Instagram Threads: Meta’s New App with 100 Million Sign Ups in Less Than One Week!

In the last couple of weeks, the news has been flooded with all about Instagram Threads, which is the hot topic right now. In case you haven’t heard, Instagram Threads is a new social networking app released by Meta, a company owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

The app was officially released on July 5, just one day after the fourth of July. So, I guess Meta was making sure everyone is aware of their new app, don’t you think?

Instagram Threads: Meta’s New App
Instagram Threads: Meta’s New App

It was mentioned that within 5 days after it’s initial launch, Threads has reached 100 million sign ups, can you believe that? In less than a week! Well, I downloaded the app myself and signed up already.

However, for those of you who haven’t done soim, I decided to write a review of the app based on my personal experience, which I hope can give you some reference on what to expect from the newly-launched app from Meta.

I can say that so far, I am pretty happy with the app, especially when I compare it with a similar messaging app that has been around way before Threads.

Overview of Instagram Threads

First and foremost, what is Instagram Threads exactly? As the name implies, it is Instagram’s new companion app, or an app that is connected to Instagram. Not because both apps are owned by the same company which is Meta, but also because you can simply login using your Instagram account.

I think it’s very convenient since I don’t have to create a new account to be able to use Threads. The app was built specifically to share text updates and easily share files in the form of images and videos.

Through the app, you can also join public conversations on the web.

Overview of Instagram Threads
Overview of Instagram Threads

You can download the App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store for free, and search for “Threads, an Instagram app” to make sure you install the correct app. Instagram Threads is automatically linked to Instagram and I was able to login easily using my Instagram account.

The graphic in the welcome page is pretty interesting with a design that shows ribbons all around the screen with color combinations similar to the colors of Instagram. 

What I love about Threads is the fact that although it is linked to Instagram, I can have the option to customize my Threads profile without affecting my Instagram profile. It’s like having two different apps in one social media platform.

Moreover, I can also choose to follow the same people that I followed on Instagram. Pretty cool, right?

Unveiling the Features of Instagram Threads

If you think that Threads is just another version of the other similar app who just launched a new logo, then you’re not completely wrong. In terms of functionality, both are actually the same. But If you ask me, I have to admit that Instagram Threads offers more features for me as a user. 

1. App’s Interface and User Experience

In my opinion, Instagram Threads user interface is very friendly. It has a cool and dynamic graphic welcome page. I was able to modify the account in settings and personalize it the way I wanted pretty easily, too.

Among some cool Instagram Threads features, one feature allows me to easily follow my Instagram friends instantly. It lets me have friends without having to build my profile, so it’s really a plus point for me.

But if you prefer to make your profile more private, you can choose that option, too. 

App's Interface and User Experience
App’s Interface and User Experience

Another cool feature includes the fact that I can post contents up to 500 characters long, which almost doubles from what other similar apps are offering. Plus, I can post contents that include links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length.

Similar to other messaging apps, Instagram Threads also allow users to reply, report, and quote other users’ posts on the app, which I think comes as a basic feature of a messaging app. But unlike Instagram, Threads does not allow features such as Instagram communication, Instagram DMs or group chat.

But since that was not what the app was designed for, I have no issues with that at all.

2. Features of Instagram Threads

Being a new app, there are also other new brand new features that can really become an added value to Instagram Threads users. They are called Status and Auto Status, which allow you to set your status manually or automatically by letting Threads select a status based on your location, accelerometer and even your phone battery level. 

Features of Instagram Threads
Features of Instagram Threads

At first, I thought that the new features are a bit creepy as you might wonder how Instagram knows what I am doing at the moment, right?

Location wise, I think it’s still okay, but when it comes to activities in particular, it scares me a bit. But based on my research online, I found out that it offers conversation starters, contextual clues to why our friends might not respond and to see opportunities for us to meet friends offline.

It was stated that the concept does not leave out a map or exact location sharing, but focuses more on determining whether our friends can hang out based on locations and activities instead. 

As far as I love social media, I still consider privacy as something I need to keep for myself. Well, some of the most important aspects of it, at least. To keep things safe on the world wide web, I decided to keep my account restricted and keep it open for those who I am close to with people like my family and close friends only. Therefore, I can sleep well at night.

