21 Hilarious Non Formal Dinner Party Games for Adults

Dinner is a wonderful chance to share about the day passed. Delicious foods and beverages are enjoyable to be shared with people we are aligned with. Sometimes, dinner can finish sooner than we expected. It allows us to have more time to connect with each other. One of the activities you can do together at a dinner party is playing dinner party games. With thousands of possible dinner party games for adults out there, we compiled the best 21 of them.

Be happy to refresh your mind with those exciting games and play it at your dinner party. Be present and enjoy the moment as best as you can. You would never know when you will have the same moment again.

We are so excited to share those dinner party games for adults on our list. Let’s jump into the list immediately!

How Do You Choose The Right Game for Your Dinner Party?

It is not a hard thing to choose the game for your dinner party. Just make sure everyone understands the game, instructions, and whatever it takes to play it. Engage everyone to participate so nobody is feeling left at the party. The most important thing to do is just enjoy the game, laugh, and share your happiness together. Also complete your flatware sets for the night.

How Can You Make Your Dinner Party More Fun?

Besides the food and beverages you are serving, there should be entertainment to make the dinner party more fun. DIY cupcakes decorating would be a fun activity to grab an appetizing dessert. Karaoke is also an interactive entertainment for your guests while enjoying their favorite music. Playing games while sharing their thoughts about anything would be another fun and connecting activity. 

1. “Two Truth, One Lie” to Reveal A Little Secret

Dinner Party Games for Adults
“Two Truth, One Lie” to Reveal A Little Secret

This game is one of the most exciting dinner party games for adults where one person is giving three statements. One of those three statements is a lie the audiences need to guess. See how deep you know each other through guessing it right. Reveal some unpredictable secrets through playing this “Two Truth, One Lie”.

How To Play “Two Truth, One Lie”?

  • Decide one player to state 3 statements.
  • Participants guess which statement is the lie.
  • Once the lie is guessed, choose the next player who states the 3 statements.
  • Enjoy the game and reveal more secrets.

Number of Players

  • 2 – 40 Players.

2. Dig In Your Circle’s Brain Through “Hot Takes”

Dinner Party Games for Adults
Dig In Your Circle’s Brain Through “Hot Takes”

Another brainstorming dinner party game for adults is the Hot Takes. It is a great debating game to dig in your circle’s thoughts. It is a game when you throw a topic, a silly topic, into the crowds and let them debate about it. You will never know how silly things can be fun to debate about.

How To Play “Hot Takes”?

  • Choose a theme and topics that you would debate about.
  • Participants take their turn to state their thoughts about the topic.
  • Debate in a fun and silly way and keep the party alive.

Number of Players

  • 4 – 10 Players.

3. Take It Simple by Playing “This or That”

Dinner Party Games for Adults
Take It Simple By Playing “This or That”

Scoop the crowd into this simple game of This or That. This is a wonderful game to play with both small and big groups. Through this game, you may find how many people think alike by choosing one between two options. The choices do not has to be serious because you can take it simple like choosing between “having dinner in a restaurant or dinner at home by delivery service” and other simple choices anybody can decide.

How To Play “This or That”?

  • Prepare the fun and silly This or That Questions.
  • Line up the participants.
  • Ask some This or That Questions.
  • In each round, let them state their choice and their reason for choosing it.

Number of Players

  • 4 – 10 Players

4. Be Classic and Play “Charades”

Dinner Party Games for Adults
Be Classic and Play “Charades”

If you are looking for some party game suggestions, you can check on the Charades. It is a familiar game for most adults, so there are not many instructions necessary to explain. Through the Charades game, you can use your body to mimic something. Whether it is animals, things, places, emotions, celebrities, etc. You can act out anything and let the audiences guess it.

How To Play “Charades”?

  • Choose some interesting categories and write them on small pieces of paper.
  • Collect those in a bowl.
  • Choose one player to act out.
  • Take the idea from the bowl or make up the fresh idea to be acted out.
  • Other participants should figure out what it is about.
  • Once it is guessed, move to the other player who do as the actor.

Number of Players

  • 4 – unlimited

5. Let Them Guess Through “21 Questions Game”

Dinner Party Games for Adults
Let Them Guess Through “21 Questions Game”

Give your guests a chance to get to know each other through 21 Questions Game.This game requires a person to think about something and then let the other people guess what it is through questions. Now imagine how your audiences can read your mind and ask questions to finally guess what’s on your mind. You will be surprised at how telepathy is possible in this era.

How To Play “21 Questions Game”?

  • One player thinks about something on their mind.
  • The audiences should ask closed-ended questions about what the player is thinking.
  • The player can only answer “yes” or “no”.
  • Maximum 21 questions.
  • If the audience cannot guess until 21 questions, the player wins.
  • If the audience who guesses it right will be the next player.

