62 Cool Pocket Watches for Men You Can Buy and Collect

Some might think that pocket watches for men are a thing of the past, But that statement can’t be further from the truth. In fact, pocket watches are making a comeback, and what a comeback that is. Nowadays, pocket watches present the perfect blend of style and extravagance. Any man could wear them, and not only stuffy older gentlemen you might envision when thinking of pocket watches on a chain.

Whether you prefer classy and elegant pocket watches to go with your suit or a more steampunk-inspired rendition of one, you can mix and match the pocket watches for casual or formal occasions. Some of the popular events where you can wear the watches are festivals, balls, weddings, or even graduation.

But first, you must consider the designs and sizes to pair with your style. For that reason, we have compiled some of the pocket watches for men you can choose from. They come with diverse features to suit your taste. Check them out!

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Are Pocket Watches Still in Style?

Yes, pocket watches are still in style and are often worn as a fashion accessory or statement piece. They offer a classic and timeless look that can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. While wristwatches have become more common, pocket watches remain a popular choice for those who appreciate tradition and heritage.

What Are The Advantages of Owning A Pocket Watch in The Digital Age?

Pocket watches offer several advantages in the digital age. Firstly, they provide a break from constantly checking your smartphone for the time, allowing you to disconnect and appreciate the artistry of a mechanical timepiece. Secondly, they are a fashion statement, showcasing your individuality and appreciation for vintage aesthetics. Lastly, pocket watches can serve as a conversation starter, sparking discussions about horology, history, and personal style.

Awesome Pocket Watches for Men

Here at Awesome Stuff 365, we’ve compiled one of the most comprehensive and diverse lists of Cool Pocket Watches for Men for you to choose from. They have various colors, designs, and sizes you can pick to match the occasion and preferences.

Here you can find the perfect gift for your dad, boyfriend, husband, friends, or groomsmen no matter what their preferences in style might be.

#1 Premium Black & Gold Engraved 17 Jewel Mechanical Pocket Watch

Premium Black & Gold Engraved 17 Jewel Mechanical Pocket Watch - Pocket Watches For Men

When you think of pocket watches for men, your mind probably summons an image of something similar to this watch. It features a beautiful, classy face, intricate white hands, and the skeleton movement can be seen through the top cover.

The combination of black and gold only adds elegance to this piece. Therefore, we highly recommend you showcase this bold piece when you attend a ball or wedding with your black suit.

#2 Sky Pirate Bronze & Wood with Skull Fob Chain

Sky Pirate Bronze & Wood With Skull Fob Chain

This cool pocket watch combines elegance with steampunk and a bit of fun on the side. The watch case features wood and bronze, complete with beautiful Victorian carvings that highlight a top-notch vintage design.

What makes this watch fun is a triple bronze chain that can hang from your pocket and show off a red howlite skull accent. Given this feature, you better display this pocket watch against blue jeans to make a striking appeal.

#3 Deadpool Pocket Watch

Deadpool Pocket Watch - Pocket Watches For Men

We’ve never thought of a Deadpool pocket watch before but now it actually makes a lot of sense, the Merc with a Mouth would’ve totally worn one. The watch itself is a Quartz battery-operated one complete with a black chain.

Any Deadpool or simply Marvel fan should consider getting themselves this awesome pocket watch. If you are one of them, consider having this pocket watch when you attend a cosplay event with your Deadpool costume.

#4 Dire Wolf Game of Thrones Pocket Watch

Dire Wolf Game Of Thrones Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are cool on their own. But if you combine one with Game of Thrones, its coolness definitely goes up. This antique-looking watch features the sigil of House Stark, a Direwolf.

The case and top dial button have also been beautifully engraved with Victorian-styled patterns for a more elegant look. Having this dashing design, it will be unfortunate not to show it off with your casual outfit at the ball or prom.

#5 Handmade Wooden Pocket Watch with Swiss Quartz Movement

Handmade Wooden Pocket Watc

You might think that pocket watches for men only come in round shapes, but you’d be wrong there. This one not only features top-quality materials, from 18k gold to Cocobolo wood, but it also comes in an octagon shape.