However, I do think that Instagram Threads Settings offer so many beneficial things for users like content creators, influencers, or business owners who utilize the app as a digital marketing tool.

3. First Impression

To be honest, my first impression with Instagram Threads was, “it looks like other similar apps I know” but then I changed my mind after I found out about the exciting features of it.

First of course I do like the app because I can make a long post up to 500 characters long. So, if you are the type of person who loves to share your thoughts online, you can do that with Threads. Just write your heart out! 

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Privacy and Security Features

Since Threads is ‘owned’ by Instagram, it refers to Instagram’s user policy. Based on what I understand, Threads is like Instagram’s extended account and it is based on Instagram’s Community Guidelines in terms of content and interactions within the app.

And just like Instagram, you can choose to make your account public or private, and you can also create your own list of close friends to limit those who can view your activities on the app. 

Privacy and Security Features
Privacy and Security Features

If you have been an active Instagram user for sometime, I believe you would already know how the app provides security and privacy settings.

However, do remember to set your account carefully because the settings are customizable based on your own preference. Oh and also, users who are under 16 years old (or under 18 in certain countries) will have a private account that will be set automatically when they join Threads.

Threads Update

We all know that Meta is like the giant of social media platforms. From Facebook to Instagram, whether we realize it or not, we expect good things from Threads. Some experts even say that Threads will be the next big thing that beats Twitter. However, since it’s a new app, I can see that there are still many things that Mark Zuckerberg can improve.

In fact, the developers are expecting some feedback from users, so they can build new features to bring new and fun ways for users to enjoy the app.

Pros and Cons of Using Instagram Threads

In the ever-evolving world of Instagram, a new player has entered the arena: Threads. This offspring of the social media giant promises a more intimate space, but does it hit the mark or miss the target?

As with all tools, there’s a flip side to its shiny coin. Dive in with us as we unravel the boons and banes of Instagram Threads, navigating its digital tapestry.

1. Pros of Using Instagram Threads

  • Higher character limit, up to 500 characters
  • Great personalization and customization option
  • Connected and linked to Instagram account
  • Easy log in option using Instagram account

2. Cons of Using Instagram Threads

  • Users are still unable to edit published posts
  • No support for GIFs
  • Not fully support for full web version

Comparison with Competing Apps

I think we all agree that Threads is similar to Twitter, right? In fact, Twitter is the head-to-head competitor of Threads, since I believe there are very limited apps that work like Twitter and Thread.

However, although both are very similar, there are significant differences between the two and most of them come from the features. 

Comparison with Competing Apps
Comparison with Competing Apps

Of course, since Twitter has been way ahead of Threads, we can’t argue with the fact that Twitter has a larger amount of users compared to Threads. But being the one and only app that has more than 100 million login in less than 1 week, Threads is definitely something to watch out for.

Moreover, Threads is still available for free, and if you are one of the verified Instagram users, you will automatically become a verified Threads user, too!

One feature that I personally think becomes the one aspect that differs Threads from Twitter is the Status and Auto Status features, which have been previously explained.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Instagram Threads

As I mentioned earlier, this new app from Meta is designed for everybody. It’s just like Instagram, but with a focus on sharing updates and being part of public conversations.

If you are using it as a personal platform to stay connected with the people you love like friends and families, then I am on your team. I do set my account private since I want to make sure I have full control on who can access my account and see my posts. 

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Instagram Threads
Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Instagram Threads

But I highly recommend Threads for content creators, influencers, business owners, or celebrities or artists because Threads will make a great platform to share your creations or thoughts on unlimited things.

If you own a verified Instagram account, then having a Threads account will become a nice addition to spread your services, products and even opinions to a wider audience. 

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, based on my personal experience, I have to say that I have a great experience using Threads so far. It’s always nice to have another option for an app as a comparison, and to see which app gives me more advantages compared to the other.

Threads is very easy to use and it offers brand new features that can improve my whole experience in using the app to communicate and share updates. 

So, whether you are an individual user for personal purpose, content creator, influencer or business owner, I can assure you that Threads can be a nice additional platform to reach a wider range of audience. 

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