Have The Universe in Your Hand with Quantum Solar System

There is always something new to learn and explore about the solar system, and I have always been amazed by the way it works so beautifully. Although I don’t specifically learn about the solar system, I still love to discover a thing or two about it. Now, what do you think about having your own replica of the solar system at home? As for me, I would definitely say, “Yes.”

You have probably heard about the Quantum Solar System (QSS). It is a platform that features miniature replicas of planets that float and circling around the Sun. It is actually a new product planned to be launched by the end of the year.

However, we can already find some information about details of the product online on YouTube and several websites such as kickstarter.com.

Quantum Solar System
Educational and Entertainment Value

At a first glance, the product looks amazing! I mean, it has floating planets orbiting around the sun in a small size, which is amazing. It uses an innovative magnetic levitation technology that allows the planets to float, and each planet has the perfect color and shape, just like the real ones.

The Sun has the biggest size of them all, which also works as a lamp. And just like the real Sun, it becomes the centerpiece of the product.

The Features of The Quantum Solar System

Based on the description of the given explanations about the product that I read online, it sounds like a promising product with great features to offer. There are nine planets included in total that include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and last one, the Sun. All planets are said to be the exact miniature recreations in an algorithmic ratio, and the details look amazing!

Quantum Solar System
The Features of The Quantum Solar System

As you have already seen what our solar system looks like from images and photos, the Quantum Solar System looks exactly like that, but in a much smaller size. It includes a base with a diameter of 16.73” or 42.5 cm with 1.46” or 3.75 cm of thickness. The base comes in black and it looks pretty solid to me.

Miniature That Look Perfect

From several features that the product is offering, I think the best one is the planets since all are designed based on models that are pulled directly from NASA. Well, that probably answers my question on how the creators were able to create miniatures that look perfect, just like the real ones. Plus, every single planet was hand-painted in all manner of lifelike details.

Quantum Solar System
Create Miniatures That Look Perfect

All planets are also levitating and the positions are based on real-time, and again it claims to be synchronized with NASA. Thanks to this feature, I will be able to position the planets at any date, whether it’s the past, present, or even future. To be honest, this is the feature that I am most curious about, and I just can’t wait to receive this product in December and test this one particular feature myself.

It also comes with an accelerated movement feature to speed up the movement of the planets. Surprisingly, it says that you can convert 3 days into 1 second! Imagine how you can enjoy seeing the planets move around the Sun in fast forward. In my opinion, this product can also be a perfect item to help you relax at home. As for the Sun, it is actually a lamp. Yes, it’s a lamp! So, you will have a relaxing item with a lamp in the form of a Sun at the center. Pretty cool, right?

Having Your Own Miniature Universe

When it comes to the reason why I decided to order the Quantum Solar System, it’s because of several reasons. The first one is of course to have my own miniature universe that represents a lifelike solar system. Due to its amazing shape, design, and materials, I hope it can be more than just a miniature. I wish it can also be a relaxing home décor with a healing purpose. I can imagine how relaxing it would be watching the planets move while maintaining their position relative to each other.

Having Your Own Miniature Universe
Having Your Own Miniature Universe

Based on a Youtube video about this product that I’ve watched several times, I think it will make a great home decor item to be placed in a living room. The best way to put it is to place it on a table where it is visible for people to see. Or, I think it will be great to have one specific round table to display this Quantum Solar System. Therefore, it will likely become the focal point of the room.

The next reason is to own a great educational tool to teach the kids about the solar system. I think it will be the perfect astronomical model to allow kids to enjoy a fun experience exploring the planets in an interactive way.

If you have kids who are currently in elementary, junior high or high school, this is definitely one of the must-have teaching tools and make astronomy one of their favorite subjects. In addition, this product is also a must-have for science lovers and space enthusiasts.

The Sun Lamp: A Brilliant Centerpiece

Now let’s talk about the Sun. It is the centerpoint of the whole platform and the biggest piece of planets with a diameter of 3.15” or 8 cm. I think the Sun is a brilliant centerpiece that also comes as a lamp. Yes, the Sun is a lamp! I can imagine how the lamp can create a different ambience in a room. The yellow light will add a touch of warmth to your space, making it a stunning focal point that I believe will amaze our guests.

The Sun Lamp
The Sun Lamp: A Brilliant Centerpiece

However, it was explained on the web that the Sun comes in two options; one that comes with the light, and one that comes without the light. Of course, the piece of the first option will be more expensive. But in my opinion, having the one without the light will still be worth it.