This is a truly unique pocket watch, with a 3-year warranty, for an extraordinary man. Try styling your look with a white shirt, grey vest, and bottom wear with the same color as the top as well as tucking in your pocket watch to enliven your appeal.

#6 Black & Gold with White Hand Mechanical Pocket Watch

Black & Gold With White Hand Mechanical Pocket Watch

This beautiful pocket watch masterfully combines both Victorian and modern looks into one elegant masterpiece. The black color makes it look sleek and classy, and the gold movement that can be observed through the cutout top cover adds quirkiness to it.

It also doesn’t require batteries and needs to be wound, like in the old times. Knowing its exquisite design, you better match this pocket watch with your black suit and take that style to a ball to mesmerize your dance partner.

#7 Captain America Pocket Watch

Captain America Pocket Watch

Maybe, you think you’re a bit too old to wear a Captain America backpack to work. But if you still want to carry some kind of Marvel merchandise with you, then how about pocket watches for men?

This one looks very classy, but will still bring joy to your inner fanboy. And interestingly, you can take this with your semi-casual style with a shirt and long bottom wear while tucking this pocket watch with you.

#8 Charles Hubert Paris 3928 Chrome Finish Mechanical Watch

Charles Hubert Paris 3928 Chrome Finish Mechanical Pocket Watch

This is a beautiful mechanical pocket watch. Made out of brass, the case of this watch features beautiful patterns on the back. The front cover features cut-out Roman numbers that allow you to tell time without opening it.

You can also observe the movement of all the cogs in it. Plus, the light green and fuchsia details add charm to the overall design. Match this with your formal style, for example, the complete suit to attend a prom.

#9 Star Wars Logo Pocket Watch

Star Wars Logo Pocket Watch - Pocket Watches For Men

If you want the force to be with you while looking extremely elegant and dapper, then this pocket watch with a chain is right for you. Yes, it features a cut-out Star Wars logo on the top cover, which opens up to reveal the time if you press the top button.

Having such a sophisticated yet vintage design, we recommend matching this awesome pocket watch with your Star Wars costume. Or, perhaps, bring one with you when you attend a party to steal attention.

#10 Steampunk Inspired Dragon Eye Pocket Watch

Steampunk Inspired Dragon Eye Pocket Watch

Now, this pocket watch looks like something an evil steampunk warlock would own and cherish, which is a good thing, right? It can be worn on its own as an everyday yet flashy pocket watch.

You can also use it for adding a little bit of flourish to your costume or cosplay outfit. But if you prefer to bring one to attend a wedding, ball, or even a farewell party, you better match this pocket watch with a gray or black suit to highlight its appeal.

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#11 Purple Dragon Scale Pocket Watch

Purple Dragon Scale Pocket Watch

This pocket watch counts 30mm in diameter, so it will fit anywhere, whether it’s a waistcoat or a simple pocket. Its cover features a cool image of scales that might as well belong to a mythical dragon.

You can also choose the color of an alloy used in this watch – bronze or silver. However, we’d love to recommend choosing the silver one if you want it to look sophisticated, classy, but not too flashy.

#12 Superman Pocket Watch

Superman Pocket Watch - Pocket Watches For Men

Some people sometimes wear a Superman t-shirt under their everyday clothes to feel stronger and more confident throughout the day. And the others simply love to wear one as they are fans of Superman.

If you’re not a fan of wearing layers upon layers of clothing, you can always have something smaller Superman inspired on you. Like an elegant pocket watch, for example. Pair the watch with your light blue, light gray, or white shirt to match the formal style.

#13 Gold Plated Charles Hubert Mechanical Double Cover

Gold Plated Charles Hubert Mechanical Double Cover Pocket Watch

This beautiful 14k gold-plated brass watch is perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of polish to their outfit. The watch has been crafted according to what you’d grow to expect from an elegant and classy pocket watch.

