37 Greatest Halloween Shirts for Pregnant Moms

It’s that time of year again. Time to celebrate one of the oldest and most popular holidays around the world, Halloween! The spookiest time of the year celebration is synonymous with playing fun tricks or treats for children and wearing eerie costumes. If you or someone you know is celebrating the impending arrival of a new human being, then this list is for you. It’s all about fun and creative Halloween shirts for pregnant Moms.

Are you looking to create something truly inspired or just straight-up scary? Maybe you are on the hunt for cool Halloween maternity tees?

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Long Sleeve Halloween Maternity Shirts Plus Size

Adding a little bit, or a lot, of weight is something that most moms-to-be have to deal with. However, we know for sure that weight issues won’t stop them from being part of Halloween celebrations. Plus-size moms-to-be might be able to wear sexy or unique costumes, but they can definitely wear a shirt designed specifically for them.

Here are seven of the coolest Halloween shirts for pregnant moms for you to choose from. 

1. Spooky Mama To Be Halloween Shirt

Let people know that you are expecting a little pumpkin on Halloween by wearing this ‘Spooky Mama To Be’ long sleeve shirt. Made specifically for expecting moms, this shirt is made of high-quality cotton that offers comfort for pregnant moms. 

It also comes in various color options that you can choose based on your preference. In our opinion, this is the kind of shirt that will still make you look scary, even though you are expecting a little pumpkin with a cute pair of feet inside your tummy.

2. Pumpkin Smuggler Maternity Halloween Shirt

Pregnant women are always looking for outfits or shirts that are made of high-quality fabric that offer comfort, making sure they can still move freely while carrying the little one in their tummy. The same goes to Halloween shirts, too.

Moms-to-be deserve to have so much fun on Halloween, and therefore they need to wear this comfy long sleeve shirt with a cute graphic that says ‘Pumpkin Snuggler’ and an image of a pumpkin on the tummy area. Despite the simple design, we think this shirt will still make you the most adorable mom-to-be on Halloween. 

3. Mommy’s Little Nightmare Halloween Shirt

Mommy’s Little Nightmare Halloween Shirt

We know that having a baby is a nightmare, but in a positive way, of course. Well, since Halloween is coming very soon, why don’t you go hunting for some cute Halloween shirts for pregnant moms on the marketplace to become your Halloween costume?

Take this cute long sleeve Halloween shirt, for instance. This shirt comes in the form of a black shirt with a graphic of a scary face on the tummy area that says, ‘Mommy’s Little Nightmare.’ It will surely make a funny pregnancy Halloween attire to wear this year. 

4. Kick or Treat Halloween Shirt

Have you been feeling some kicks from inside your tummy lately? Well, it can be a sign that the baby is about to come out very soon! But before that, let’s get ready for Halloween which is just round the corner. You can wear this cute long sleeve ‘Kick or Treat’ Halloween shirt and let people know that something is ‘kicking’ from the inside. 

In terms of design it’s actually very simple with an image of baby feet that say ’Trick or Treat’ to show that you and the little one are ready for Halloween. So, are you ready to have fun on Halloween while waiting for your little one to finally be part of the family?

5. Something’s Brewing Maternity Halloween Shirt

Now let’s take a look at this super cute gray Halloween shirt for pregnant women. In our opinion, this is a great shirt to become a cute Halloween costume to show people that something is brewing inside mommy’s tummy. 

It comes in gray and it has an image of a witch’s cauldron that looks as if it is cooking something hot inside it. On the top of the cauldron image, there is a graphic that says ‘Something’s Brewing” which will be some kind of announcement to let people know the baby is ready for Halloween, too! 

6. Striped Long-sleeve Maternity Halloween Shirt

If you are looking for something with patterns, then we recommend you to take a look at this striped long sleeve maternity Halloween shirt. The stripes come in black and white, which is the most iconic color combo that will never go old. 