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Educational and Entertainment Value

Just like the miniature of the globe, I expect this Quantum Solar System to be a great educational tool for those who love to learn more about the solar system. My wife and I have been searching to find the best tool to teach our children about the universe for quite a while now.

Usually, we like to show them some videos online and buy them books about the universe, planets and the Sun. But when we found this product, we both immediately decided to order it, and hopefully in December we can have it at our door and have fun learning about the solar system with our children.

Quantum Solar System
Educational and Entertainment Value

This platform includes amazing miniatures that refer to NASA both in terms of design and positions, real time. Therefore, I think having this product will be an advantage, and even kids who are not into astronomy will start to love it, thanks to this product.

My kids would be very excited to have this product. They will surely enjoy exploring the planets, which will let them have a fun learning experience about the solar system in a great and interactive way.

Customizing Your Quantum Solar System Experience

I am pretty sure that the Quantum Solar System will be an amazing addition to my home décor. In fact, I think it can be a great center point that offers a different ambience to the room. Basically, I think this product will be perfect to match with any room or home decoration. Whether it’s minimalist, classic, industrial or even bohemian, this product will fit them all. But personally, I have to say that among the various room designs, the best designs to match this product are minimalist and industrial.

Since minimalist and industrial designs are using earthy colors like gray, black, wood, white, and peach, the Quantum Solar System will look like the perfect center point of the room. Although the product is available in December, I have already thought about where to put it inside the house.

I want to make sure that it is placed in a perfect spot to make it an amazing room décor item, and also as an educational tool for the kids. And for that purpose, I think the living room is the best space, especially since my family and I love to spend a lot of time in the living room.

Get Your Quantum Solar System As Gifts

I am ordering this product for my family, which I am planning to make as a Christmas gift for the kids since it will be shipped in December. Moreover, I would also recommend you to get this as a Christmas gift for your loved ones. Aside from being a great educational gift for your kids, it will be the perfect gift for someone in your life who is a science lover or a space enthusiast.

Let’s hope that the product will end up exactly like the one I see on YouTube or Kickstarter.

Quantum Solar System
Get Your Quantum Solar System As Gifts

1. Price and Availability

You can order this product from indiegogo.com and since it is open for pre orders, it still offers discounts ranging from 48% up to 50%, which is great for me. It comes with several early bird packages from $549 for basic package with no light, $649 for the basic package with light, $799 with light plus certificate and the team signature, and you can also choose to get 2 Quantum Solar Systems plus the certificate and team signatures for only $1,499.

So, if you want to be the first to have this amazing piece of Quantum Solar System, order now before the price goes up and while the first batch stocks still last.

2. What I Like The Most? (Pros)

  • The Sun of course, because it can be used as a lamp.
  • The levitating planets, making it a high-tech and amazing educational tool.
  • The adjustable settings that allow me to speed up the rotation and sync it with NASA.

3. What I Don’t Like? (Cons)

To be honest, I still don’t know yet. But one thing for sure, I don’t like to wait until December to finally have this product. But hopefully, the quality of the product will be worth the wait.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the team who are currently producing the Quantum Solar System did a great job promoting their product through online platforms and channels. It looks amazing and I think the innovative magnetic levitation technology brings out the best feature of this product, which are levitating planets orbiting the Sun with precise locations. Plus, the planets are also made based on NASA reference. I hope the product is able to meet my expectations.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What inspired you to order the Quantum Solar System levitation platform?

The first reason is basically my wish of having a lifelike solar system at home. I also think this product can be a great and reliable educational tool to teach my kids about astronomy and the solar system in a fascinating and interactive way.

How would you Like the Quantum Solar System to enhance your home decor?

It would be a great focal point or the center point of the whole home decor. I think it will also be the one item that people will immediately love the moment they see it at my home.

What do you think will be the unexpected benefits of using the Quantum Solar System?

I think the most unexpected benefit is that the Sun can be a lamp. It comes as the biggest piece of all the miniatures of planets, and it is placed in the center of the platform. Having it as a lamp would be something amazing to have, which can be the perfect item to build a different ambience and adds a touch of warmth to the space.

What do you think about using the Quantum Solar System as a teaching tool for children or students? How did they respond?

It is highly recommended! Looking at how it represents the actual solar system, it will definitely be a great and interactive tool to teach children or students about our solar system and astronomy.

What is your favorite planet in the miniature recreation and why?

Personally, I love Saturn because it has the iconic ring that no other planets have, and also because it looks so real in terms of colors, look and design.

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