25 of the Coolest Monkey D. Luffy Cosplay Ideas for You

If you are a fan of One Piece, I believe you know who Monkey D. Luffy is. But wait, since One Piece is one of the most popular Anime in the world, I think those who are not a fan knows who Monkey D. Luffy is. He is the main protagonist character of One Piece with a childlike character who is optimistic and good-hearted, too. And oh, he also has an elastic body! 

Since he is so famous among Anime fans, many of the fans are cosplaying as Luffy for special events and occasions. Whether it’s a cosplay event like Comic Con, or Halloween or a costume party. However, in terms of costume, Luffy’s costume is relatively very simple and generally easy to recreate. He’s only wearing a knee-length pair of jeans, a red vest, and a hat. But you know what? That’s actually the challenge of being Luffy. In order to recreate Luffy’s costume, you need to pay attention to details in every aspect. 

If you are planning on becoming Monkey D. Luffy for the next cosplay event, make sure you show up with a one-of-a-kind Luffy costume to make you the star of the day. We know you can use some ideas and inspirations, and that’s exactly why we created a list of Monkey D Luffy cosplay ideas for you.

Monkey D. Luffy Cosplay for Adult

Let’s start the list with the first category, which includes the most recommended Monkey D Luffy cosplay for adults. Although Luffy’s costume looks pretty simple, you can still create a unique appearance that makes you the center of attention.

So, let’s just jump into the list!

1. The Original Monkey D. Luffy

The Original Monkey D. Luffy
Source: Pinterest (@bluenavy100)

We call this first costume idea the original Monkey D Luffy costume since it has all the originality of Luffy’s costume. No one will ever doubt the fact that you are becoming Luffy since you have Luffy’s shirt, pair of jeans, yellow belt, straw hat and sandals. 

One thing that becomes an important element of the costume is the X sign on the chest. In our opinion, this is the most recommended costume that you can pick in order to highlight the originality of Luffy’s actual look. In addition, you can also add a wig to complete your look. 

2. DIY Luffy Costume

DIY Luffy Costume
Source: Pinterest (@wajihwanis)

This Luffy costume might be perfect for those of you who are running out of time or have only days to prepare a costume for the upcoming cosplay event. This is a costume that includes things that you might already have at home.

First, you will need a knee-length pair of jeans, a red sleeveless shirt, a straw hat, and a pair of slippers. We know the effort is a bit minimal with this one, but it doesn’t mean that you look less like Luffy. We can assure you that you will still look like him with this costume. 

3. Luffy Cosplay with the Iconic Face Scar

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Instagram (@ezcosplay)

Say hello to this happy Luffy who is chillin’ while enjoying his best moment on the ship, in the middle of the sea. If you take a look at this costume closely, you can see that the X sign comes in red, which will make you look adorable.

You can pick a red Luffy shirt, a pair of bright blue pants, a yellow scarf belt, the straw hat, and last but not least, the iconic slippers. In addition, you can add a little but make up to your face by painting Luffy’s scarf on your cheek. We believe that people will be lining up to take a selfie with you at the cosplay event. 

4. Luffy Costume with Black Pants

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Instagram (@vaeshawn)

We know that in the anime story, Luffy is wearing a pair of jeans and a yellow scarf belt. But, who says that we can’t create our own version of Luffy? You can add some creativity to the costume by wearing a pair of black pants and a red scarf belt, just like the one in the picture.

Still, even though the costume is not actually identical to the actual Luffy’s costume, we can guarantee that everyone will still recognize you as Luffy. Being such a famous anime character, Luffy is just one of a kind. 

5. Luffy in Kimono

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Instagram (@skzk_yusuke)

If you are looking for a Luffy costume that is different from the costume that most people will pick, you can go for this version of Monkey D. Luffy with a Kimono. We believe a true fan will recognize you as Luffy immediately, and you might even wow them with your costume. 

You can get a complete set of Luffy Kimono costume online very easily. Most of the costumes already include the Kimono with all the required accessories such as the sword, belt, as well as the straw hat. 

6. Luffy in Hawaii Shirt

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@OnePieceTheBetter)

This one is a perfect costume for a true fan who is also looking for a different kind of Luffy costume for the next cosplay event. Instead of wearing a red shirt, this costume comes with a Hawaiian-style blue shirt and a beard, as the look seen in the anime series. 

To complete your ‘silly’ Luffy look, don’t forget to wear a pair of sunglasses, too. We have no doubt, you will look super cool with this costume, especially if you attend the event together with your crew who wear the costumes of Luffy’s crew, too! 