The skeleton dial showcases the watch’s captivating movement. Well, the golden finish may look too flashy for those who don’t have fancy accessories. But it will elevate your classy appeal, especially if you match the pocket watch with your suit.

#14 Personalised Black Groomsmen Pocket Watches

Personalised Black Groomsmen Pocket Watches

When looking for a gift for your groomsmen, why not go for unique and cool pocket watches? It’s much more original than the usual wristwatches.

These ones look especially classy, all clad in black stainless steel, with intricate hands and removable chains. They can also be engraved to commemorate the day your groomsmen received their awesome pocket watches.

#15 Vintage Style Americas Flag Pocket Watch

Vintage Style Americas Flag Pocket Watch

If you’re not a fan of Victorian antique pocket watches and think that the coolest pocket watches should feature something much closer to your heart, then this one might just be up your alley.

It features a vintage image of the American flag on the brass top cover, which can also be engraved. You can have it for yourself or wrap this pocket watch as a gift for veterans in your life to appreciate their sacrifice in defending this country.

#16 Brass Octagonal Steampunk Pocket Watch

Carrie Hughes Steampunk Vintage Gold Tone Octagon Skeleton Mechanical Pocket Watch with Chain Christmas Gifts CHPW02

This cool pocket watch stands out due to its interesting shape and captivating top cover. The dial-shaped top cover allows you to check the time without even opening it.

It also allows you to admire the movement inside. The watch can also be personalized if you wish to make it even more special. Add this pocket watch to your Steampunk style or complete suit to accessorize your appeal.

#17 Vintage Style Movable Pirate Rib Bone Pocket Watch

Vintage Style Movable Pirate Rib Bone Pocket Watch - Pocket Watches For Men

The best pocket watches are those that stand out among others, and this one certainly does. Instead of a top cover that features a simple floral engraving, this one’s top cover has been shaped as an artistic interpretation of a rib cage.

Furthermore, the button on top of the case is also completed with a small skull charm that definitely adds the creepiest kind of charm to this awesome pocket watch. With its appeal, you can pair this pocket watch with your steampunk or vintage costume.

#18 Personalised Engraved Gamblers Pocket Watch

Personalised Engraved Gamblers Pocket Watch

If you ever need some help remembering the card combinations in poker, this pocket watch might help you with at least one. Its top cover features a royal flush image which makes it a great gift for any poker enthusiast.

It can also be engraved on the back if you want to enhance it with more poker hints. Wear a vest, complete with a round hat, tie, and bottom wear to attach your pocket watch to highlight the captivating old style.

#19 Skull and Cross Bones Pocket Watch

Black Skull and Crossbones Mechanical Pocket Watch

This beautiful pocket watch looks both elegant and a bit roguish. It is all thanks to the combination of an elegant cut-out pattern and a Jolly Roger that highlights the pocket watch’s dashing appeal.

The whole vintage pocket watch look is completed with a 13” bronze chain with a pirate sword charm on it. Having the skull design, consider having it while celebrating Halloween with your white shirt, long bottom wear, and splatter fake blood and bring this watch to complete the set.

#20 Gotham Mens Silver-Tone Packet Watch

Gotham Mens Silver-Tone Packet Watch - Pocket Watches For Men

This pocket watch might look quite ordinary from the outside. But when you open the top cover on either side you’d see that it actually looks quite exquisite and captivating.

The 17 jewel movement is cool in itself. But when you combine it with boldly colored details, like the cobalt blue hands or maroon jewels, you’ll see that it’s really one-of-a-kind.

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#21 Personalised Engraved Polished Chrome Pocket Watches

Personalised Engraved Polished Chrome Pocket Watches

This pocket watch might look simple but with some input, it can be the most special one on the list. It can be engraved with a monogram, initials, and even quotes to add sentimental value.

The watch itself is made out of polished stainless steel, with mechanical movement and a see-through skeletal design. You can wrap it as a gift for your boyfriend, partner, or even dad who loves to collect vintage style pocket watches.

