25 Unique Letter Opener Choices for Special Gift

Letter opener has been around for centuries. It was widely used back then at a time when we didn’t have email, e-papers, or any digital literature media. Unfortunately, letter openers seem to be forgotten in the digitalization era as people shift to electronic mail which is more convenient to share messages. But, in fact, we still deal with tons of papers and letter documents, so more or less, letter openers still play a role in our lives.

Although a letter opener’s primary function is to help us open letter documents safely and neatly, it has more value than just that. A letter opener can be your unique and cute desk companion or decoration. Some people even make these letter openers as an amazing collection.

If you work in an office or often spend your time at a desk reading documents, we have some unique selections of letter openers that can spark your interest. They feature distinctive designs with vintage and antique looks to satisfy your needs and taste. Let’s have a look!

BEST Letter Opener To Satisfy Your Needs and Taste

1. Medieval Sword Letter Opener

Medieval Sword Letter Opener

A Templar Knight Medieval-themed sword letter opener gift would look very cool, but somebody may mistake it for a weapon or decoration. Nobody will expect this cool sword as a letter opener, but that’s precisely what makes it the best unique letter opener.

It has a vintage and authentic look suitable for those who are fans of medieval-age history nerds. A sword letter opener is a special idea for a gift you can wrap for your loved ones. Or, perhaps, you can display it in your glass cabinet as decorations.

2. Byzantine Empire Letter Opener

Byzantine Empire Letter Opener

The sword may look like a middle-eastern-styled sword to those who don’t know. The Byzantine Empire sword is inspired by the Eastern Roman Empire, which was the longest-lasting medieval power.

Sword letter openers can be awesome collection items for you, and you can put them on the rack as a display. Given its dashing appeal, consider mounting this piece on the wall in your living room.

3. Unique Flower Letter Opener

Unique Flower Letter Opener

Not only can this be a great home or office decoration, but secretly, this is also a letter opener. Flowers with cute faces and eye-catching colors will surely bring life to the room.

The pot is made from ceramic, and you can choose between a deep orange or yellow-orange color for the flower that comes with poppy seeds. Moreover, this flower letter opener is a choice you don’t want to miss and can also suit a modern, minimalist home office.

4. Embossed Brass Letter Opener

Embossed Brass Letter Opener

A letter opener can be a fancy gift as well. Look at this golden-colored letter opener! An embossed brass letter opener like this is the kind of gift you need to consider for anyone working in an elite environment or office.

It is comfortable to hold yet radiates exclusive vibes from the ornament structure on the back end of the letter opener. You can also consider purchasing one for those who adore or collect vintage items.

5. Elegant Antique Letter Opener

Elegant Antique Letter Opener

Elegancy, perhaps, is the characteristic that makes this letter opener special and beautiful. Its golden-coated color radiates a sophisticated feel. You can put this letter opener on your wooden desk or turn it into an enchanting display.

This elegant letter opener is a handmade item made of solid brass with a vintage aesthetic on the engraving head. The elegant antique letter opener is a fitting choice for vintage couples, old people who like to read, and novel book readers.

6. Personalized Letter Opener 

Personalized Letter Opener 

An excellent custom personalized letter opener can make your parent or partner’s day. Give this personalized letter opener to you or your loved ones by putting their name on it, packaged with an engraved box, on their special day.

Personalized stuff always makes a gift more special, be it for a partner, be it a touching gift for your parents or just for you. If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet special gift, this should be your choice.

7. Heavy Fox Brass Letter Opener

Heavy Fox Brass Letter Opener

The fox is a beautiful and clever animal. That’s why having it featured on this letter opener is a brilliant idea that vividly depicts the fox characters. This unique letter opener is made of solid brass with an awesome fox detailing face, making it a truly cool fancy letter opener gift.

Furthermore, a heavy fox brass letter opener can be a great desk accessory for you if you are a wild animal enthusiast or lover. You can arrange them with other unique letter openers you have in a frame. Then, display it on the wall.

8. Classical Fleur De Lis Letter Opener 

Classical Fleur De Lis Letter Opener 

Bonjour! You may be looking for a typical one-of-a-kind letter opener for your special someone, but how about a classic French-themed fleur de lis letter opener to decorate desks? Flower of the Lily is a French translation of fleur de lis.

Crafted with a nickel-silver blend, this unique letter opener is 8.5″ long and 2″ wide, ensuring an ideal size for an ergonomist design. For those who appreciate classic aesthetics, the fleur de lis letter opener has a romantic-nuanced design style that will match your taste.

9. Cute Elegant Butterfly Letter Opener

Cute Elegant Butterfly Letter Opener

The butterfly has been represented as a symbol of hope and transformation across cultures because of how it metamorphoses from worms. It is a meaningful symbol, and it might mean a lot to someone.

