26 Unique Wooden Toys for Your Creative Child

If you’re currently looking a gift for creative and curious child, then you must pick something that will trigger your child’s creativity and support the child’s learning process. For that purpose, wooden toys will certainly be the perfect choice. Having a wooden toy can teach them about the importance of loving our environment. Plus, the best learning element that a wooden toy features will trigger children’s creativity and ability to tackle any problem comes their way in the future.

Every parent would want to give the best to their children, whilst allowing them to enjoy their time playing with their toys. After all, playing with toys is one of the most crucial phase for all children since playing is part of learning as well. But to make sure you make the best out of your kids’ playing time, you can give them some creative and unique wooden toys to play with. Yes, there are so many toys that will give so many benefits to your child, but wooden toys have some advantages that allow your child to learn to love the environment, plus wooden toys are mode durable, too!

So, let’s start scrolling and check out 26 unique wooden toys that will give you a better idea of toys for your little ones.

BEST Wooden Toys

1. Wooden Learning Time Clock Toy

Wooden Learning Time Clock Toy

This natural looking clock will be the perfect toy for your child to play and study both fractions and tell time, at the same time. If your child loves to play with toys like puzzles, then we think this toy would be the perfect choice for them.

It comes in adorable design with wood pieces painted in soft and natural-looking colors. Furthermore, if you are currently looking for the perfect gift for your nephews, nieces or even your friends’ kids, we do believe that this is undoubtedly one of the most unique wooden toys to pick.  

2. Wooden Planetary System Puzzle

Wooden Planetary System Puzzle

For a child who loves to learn about the solar system, this unique wooden puzzle will be the one gift that your child will cherish for a long time! Learning about the solar system has never been more exciting with this toy.

Being one of the most unique wooden toys you can find, we’re pretty sure that the cute looking planets will be something that your child easily remember. Thus, they will enjoy their learning session with this toy. Moreover, this kind of toy can also be personalized by engraving your child’s name on the back.

3. Balancing Wooden Toy

Balancing Wooden Toy

If you are looking for a unique toy to play together with your child, this Balancing Wooden Toy is going to be the perfect choice. With 9 pairs of different, tactile, hardwood blocks, you and your child can compete to build the biggest tower. Also, you can also have a battle to find out who can balance the boat better.

This is one of those unique wooden toys that will make sure your kids are learning while enjoying so fun quality time together with you. The pieces offer so many options of shapes and forms to create, offering a countless ideas for your kids to explore. So, let’s make sure you grab this toy now, and let the fun begins!

4. Wooden Gardening Solitaire Toy

Wooden Gardening Solitaire Toy

For those of you who have been thinking about the right method on how to teach your child about gardening, you can sit back and relax now. You know why? That’s because we have just the right solution for you. You can get your kids this cool wooden toy, which will make learning about gardening fun!

This unique Wooden Gardening Solitaire Toy will bring out your child’s interest about the fun of gardening by looking at these cute little carrots. They look super cute and aside from carrots, you can have other items as well, including some moles. Our advice, when your kids play with this toy, di remind them to beware of the moles!

5. Wooden Hot Wheels Garage

Wooden Hot Wheels Garage

If you have a creative child with a love for cars and big trucks, there’s nothing better than giving your child this shelf as a gift. In our opinion, this is one of the coolest and most unique wooden toys for little boys.

With this toy, your kids will have the perfect place to keep and park all the tiny cars, making them look neat and tidy at all times. Being a shelf to keep your child’s cars safe, this shelf will also teach your child about creativity and grow imaginations. Moreover, you can also personalize this toy by adding your child’s name on top.

6. Layer of the Earth Wooden Puzzle

Layer of the Earth Wooden Puzzle

We know that sometimes, teaching your kids about how the earth works can be difficult. However, have you ever thought that it’s actually easy once you know how to do it correctly?

To help you with that, we recommend you to get this unique wooden puzzle as a gift. In our opinion, this is one of the most unique wooden toys to become a tool for your child to learn about earth and its layers. With this toy, we have no doubt your child will be looking forward to having a learning session about earth with you very soon.

7. The Manhattan Toy – Wood Camera

Endorse your child’s interest in photography with this Wood Camera. There are lots of children who have been showing their interests to certain subjects since early age. For kids who love photography, then we recommend you to get this unique wooden camera for them.

Instead of giving them real cameras, which can be quite costly, you might want to they the wooden toy version, at least for now. It will be the perfect toy for your little one to learn about a camera and photography from an early age. We believe that your child will be excited to bring this anywhere and take pictures with joy and a big smile on their face. 

8. Craftsman Kid’s Beginner Project Kit

Craftsman Kid’s Beginner Project Kit

So, your little racer boy is going to celebrate his birthday soon and you are looking for the perfect gift? We think it would be a great idea to get a toy to play with, but a toy that can teach him a thing or two.

