25 Unique and Funny Couples Halloween Costumes for Ha-Ha Duos

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to prepare the best costumes! If you are planning on wearing a couple costume, whether it’s with your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, siblings or friend, make sure you pick funny couples Halloween costumes that will make you both the stars of the night.

Among so many choices of Halloween costumes, funny costumes will always be one of the most favorite options. Although Halloween is all about horror and spooky stuff, we strongly believe that the funny costumes will always win the night.

Some of the funny costumes are inspired by movies, while some can be inspired by video games or simple common things around us. Basically there is no limit when it comes to funny couple Halloween costumes. The memories of you wearing some funny and crazy Halloween costumes will remain, and perhaps you might even want to put the photos on a frame.

We believe you will be smiling from ear to ear whenever you see the photo. A very good idea, don’t you think?

Why Choose Funny Couples Halloween Costumes?

While there is no specific rule on how to pick your Halloween costumes, we surely think that spooky and funny costumes are the most recommended themes to pick. However, why not try to pick funny costumes this year? It is a theme that has limitless ideas and recommendations, plus it usually attracts people’s attention at Halloween parties as well.

You probably see so many celebrities competing every year to show their Halloween costumes and make their costumes as the best of all. But do you realize that more and more celebrities are starting to wear funny costumes for Halloween? It becomes even more popular as couples costumes since people can be more expressive if they wear as a couple.

However, choosing the most suitable couples Halloween costumes can be challenging, especially if this is your first time. So we have come to the rescue by providing you with a list full of funny couples Halloween costumes that will give you some ideas and recommendations. Let’s start scrolling!

Movie-based Funny Couples Costumes

Ever watched a movie and thought, ‘That’d be a hilarious costume with my significant other!’? Welcome to the club! Dive into our compilation of movie-inspired couple costumes that are not just iconic but laugh-out-loud worthy.

Ready to be the dynamic, cinematic duo at your next costume bash?

1. Gru and Vector Costumes from Despicable Me

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad)

This set of costumes are inspired by the famous animation movies, Despicable Me. One of the most popular villains in the Movie is called Vector who wears an iconic orange training set. Although Gru and Vector are enemies in the movie, we think you can make a nice duo of Gru and Vector in their iconic costumes.

For Gru, you can wear a black attire with a bald head and a long nose. As for Vector, wear an orange training set with a black-framed glasses, plus a big nose and a fat belly. 

We believe people will recognize you the moment you enter the room, and perhaps they will immediately ask for a selfie with you both.

2. Funny Scooby Doo Couple Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@homestylingbymaya)

Scooby Doo is one of the most popular cartoon movies and stories of all time. Even until now, the characters of Scooby Doo are still popular, including among the young generations, too. Based on that fact, we highly recommend you to pick these Scooby Doo-inspired costumes with your loved one.

Your boyfriend can be Shaggy and you can be Velma. We believe that everyone at the Halloween party will recognize you right away. However, if you have a furry friend at home who is a dog, then we also recommend you to carry them along and play as Scooby-Doo!

3. Barbie and Ken Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@Withhouna)

Barbie is undoubtedly one of the most successful movies in 2023. Although Barbie is actually a play doll, the decision to turn Barbie into a movie turns out to be a brilliant idea. The movie was amazing and it also includes some of the most iconic Barbie and Ken’s costumes that we think will make one of the funniest funny couples Halloween costumes.

Take these cool skating costumes, for instance. We think it would be fantastic for you and your boyfriend to wear matching Halloween outfits to the party. The colors are so bright and neon-ish, and make sure you wear the rollerblades to complete the look.

4. Hotel Transylvania Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@thebigberyl)

Who doesn’t love Mavis and Johnny? Everyone who loves Hotel Transylvanie must love this cute couple for sure. Mavis is a sweet Dracula girl who falls in love with a human boy named Johnny, and the two make a perfect duo with their iconic costumes, too. So, if you are thinking of becoming Mavis, then you can ask your significant other to be Johnny.