7. Simple Luffy Costume

Simple Luffy Costume
Source: Pinterest (@willyanders)

Ok, we have to admit that this is a costume recommendation that also comes with a photoshoot idea. As you can see, the photo looks adorable since it depicts the true character of Luffy that we know in the series. 

In terms of the costume, you will only need to prepare a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans with a yellow belt, plus the straw hat. It’s actually a combination of the original Luffy costume, which we believe you can find inside your wardrobe. 

8. Fully Accessorized Luffy Costume

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@deicn911.deviantart.com)

Next up, we have a Monkey D. Luffy costume that comes with all the accessories. As you can see, it comes with a blue vest and a pair of red pants, plus the sling bag, strawy hat, glasses, water bottle, and slippers, too. 

This is probably one of the most complete sets of Luffy costumes that will be a great pick for a fun cosplay event. In our opinion, your friends will envy your costume, and they even regret their decision for not choosing to become Luffy.

Monkey D. Luffy Girl Cosplay

Calling all female Luffy fans! We know that you love Luffy. Not only because of his adorable characters, but also because of his looks, right? Ok, we heard you and that’s why we decided to provide you with a list of Monkey D. Luffy cosplay ideas for girls

9. Long-Haired Luffy

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Mailinh_294)

If you want to create a feminine version of Luffy, we have the perfect recommendation of costume for you. Take this one for instance. You can become a girly Luffy with this costume that includes a red long-sleeve top, a pair of hot jeans pants, a yellow scarf belt, and last but not least, a straw hat.

In addition, since you are going to become a feminine and girly Luffy, then we think it would be ok to wear a pair of heels to complete your look, don’t you think?

10. Long Sleeve Luffy

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Instagram (@geordiehollyxo)

Here we have another version of a feminine Luffy that comes with the wig, too. As for the costume, we recommend you to get a crop red shirt with bell sleeves and low cleavage, which will create a sexy look to your overall appearance. 

Pair it with your jeans pants, orange scarf as the belt, and of course the straw hat as the final touch. However, the most important element about this costume is definitely the wig. Therefore, make sure you don’t leave the house without the Luffy wig, OK?

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11. Cartoon-Like Luffy

Cartoon-Like Luffy
Source: Pinterest (@dtjaaaam.com)

When it comes to costumes and cosplays, it’s always a good idea to pick a costume that makes you look like your favorite anime or cartoon character, right? Don’t worry, we have the best recommendation for that particular purpose. Let’s take a look at this Luffy costume idea.

It comes in bright colors that will make you look as if you just came out of the One Piece cartoon movie. The costume looks so cheerful and bright, making it a perfect pick for a fan who loves to look colorful and cheerful at the same time. 

12. Sporty Luffy

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@breanna_monique)

In the mood for a sporty look? Why not! You can choose to be the sporty version of Luffy with this costume idea. Just go for a crop long sleeve red shirt and a pair of hot denim pants to be paired with a yellow-ish scarf belt. Also, make sure to wear a straw hat, too.

Then, you can add a touch of sporty look by wearing a pair of sneakers to complete your appearance. Any sneakers will do, as long as you are comfortable with them, as well as with the whole costume element, too.

13. Cute and Bubbly Luffy

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@imgur)

Now… now, who would have thought that Monkey D. Luffy could be so cute like this?! Of course, it can only happen if Luffy comes in a girl version, just like the one in the picture. You can recreate this look by wearing a red sleeveless vest and a pair of hot denim pants, and complete the overall look with a pair of black slippers and a straw hat.

Once you wear them all, you’re basically all set! But make sure you style your hair by making two pigtails, since it is the element that will make you look cute and bubbly!

14. Female Version of Luffy

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Instagram (@leiracosplays)

Referring to the look of Monkey D. Luffy in the anime series, we think this next cosplay idea is the costume that resembles that look the most. As you can see, the color of the costume is as bright as the anime version, making it a perfect pick for Comic Con or events alike. 

However, the only difference is that this one is being performed by a girl, plus the Gum Gum fruit. If you are looking for a costume that will make you look like the character in the anime, then we believe this costume is the one that you’re looking for. 

15. Luffy in Robe

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@cindyamcrae)

Here we have a Japanese version of Monkey D. Luffy costume that we think will make you fall in love immediately. This is a costume that includes a red shirt, a knee-length pair of denim pants, a straw hat, and a pair of Japanese clogs, which we think makes the costume look super cool to wear.