With that purpose in mind, we recommend yo to pick this beginner Project Kit, which will be the perfect toy to play with. This is the kind of toy that will let your son learn about art and science at the same time. You can sit with your little one and have a quality time assembling this Race Car together.

9. Wooden Folding Mancala Game

Wooden Folding Mancala Game

If your child is interested in toys that include counting and collecting small items, you might want to consider this next toy recommendation. Being one of the most unique wooden toys on the list, we think this Mancala Game deserves to be considered.

We think it would be one of the best gifts for your child’s birthday this year. As this is a game for two, you can play together with your little one and share a basic knowledge about basic counting to making strategy. However, we do remind you to place the toy away from toddlers because the small gems are not safe.

10. Dust, Sweep and Mop Housekeeping Set

Dust, Sweep and Mop Housekeeping Set

Tidy up! Well, that’s probably what you usually say after your child successfully spreads all of the toys all over the place at home after a fun play time. Now, make the usual tidy up session as part of your child’s play time with this cute mini housekeeping set.

Using these adorable housekeeping set made of wood, we’re pretty sure your little one won’t mind helping you to clean the rest of the house as well. Plus, we think this toy will make a great item to teach them about the importance of keeping our house clean.

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11. Deluxe Wooden Train Set

Deluxe Wooden Train Set

This set of unique toys will give your child a lot of things to do, and also to learn from. Being an engaging type of toy, your child will have so much fun with these trains. Imagine having a cool and unique wooden train that can go across the wooden bridge, maneuver the engine on the bridge, pick up passengers, and stop at the railroad crossing. So much fun!

The toy comes with the railway, the train and some small building including the church. some trees, a car, and also a storage box to make sure each pieces can be stored neatly after their your kids’ play time.

12. Unique Globe DIY Wooden Puzzle

Globe DIY Wooden Puzzle

This unique globe wooden puzzle will be the perfect gift for your adventurous kids. In our opinion, the kids will enjoy a fun quality time playing with it, and feel proud of the success in creating this unique looking globe.

It comes in the form of a wooden puzzle, which we believe will the perfect toy to let your kids learn about the globe. Once all done, this globe wooden puzzle will be a nice item to be placed in your child’s room as part of decoration too!

13. Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set

Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set is just so fun to play with. We do think that it is one of the most exciting and unique wooden toys to have. It can be made into anything that comes to your child’s mind, which will help them with the ability to explore their creativity in the most exciting way possible.

These blocks will support your child’s creativity and bring out creative ideas on what to create using the blocks. With such fun colors and shapes, we really think that this toy will make afun and colorful toy that your child couldn’t resist.

14. Wooden Sorting Stacking Balancing Storen Rocks

36 PCs Wooden Sorting Stacking Balancing Stone Rocks Educational Preschool

These rocks or wooden rocks probably look like natural looking rocks with pretty colors, right? But actually these rocks are more than just random-shaped rocks. These are actually unique wooden toys.

This is the kind of toy that can help your child to learn about balancing items. We believe without a doubt, your child will have a fun time stacking these wooden rocks and see how tall the rocks can be stacked before they fall down. The higher the stacks, the more fun it will be!

15. Natural Wooden Percussion Instruments Toy

Toddler Musical Instruments Natural Wooden Percussion Instruments Toy

If your child loves music, then your child deserves to receive these Percussion Instruments toys as a gift. Being such a safe toy for kids, we can assure you that all instruments are made of wood and totally harmless for kids.

With so many sounds that your child can create with all these instruments, don’t be surprised if your child can create a new song dedicated to you. Moreover, don’t be surprised if your kids invite their friends over to play some music together.

16. Robud Mini Wooden Construction Toy

Mini Wooden Play Tool Workbench Set for Kids Toddlers

Construction works have never been more exciting with these adorable mini wooden construction tools! Imagine the smile on your child’s face when opening these gifts. We can also be certain that your child will ask Daddy and offer him a hand whenever Daddy has some home repairs to do.

Aside from being a toy that usually loved by boys, there are lots of girls who love to do some construction works, too! Who knows, your little girl might want to build a house for her little furry friend using her tools.

17. Wooden Baseball Game

Wooden Baseball Game

Calling kids who love baseball! If your kid loves baseball with all their heart, then we think we have found the best toy recommendation for them. Your child will surely enjoy hours of an old-fashioned baseball game with the rest of the family using this board game. Being a classic game to play, this item will be a timeless toy that lasts for generations.

18. Kinetic Gears Kit

This toy is something that your child must play with you or other members of the family. Kinetic gears kit works like a puzzle and the assembly can be done faster if you’re doing it together with your kid.

We believe that this unique toy will be a valuable item once you help your child to complete this. Aside from being a fun toy to play with, this toy will also be a good way for your child to learn about patience and to be more detail oriented.