The costumes are pretty simple to find and you might even find them in your drawer and wardrobe. However, you might need to get a pair of black and red striped leggings since you just can’t let Mavis go out with a pair of those stockings, ever!

5. Twilight Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@gws)

It’s time for Jasper and Alice to go out and have fun. After all, Halloween is undoubtedly the best occasion for them to go out without being seen as vampires, right? If you are feeling a bit thirsty on Halloween, then how about becoming this duo?

This set of costumes comes with basketball shirts, basketball caps and also the bat that will remind everyone about the day when the Cullens fought the Volturi. Also, make sure you both put on some pale makeup to be more convincing, and don’t forget to wear your wigs, too!

6. Titanic Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (oprahdaily.com)

The tale of Titanic needs to be celebrated on Halloween, and you can do it by wearing these hilarious and funny couples Halloween costumes with your bestie or boyfriend. But no, the costumes are not Jack and Rose’s costumes. They are actually the ship and the iceberg! Yes, you heard it right!

We believe that it makes these costumes one of the funniest options to pick. Your boyfriend can DIY the edge of the ship and wear it as a vest and put on the ship’s chimney as a hat. While you can set up some papers in white and wear it as a dress to make it look like an iceberg. It’s funny and it’s easy to create!

7. Up! Couple Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (oprahmag.com)

If you want to show the world how much your significant other means to you, even at a Halloween party, then we have the perfect choice of costume for you both. If you remember the movie Up, then we believe you remember how sweet Ellie and Carl were.

Based on that fact, we think it would be a great idea for you to become Ellie and Carl and wear these adorable costumes that will make the sweetest duo at the party. Also, do make sure that you wear a wig that describes Ellie’s gray hair and put on a black suspender on your boyfriend, plus add some gray hair to his hair, too.

8. Back to The Future Halloween Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@dajih)

Dr. Emmet Brown and Marty McFly are an iconic duo that we all love, even until now. With their iconic attires, we think it would be an amazing idea if you and your boyfriend can become them at the upcoming Halloween party.

Your boyfriend can be Dr. Emmet with his white suit full of his tools and accessories, and you can become Marty with a red vest and a pair of blue jeans. However, you need to make sure that you have crazy white hair because no one will notice that your boyfriend is Dr. Emmet Brown without his crazy hair.

9. Toy Story-Inspired Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@unitedafstore)

Woody and Jessie are inseparable. Woody is a true cowboy while Jessie is a true cowgirl, and they both wear similar attires and of course, similar wide cowboy hats, too. As one of the animation movies that has a huge fan base, we think it would be exciting if you and your boyfriend can become Woody and Jessie.

You will need to prepare the cowboy jeans, shirts, vests, boots and hats, and make sure you pick the exact colors of the attires that Woody and Jessie wore at the movie. Moreover, in order to complete the look, make sure you braid your long hair, because you ain’t no Jessie without her braided hair.

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Last Minute DIY Funny Couples Halloween Costumes

Tick-tock, the Halloween clock is counting down, and you’re still sans costume? Fear not! For the duo that loves a dash of humor and a sprinkle of creativity, we’ve curated a list of last-minute DIY costumes guaranteed to tickle the funny bone. No need for elaborate preparations or a hefty budget. Just a bit of crafty flair and a love for chuckles.

Get ready to snag the spotlight and a few hearty laughs at your Halloween gathering!

10. The Liberty and The Tourist Costume

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@anapalombini1)

The first idea of this last minute DIY funny couples Halloween costumes category is this out-of-the-box costumes for you and your bestie or significant other. But to be honest here, we truly believe that the Statue of Liberty and tourists are just inseparable, don’t you think?

One person can be the Statue of Liberty with a torch, a pile of books, and the crown, and the other person can become a tourist with  a camera, a backpack and of course, a pair of sneakers. Also, make sure the tourist is wearing a t-shirt that says “I Love NY” because no New Yorkers are wearing it. Only tourists wear it.

11. The Scary Movie’s Iconic Duo

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Instagram (@shorter_in_person)

Next up we have this cool set of costumes that you have probably never thought of before. This is a DIY set of costumes that were inspired by the villain character and an annoying reporter from the scenes of the Scary Movie.