#22 Personalized Brushed Chrome with Black and Gold Face Pocket Watch

Personalised Brushed Chrome With Black And Gold Face Pocket Watch

This pocket watch, although quite similar to the previous listing, is more on the bold side. The contrast of black and gold brushed chrome looks more modern and elegant at the same time.

And the plus is that you can request to engrave your loved one’s name on the cover to offer personalization. This idea is also perfect for those who are interested in having this pocket watch as a gift.

#23 Vintage Sailing Boat Scene Pocket Watch

Men's Pocket Watch, Antique Bronze Sailing Canvas Boat Ship Quartz Necklace Pocket Watch

Know someone who loves everything that is somehow connected to the nautical or marine themes? A father who loves fishing, a grandfather who collects ships in the bottle?

Even without extreme fascination with the sea, any man will like this antique pocket watch that sports a beautiful ship on its brass cover. They can showcase this piece while having their suits on or simply display one on their glass cabinets for collection.

#24 Horse Pocket Watch

Horse Pocket Watch

If you love horses or want something that universally symbolizes freedom of spirit, this pocket watch is the right one for you. The horse head had been masterfully crafted out of bronze and mounted on the watch’s top cover.

Plus, the chain comes with attachable beads that can serve as a nice accent detail in any outfit. But, we prefer to recommend having this pocket watch with your white shirt, black suit or gray vest to look spot on.

#25 Dad Pocket Watch

Dad Pocket Watch - Pocket Watches For Men

Well, the name of this cool pocket watch already suggests who this elegant accessory is for. So if you’re looking for a gift for your dad for Father’s Day or his birthday that is elegant, unique, and sentimental at the same time, then you can not go wrong with this bronze-plated pocket watch.

It features engraved DAD names that make this piece a perfect gift for your father. And that especially applies if he loves to collect vintage stuff. You can wrap it with a wooden box and adorn the set with a red ribbon for a lovely gesture.

#26 Premium Victorian Silver and Blue Mechanical Pocket Watch

TREEWETO Mechanical Pocket Watch Dream Dragon Skeleton Half Hunter Double Open Silver

This silver beauty has been made to represent the best of Victorian style and elegance. The silver-plated case is beautifully offset with cobalt-blue Roman numerals on the dial.

The silver movement can be seen through the top cover, which makes this pocket watch captivating even when not checking the time. As it features blue tone, you can have this pocket watch with your casual style, for example, jeans and white shirt.

#27 Vintage Inspired Bronze Fishing Pocket Watch

Vintage Inspired Bronze Fishing Pocket Watch - Pocket Watches For Men

If you’re not a fan of ambiguous pocket watches for men and prefer the ones that say something about your hobbies, then we have found you the best bet that fits your taste.

Even though this pocket watch looks quite vintage and serious, the top cover has a huge fish carved on it with a fishbone charm hanging on the side. This makes it a fun and cool pocket watch for any fishing fan.

#28 Lion Pocket Watch

Lion Pocket Watch

Lion is a beautiful creature, so no wonder it had found its way onto one of many pocket watches for men. The lion’s head has been crafted out of bronze and covered with resin for a glass-like finish.

The combination of a bronze case and gold movement that can be seen through the skeleton dial makes it a very elegant and classy mechanical pocket watch. Having its steampunk appeal, consider pairing this watch with your vintage costume.

#29 Elephant Pocket Watch

Elephant pocket watch

This cool pocket watch can be your ideal companion to every suit you wear. It can also be a great steampunk accessory to add to your next big outfit.

Either way, this bronze elephant head mounted on a pocket watch looks extremely eye-catching. You can try pairing this pocket watch with your white shirt, black suit, and leather shoes to steal the spot.

#30 Spider Pocket Watch

Vintage Bronze Men's Quartz Pocket Watch Men's Gift

If you don’t suffer from arachnophobia and consider spiders to be awesome and even beautiful, then kudos to you. This antique-looking pocket watch looks very interesting and mysterious.