In addition, it also includes a red robe that we believe all fans will recognize. Since this is a pretty rare costume, we think it’s totally worth getting. You will look super cool in this costume, and we believe you can even become the center of attention, too!

Monkey D. Luffy Costume for Kids

One Piece is so famous that it has a fanbase that covers all genders and ages. Since there are lots of fans who are kids, we think it is necessary for us to include a category of the most recommended Monkey D. Luffy costumes for kids.

Just scroll to find out all of them!

16. Happy Luffy

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@rolecosplayshop)

This cool Luffy costume for kids is undoubtedly one of the simplest yet most original Luffy costumes for a kid who is a true fan of Luffy. We know that young fans would want to look as near as possible to their favorite anime character. Therefore, we think it would be wise to get them this costume.

It contains a red sleeve shirt, a knee-length pair of denim pants, and a pair of black sneakers. And oh, we just can’t forget about the straw hat, can’t we? 

17. Young Boy Luffy

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Steven1998_·he/him)

If you have a five year old son who loves everything about Luffy and friends, then make sure he becomes his favorite character for the upcoming Halloween night. If you are still searching here and there for the perfect costume, you can stop your search because we have the perfect costume for you to pick.

This is a small version of the basic Luffy costume that we believe your son will adore. It includes a red sleeveless vest and a pair of blue and white pants. Your little boy will look super adorable in this costume, no doubt about it. Also, make sure you put on the straw hat on his head, too.

18. A Miniature of Luffy

A Miniature of Luffy
Source: Pinterest (@i.pinimg.com)

For a boy or teenage boy who has a body that looks like Luffy’s body in the new Netflix series, then we have the perfect costume that will fit his body very well! This is a costume that creates a miniature of Luffy, since the boy will look so much like Luffy, but in a smaller version.

As for the footwear, you can pick any pair of slippers based on your reference, because we do think any slippers will do for this one. He’s already looking like a real Luffy even without the slippers!

19. A Cute Luffy

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@cosplaykids.tumblr.com)

Now take a look at this version of Luffy! We can’t stand to see how cute this little boy is in his small Luffy costume. We highly recommend this costume for a little boy who loves One Piece and admits that Luffy is his favorite character in the anime series.

You can get your son or nephew this costume because as a true fan of One Piece, we have no doubt he will love this costume so much. After Halloween, you might notice that he might wear the costume on a daily basis as well. 

20. The Baby Luffy

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@aiyahnn)

This is a baby Luffy that we really want to cuddle! Any baby will look adorable and cute in this baby Luffy costume. If you are a parent who happens to be a fan of One Piece and Monkey D. Luffy, then you might want to get this costume for your little one.

It comes with a complete set of costumes that includes the red tank top, the blue skirt, the orange belt, and also the hat, and all pieces are made of wool. 

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Monkey D. Luffy Dog Costume

Our last category includes some of the most recommended Luffy costumes for your furry friend! Yes, of course we don’t forget that your dogs are fans of Luffy, too. So, check out the list and see if any costume fits your dog

21. Luffy Pup with a Scar

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@ZGpetss)

Some dogs just can’t wear clothes. No matter how hard we try, they just won’t let us put any cloth on them, ever! If your dog has the same character, then you might not be able to put a Luffy costume on them.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t put a straw hat on them, right? Just put a straw hat on them and then draw a scar on their cheek. We can assure you that those two elements will be enough to let people know that the dog is cosplaying as Luffy for the night. 

22. Pug Luffy

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Instagram (@krolik_cosplay)

You can let your little Pug become Luffy on Halloween by putting this adorable costume on them. It comes as a set of a red and black shirt that includes the straw hat as well. 

However, instead of red and blue, this costume comes in red and black. Well, we think it is totally ok because your Pug will look as adorable as always. Well, he will look even more adorable because he wears a cute Luffy costume of course. 

23. Cat Monkey D. Luffy

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Twitter (@Cat_Cosplay)

Setting sail straight from the world of “One Piece,” this feline takes Monkey D. Luffy’s look to a whole new level of purrfection! With a swish of his tail and a hat that screams “I’m the captain now,” he’s on the prowl for the Grand Line.

Watch out, world, for the Cat-tain of the Straw Hat Pirates! He may be after the legendary “One Purr-ce,” the ultimate catnip treasure. From the East Blue to your living room, this Luffy-inspired kitty is the true King of the Pirates. Just remember, every great adventure begins with a single “meow” and a dream!

24. Cute Little Luffy

Cute Little Luffy
Source: Pinterest (@Killer_Kitsch)

A Chiwawa is already one of the cutest dog breeds out there. But can you imagine how it can look even cuter with a Luffy costume? You can get a special Luffy costume for your little Chiwawa to make sure he gets a part on Halloween night.