19. Joyful Rainbow Wooden Puzzle

Does this puzzle look complicated enough for you? Well this toy is indeed complicated and that’s why to successfully finish and place the pieces in the right place. A team work is needed.

Since you are giving this as a gift to your child, then your child will need help from others. Being a cool toy to play with the rest of the family, make sure you involved yourself to help on this one. Trust us, you will have a great time working together to finish this puzzle.

20. “At the Beach” Personalized Family Puzzle

Another piece of puzzle to complete together with the rest of the family. However, this one is the kind of puzzle that can have your personalized image. In our opinion, this is one of the most unique wooden toys to make a sweet birthday gift for your little one.

Take one of your child’s drawings and make them into this one-of-a-kind puzzle. We believe without a doubt, your child will be thrilled to receive the gift as a treasure to love dearly.

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21. Foreign Language Blocks

Foreign Language Blocks

Give your child a different kind of building blocks that will enhance your little one’s creativity. If you get your kid this toy, it means that you can also teach them to be a bilingual kid, in a fun and exciting way, of course.

These building blocks come in the form of alphabet blocks in Spanish, Mandarin and Italian. From now on, your kid can start learning those three languages by playing with building blocks. So, play with your child and you can teach your child about other languages as easy as uno, dos, tres. 

22. Artificial Spider Wooden Surprise Scare Box

Compared to other unique toys for a practical joker kid that you can think of, this one might be the one that fits your kid the most. Your kid would be thrilled to have this as a gift.

We believe that your kids can’t wait to scare people off with this completely harmless toy. Well, since you’re the one who will give this gift to your kid, then you don’t need to worry since you’ll be the only person that your kid will never fool.

23. Wooden Spinning Toy Yo-Yo

There is no other toy that can replace the fun of playing with a Yo-Yo! A Yo-Yo is indeed one of the most famous toys on earth. We bet every child  and adult in the world has played a Yo-Yo at least a couple of times in their lifetime.

Being an everlasting toy, then having this wooden Yo-Yo will definitely be delightful. If you are a good Yo-Yo player yourself, then you can start by doing a Yo-Yo performance. Then, let your kid so it, too.

24. Black Wooden Domino Blocks Set

Black Wooden Domino Blocks Set

Aside from being a fun game to play, playing Domino can also teach your child to learn about hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and creativity. That is what makes this Black Wooden Domino good to be given as a thoughtful gift for your little one. 

Being a game that you can’t play alone, you can also make this a way to gather everyone in the family together. Therefore, you can have some quality time at home. Do make sure you keep of the time while playing. Yes, it’s that fun!

25. Unique Wooden Dog Russian Nesting Dolls Toy

Wooden Dog Russian Nesting Dolls Toy

These unique toys of Nesting dolls are not just cute and fun to play with. Plus, these are also adorable to be placed inside your child’s room as decorations. If your child is an animal lover, especially dogs, then we can almost be certain that having these nesting dolls as a gift will be the perfect thing to do.

With some cool and funny expressions, we’re pretty sure your kids will be entertained while doing their homework. It can also be a nice toy to play when the kids need a short break in between school tasks.

26. Novelty Wooden Colorful Spinning Toy

Novelty Wooden Colorful Spinning Toy

Sometimes kids can be so tight up to their smartphones, especially in the digital era like today. Also sometimes, they forget about how fun to play outside with traditional and classic wooden toys like this spinning top.

So, why don’t you remind your child about the excitement of playing outdoors by giving your child this colorful wooden spinning top. It will be a super fun toy to play with outdoors. Plus, the toy comes in many color options, which will be an exciting toy to play with friends.

Final Thoughts

Playing is part of children’s daily activities. By playing, they can also learn so many things and it is important to allow kids play toys that can can be beneficial for their personal development. There are many choices of wooden toys that can provide kids with the element of fun and education. One of the best things about wooden toys is undoubtedly the fact that the materials are durable and totally harmless.

Choosing to give your kids some cool and unique wooden toys is a great idea. You can choose to give them individual toys to play alone and trigger their creativity. You can also get a toy that involves teamwork like a wooden domino toy. Your pick!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are wooden toys good for babies?

Yes! Wooden toys can most definitely be safer for your baby. You may have heard of BPA and PVC, two chemicals both commonly found in plastics. There is BPA, PVC, or phthalates in wooden toys making them a great choice for parents looking to avoid chemicals.

What is the use of wooden toys?

The wooden toys help enhance the learning and development abilities of your child. They can help your child learn about the different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and much more. This helps in building decision making skills, problem making skills, and understanding the cause and effects of situations.

Why are wooden children’s toys so popular?

Because they promote creative play–and teach cause and effect. The toy market is saturated with flashing lights, vivid colors, screens and loud noises. Features like these offer immediate gratification for young children, but they also tend to shut down opportunities for problem-solving and imaginative play.

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