But since it’s Halloween, this shirt also includes an image of a n orange pumpkin that says ‘Pumpkin Smuggler’ on it. It describes that you are expecting a baby, which also becomes the reason why you crave for pumpkin juice or cake on Halloween. Just blame it on the baby! 

7. Growing a Little Pumpkin Maternity Sweatshirt

Go for something colorful for Halloween! Even Though you are pregnant, you can still wear colorful shirts, you know? You can choose to wear this bright Halloween shirt for pregnant women. It includes a graphic that says you are growing a little pumpkin inside your tummy. 

Well, you really are growing a little pumpkin inside you, right? The little pumpkin will become the center of your universe, which needs to be announced to everyone at the Halloween party. In addition, if you don’t feel like wearing orange, you can pick other colors including pink, green, purple, white or black. 

Adorable Halloween Shirts for Pregnant Moms

Halloween shirts for moms don’t always highlight eerie vibes like common Halloween costumes. They can also add funny sides for the moms and the soon-to-be-born babies.

If you love such t-shirts, we have got you covered with this comprehensive collection. So without further ado, let’s jump into the list!

8. Demon Baby Prop

Demon Baby Prop preganancy shirt - Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms

Let me out! Turn your baby bump scary with a few custom shapes under the shirt. This simple sight gag is sure to get a reaction. It highlights a baby figure inside a white t-shirt that is insisting on coming out from mom’s belly.

Though babies are generally cute, if you notice one like this, you’ll surely jump in fright. Moms can wear this t-shirt to celebrate Halloween or even pull pranks for their hubbies!

9. My Mom is My Costume T-Shirt

My Mom is My Costume T-Shirt - Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms

Your baby already has the ultimate costume… You! It’s a thought-provoking Halloween maternity shirt that plays on the idea of a walking, talking costume made of Mom. Freaky. 

Despite not being super spooky, the t-shirt is intimidating as the baby peeks from the cut, similar to the cut for a cesarean section. Besides, the black color offers ominous vibes. The color also helps the mom who isn’t confident about changing her body shape to camouflage the bump.

10. Kick or Treat Maternity Shirt


More huggable than horrifying, this shirt will put you in the festive spirit without traumatizing the kids. A cute shirt you could wear year-round. It features baby steps with printed “kick or treat, ” a play on the trick or treat Halloween game. The orange and black shades, the highlight colors of Halloween, create a striking color contrast to the t-shirt.

Moms with hilarious sides will absolutely love such a t-shirt. They can pair it with their jeans or shorts to have a casual style.

11. DIY Pregnant Halloween Shirt with Baby Arms

Maternity Costume Halloween shirt tank top baby arms hands trick

There are lots of places to buy Halloween costumes for pregnant ladies, but why not get creative and make your own? This design is bound to polarize opinions and get people talking. The baby hands that seem to emerge from the mom’s bump make this t-shirt design look spooky, an ideal piece to celebrate Halloween.

We recommend combining the t-shirt with a red knitted cardigan to match the printed fake blood-like color on the t-shirt. They can also hang Halloween pumpkin ornaments on the “baby” hands to create even more eerie vibes.

12. Skull Boy Baby Tattoo Maternity Shirt

Skull Boy Baby Tattoo Maternity Shirt - Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms

Create the illusion of a belly tattoo with this unique top for pregnant ladies. Great for scaring the Grandparents! Instead of purchasing one, you can make the style yourself. Pick a slim-fit shirt, then cut out the middle to reveal your bump.

Then, you can ask an artist to paint baby and devil cartoon figures that are cute but scary. Next, match the vibes by painting your nails black and wearing black trousers.

13. My Little Pumpkin Tank Top

My Little Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement Halloween Tank Top

You can keep it light with one of these ultra-comfy hand-printed tank tops—another everyday option. The loose and breathable design of the tank top ensures mom’s comfort while wearing this fun piece. Moreover, the black color and pumpkin design speak loudly about the Halloween vibes around the corner, making it a perfect one to celebrate the spookiest month.

