The Modular Bottle: A Versatile Water Bottle for Your Every Need

In today’s society, I think having our own tumbler or water bottle has become a necessity. Personally, I can’t leave home without carrying my tumbler along inside my bag. It’s like the ultimate drinking solution for me, which is also very friendly to the environment.

Instead of buying new bottled water each time I feel like having a drink, it is much easier and more convenient to carry my own tumbler. It is actually a simple act towards protecting our environment from the excessive use of plastic.

I have had several tumblers already, and each has different features that I love.

My last one was pretty awesome since it has a large capacity but very light in terms of weight. It fits inside my bag perfectly and It has been my water intake companion for around a year or so.

modular water bottle
The Modular Bottle

However, being an item that I constantly used almost everyday, it has finally given up on me. Yes, my dear tumbler was broken, to the fact that I cannot use it anymore.

I went on the search for a new tumbler online, and I found a very interesting tumbler to become my new drinking solution on-the-go. It is called TMB or The Modular Tumbler, which is a modular water bottle and it was actually a Kickstarter project that received a lot of positive comments with  a high number of backers.

I ordered one already and now I am impatiently waiting for the tumbler to be shipped to me.

Before I can share with you my honest review about the product, I will first share a sneak peak review based on what I learned from the web about this tumbler. So, scroll down to find out more!

Product Overview

The Modular Bottle has a cool and sleek design which I think very suitable for active individuals who spend most of their days outdoors or always on-the-go.

For me who prefers a backpack for everyday use, I think this is a modular water bottle with a perfect diameter to fit inside the side pocket of my backpack. I also hope that it also has a perfect size for a comfort hand grip.

To be honest, I used to think that it’s just another sport tumbler with standard features, just like other sport tumblers we often see out there. But when I found out some of the advantages of this bottle, I started to think that this might be the one water bottle that I need right now.

modular water bottle
The Modular Bottle Overview

In terms of features, some of the best features include the glass interior, a cool insulating exterior, four different caps, a secret bottom compartment, a tea infusion, and a long list of accessories that make it a unique and customizable liquid storage.

Well, it sounds like a cool water bottle to have, don’t you think? A long list of features is actually the main reason for me to think that it’s time for me to switch to a modular water bottle.

However, as the name suggests, it is called the Modular Bottle, and I was kind of trying to find out more about the modular aspect of this product. This bottle offers many variations of caps or covers, making sure it can be used for any situation.

In the package you will get four caps and each cap will come very useful for different conditions and situations.

Design and Functionality

The Modular Water Bottle comes in several main components. There is an interior made of Borosilicate Glass that claims to be durable and easy to clean.

The exterior comes as a case that functions as protection and insulation for your beverage inside the glass interior. Being a modular drinking container, it also comes with four different cap variations, and each can be used for different purposes.

modular water bottle
The Modular water Bottle design and functionality

Among the product’s long list of features, there is one feature that interests me the most, and it’s the secret compartment on the bottom part of the bottle. It was meant for supplements, snacks or medicine, and I believe that no one would ever guess that the bottle has a hidden storage underneath.

Super cool!

So all in all, in terms of design and functionality I think the bottle deserves to be named as a versatile and eco-friendly modular bottle. It’s an all-in-one bottle for your every need.

Performance and Durability

Since it comes with an interior and exterior case, I do think it can keep your water or any beverage secure inside, and stay fresh for a long time, thanks to the exterior case that offers insulation purpose.

With extra security features, I do hope this water bottle can answer our needs for a leak-resistant modular hydration. Made of durable and high-quality materials, I’m pretty sure that we can expect durability from this water bottle.

Versatility of the Modular Water Bottle

The Modular Bottle seems like a versatile choice of water bottle that we can use for daily drive to work, workout routines at the gym, outdoor activities, etc. It looks cool in terms of design, and it comes in several attractive colors, too!

So, it is basically a water bottle for your every need.

modular water bottle
Versatility of the Modular Water Bottle

Also, since it is translucent, you can see the liquid inside clearly. You will be able to know how much liquid is left and when it needs refills, too. It will look crystal clear if you fill it with water.

But if you feel like having your orange juice, coffee, or tea on-the-go instead, then go for it, and you will be able to see the color of the beverage from the outside. Basically, this is a modular water bottle for any kind of beverage you like. Even better, you can also take your energy drink to the gym with this bottle.

Personal Experience with the Modular Water Bottle

I have noticed people are expecting to know when they can have the product delivered to their doorsteps. That includes me, of course.

