27 Gifts for Beach Lovers You Wouldn’t Think Exist

Your beach lover friend might think that “everyday is always summer time!” and you will also notice that their Instagram feeds are full of blue oceans and white sand beaches photos. Well, we cannot blame them for that because we know that summer time and the beach are just too exciting to be skipped. Some of the things they love might include drinking coconut from its shell and looking stylish in the beach bars. Snorkeling or kayaking pictures? Yes, pretty sure they have it on their posts, too. Now, if you want to give them a present, you might want to go for gifts that suit their obvious hobby. Roger that! We have created a list of 27 gifts for beach lovers for you to check out.

On the list below, we have piled up these based on what truly beach lovers love, need, and appreciate. Each and every item on the list will surely put a smile on your friend’s face for sure.

So, you won’t need to worry about your gift being forgotten and left in the attic. Without further ado, let’s scroll down!

BEST Gifts for Beach Lovers

1.  Engraved Chopping Board Set

Gifts for Beach Lovers

As you can see, what a beautiful, beautiful charcuterie board this one is! Being one of the most beautiful gifts for beach lovers on the list, we think this one offers the sea foam details that are totally mind-blowing.

From the look of it, you can really tell that the resin material is unexpectedly good. This set also contains an engraved resin cheese board, coasters (oh, the beach waves details are very gorgeous! Look here), and one  gift box with wood wool. 

2.  Beach Themed Wine Glass

Gifts for Beach Lovers

Moving on to the next item on the list, we truly believe that your beach lover friend can never resist this glittery wine glass. The combination of the ocean blue gradients with a perfect transition to the white sands paint are very eye-pleasing.

In our opinion, choosing this item as a gift will also give your friend a new glass to bring to the beach. It can be filled up to 21 fluid oz and it’s also FDA approved. Would your beach lover friend be happy to receive this? Absolutely!

3.  Cocoa Beach Sweater

Gifts for Beach Lovers

Definition of a perfect beach night outfit is pairing this cute baby blue crew neck with denim shorts. We suggest you wrap this one as a gift to keep the beach lover warm from cold sea breezes.

Is the material comfortable enough? Yes, it is! It is knitted with an air-jet spun yarn, cotton, and spandex rib knit collar, which we think will be something for your friend to wear for many years.

4.  An Elegant Tropical House Decor

Gifts for Beach Lovers

Look at the charm that this artsy pacific map wall decoration vibrates! If you ask us, we think it offers a very industrial look for your beach lover pal. Therefore, we think this would be one the best gift for a beach lover friend who also loves to decorate their space.

When it comes the materials, there is no need to doubt it, because it was crafted out of antique wood, cotton canvas, steel engraved plate and bolts. Well, we think it sounds very premium, indeed.

5.  A Rare Seashells Tree Tabletop Decor

abletop Decor

Next up we have a great, great gift idea for beach lovers! In our opinion, this is an item that is very creative, making it one of the most creative gifts for beach lovers. TO be honest, we never even think that this tabletop decor exists (well, do you?).

Since the seashells are not artificial, it’s worth it to spend a hundred dollars for this. Moreover, various sizes are available for you to pick from 9 inches to 21 inches.

6.  An Aesthetic Olive Wood Wall Clock

Gifts for Beach Lovers

There, there. Another aesthetic and authentic gift idea for beach lovers. Here we have a wall clock that was perfectly designed from olive wood and resin, which we think will make a great piece-of-art to be added to your beach lover friend’s space.

Moreover, it is also noise-free and able to work in silence. Plus, it was fresh out of Turkey, too! In our opinion, this is one of the most valuable and unique gifts for beach lovers that you need to consider choosing. And there is no need to panic, because they offer free worldwide shipping!

7.  Ocean Ornaments Set

Gifts for Beach Lovers

How about giving a thoughtful DIY gift for your beach lover friend? If you want come unique DIY gifts? We recommend you to buy these ocean ornaments. You can turn them into a majestic sea-themed pendant for your beach lover bud.

Moreover, there is no need to spend extra, because this ornament set costs less than $50! For one set you will get a dolphin, manta ray, and sea turtle. Or, a sand dollar, seahorse, and seashell.

8.  Most Needed Snorkel Set

Most Needed Snorkel Set

There is no way that your beach lover friend never went snorkeling in the sea. Therefore, we think that giving a snorkel set as a gift would be much appreciated. It will be something to replace your friend’s old snorkel for sure.

Also, since it is not that cheap for your friend to rent a set each time he wants to explore underwater. Therefore, we think that maybe you can consider this U.S Divers Dorado Snorkel Youth Set, which has a splash guard top designed to prevent water from dripping into the snorkel.

