Eau de Space: NASA-Inspire Fragrance That Lets You Enjoy The True Smell of Space

Have you ever imagined the smell of outer space?

I have never, obviously. Well, I have never been to outer space, and I’m pretty sure most people haven’t either. So for me, it’s just impossible to imagine what it smells like.

But I changed my mind when I found out about a new fragrance that offers a smell of space. It triggered my curiosity and to be honest, I was really surprised knowing that someone actually had the idea to create a perfume with a smell of space.

Smell of Space
Eau de Space: NASA-Inspire Fragrance

The fragrance was called Eau de Space and it was one of Kickstarter’s crowdfunding campaigns. The campaign successfully gained funding from more than 12,000 backers, so it was pretty big.

But since the campaign was completed in 2021, the product is already out in the market today and I was able to purchase it on the marketplace. 

Eau de Space Perfume First Impression

This is a scent like no other. That was basically the first thing that came to mind when I smelled the fragrance. My advice, don’t expect the smell to be something like your Chanel, Dior, or Aigner perfume, because it’s not that kind of perfume, no.

Since I have no clue of what the space smells like, I didn’t know what to expect at first. 

After some time of smelling the scent, I must say that Eau de Space has a pleasant metallic sensation, unlike most perfumes I know. It’s like a burning metal that perhaps feels like the smell of a rum of burnt almond cookie.

Some reviews also mentioned that it smells like sweet welding fumes, brake pads, and even gunpowder. For me, it was a surprising scent, a scent that I never thought anyone would ever create. 

Smell of Space
Eau de Space Perfume First Impression

The fragrance was nicely packaged inside a slim rectangle glass bottle (100ml), wrapped with a carton box that has a unique image of Astronaut on the front side. On top of the image, it’s written Eau de Space using a casual font, which is pretty unique for me.

The glass bottle also features the Astronaut image on the front, which I think comes as some kind of logo of the brand or product.

Unlike other perfumes or fragrances that we often see, this Smell of Space has a cute and creative packaging, especially with the Astronaut image on the packaging. It has a fun look yet still shows a clean and sleek touch, especially with the elegant glass bottle. 

The Science and Story Behind The Scent

Thanks to my curiosity, I decided to surf the web to find out the story behind this Smell of Space fragrance.

I discovered that decades ago, NASA asked some specialists to create a “Smell of Space” to specifically train astronauts and make them feel familiar with the smell of space, before they actually go there. The objective was to make sure the astronauts won’t get any additional surprises in space.

Well, I agree since the zero gravity and weightlessness are too much to bear already don’t you think? Especially for the first timer. 

Smell of Space
The Science and Story Behind the Scent

Back then, upon returning to earth some astronauts described the smell of space as something like gunpowder, rum, fruit, seared steak, or a BBQ. Some even described the smell of space as something like burned cookies. So, scientists had to find out the specific scent that smells like all the above.

Can you imagine the level of difficulty they had to face? 

But the creator of this perfume was pretty persistent when it came to making a perfect smell of space since they found the actual fragrance maker in the UK who created the smell of space based on a request from NASA many years ago.

Therefore, since the scent was already approved by NASA, I think we can be sure that the scent is pretty similar to what space really smells like.

Longevity and Projection

Now let’s talk about the longevity of the perfume. Just like other perfumes or fragrances we know, longevity is one aspect that determines the quality of the product. The longer the smell lasts, the better it is.

As for the Smell of Space perfume, I believe that we will never find other outer space fragrances out there, at least for now.

Based on my experience, the longevity of this fragrance is pretty good. It’s quite powerful in fact, you can still smell it from across the room. 

1. Projection

This fragrance has a unique aroma that makes it unique. Using it as your daily body fragrance might not be recommended, but still highly do-able especially if you like the fragrance.

An Extraordinary Aroma
An Extraordinary Aroma

As for me, I like to wear it to allow my friends and family to actually smell it on me. It’s fun to use something out of the ordinary sometimes, and who would have guessed that you can actually feel the astronaut scent experience on earth, right?

2. My Experience of Its Longevity and Projection

My experience has been satisfactory. It’s just so fun for me to be able to somehow imagine the smell of space with a specific space-inspired fragrance in a bottle.

I sprayed some amount of the Smell of Space fragrance the other day and the smell lasted from early morning to about noon, without me having to add more sprays in between. I received no weird comments from the people around me so far.

After all, who can say no to the smell of a BBQ?

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Unique Selling Points of Eau de Space

Of course, the smell of space! While other perfumes and fragrances are racing to become products with the best scents that offer sweetness, masculinity, sexiness, or elegance, the Smell of Space fragrance offers the scent of meteorite-inspired aromatics.

So, in my opinion, that is clearly the one and only main selling point or Eau de Space.

1. Unique Aspects of “Eau de Space” Perfume

The Eau de Space is unique by default since the name of the product is Eau de Space, which already describes that it does smell like space. To be honest, I was interested to purchase the product because it offers the smell of space.

Unique Aspects of “Eau de Space” Perfume

Since it’s no longer possible for me to become an Astronaut, then at least I am able to have a little touch of space through this fragrance’s cosmic aroma.

2. Innovative Elements

Being a fragrance with an unusual scent, I think I need to compliment the maker since they have a brilliant and out-of-the-box idea to produce Eau de Space. No wonder why this fragrance received positive feedback from so many backers on Kickstarter.

3. My Personal Thoughts

Eau de Space is more than just a fragrance. It is something that allows us to have a peek of the smell of space. More than just a fragrance or perfume, I also think that this product can make a great learning tool as well.

The outer space and galaxy is an exciting subject that most students love. Based on that fact, don’t you think the subject would be more exciting when the kids can smell the actual scent of space?

Eau de Space
Eau de Space

As for the price, it’s very affordable since you can get it for around $49. You can purchase the product on several marketplaces including ebay, and you can also order from the official website of Eau de Space

Is Eau de Space Truly Out of This World?

Yes, definitely. Well, not in the sense that it can actually take us out of this world. But in my opinion, Eau de Space is the nearest thing on earth that can take us out of this world.

So, if you want to know whether I recommend this product or not, the answer would be yes. I highly recommend this fragrance for those of you who love the masculine type of scent, and also for those who love everything about outer space. 

Eau de Space Perfume Pros and Cons

Innovations are something that I love. I have to admit that, I have always been amazed by how people can create new unique products that we have never imagined before. Take the Eau de Space for instance. It’s a cool and innovative product that offers something different than the usual products we’ve been seeing in the market. But just like other new products, improvements are always needed, which leads to better-quality products. 

Based on my personal experience and review, here are some pros and cons of the Eau de Space, which I hope can give you a clearer reference on what to expect from the product.

1. Pros

  • Unique Scent
  • Clean and sleek packaging
  • Able to be used as a learning tool at schools
  • Affordable price

2. Cons

  • The scent is not really ideal for daily use
  • The box packaging is a bit thin

3. Pros and Cons Objectively

All in all, I think Eau de Space is something unique to have, since I don’t think there will be another perfume with a list of notes like this anytime soon. 

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Final Thoughts

So, to conclude my review, I would highlight the unique aspect of the Eau de Space fragrance, which is the scent. The scent might be different from other fragrances and perfumes we know, but that is actually the uniqueness of this product.

It provides us with a glimpse of space through its scent, and it was a recreation of a scent developed for NASA. The smell tends to be on the masculine side, but basically men and women can wear this fragrance. 

I do recommend you to get one of the Eau de Space for yourself and experience a touch of space like no other. Plus, I would also recommend you to share your experience and hope it can inspire others to do the same. 

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