Although I know that it’s just a water bottle, which is an item that we usually have plenty at home, I do expect a lot from The Modular Bottle. I am curious about how it performs, and I would also love to see how I can personalize it based on my needs and taste.

Personal Experience with the Modular Water Bottle
Personal Experience with the Modular Water Bottle

For those of you with kids who carry their water bottle to school everyday, you might want to check this modular water bottle as well. I do think it can be a bottle that keeps your kids’ beverages like water, milk, or juice stay fresh for hours. Not to mention that it also comes with a strap holder that is compatible with any strap you have.

Your kids will have the freedom to pick their favorite strap, and they will feel excited to show their new water bottle to their friends.

Comparison to Traditional Water Bottles

In comparison with other traditional water bottles. In my opinion the most significant difference is that The Modular Bottle comes with four tops that will allow us to choose the top based on activities, purposes, and taste. While most water bottles only come with one top, this modular water bottle offers an option for customization that I think comes as a plus point.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

I believe that we all need to do what it takes to save the planet and environment, and one of the best ways to do that is by reducing the use of plastics. Back in the days, we were able to see that people were drinking bottled water uncontrollably.

We might have already seen how plastic waste can do so much damage to our environment, and therefore we need to be committed to reduce the use of plastics, including to start using reusable water bottles.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact
Sustainability and Environmental Impact

As for me, I have been using my own water bottle for several years now, and somehow it has become a habit that I plan on continuing.

Aside from being one of the eco-friendly aspects of my life, using my own reusable water bottle makes me feel a lot safer, too. It is a lot more hygienic and healthier, too. So in terms of the product’s sustainability and environmental impact, I do think the product has passed the test.

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Maintenance and Care

Since The Modular Bottle has a large opening on top, we should have no issue cleaning it. In fact, easy-to-clean is actually one of the best features of the product that was mentioned on the product’s Kickstarter campaign page.

Since the interior is made of glass, we can easily treat it the way we treat our glasses at home. It stays neutral no matter how many times we use it, unlike plastic bottles that can get a bad smell after a number of uses.

The glass is protected by the exterior case, making it durable while at the same time making sure the interior glass is insulated. It promises several points such as a guarantee that it will last for years, it does not alter the taste of drinks, and it can handle both cold and hot beverages.

Pros and Cons

In terms of pros and cons, I might be able to give you more reviews after I have the bottle in my hand. But I do have something that I wish can be better that what The Modular Bottle is offering at the moment.

From the beginning, you might notice that I was sharing so many advantages that this modular water bottle has to offer. While we love everything about the bottle, I do have a thing or two that I wish the creator can improve from the product.

Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons

For instance, I hope the secret compartment can be a bit bigger than it actually is right now. With a larger compartment, perhaps I can put two pieces of cookies, or a handful of M&M’s, maybe?

Comparisons with Other Hydration Solutions

Compared to traditional water bottles or hydration solutions, this one comes as a fresh air in the form of sustainable hydration options that also features versatile design for those active and fun individuals. Being a modular water bottle, it comes with four caps that include the following caps:

1. Flat Cap

Suitable for those who want to have a sip without having to unscrew a cap. This cap also accommodates the use of straw.

2. Classic Cap

For those who are simple and prefer to just screw the cap to open the bottle, this one’s for you.

3. Sport Cap

This one features an easy open and close cap, suitable for exercise or to go to the gym.

4. Industrial Cap

For the fashion conscious people, this cap would be your favorite cap for sure.

So in terms of function, this modular water bottle offers way more than the traditional water bottles are offering. You can easily change the appearance of your bottle in seconds, simply by changing the cap.

In fact, you will be able to purchase additional accessories, too. In my opinion, some of the most recommended accessories to have include a reusable straw, a tea infuser, fruit infuser, and very soon extra insulation sleeve. You can get the bottle and the accessories from The Modular Bottle’s official website.

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Conclusion and Recommendation

Based on my review that was based on my personal online research, I can conclude that The Modular Bottle can be the answer to everything I need from a water bottle. It features an inner glass interior, a cool insulating exterior, four different caps, a secret compartment, easy-to-clean, and several other advantages.

I am able to recommend this product to you since it offers convenience while being the solution for your daily water intake. Plus, I also think it will be the perfect eco-friendly water storage in a way that prevents you from using plastic bottled water everyday.

So, let’s wait and see until I finally get the product delivered to my doorstep, and I might write another review article based on my personal experience.

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