9.  Exclusive Packlite Chair

Gifts for Beach Lovers

A sand proof blanket is mediocre. But we think this exclusive packlite chair is remarkable. It is comfortable, lightweight, and foldable into a small size. In our opinion, getting this one as a gift for the beach lover would be an excellent idea!

Even better, you might want to buy a pair and get one for yourself. Therefore, you can both have a wonderful time at the beach together. In addition, we think you need to know that this item is also a customized item. So, don’t forget to request a free printed gift message, or a warm email gift note.

10.  Advanced Waterproof Backpack

Gifts for Beach Lovers

Ah, this is what beach lovers never think of, but when they see it they would definitely want it. After all, how could they not want it when this waterproof backpack?! This backpack can keep their belongings stay dry when they’re out enjoying the ocean.

In terms of features, this backpack has big spaces, adjustable shoulder straps, and more importantly, it’s shockproof. So from now one, your friend will have one backpack to bring to beach without worrying that the stuff inside will get wet.

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11.  Rainbow Bar Beverage Float

Rainbow Bar Beverage Float

“Hmm, very instagrammable.” That was our instant thought that popped up after seeing this thing. This is a rainbow bar beverage float, which we think will make one of the most wonderful yet useful gifts for beach lovers.

It is very suitable for your beach lover bud when they are holding a pool party next to a white sand beach. It holds all standard cups and cans, fits 5 bottles, and is easily inflatable. 

12.  Beach Painted Stone

Beach Painted Stone

Ever heard of a Santorini style natural white stone? Us neither. That’s why we recommend you to give your best beach lover pal this unusual but interesting thing as a gift. In our opinion, it will make a unique home decor item that can be a statement for your friend as an official beach lover. Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

In terms of size, it is approximately 11 x 8 centimeters, sealed with a shining UV resin, and it is painted with acrylics. Truly one of our most favorite gifts for beach lovers on the list.

13.  Beautiful Sunset Tapestry

Gifts for Beach Lovers

We know, it’s hard to not love this heart-calming sunset tapestry. It is too gorgeous and we think it will make a wonderful gift for a female beach lover in your life. Originally painted by a talented artist, Mariya Oster, this item is definitely a must-have item.

She magically turns a blank wool yarn into a cool blue to fiery red stunning tapestry, which looks absolutely gorgeous! So go ahead, add this to your cart, and send it out as a special gift for that special beach lover of yours!

14.  A Summer Season Pinata

Gifts for Beach Lovers

A cute pinata can definitely add more impressiveness to your beach lover friend’s pool party! It’s easy to fill and made of corrugated paper inside. Plus, it also features a tissue paper that is easy to break on the outside.

Therefore, we recommend you to send it over to your beach lover friend’s house in a cute wrapping, and see how delighted your friend would be when receiving this pinata.

15.  A Universal Waterproof Pouch 

A Universal Waterproof Pouch

You know that there are a bunch of waterproof pouches out there. But you also know that most of them are plastic, which are very risky and can be harmful for the sea. But this pouch right here is different.

This one is made out of secure rubber that can go down 30 meters underwater. It is shockproof, dirt proof, and also touch-friendly. Get the beach lover this one, and let them enjoy their water activity ever more.

16.  Beach Vibes Graphic Wall Arts

Gifts for Beach Lovers

There are days that might required beach lovers to stay at home house, and sometimes, they might miss their time at the beach once in a while. Knowing this fact, we have a wonderful gift idea for you to give your beach lover pal.

We recommend you to go for this ready-to-hang beach vibes wall photograph set. It would be something to cheer your friend up whenever she feels like missing the beach. It comes as a set consisting of 6 stunning photographs, which will make a great wall decor item.

17.  Limited Woven Bag: Perfect for Vegans!

Limited Woven Bag: Perfect for Vegans!

Wondering what to buy for your vegan friend who is also a beach lover? Confused not, because we have the perfect gift option for you. We recommend you to pick this limited woven bag because we think this item can be your saviour.

Handmade in Sri Lanka, this is a natural, multicolor, and sustainable bag. Although it’s pre-owned, it’s flawlessly good and it is also a limited edition. 

18.  Stylish Look with Just Print Wrap

Gifts for Beach Lovers

Next up we have something with an open front and hand-printed wrap with an uncommon pattern ever! Being one of the most wonderful gifts for beach lovers, we think this one is such a lovely gift for your beach lover friend.

This is well-polished in blue color, and we can safely say that this is suitable for any genders. In our opinion, an instant love will occur after your friend unwraps your gift of this. 

19.  Lavish Woven Throw Blanket

Gifts for Beach Lovers

Don’t you think that the black background is just destined to be these beautiful flower holders? Well, we think so. With satin-finished polyester yarn, we have no doubt this woven throw blanket radiates such an exclusivity to the world.