Number of Players

  • 2 – unlimited

6. Stay with “Uno Card Game”

Dinner Party Games for Adults
Stay With “Uno Card Game”

There is nothing wrong with the classic card games. One of them is the legendary Uno Card game. It is everyone’s favorite and even more fun when you play with 4 to 10 people. Though it may look classic, Uno card games can be varied as you wish. You can spice this game up by adding some house rules like requiring players to drink beverages when they get action cards. You also can do other Uno Card variations like Reverse UNO, Speed UNO, and other variations.

How To Play “Uno Card Game”?

  • Sit in a circle with all players.
  • Share 7 Uno cards to every player.
  • Put the remaining cards faced down.
  • Take the top card to start the game.
  • Pick a card of yours that matches the top card.
  • Or take another card from the pile if you do not have any match.
  • Play thoroughly based on the card’s color, number, or actions.

Number of Players

  • 4 – 10 Players

7. Be Ready and “Stack Some Cups”

Dinner Party Games for Adults
Be Ready and “Stack Some Cups”

Adults and beer are non separable. It is the common thing that leads you to another party game suggestion which is stacking some cups up. Especially when you are hosting a dinner party, the red plastic beer cups are the most iconic item. Provide more cups because you can use it as a stacking game with your guests.

How To Play “Stack Cups”?

  • Pick 4 – 6 Players to play the game.
  • Set at least 10 plastic cups and 2 ping-pong balls.
  • Content the cups with at least 100 ml beverage.
  • Set those plastic cups in the middle of the table with 2 empty cups in front of 2 players on the opposite of the table.
  • A round table is preferable.
  • The 2 players bounce the ping-pong ball into their cup.
  • If the player can get the ball into the cup at the first try, they may pass the cup to anyone on the table.
  • If the player tries to bounce the ball a few times until they get it into the cup, then they have to slide the cup with the player on their right side.
  • If the player on their right side is still bouncing the ball, the cup should be stacked inside the said player’s cup.
  • The game then continued by moving the stacked cups to the player on the right.

Number of Players

  • 4 – 6 Players

8. Have Fun to Play “Who Am I”

Dinner Party Games for Adults
Have Fun to Play “Who Am I”

Another guessing dinner party game for adults that you can play is “Who Am I”. This game is a game that you can do both for small and big groups. How fun is this to try figuring out who your self is. What you can do to finally guess who you are is asking closed questions to the audience. 

How To Play “Who Am I”?

  • Prepare a sticky note and write a word on it.
  • Stick it on the player’s head.
  • The player should ask closed-ended questions to the audience about “Who am I”.
  • The audiences should only give responses of “yes” or “no”.
  • Take a good pace when asking those questions and guess who you are.

Number of Players

  • 2 – 10 Players in a group.

9. Race Against The Clock When Playing “Pictionary”

Dinner Party Games for Adults
Race Against the Clock When Playing “Pictionary”

Pinctionary is a classic game where you need to draw something against the clock. The audiences will guess what your drawing is about. The same as Charades, you can prepare some categories on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl.

How To Play “Pictionary”?

  • Prepare a blank paper and a pen.
  • Draw something on the paper in a limited time.
  • Let the audiences guess your picture.
  • The one who guesses it correctly will be the next player.

Number of Player

  • 2 – unlimited

10. Dare Your Guests by Playing “Never Have I Ever”

Dinner Party Games for Adults
Dare Your Guests by Playing “Never Have I Ever”

Never Have I Ever is another game that would reveal secrets in your circle. This game requires the players to hold up some fingers into the air. The players who have ever done the thing mentioned should put one finger down. It is a hilarious game for adults where you may reveal a secret you did not expect.

How To Play “Never Have I Ever”?

  • Hold up 5 to 10 fingers.
  • Ask some questions about something the audiences have ever or never done before.
  • For each thing they have ever done, they should put down a finger.
  • Make silly and brave questions to keep the game fun and last longer.
  • The first player who puts all fingers down is considered as the winner.

Number of Player

  • 2 – unlimited.

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11. Show Your Music Charm Through “Name The Tune” Game

Dinner Party Games for Adults
Dinner Party Games for Adults

The game that you can play at night is Name The Tune game. It is a fun game for music addicts who would love to show the music charm while enjoying the music. Guessing your favorite music and songs won’t be a great deal for you. Plus, you can enjoy and sing it through the dinner party.

How To Play “Name The Tune”?

  • Play a song for 5 seconds.
  • Let the audiences guess the title and the artist.
  • If they guess only the title, they get 1 point.
  • If they can get the title and artist correctly, they get 2 points.
  • But if they only get their artist name right, there is no point.

Number of Players

  • 2 – unlimited.