There is also an aesthetical touch to the shape and pattern of their wings, just like what’s shown on this letter opener. The golden butterfly cute letter opener not only looks fancy but elegant as well. Wrap one for your lover who appreciates elegant stationary.

10. Quill Feather Pen with Letter Opener Set

Quill Feather Pen with Letter Opener Set

Dark purple quill with an ornamental designed grip, this letter opener may remind you of some Disney or fantasy movies. It is a unique pen with exquisite patterns and a letter opener that suits calligraphy practice.

This quill feather pen and letter opener set will make a great choice for a birthday gift. You can also collect one if you are a fan of Harry Potter movies and want to adopt quill pen similar to what Harry has.

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11. Star Wars Lightsaber Letter Opener

Star Wars Lightsaber Letter Opener

A uniquely designed classical letter opener might be irrelevant for many teens nowadays, so this may be a good alternative choice. In case you know any star wars nerdy fans, here you go, a star wars lightsaber letter opener.

And since this letter opener looks similar to a screwdriver, you can also buy one for your favorite mechanic who also loves reading. Give this cute letter opener as a gift for any special occasion, like birthday, valentine, or even anniversary.

12. Classic Easyglide Letter Opener with Magnifying Glass

Classic Easyglide Letter Opener with Magnifying Glass

This letter opener looks like a formal but fancy letter opener, along with the magnifying glass necessary to read small texts. The classic easyglide letter opener is suitable for office desk accessories and has been polished to make opening letters or envelopes easier.

Suitable for office workers or busy executives who spend their day reading a lot of important, detailed documents. This will be best for you if you are nerdy or like to read a lot. Then this should be your choice.

13. Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth Letter Opener 

Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth Letter Opener 

Are you a star trek fan? If so, you may be familiar with the Klingon bat’leth. It is a two-headed curved blade. Even if you are not a star trek fan yourself, the shape of the Klingon bat’leth blade may look unconventionally unique.

And that’s why this is a selected unique letter opener. The high-quality 3D printed letter opener blade with a 20 mm length can be found in anyone’s desk or rack accessories collection. To find this intriguing, you don’t have to be a Star Trek fan.

14. Skull Letter Opener

Skull Letter Opener

Skull letter openers can be scary accessories for the desk, but actually, skulls have their own unique charm. Although not everyone typically chooses skull or mortal-themed stuff, it can be an elegant and classy letter opener design.

The uniqueness of the skull letter opener is eye-catching, along with the detailed ribs engraved. It will be a special and unique letter opener choice for you, especially if you fancy gothic items but feature fancy appeal.

15. Shotgun Hunting Letter Opener

Shotgun Hunting Letter Opener

Every hunter’s dream home decoration or weapon is an exclusive-looking silver shotgun with high-quality detailed texture. But you know what? You can have the shotgun in the form of a letter opener, which suits your cool, comfy desk.

The letter opener knife is made of stainless steel material and has a striking handmade shotgun look, making it an amazing addition to your letter opener collection. Grab yours before it’s too late. You may never find a unique letter opener like this anywhere else.

16. Lnrkai Letter Opener

Lnrkai Letter Opener

Lnrkai is a letter-cutting tool that is very safe for everyday use because it is made of plastic without a razor blade edge, so it won’t hurt you. Although the edges are not sharp, they are so thin and tapered that they will easily be inserted into paper or envelopes without causing damage.

Its elegant and attractive design, resembling the shape of a willow leaf, will match your home or office with a natural theme. Bright colors will give the impression of a lively atmosphere. On the handle, there is a hole that makes it easy to hang wherever you want, making it easier to store.

17. Uncommon Desks Letter Openers

Uncommon Desks Letter Openers

This unique letter opener has a simple and elegant design but is not common, which gives it its own uniqueness. This tool is designed to open letters as smoothly and softly as slicing butter.

The knife used is quite sharp and made of stainless steel, which means it will last a very long time. This tool is light but strong (not easy to bend), making it easy to operate and suitable for use at school, the office, and at home when you have frequent reading.

18. Pewter Golfer Frame Name Card Holder

Pewter Golfer Frame Name Card Holder Letter Opener Gift Set

This gift set is very interesting because it has many functions with a pewter-colored golf theme. It highlights a blend of grey, creamy white colors that will effortlessly fit any home theme and furniture.

Given the features, it will be a lovely gift for golf lovers. You can use this decorative item as a frame to display your photos with your family, and it has another function, namely, as a letter opener with a bonus place to store business cards.

19. Sea Blade Dragon Letter Opener 8 Inch Tall

Sea Blade Dragon Letter Opener 8 Inch Tall

If you like the dragon movie series or like dragon action figures, you’re going to love this unique letter opener. It would be fun to take the sword from the sea dragon to open the letter as if we were in a movie and became the hero who snatched the dragon’s sword.