The bronze spider mounted on top makes it stand out, so if that’s your goal, then you should definitely go for it. Consider having this awesome watch with your black coat and long bottom wear if you want to highlight bold character.

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#31 Vintage World Map Style Pocket Watch

Antique World Map Pocket Watch

A pocket watch with an image of a vintage world map on it. There’s something extremely timeless and classy about this combination, featuring silver, bronze, and a bit of gold tone that beautifully blends in.

So if you’re looking for a simple but interesting vintage pocket watch, then this is a safe bet. You can also consider buying this pocket watch for travelers in your life as the map matches their hobbies.

#32 Custom Quote Engraved Gun Metal Pocket Watch

Custom Quote Engraved Gun Metal Pocket Watch

If you want to go for a timeless chic when choosing a pocket watch, go with black. The black case combined with a black watch face and the stark white dial is guaranteed to look good with any outfit.

Engrave this gunmetal pocket watch for a special touch and give it as a gift to someone special. In order not to look too cheesy, you can request write your loved one’s initials.

#33 Set of 5 Black Engraved Groomsmen Pocket Watches

Set Of 5 Black Engraved Groomsmen Pocket Watches - Pocket Watches For Men

Speaking of gifts, this set of engraved pocket watches makes wedding planning a bit less tiresome. This is a great idea for groomsmen gifts since these refined black pocket watches will satisfy the taste of the most fashionable guys.

Knowing these pocket watches feature matte black colors, they will effortlessly match any groomsmen outfit. But for the best and boldest look, a white shirt with a black vest can be an amazing pair.

#34 Nautical Pocket Watch

Nautical Pocket Watch

This is one of those cool pocket watches for men that will suit anyone. Whether you decide to wear it with a classy suit or a more everyday outfit it will look organic and great.

You can even make it a part of your steampunk-inspired look or give it to your dad as a gift. Also, consider buying one for those who fancy nautical-themed stuff, including a pocket watch. It’s versatile like that.

#35 Personalised Mustache Pocket Watch

Personalised Mustache Pocket Watch

If you’re searching for modern pocket watches, then this one might just be up your alley. The timeless chic of the black case and face makes this pocket watch an elegant choice.

But a brushed chrome mustache detail makes it a fun one as well. Available in both gunmetal and black colors, you can pick one that matches your style. But, we prefer having a black one if you want to pair it with casual or formal outfits effortlessly.

#36 Elk Bronze Pocket Watch

Elk Bronze Pocket Watch - Pocket Watches For Men

This beautiful antique pocket watch features an amazing engraving of elk on the back cover. It looks extremely refined and vintage as if dug out of an ancient chest found in the attic.

This mechanical pocket watch can also be personalized with a custom engraving. We recommend having your loved one’s name or initials to make room for customization. That would give it an even more special feel.

#37 Handmade South American Wood with Swiss Movement Watch

Engraved Wood Case Roman Numeral Pocket Watch

This is one of those beautiful pocket watches for men that can only be described as a stylish masterpiece. It has been created from cocobolo wood with a distinct ring pattern.

The pattern is made of 18k gold-plated, and classy dial and subdial on a black face, making it look bold yet classy. If you’re looking for style, you’ve found it. Try matching this pocket watch with your suit and attend a ball with your style.

#38 Vintage Men’s Silver Royal Crown Pocket Watch

Retro Vintage Pocket Watch Bronze Royal Imperial Crown Quartz Pendant Necklace Chain Women Men Watches S Relogio De Bolso

As Moriarty said, “Honey, you should see me in a crown.” If you’re not interested in wearing an actual crown but still want to add a sense of royalty to your outfit, this pocket watch hits just the right spot.

The vintage-inspired design combined with an elegance of a crown image is an excellent addition to any suit. Having the crown symbol, you better match this pocket watch with your Steampunk costume.

#39 Owl Pocket Watch

Owl Pocket Watch

An owl is a beautiful and noble creature, a symbol of wisdom. So there’s really no surprise that it’d be featured on one of these cool pocket watches for men.