You can pair it with black leggings for pregnant women and sneakers to highlight your casual look. Add black nail polish to your nails and wear Halloween accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, to match the scary atmosphere.

14. Skeleton Baby Maternity Tank Top

Skeleton Baby Maternity Tank Top

Skeletons are cool and a bit scary. Baby Skeletons chilling under Mom’s ribcage are cool, scary, AND cute simultaneously! Unlike most Halloween t-shirts that feature black color, it has a gray one that’s no less scary, thanks to the printed skeleton figure.

Moreover, the “A” shape tank top guarantees the comfort of pregnant women because it is looser and breathable. Having a neutral color tone, mom can easily pair it with leggings, shorts or wide jeans to make them comfortable.

15. Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Costume

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Costume - Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms

For maximum laughs at minimum expense, try this great DIY concept pregnancy Halloween costume. The designer even had her husband dress up as a disapproving Billy Ray Cyrus. You can have a black, slim-fit long sleeve but cut the tummy part to form your bump.

Take advantage of your barbie to hang on the chain for the accessories. Don’t forget to stick it with glue to ensure it lasts until the Halloween celebration ends. To have a complete look, wear a gray tube before the black, modified t-shirt.

16. Halloween Cat Maternity T-Shirt

Halloween Black Cat Pumpkin Maternity T Shirt Gift for New Mommy Mother

Cats, bats, witches, and a harvest moon, a perfect combo for a Halloween t-shirt for pregnant moms. Rock some classic Halloween imagery in striking black and yellow. The position of the black cat lying on the pumpkin seems to depict a baby curled up in the mom’s belly. It also adds a hilarious touch to the design.

For a casual style, moms can pair it with black jeans or leggings. For a casual style, moms can pair it with black jeans or leggings. Choose an upper size if the bump is bigger.

17. Mummy To Be Maternity Shirt

Crazy Dog T-Shirts Maternity Peeking Mummy Tshirt Cute Funny Graphic Movie Pregnancy Tee

Humor meets Horror. When it comes to Halloween costumes for pregnant women, this shirt can be worn for fun or as a shocking way to reveal your condition to unsuspecting family members. The peeking eyeballs from the darkness, wrapped in a roll of gauze, make it quirky yet eerie.

Moms can wear this t-shirt to celebrate Halloween or to reveal that they are pregnant with a baby in this spookiest month ever! Choose dark-tone colors to highlight the scary vibes of Halloween.

18. ‘No I Didn’t Steal The Pumpkin’ Shirt

No I Didn’t Steal The Pumpkin Shirt

The name says it all. The perfect maternity Halloween costume to wear if you actually DID steal the pumpkin! But seriously, who steals a pumpkin? The printed pumpkin spot exactly matches the bump, making it look like a pumpkin hidden behind the shirt.

With such a fun design, moms can wear it to surprise the family about the pregnancy while celebrating Halloween. Its black color also allows moms to pair it with their favorite leggings, jeans or trousers.

19. Skeleton Baby Bow Tie Pregnancy Shirt

Skeleton Baby Bow Tie Pregnancy Shirt

A nice way to reveal the gender of your precious cargo. It features a skeleton baby wearing a blue bow tie or a pink bow. You can wear one of these colors when you want to surprise your family or husband with the gender of the upcoming baby.

To cover the figure, you can wear a black cloak to avoid losing the scary Halloween atmosphere. If you throw a gender-revealing party, you can also match the t-shirts with balloons which, when popped, will show your baby’s gender.

20. DIY Kangaroo Pregnancy Costume

Kangaroo Adult Costume

Hop up to the party in this homemade kangaroo costume complete. Even though it looks heavy, it makes a scary jump for the guests who are invited to your Halloween party.