It comes with a mini red vest and a mini yellow hat that resembles a straw hat. We can assure that when you take him along to the costume party, he will become the center of attention, loved by everyone at the party. 

25. Corgi Luffy

monkey d luffy cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@oscaccessories)

If you have a lovely Corgi who is as excited as you in welcoming Halloween, then you better make sure that you prepare a special halloween costume for him!

Take this idea as a reference. You can prepare a red vest and a straw hat for him, and he will be super thankful and excited to look his best at the Halloween party. Also, don’t forget to take a photo of your dog with the costume on, because it is truly an adorable moment to be documented. 

Key Features of Monkey D. Luffy Cosplay

As we said earlier, among all One Piece costumes, Luffy’s costume is one of the simplest costumes and that is why, it is not hard to recreate his look. There are six main elements of Luffy costume, which include the strat hat, red vest, blue shorts, sandals or slippers, the scar under his eye, and the yellow scarf belt.

Although the above set of costumes is pretty easy to recreate, there are some accessories that make each costume look different that the rest. Some of the accessories might include the iconic devil fruit or Gum Gum fruit, and the treasure chest, which becomes Luffy’s true identity as a pirate. 

Where to Find Monkey D. Luffy Cosplay Gear?

Being one of the most famous anime characters we know, it’s pretty easy to find stores that sell or rent Luffy’s costumes. You can find a complete set of Luffy’s costumes on several online stores like eBay, Etsy, or Amazon that are available in various qualities and prices, too.

You can also find them in pieces like Luffy’s red vest only or Luffy’s straw hat only on the same online stores as well. However, professional cosplayers might require a more complicated costume with excellent attention to details. Don’t worry, because there are stores who can also create a custom-made costume for dedicated cosplayers as well. 

For simple and standard Luffy cosplay, you can find countless options on eBay. But if you are looking for hand-made costumes and accessories, Etsy is definitely the perfect place for that. 

Care and Maintenance

It is highly recommended to dry clean your costumes before use. Once it’s clean, make sure you store them inside a protected cover to make sure they stay in their best conditions until the day of wearing. 

However, some costumes can be used again, especially those that are specially made and customized for you. The best way to ensure the longevity of the costume is by storing it in a safe place which is not humid and not exposed to direct sunlight. Then, make sure you dry clean it again before use. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know some of the coolest and recommended Luffy costumes to grab, do bear in mind that you need to pay extra attention to details to make you look your best in Luffy costume. Since the costume is pretty simple-looking, we believe that extra efforts to make it more special will totally be worth it. 

So, if you are a true fan of Luffy, then it is time for you to perform your best as your favorite character and have fun with it by exploring his characters. We believe you will love Luffy even more, and admire his character as a childlike, caring and kind-hearted pirate. 

Also, make sure you share your experience and photos while being Luffy since we, and a lot of Luffy’s fans out there, would like to know your experience, and even make your experience as an inspiration for us, too! 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the key elements of Monkey D. Luffy’s costume?

Luffy is known for his trademark straw hat, which was sent to him when he was young by the legendary pirate captain, the “Red Haired” Shanks. Luffy is wearing blue denim shorts with cuffs, sandals, and also a sleeveless red vest. 

What are Monkey D. Luffy’s signature poses and expressions?

There are lots of Monkey D Luffy’s signature poses. Some of the most iconic ones include his Gomu Gomu no Pistol. After he was consuming the Gomu Gomu no Mi or the devil fruit, he gained the properties of rubber, which granted him enhanced flexibility and resilience. 

Do I need to wear contact lenses for Monkey D. Luffy’s eye color?

If you are a professional cosplayer, then it is recommended for you to wear special contact lenses to recreate the best Monkey D Luffy’s look. You can find specific Monkey D. Luffy contact lenses in many stores online. 

Are there variations of Monkey D. Luffy’s costume from different story arcs?

Yes, although Luffy has one iconic costume that includes blue denim shorts with cuffs, sandals, straw hat, and also a sleeveless red vest, Luffy actually has another costume from different stories such as a Kimono or a blue shirt with a white beard. Check out our list to find some of Luffy’s different costumes. 

Should I act like Monkey D. Luffy in character while cosplaying?

Yes, it is recommended that you act like the characters of Luffy since it will improve the performance of your cosplay as him. Luffy’s characters include childlike behavior, caring, and also kind-hearted, making him a lovable character in One Piece.

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