12. Enjoy The Music by Playing “Freeze Dance”

Dinner Party Games for Adults
Dinner Party Games for Adults

Another game where you can play with music is the freeze dance game. The aim of the game is to challenge yourself to hold your movement when the music stops. It is hard to hold your body still even when your favorite music stops. The whole of your body muscles crave to dance the whole song.

How To Play “Freeze Dance” Game?

  • Play a song on a speaker.
  • Dance when the music is played and freeze immediately when the music stops.
  • Each player should freeze and stay in that position until the music begins again.
  • If the players do not freeze immediately, they should do a certain punishment (jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, or drink beverages).
  • After the punishments, they can rejoin the next round.

Number of Players

  • 2 – unlimited

13. Spin The Bottle and Play “Truth Or Dare”

Spin The Bottle And Play "Truth Or Dare"
Dinner Party Games for Adults

Truth or Dare is another classic game for adults that brings excitement into the room. Serve the dinner with these unique dinnerware sets and impress your guests. After finishing the miraculous dinner, and maybe some bottles of beer, you can start to play Truth or Dare. It works best with a small group where you can keep your circle small because there may be secrets that will be revealed.

How To Play “Truth or Dare”?

  • Prepare an empty glass bottle.
  • Clear enough space for spinning the bottle.
  • Sit in a circle with the bottle as the center.
  • Spin the bottle to find who is going to choose between “truth or dare”.
  • The player who is pointed by the top of the bottle is going to choose.
  • If the player chooses “truth”, ask a question to them.
  • If the player chooses “dare”, give them a challenge they can do immediately.

Number of Players

  • 4 – 10 Players

14. Dare Your Guests To Play “Don’t Say Yes”

Dare Your Guests To Play "Don’t Say Yes "
Dinner Party Games for Adults

What can you do when you are not allowed to say “yes” and other synonymies? Yes! If you say the forbidden word, you should get punished. But the punishment does not always have to do with body exercises. It can be simply a small sticker on your body every time you say the word. This “Don’t Say Yes” is a fun game to play in a large group. It is exciting to see how many stickers someone will have on their body at the end of the party.

How To Play “Don’t Say Yes”?

  • Prepare some small stickers.
  • Decide to start the “Don’t Say Yes” game.
  • Chat like usual.
  • When someone says “yes” or other synonymies, stick a sticker on them.
  • At the end of the party, announce who has the most stickers as a “people pleaser”.

Number of Players

  • 2 – unlimited.

15. Think Critically Through “Murder Mystery Game”

Think Critically Through “Murder Mystery Game”
Dinner Party Games for Adults

The Murder Mystery Game is another great game for adults which can be played with a large group of audiences. The goal of this game is to guess who is the murderer in the story. It requires critical thinking to solve the mystery. You also may need to look for different angles to find the critical information from the story.

How To Play “Murder Mystery Game”?

  • Prepare the “murder mystery game”- cold case file investigation.
  • Read the case aloud so all audiences could hear it clearly.
  • The audiences think critically and analyze the story to guess the murderer in the story.
  • The audience guessed the murderer.
  • To add more spice to the room, you can add an extra punishment for players who guess incorrectly to drink a shot of alcohol you have at the party. 

Number of Player

  • 2 – unlimited

16. Act Out Like A Celebrity Playing “Press Conference”

Act Out Like A Celebrity Playing “Press Conference”
Dinner Party Games for Adults

Hold a “press conference” where the other guests ask questions to the celebrity. The unique thing about this game is the celebrity does not know who they act as but they other guests do. The most challenging thing is the celebrity should answer the questions without any clue. It allows them to give funny answers that would make the other guests burst into laughter.

How To Play “Press Conference”?

  • Decide the player who will be the artist.
  • Gather the audiences to agree about who the artist they are going to interview (keep it a secret to the artist).
  • The audiences act as reporters who ask several questions to the artist.
  • The artist answers the questions casually.
  • Enjoy the press conference!

Number of Player

  • 4 – unlimited

17. Blow Your Mind with “Story Starters” Game

Blow Your Mind with “Story Starters” Game
Dinner Party Games for Adults

You will never know how a group of 4 – 6 people can contribute to making a story. When each person takes turns to put one sentence on the paper and continue the story, the story can be full of surprises. Whether it is a blessing story or the most unexpectedly dark story. You will never know until you play this Story Starters Game.

How To Play “Story Starters” Game?

  • Make a group of 4 – 6 players
  • In every group, ask the first person to make a line of beginning a story.
  • The next person then continues the story and moves to one another in a circle.
  • Each person may get several chances to write the story line until the story is finished.
  • Finally, one group representative reads the story aloud.
  • Enjoy the most unpredictable story you can ever find.