You don’t need to worry about the costume being too slim. The hips and buttocks can be made looser, so they are comfortable to wear. However, such a costume may only be suitable for pregnancies under six months.

21. Skeleton Face Maternity Shirt

Maternity Skeleton Baby T Shirt Funny Cute Pregnancy Halloween Tee Announcement (Black)

Another creative Halloween shirt for pregnant Moms. The striking black and white design turn your belly into a bold Skeleton Face. It describes a laying, smaller skeleton that represents your baby, while the bigger one is yours.

Also, thanks to this spooky design, it makes an ideal piece to hang out with your friends on Halloween. Simply pair it with your black jeans or leggings, then you are all set to have a creepy style with a bit of fun style.

22. Little Monster On Its Way Maternity Shirt

Little Monster On Its Way Maternity Shirt

Dress up as a purple monster delivery system with this hilarious and charming shirt. Despite having a creepy monster design, the purple color spice it up with fun.

Not to mention the position of the printed little monster, which fits on the mom’s belly, speaks volumes about you carrying your baby. Even though Halloween has passed, moms can confidently wear such a cute t-shirt with their pregnant leggings or trousers.

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23. Momma’s Little Turkey Maternity Shirt

Thanksgiving maternity shirt mommy's little turkey custom womens non-maternity or maternity Tshirt

Ok, so this one is actually a Thanksgiving design. But who cares if you wear it for Halloween? It makes a list of sheer weirdness alone, highlighting a small, cute turkey jumping on your belly, just like your baby.

In order to keep it match with Halloween vibes, we can mix and match it with Halloween accessories, such as a pumpkin hat, black cloak, black nail polish, and quirky chain necklace. If you want to go beyond, add fake blood stains all over the t-shirt as if you just slaughtered a turkey.

24. DIY Death Star Shirt

Death star maternity shirt, Thats no moon maternity shirt, Pregnancy announcement shirt, Star wars cosplay, Halloween maternity shirt

Star Wars fans rejoice! We have the ideal Halloween maternity costume for expecting Jedis. It is weird, and the death star design looks pretty intimidating with the bluish-black color that matches the Halloween theme. Besides, the large printed design of the planet suits your belly perfectly.

You can choose between long or short sleeves. But we recommend a long one if you want to wear it to celebrate Halloween, which falls in October when the temperature starts to drop.

25. Halloween Pumpkin Footprints

The Man Behind The Pumpkin Footprint Halloween

Adorable tiny footprint alert! With the added cuteness of bite-size baby pumpkins on a stylish black shirt synchronizing with the Halloween vibes. Though moms can wear it proudly, this t-shirt is more suitable for soon-to-be dads as they are the reason there is a baby in the mom’s tummy.

Moms can surprise dads with this quirky t-shirt when they want to reveal that they are pregnant. We recommend the moms wear it while closing the eyes of the father-to-be and opening them while saying, “surprise!”.

26. Black Cat Maternity Shirt

Cat Maternity Shirt

People say if a grey cat crosses your path, it’s bad luck. Wear this Halloween maternity tee, and you can threaten to cross the path of your neighbors if they are stingy with their candy.

Apart from being playful on Halloween, you can wear it when you want to have a maternity shoot with a spooky theme. Especially if your baby’s due date is around October. Pair the t-shirt with Halloween-related accessories, like a pumpkin hat, necklace, or black cloak, to match the vibes.

27. Peek-a-Boo Baby Maternity Shirt

Womens Peek A Boo Peeking Baby Maternity T-Shirt

Some of these creative Halloween shirts for pregnant Moms are scary, but this one score for creative design and incredible comfort. It features a cute baby peeking out the mom’s belly through the cut, wondering whether they can come out now or not.

If you want to wear it during Halloween, you better buy the black one to suit the spooky atmosphere. Then, pair it with your black trousers and sneakers. You can also match the tee with an orange color identical to the Halloween theme.