The antique bronze owl on the cover combined with a playful beads detail on the chain makes this a cool steampunk accessory for anyone who appreciates such style. You can tuck this pocket watch with your suit or vest.

#40 Engraved Steampunk Mechanical Pocket Watch

Engraved Steampunk Mechanical Pocket Watch

This cool steampunk watch is not only a masterpiece in itself. It also comes in a beautiful rosewood box that makes this mechanical watch even more special.

It’s a great gift for anyone who can appreciate such stylish craftsmanship, bold color combination, and amazing movement. If you want to buy one for yourself, pair this pocket watch with your balls outfit.

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#41 Compass Pocket Watch

Personalised Bronze Pocket Watch Compass Design

This brass and gold pocket watch is just what you need if you’re looking for something refined and elegant. The watch works on a battery and doesn’t require any winding.

The straight angles of a compass, combined with beautiful flower carvings, make this a unique and interesting antique piece. We recommend engraving a lovely message or initials on the back of the pocket watch to offer personalization for the gift’s recipient.

#42 Nautical Ship Wheel Pocket Watch

Ancient Bronze Compass Pocket watch Necklace

A nautical theme is timeless. No matter what you use it with it’s going to look handsome and manly. Same goes for pocket watches. This nautical ship pocket watch can be a great present for yourself or a loved one, a bon voyage one, maybe too?

You can consider giving this gift to travelers, knowing this pocket watch features a compass-like design. Besides that, the watch will make a lovely present for those who fancy nautical stuff.

#43 Hubert Creations Handmade Wood

Hubert Creations Handmade Wood With Swiss Made Movement Pocket Watches

If you’re looking for new and exciting pocket watch brands, this one might capture your eye. These beautiful pocket watches combine high-quality Swiss movement with handcrafted wooden cases.

These pocket watches are unique, elegant, and chic. A perfect match for any gentleman. If you prefer modern and sophisticated appeal, you better opt for the dark brown one. Meanwhile, the lighter pocket watch will make an awesome pair for those who love classy stuff.

#44 Batman The Dark Knight Pocket Watch

Batman The Dark Knight Pocket Watch

This Batman pocket watch looks like something that Bruce Wayne would make Alfred wear. And Alfred definitely won’t be happy. Although he might secretly enjoy carrying this handcrafted battery-operated pocket watch around.

With this whimsical design, consider buying this Batman pocket watch for Batman lovers in your life. But if you prefer to but it for yourself, try pairing the watch with your black or brown coat casually.

#45 Assorted Super Hero Pocket Watches

Assorted Super Hero Pocket Watches - Pocket Watches For Men

This 36mm pocket watch will make any DC superhero fan fervently looking into how to wear a pocket watch. It looks both antique and modern.

Furthermore, this unique and fun combination makes this watch worth having, especially when it comes with two types of chains and you can choose the superhero you want. Given its striking appeal, you can match the pocket watch with your cosplay costume when attending cosplay events.

#46 Spiderman Pocket Watch

Spiderman Pocket Watch

If you’re more of a fan of antique-looking pocket watches that still feature superheroes, you’re in luck. This Spiderman pocket watch is so masterfully done.

It will make you wonder if Marvel actually existed in Victorian times and produced merchandise for high society. For that reason, we think this piece will make a perfect match for your steampunk costume.

#47 Men’s Hunter Pocket Watch

Men's Hunter Pocket Watch - Pocket Watches For Men

Now, this is one awesome pocket watch that will suit any man, from the suit-wearing one to the suspenders-and-fedora one. This beautiful bronze watch features a carving of a hunting scene on the top cover.

Additionally, the chain is adorned with an arrow charm, which is a great eye-catching detail anyone would appreciate. Have it with a white shirt, a vest, and a long bottom wear. Then, layer your top with a long coat to make a top-notch style.

#48 Silver Pegasus Pocket Watch

Vintage Mechanical Skeleton Hollow Pegasus Carved Pocket Watch for Men Women

This interesting silver pocket watch features a beautiful and detailed Pegasus carving on the top cover. Underneath it, you can observe the movement of the watch through a see-through case.