This item is made of high-quality materials and designed with great attention to detail. Hence, it is suitable as a gift idea for relatives, close friends, and even your children or nephews who love watching action-themed movies.

20. Magnifying Glass & Letter Opener Set

Magnifying Glass & Letter Opener Set

Do you have friends or colleagues who like classic styles? You can give a gift set containing a magnifying tool and a letter opener to them, or even to your parents or extended family members who come from the old generation.

This unique letter opener set has a matching color and theme. The handle is a torrefied chocolate maple color with gold trim. You can put the words you want to be engraved on the handle so that it becomes more special and personalized.

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21. Japanese Samurai Sword Ornamental

Japanese Samurai Sword Ornamental

This unique letter opener is in the form of a Japanese sword made of stainless steel with a scabbard. In addition to functioning as a letter opener, it can also serve as a collection of display objects.

It is because the purchase of this item already has a stand made of plastic material. Who does not know the famous Japanese samurai? Having distinctive designs, enthusiastic word lovers, Japanese culture lovers, or collectors will love this unique sword letter opener.

22. Legendary Silver Dragon and Excalibur Sword 

Legendary Silver Dragon and Excalibur Sword 

Excalibur is a legendary sword belonging to King Arthur of Britain. This sword is sometimes associated with magical abilities and is associated with the Arthurian legend from the very beginning. This unique letter opener is extraordinary because it is designed with such artistic detail.

Featuring a silver dragon carrying an orb and an Excalibur sword that can be used as a letter opener. The letter opener can also be used as a collectible display object, which will be very interesting to give as a gift to toy figure collectors and legendary story lovers.

23. Blue Polimeric Clay Letter Opener with Swarovski Crystals

Blue Polimeric Clay Letter Opener with Swarovski Crystals

This fancy unique letter opener is a handmade item that comes from polymer clay. The design looks so elegant, bearing the swarovski crystal shimmer makes it feel luxurious. Meanwhile, the handle offers a vintage feel to balance the gems.

Moreover, the letter opener can also be used as a ruler, which makes it a versatile item. We recommend buying one for your besties or colleagues who often deal with paper and documents or, simply put, whose jobs are the secretary.

24. Auto Ceramic Black

Auto Ceramic Black

Sometimes we want a tool that is safe, practical, and useful. This letter opener is very practical because it has relatively small dimensions, with a size of W 35 x H 50 x D 8 mm and a weight of fewer than 15 grams.

The unique letter opener is also safe because the knife doesn’t pop out, and it is made of ceramic, so it won’t hurt other things if you carry it in your bag. Moreover, this item is suitable for most people who like to travel and like practical things.

25. Martin Yale 1632 Automatic

Martin Yale 1632 Automatic

In this modern era, most people like tools that can do their job well and quickly. This automatic letter opener will be very helpful and can be used to open up to 200+ letters per day at a speed of 7,000 letters per hour. It’s fantastic!

Even more interesting is the hands-free feature, where you simply put the letter in the right position and start the engine. The blade is designed to be completely closed so that it won’t hurt your fingers. Automatic letter opening machines are very suitable for offices, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Final Thoughts

In the midst of the onslaught of the digitalization era with the massive use of electronic mail (e-mail), the presence of unique letter openers seems to breathe the traditional art of paper letters that has begun to be left behind. Their designs are exceptional to the point where the moment of opening letters is transformed into elegance.

Whether these fancy items are crafted with distinctive designs, vintage touches, these openers are more than just opening the papers or documents. They become a statement piece that reminds the beauty of handwritten letters of the era. In case you prefer to make it as a gift, choose one that will fit the receiver’s preferences.

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FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Why do letter openers exist?

Letter openers exist to eliminate or minimize the possibility of damaging important paper while opening it up. Using your own manual method to open a glued paper is especially dangerous. By using letter openers, people can open envelopes or papers much more neatly.

What is another name for a letter opener?

A letter opener can also be referred to as a paper knife. It makes sense to refer to it as a “paper knife”, because the letter opener itself is basically a knife to cut open glued envelopes or to slit uncut paper pages of a book.

Are letter openers supposed to be sharp?

The primary function of letter openers is to cut through the envelope or papers, so they need to be sharp enough to do their function. There are no rules about how sharp letter openers must be, but some letter openers are made to be a bit dull so that they can be differentiated from being called “knives”.

What is the difference between a paper knife and a letter opener?

Paper knives are primarily used to cut open the pages of books where the folding of printed paper creates some closed edges that require slitting of the paper before reading. Letter openers are the next evolution step from paper knives into longer, blunter blades with the prime purpose of opening envelopes.

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