28. Mother of Dragons Pregnancy Shirt

Mother of Dragons Pregnant T-Shirt

Why bother with cumbersome Halloween maternity costumes when you can get this witty Game of Thrones shirt to wear all year round? It features a dashing, flying dragon with an exactly printed “Mother of Dragon” as the focal point.

Besides, the black color also sparks even more eerie vibes in this tee. If you are a GOT fan, this one will effortlessly match your taste. Pair it with black or blue jeans for a casual look but stay spooky.

29. Baby Zombie Maternity Halloween Shirt

Maternity Shirt

No Halloween-inspired list would be complete without some kind of Zombie popping up somewhere, and this one does so in style. The cute but scary baby zombie picking out from your tummy makes this t-shirt an instant favorite for Halloween.

Its printed “Trick or Brain?” it’s pretty intimidating, especially the font that looks like dripping blood. If you are interested in purchasing one, try to match it with black trousers to have a vivid Halloween vibe around the corner.

30. Tstars Skeleton Maternity Shirt

Tstars Womens Halloween Party Shirt

Babies have a lot of time to meditate in the womb. If they could talk, they would probably say boo, just like what the t-shirt depicts. Besides being creepy, the t-shirt has a fun touch as the laying baby skeleton seems to be playing with mom’s spider heart.

Given the slim-fit design, you can upgrade your size to make it more comfortable, especially if you are 7 or 8 months pregnant. In case you want to wear it for Halloween, put on a warm black jacket. Besides matching the eerie vibes, it also keeps you warm in the cold fall.

31. DIY Avocado

diy pregnant avocado costume

And the winner is… Seriously this one is pure genius. One of the best maternity fancy dress costumes out there! Instead of purchasing one in the market, you can be more creative in making an accessory that matches your tee, like this avocado. You can make it from cardboard, then color it like avocado.

Poke a hole according to the size of your bump in the center of the avocado. Now, wear a brown t-shirt that resembles an avocado seed and place the avocado-like carton onto your belly. And voila! You can make one that is similar to a pumpkin to celebrate Halloween.

32. Little Pumpkin Halloween Maternity Shirt

Maternity Lil Pumpkin Pregnancy Fall Baby Halloween Cute T-Shirt

We are nearing the end of our list of creative Halloween shirts for pregnant Moms. This t-shirt portrays your precious pumpkin on your tummy, just like your upcoming baby! The printed orange color for the figure vividly represents Halloween vibes on this tee.

You can wear it when you want to shock your family with the baby news or throw humor you have been hiding for so long. To have even more creepy vibes, try to put on black nail polish that looks intimidating

33. Baby Vampire Peeking Shirt

Halloween Vampire Baby Black Maternity Soft T-Shirt

Zombies, Skeletons, and now… Vampires! There is something here for every kind of Halloween baby. Don’t get hypnotized by his adorable gaze! Even though there is no Halloween orange color, this t-shirt looks eerie, thanks to the vampire. His red eyes and sharp canine teeth make his overall look intimidating, an ideal match for celebrating the scariest month of the year.

You can wear it with black trousers, a vest, or even jogger pants, whatever you please. But we recommend also including black nail polish or any black-related accessories to make your look even more ominous.

34. Eating Candy for Two Shirt

Women's Premium T-Shirt

Finally, we come to the most practical of creative Halloween shirts for pregnant Moms. Wearing this surefire way to get extra candy. It truly describes your need to feed not only you but your baby as well. Not to mention the pumpkin and baby steps make this tee a perfect Halloween shirt for pregnant moms.

Furthermore, we recommend choosing a larger size if your womb is touching 7-9 months when Halloween comes to ensure comfort. Pair the tee with black trousers to make the style even more creepy.

35. X-Ray Pregnancy Top Expecting Twins Babies Sweatshirt

Funny Halloween X-Ray Pregnancy Top Expecting Twins Babies Sweatshirt

Shout out to the mom-to-be who is expecting twins! As for Halloween, you can get the exact sweatshirt to wear. This x-ray pregnancy with twin babies design will complete the look of the pregnant moms.