You can also choose between a necklace and a pocket chain. So many decisions to make. We recommend turning the watch into a necklace if you want to look striking, but having it as a watch will highlight your cool and bold characteristics.

#49 Gothic Style Skull Pocket Watch

Gothic Style Skull Pocket Watch

What can be more gothic than a skull? A skull with a top hat on a pocket watch that actually borders into a gothic steampunk territory with a dashing design.

That doesn’t change the fact that this amazing pocket watch is one of the most interesting ones on the list. Beaded chain, skeleton movement, vintage carvings, cool all around. Steal the chance to display this awesome piece at the ball or prom.

#50 True North Silver Pocket Watch with Chain

Silver Compass LOCKET NECKLACE. True North

If you’re looking for more refined and elegant no-nonsense pocket watches for men then you’re in luck. This North silver pocket watch is made from silver tone alloy, requires no winding, and comes with a sturdy pocket chain.

The top cover shows some parts of the dial and sports a beautiful compass carving. Inside the watch showcases the captivating gold skeleton movement. You can try displaying this pocket watch as a necklace to reveal its charm or pair it with your suit to come to the prom.

#51 Lionhead Mechanical Wind Up with Chain

Lionhead Mechanical Wind Up With Chain Pocket Watch

Although many pocket watches come in silver and brass, there are also some left for those who prefer golden accessories. The bronze lion head mounted on a golden alloy top cover makes for an interesting combination.

The watch itself is mechanical, with skeleton movement, and a matching gold chain. Just imagine this beauty combined with navy blue, everyone would swoon.

#52 Dragon Pocket Watch

Mens Vintage Pocket Watch Dragon Hand Wind Mechanical with Pendant Chain Gifts

Now, we always say that dragons are cool. There’s no exception to this rule even when it comes to pocket watches. Whether you share our enthusiasm for dragons or are a hardcore House of Targaryen supporter, this dragon pocket watch is bound to capture your attention.

The see-through elegant top cover and tiger eye beads detail only add more charm to this trendy men’s accessory. Display the charm of this pocket watch with your complete suit or vest to become a focal point.

#53 Airship Pirate Filigree Engraved Bronze with Chain

Airship Pirate Filigree Engraved Antique Bronze Pocket Watch With Chain

This amazing antique pocket watch features intricate carvings on the top cover that reveal the beautiful dial inside the case. The dial sports an awesome color combination of copper, black, and red in addition to the gold skeleton movement.

Moreover, the pocket watch chain is also one of a kind with a funky green skull bead detail. It is the best and coolest steampunk pocket watch to feature in your steampunk outfit.

#54 Turtle Pocket Watch

Turtle Pocket Watch Pendant

This turtle pocket watch combines silver and black into one elegant piece of men’s accessory. The silver turtle stands out on top of the intricate black carvings and becomes an eye-catching centerpiece of the watch.

Furthermore, this pocket watch is even more interesting thanks to the added detail of a tiger eye beads charm. Get a chance to showcase this appealing piece at the ball to charm your girl.

#55 Train Spotters Pocket Watch

Train Spotters Pocket Watch

A conductor is one of the several people who could and still can effortlessly pull off a pocket watch. So there’s really no surprise there, that a pocket watch featuring a steam train has wound up on our list.

You can see the train has been masterfully carved into a bronze-plated top cover. The vintage feel of this pocket watch is only enhanced with a key charm placed onto the watch chain.

#56 Steampunk Brass Octopus Watch

Steampunk Brass Octopus Pocket Watch

If you’re looking for truly unique pocket watches, search no more. Instead of being mounted on top of the cover, the high-detailed octopus serves as a top cover itself.

Through the tentacles, you can observe the skeleton movement of the watch. It looks absolutely awesome, making it a piece to admire for anyone, both steampunk and elegance enthusiasts.

#57 Antique Black with Magnifying Cover Watch

Antique Black With Magnifying Cover Pocket Watch

Apart from being a beautiful black pocket watch, it can also serve as a magnifying glass. This would definitely be a great gift for anyone who loves hidden useful gadgets.