So, what do you think of it? Do you feel that this is perfect for your beach lover friend? If you think it does, then we recommend you to pick this item as one of the best gifts for beach lovers who also love to decorate their space.

20.  Easy to Carry Privacy Tent

Easy to Carry Privacy Tent

In this era, going to a public toilet just for changing is a bit inconvenient.

Based on that reason, there is no doubt all beach lovers would thank God for anyone who invented this easy to carry privacy tent for changing clothes at the beach. This useful item is water pressure resistance, glass fiber for the rod, and only weight about 3.3 lbs. Perfect!

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21.  A Very Distinct Ocean Animal Coasters

A Very Distinct Ocean Animal Coasters

Ocean animal coasters? Ah, super cute! Take this one for instance. This coaster excellently crafted to absorb condensation and self dry. Moreover, this useful item is also very affordable and functional.

It fits whiskey glasses, coffee mugs, sport bottles, and travel tumblers (yeah, this might be your beach lover friend’s new travel mate). Plus, it also comes as a set of several coasters that will make a perfect addition to your home bar.

22.  An Antique Octopus Lamp

An Antique Octopus Lamp

Next up we have another cool selection of antique items! Strange but cool octopus lamp, we think this adorable piece will make a perfect item to accompany a peaceful night at tropical hotels or villas.

The power consumption? Only up to 9 watts! Moreover, the size is quite small, so it would not need much space in the bags. However, be mindful when you carry it because it may break if you are not careful enough.

23.  Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener

Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener

Playing volleyball at the beach is not very playful without some beers. Also, based on our experience, bringing more than 3 bottles can be a struggle. However, that will not be the case with this item.

It is a beer caddy with a bottle opener, which will be a nice item to help you carry your beer bottles to the beach. So, are you interested in getting this as a gift for your one special beach lover mate? If you are, then we are on your team!

24.  Three Dimensional Ocean Wave Light

Three Dimensional Ocean Wave Light

An advanced cool stuff purely made for a beach lover. If you are looking for one of the most stunning gifts for beach lovers? We highly suggest that you go for this 3D ocean wave light with changing colors.

Featuring a remote controller, this night lamp can bring a stunning visual experience in the room at night. Moreover, this generation is using special curved-surface processing technology. Very futuristic!

25.  A Rare to Find Mermaid Statue

Gifts for Beach Lovers

If your beach lover friend has a pool in their house, or at least a fish pond, then we highly suggest that you get them this rare to find mermaid statue. In our opinion, it will add a beach vibe nuance and nautical coastal touch in their house.

With a fiberglass mixture as the material based, this statue can stand steadily for a long, long time. We can assure you that having this item near the pool will turn it into a focal point that attract attention from anyone who sees it.

26.  Promate Snorkel Vest

Promate Snorkel Vest

Remember that we recommended you to get a snorkel set for the beach lover before? Well, we think that adding this snorkel vest to your gift will complete the snorkel gears even more. It’s suitable for adults with 150-240 lbs. Plus, it’s from Promate, so no need to hesitate about the quality!

27.  A Magic Powder for Beach Lover

A Magic Powder for Beach Lover

As for the next item on our list, first of all, we need to tell you that it is safe for babies (just in case your beach lover friend had a baby). Second, it is eco-friendly, and talc-free.

As much as beach lovers fall in love with beaches, we surely believe that they don’t want to go home with bodies full of sand. Based on that reason, we think that this beach powder will clean their body in just seconds.

Final Thoughts

There is something about the beach that will always makes us feel like coming back. In fact, there are also people who admit that they love the beach and everything that related to it.

If you know someone who happens to be a beach lover, the best kinds of gifts that you can get them are those that hold elements of the beach and everything related to it. On our list we hope you can find some of the best recommendations of gifts for beach lovers in your life, which we believe will put a smile on their face.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you choose a gift that suits their beach activities?

Consider their beach activities. If they enjoy lounging, a comfortable beach chair or hammock is perfect. For water enthusiasts, snorkeling gear or a waterproof camera can enhance their beach experience.

What are some beach accessories that make great gifts?

Beach accessories like beach umbrellas with built-in coolers, portable beach loungers with storage pockets, beach-friendly waterproof speakers, inflatable drink holders, and beach tents with UV protection are all fantastic gift options.

Are there any practical gifts for beach enthusiasts?

Yes! Practical gifts include insulated water bottles to keep drinks cool, beach umbrellas for shade, portable beach tents, beach carts or wagons for easy transportation, waterproof and sand-proof beach blankets, and UV-protective beachwear.

Should you choose gifts that promote sun protection?

Absolutely! Sun protection is crucial at the beach. Consider gifting high SPF sunscreen, UV-blocking sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, or full-body rash guards. These gifts show you care about their well-being.

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