To become an annoying journalist, you can wear a set of green formal attire with a blazer and a skirt, and also a matching pair of shoes. Then, your partner can wear a black robe, which we believe you can easily find at home, and add the iconic mask to complete the look. Also, make sure you carry a wireless microphone, because a reporter just can’t live without one.

12. Road Workers Costume

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (gutsyfeeling.com)

This one idea is a perfect idea for a couple who is currently expecting! No, we don’t come up with something complicated or uncomfortable for you, but we come with something that will be super comfortable for you to wear, and it is called the Road Workers costumes. Even better, you can easily find the items for the costumes at home.

The costumes include two pairs of jeans and two white shirts, plus two pairs of boots. However, since this set of costumes is called the Bump Ahead costume, you will need to add two construction workers’ vests and helmets. Also, make sure your husband carries the Bump Ahead road sign, to let people know that there is literally a bum ahead.

13. DIY Slinky Dog Couple Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Instagram (@boredpanda)

Here we have one of the simplest DIY funny couples Halloween costumes for you to pick. Since time is ticking, you might want to check this idea since it is super easy to create using the stuff you have at home.

You can just wear a pair of black pants and brown shirts, and create a sling that connects the two of you together. Also, make sure the person on the front wears a pair of dog ears and a nose, and the one in the back wears a tail. We have no doubt, no one will be able to separate the two of you all night long, thanks to the sling.

14. Home Alone Villains Costumes

Home Alone Villains Costumes
Source: Instagram (@boredpanda)

We know we hate these two, but we also feel pity for them because of what Kevin did to them. Well, bad guys will always be bad, but we might be able to make an exception for you, because it’s Halloweeb after all. You and your pal can be the bad guys in Home Alone, but since you need to make them look funny, you will need to include the scars and broken jackets, too.

As for the costumes, you can search inside your wardrobe because they are pretty basic winter attire. However, for the scars and stuff, you can wear something like your mom’s lipsticks or some feathers to add a dramatic look to your appearance. And no, Kevin won’t be around, don’t worry.

15. Tinder-Inspires Costume

Tinder-Inspires Costume
Source: Pinterest (@stephaniemaan)

If you and your boyfriend met on Tinder, then perhaps you can create a set of costumes based on how you met. It’s easy and a perfect last-minute kind of costume, there’ no doubt about it. All you need to create a frame, two frames to be exact, and make them look like the frames displayed on Tinder.

Write the word ‘Tinder’ on top of each frame, and you can put them on as if your face is actually showing inside the frame. As for the clothes, you can wear anything you like, but we do recommend that you both wear matching outfits.

16. Instagram Filter-Inspired Costume

Instagram Filter-Inspired Costume
Source: Instagram (@couplehalloweencostumes)

Nowadays, people can use Instagram filters to create a more beautiful and stunning look, and sometimes, you can also fool people online since in reality, you might look a bit different compared to the filtered version of you.

If you are looking for something unique for the upcoming Halloween, you and your partner can choose to be those two versions; one of the filtered version, while the other one is the real and actual version of you. It will be hilarious, because you must be the pretty one and he must be the real one. People will be launching when they see you both enter the room.

17. Poop Costumes

Poop Costumes
Source: Pinterest (@dajih)

Ok, we think that this next idea is a little bit gross, but hey! It’s Halloween and it’s only once a year, so we think an idea like this toilet+poop set of costumes will not be a bad idea after all, right?

You can create the two items, which are the poop and the toilet seat using cardboard paper, a thick one that is, and create a hole for you to put in your heads through the holes. We believe without a doubt, people will fall in love with your DIY costumes and they might want to take pictures with you, too!

18. Oreo Costume

Oreo Costume
Source: Pinterest (@dajih)

Just like Oreo, some couples also find it hard to be away from each other. If you feel like wanting to be near your significant other during Halloween, then you might want to check out this cool oreo set of costumes.