Moreover, the mechanical watch itself is made out of steel and zinc alloy, with beautiful floral and rope design, and see-through skeleton movement. For those who fancy a dashing pocket watch with a clean-cut design, this piece is the best bet.

#58 Rabbit Pocket Watch

Rabbit Pocket Watch

If only the White Rabbit had a pocket watch…. Oh wait, it did and it was still late. Let’s just all agree that it was the rabbit’s and not the watch’s fault. The rabbit actually looks much better being the centerpiece of this cool pocket watch than vice versa.

It features a whimsical design that looks sturdy and striking. Hence, this pocket watch makes an amazing match for your steampunk costume or for those vintage enthusiasts.

#59 The Glow-In-The-Dark Pocket Watch

The Glow-In-The-Dark Pocket Watch

What can be better and cooler than a steampunk pocket watch? A steampunk pocket watch that glows in the dark, of course. Yes, the dial of this watch glows in the dark and can be seen through the cut-outs on the top cover.

The fluorescent green blends amazingly well with the golden skeleton movement, so this watch is a definite win all around. If you like pocket watches that look flashy, then this item is the right choice.

#60 Celtic Bely Clip Pocket Watch


If you’ve been looking for a pocket watch for sale that can be worn with something other than a waistcoat or suit, you’re in luck. This beautiful accessory with a Celtic design can be clasped onto your belt loop and worn there.

It would look very stylish and a bit vintage, just the look you usually expect from a great pocket watch. The cover highlights a minimalist design that is suitable for both casual and formal appearances, such as on a date, attending a dance party, or even attending a prom.

#61 Mechanical Double Case Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch Skeleton Mechanical Double Case Hand-Wind SIBOSUN Roman Numerals Antique Chain Mens

Showcase your unique taste by gifting this masterpiece pocket watch for your loved man. Inspired by the Roman era, it is meticulously designed into an exquisite watch.

Unlike other pocket watches, the front part of this pocket watch is made of acrylic instead of glass. It is due to safety reasons, considering it may easily crack if it falls. It is a perfect gift for a special person, especially your steampunk-loving boyfriend.

#62 Men’s Luminous Antique Pocket Watch

SEWOR Mens Luminous Dial Hand Wind Mechanical Pocket Watch with Brand Leather Gift Box

If your man is an antique items collector, we just found you something fantastic to add to his collection. A luminous pocket watch with a very suitable design as a gift for him.

The engraving on the front is inspired by Christmas snowflakes, making this excellent workmanship even more alluring. The watch has a vintage look, turning it into a focal point whenever he decides to wear the pocket watch on any special occasion, like a wedding, prom, or being a groomsman.

Final Thoughts

Pocket watches for men remain part of men’s fashion because of the sense of a classy and sophisticated feel. For those who like art, these watches connect art in modern times and the past world. In general, these watches feature whimsical, delicate case opening that makes their owners treasure them dearly.

Wearing pocket watches in modern times will allow men to stand out among the crowds. Some recommended events for wearing pocket watches for men are balls, weddings, or proms. All in all, pocket watches blend functionality, arts, styles, and the allure of tradition that come into one extraordinary piece.

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Can pocket watches be water-resistant?

While some pocket watches are water-resistant to a certain extent, most vintage or traditional pocket watches are not designed for extensive exposure to water. It is advisable to keep your pocket watch away from water and moisture to prevent damage to its delicate inner mechanisms.

However, there are modern pocket watches available that offer water resistance, catering to those who wish to wear them in more adventurous outdoor settings.

What pocket watch is ideal as a gift for him?

Whether you want to give a pocket watch as a gift for your boyfriend, best friend, dad, or other loved ones, it is better to acknowledge their taste first. Because there are numerous kinds of pocket watch available in the market that have a different look. You can choose either modern, wooden, or vintage pocket watches from our list above. We guarantee you will be blown away by that extended list.

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