Or if you have a colleague who is expecting twins, this would be a great gift idea for her. We are pretty sure she will love it. Moreover, it comes in three shades. But for Halloween, we recommend black or gray as the dark tones match the eerie Halloween atmosphere.

36. Pumpkin Face Pregnancy Tee

Maternity Cartoon Eyes Pumpkin Face T Shirt Halloween Fall October Pregnancy Tee

This tee is definitely cute and fits for Halloween time. Simply wear the shirt on Halloween night, and don’t forget to bring a basket for some treats. As for the preggo mom, there is no trick, only a treat! This cute idea cannot be missed.

Interestingly, it is available in various sizes moms can choose. However, it would be better to pick a larger one that makes the tee even more breathable.

37. Happy Jack O Lantern Pregnancy T-Shirt

Crazy Dog T-Shirts Maternity Peeking Mummy Tshirt Cute Funny Graphic Movie Pregnancy Tee

The cute design of this shirt will be an awesome idea to wear on Halloween night! The smiling pumpkin depicts your growing baby bump as if the baby wants a sweet treat at the Halloween party. Its bright orange pumpkin color truly represents Halloween vibes at max. So, preggo mom doesn’t need to use a lot of accessories.

But if you want to look stand out, it will be better to wear a witch hat, polish your nails with black color and pair the tee with your favorite black jeans or trousers. Wear this and prepare many sweet treats for a night long.

Final Thought

Although you are expecting the baby in the spooky season, it doesn’t mean you cannot have some fun or get some treats. This Halloween should give you exciting moments as the preggo mom. That’s our list of cool, fun & unique Halloween Shirts For Pregnant Moms! You can be playful in choosing the design.

Whatever you pick, make sure to highlight the eerie Halloween vibes. Black and orange are the icons, make sure you have at least one of them on your t-shirt. As for the pumpkin, skeleton, or any other Halloween figures, choose one following your taste.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What makes maternity shirts different?

Maternity shirts are designed to fit you as your bump grows. They are made to fit a growing belly and not look frumpy like upsizing does. Maternity tops, for example, are made to fit you the way your pre pregnancy tops did. They simply give you more room in the belly area.

What is the difference between maternity clothes vs bigger size clothes?

Maternity clothes are made with stretchy fabric and extra details to keep pregnant women feel comfortable, and also flatter your pregnancy curves. They are designed to fit right from the time your regular clothes don’t fit anymore through delivery and even when you’re breastfeeding.

What is the most important thing when selecting maternity clothes?

The most important thing is to prioritize clothing that feels good and comfortable to wear as your body is going through some incredible changes during pregnancy. You can consider having the clothes made of soft and stretchy materials like cotton or jersey, and opt for styles with adjustable waistbands or drawstrings that can adapt to your growing bump

Are Halloween shirts for pregnant moms comfortable to wear?

Absolutely! Halloween shirts for pregnant moms are designed with comfort in mind. They’re made from soft, breathable fabrics that accommodate your growing belly while ensuring you stay comfy all day or night. You can flaunt your Halloween spirit without compromising on comfort.

Are these shirts versatile enough to wear for other occasions besides Halloween?

Of course! Many of our Halloween shirts feature designs that can be appreciated year-round, so you can continue to flaunt your pregnancy style even after the spooky season has passed.

Do the Halloween designs on the shirts stretch and distort with the fabric?

No need to worry! High-quality designs are created to stretch and move with the fabric, preventing any distortion or loss of detail. Your Halloween graphics will look spooktacular every time you wear them.

Are the Halloween shirts machine-washable for easy care?

Most of Halloween shirts are designed for busy moms-to-be. You can simply toss them in the washing machine and follow the care instructions provided for hassle-free cleaning.

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