Maybe you should sign up as an Italian police officer first. The Lamborghini Huracan officially used by the Highway Patrol in Bologna, Italy, in 2017. Due to its high-speed capabilities, the Italian police would utilize the supercar as a first-aid vehicle and a transporter for organs in emergency situations. 

Being one of the most interesting Lamborghini facts to know, the Huracan can run for two hours at an average pace of 145 miles per hour. Such speed is necessary to deliver the life-saving kidney. Moreover, these vehicles include unique features such as a refrigerated box to keep the kidney secure during transport.

11. Behind the Lamborghini Scissor Doors

The scissor doors of Lamborghini have become synonymous with the most legendary V12-powered super sports cars ever constructed. In case you may believe that scissor doors are there solely for aesthetic purposes, they actually have a lot more to offer. After all, they have a distinct, clearly powerful appearance. However, they were also necessarily exist for safety. 

Unlike cars with regular doors, the scissor doors would allow drivers to lean out of the hatch to look behind the car while reversing, alleviating the automobile’s limited rear sight and allowing for parking in small spots. The groundbreaking Countach was the first production car to use scissor doors. It was inspired by Marcello Gandini’s desire for cutting-edge design, among other things.

12. Transportation for the Pope 

Known for its high speed and fancy look, Larmobrghini also let the Pope in the Vatican use its cars. It is quite unique to share luxurious items with the Pop, but Lamborghini did. In fact, Larborghini had a long history with The Vatican since they designed and developed a golf cart for Pope John Paul II in 1981. Pope John Paul II was transported in a vehicle that had been modified with bulletproof glass.

The Pope and his cars (Source: shropshirestar.com)

In 2018, a Lamborghini Huracan was made as a gift for Pope Francis. With so few roads in the Vatican, owning a car makes little sense. Therefore, when Pope Francis was given one as a gift from the Italian supercar maker, he opted to sell it.

13. Lamborghini Gallardo Hits 250 Miles Per Hour

The Lamborghini Gallardo is expected to reach a top speed of little over 200 mph without tuning or enhancements. It was and still is an incredible feat to have that kind of top speed in the early 2000s. However, many owners have taken the Gallardo to the next level with a series of improvements well over a decade after its release.

In 2021, Gidi, a man whose name has become synonymous with world-record maximum speeds, recently tested his 3,000 horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo in a 1/2-mile run. He did, however, manage to break his own record, reaching a staggering speed of almost 250 mph.

14. Sian Hybrid Has Unusual Lamborghini Design

Lamborghinis are famed for their eye-catching aesthetics, yet even one of the world’s most prestigious super car manufacturers may make weird design decisions. It was Sian Hybrid who sparked the debate. This isn’t just a hybrid supercar; it’s also the world’s first superconductor hybrid, which means it doesn’t rely on lithium-ion batteries. As a result, the futuristic technology can carry three times the charge of a li-ion battery of comparable size. 

However, the overall look is a significant change from former designs, and it may not be to everyone’s taste. Many Lamborghini enthusiast think that the design has significantly more angular harsh body lines than even the most hardcore Aventador. However, many are also hailing it as a return to Lamborghini’s outlandish and out-of-the-box design language that it lost in the pursuit of broad acceptance.

15. Lamborghinis that Offer Four Seats

Most Lamborghinis don’t have back seats. The Espada, LM002, Estoque, and Urus are the only Lamborghini models with four seats. However, the first two are no longer available, while the Estoque was simply a concept car. The Urus SUV, which is extremely pricey and special, is the only one that is still being produced.

The Urus, unlike their 2012 concept car, is powered by a 4.0 L twin-turbocharged V8 with 641 horsepower (478 kW). It’s a well-known engine that also powers the Audi A8, Porsche Cayenne and Panamera. Today, the URUS SUV also became the best selling one.

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Final Thoughts

Since we know that Lamborghini is one of the most luxurious car brands in the world, then we think that it is necessary to know 15 impressive and surprising Lamborghini facts that will expand your horizon. Who would have thought that Lamborghini used to be a tractor brand, right?

If you own one, then knowing some facts about you Lambo will definitely become something to treasure. While for those of you who are still holding on to your dream of owning one, then let these Lamborghini facts keep your dream alive, and may you have your own Lamborghini soon.

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