Number of Players

  • 4 – 6 Players

18. Find Your Matches Through “Great Minds Think Alike”

Find Your Matches Through “Great Minds Think Alike”
Dinner Party Games for Adults

Do you believe that people’s minds have frequency? People can think and make decisions in common with other people in the room. You will find how great your minds can attract people who think alike. Check them out by playing “great minds think alike” by discovering how many people think like you. Here is how to play the game below!

How To Play “Great Minds Think Alike”?

  • Prepare some small pieces of paper and a pen.
  • Give each one of the players a piece of small paper and a pen.
  • The players write an answer to a question they decide.
  • After that, everyone takes turns to ask the question to every player.
  • The person will get one point whenever they get a matching answer from the other players.

Number of Players

  • 2 – unlimited.

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19. Provide The Card of “What Do You Meme?”

Provide The Card of “What Do You Meme?”
Dinner Party Games for Adults

Memes are scattered on social media, giving that giggles into everyone’s room through their own smartphones. The funny picture and silly captions are the source of humor. The Gen Z and Millennials are familiar with memes. There are billions of memes that you can bring into your dinner party. Here is how to play it!

How To Play “What Do You Meme?”

  • You would need the “what do you meme?” card to play this game.
  • The judge plays the photo card and the other players will match the photo card with the caption card.
  • The funniest card combination would be the winner.
  • Be sure to match the sense of humor of the judge to win this round.

Number of Players

  • 4 – 10 Players

20. Give Your Choice Anonymously with “The Voting Game”

Give Your Choice Anonymously with “The Voting Game”
Dinner Party Games for Adults

When you give your vote, you do not need to give your identity. Consider The Voting Game as a fun and organized game since you will be asked a question about people in the room. You do not need to run out of questions because this box holds all the savage questions you need. Those questions like: Who is most likely to build the biggest house? Who is most likely to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse?

How To Play “The Voting Game”?

  • Gather in a group consisting of 5 – 10 people
  • Prepare The Voting Game box that comes with all questions you need.
  • Share the number card to each player as the voting identity
  • Players are given the other player’s number card used for voting.
  • Shuffle the question cards and place them on the table.
  • The reader draws a black question card and then reads it aloud.
  • Everyone votes using the number card they were given.
  • The reader collects the voting cards and shows them to the group.
  • The player who gets at least half of the votes will get a point and can keep the black question card.
  • Continue the voting game until a player collects 6 black cards or 6 points.

Number of Players

  • 5 – 10 Players.

21. Get To Know Each Other Through “Would You Rather”

Get To Know Each Other Through “Would You Rather”
Dinner Party Games for Adults

Would You Rather is a choosing game used to be played to get to know each other. Based on their choices, we can have a little hint about their personal thoughts. It is a game for adults with no materials as a great way to start a conversation. Say no more to awkward situations, cause, Hey! Brace yourself and start to know your besties more.

How To Play “Would you rather…” Game?

  • The first player asks “Would you rather ….” question to everyone on the table one by one.
  • Or  that player can ask the question to one certain person and let that person ask another question to the other person on the table.
  • Each person should be asked at least once.

Number of Player

  • 4 – 10 Players.

Final Thought

There are lots of hilarious informal games you can play at your dinner party to spice up the atmosphere. The classic card games, act out and guessing games, and questioning games can be a wonderful ice breaker as well as secret revealers. Games like those we compiled above are the amazing games you can enjoy. There are limitless games you can do with your besties. But the most important thing to enjoy at your dinner party is to play games for adults respectfully.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you entertain guests at a dinner party?

The food and beverages are the main subject of a dinner party. Though good food and beverages can make your guests feel good, those are not really entertaining them. There are other activities you can provide for your guests. So, you can do some games or activities, karaoke, DIY desserts & cocktails, through some mystery games, and dance in the open air.

Are there any games that are suitable for both small and large groups?

There are various games that you can play for both small and large groups. The Hot Takes, This or That, Charades, Who Am I, and Murder Mystery Game are the choices of games. Those games allow you to get everybody’s attention and participation through the game. Choose which is best for your guests and enjoy your dinner party.

How can you ensure that everyone will participate and have fun during the game?

During a dinner party, be sure that you serve all your guests with delicious foods. When they feel happy with your food, they would be more than happy to enjoy all of the entertainment available. They will even follow your instructions and have fun with the game. Maintain good eye contact with everybody to ensure they enjoy the game and the whole dinner party. 

How do you keep adults entertained at a dinner party?

Adults need activities that will entertain them in a dinner party. It is hard to stay in one place for a long time doing nothing. Thus, there are several things you can facilitate at your party to keep your guests entertained.

Facilitate them with something they can do by themselves, such as classic card games, karaoke, and a set of bars with delightful beverages they can mix by themselves. Don’t forget the best music at your dinner party, it will elevate the dinner party experience for everyone.             

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