You can print or draw two gigantic Oreos on papers and wear them as a backpack. Then, wear a white top or jackets to make them look like the inner part of Oreo. Now since this you both need to form as one Orea, make sure you stay close to each other during the night, ok?

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Classic Funny Couples Halloween Costumes

Every Halloween, amidst a sea of witches and warlocks, some couples stand out with their hilariously classic costume choices. Tapping into the nostalgic charm of iconic pairings, they bring smiles, chuckles, and camera flashes their way. This year, why not dive into timeless humor with a partner by your side?

Get ready to embark on a journey through some of the most amusing and classic funny couples’ Halloween costumes!

19. Baywatch Classic Costume

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Instagram (@halloween____costumes)

When you see red swimsuits, we believe that Baywatch comes up in your head, right? Now if you see this couple wearing red swimsuits, we believe that you will instantly think of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Well, you’re not wrong for being that way, because many people are the same.

Since Baywatch and its casts were so popular back in the days, we believe that it would be a wise decision to become the iconic duo this Halloween. You can also add some funny accessories to highlight the funny elements such as life vests or life buoys.

20. The Iconic Avatar Couple Costume

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Instagram (@halloween____costumes)

We know that it’s hard to spell or mention the names of the characters in Avatar, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t become them on Halloween, right? Being one the most classic costumes, we think you can be different by painting your body in blue. Since you’ll be blue, we’re pretty sure no one will overlook you at the Halloween party.

You can add some accessories like a pair of glasses or perhaps some ethnic necklaces to complete your look. It’s funny and unique at the same time, and we believe many people will envy you for sure. However, you can think about how to remove the body paint later, just enjoy the night and have a great Halloween party with your friends!

21. Mr. and Mrs. President Couple

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@bysophialee)

How about becoming the funny version of Mr John F. Kennedy and Mrs. Jackie Kennedy? We would definitely say yes to that! When it comes to classic and funny couples Halloween costumes, we just can’t forget about this dynamic duo. You can wear a formal pink set of a blazer and skirt, and your partner can wear a suit with a hairstyle that looks like John F. kennedy.

Imagine seeing you both make an entrance by waving your hands elegantly, as if you are Mr. and Mrs. President. People will definitely be smiling and love the idea of the costumes for sure. And one more thing, make sure you don’t forget to wear the iconic hat, because you will look even more like Jackie Kennedy with that hat on your head.

22. Mr. and Mrs. Addams Costume

Source: Pinterest (@unitedafstore)

Since it’s Halloween, we believe that it’s still mandatory to include Mr. and Mrs. Addams in the list. As we know already, they might have scary looks and appearance. But inside, these two are so kind and sweet, although their daughter may not be too kind though, still.

However, these costumes will always be a hit on every Halloween, so we just can’t seem to see this list without these iconic costumes. You just need to prepare a long dress and long black hair, and also a set of black pants and white shirt with a black suspender for him. To add a funny element to the costume, don’t forget to add the Thing T. Thing on his shoulder and carry it wherever you go.

23. Mario and Luigi Costume

Mario and Luigi Costume
Source: Pinterest (@accessorygenie)

Mario and Luigi will always be one of our favorite classic couples of all time. In fact, the duo is one of our favorite video games of all time! Therefore, we believe that this next idea will still be attractive to you.

You can become Mario and Luigi in their iconic and colorful costumes, plus in their colorful trucks, too! To create a funny touch, you ‘wear’ the trucks by using a rope and hang them on your shoulders. Then, you can add several balloons on the back of the trucks to make you look as if you are flying. Adorable!

24. Grease-inspired Costume

Grease-inspired Costume
Source: Pinterest (cosmopolitan.com)

Grease is without a doubt one of the most favorite classic musical movies, which makes John Travolta and Olivia Newton John as one of the most favorite on-screen couples. If you are one of those fans of Grease, then we believe that you need to consider these costumes as the next Halloween costumes.

The costumes are simple since all you need to prepare is all-black attire from head to toe. The hair, though, needs to be styled to make it look like the movie. You can also add some twists here and there to add that funny element to the look. We believe without a doubt, you and your partner will be one of the most classic-looking couples at the party.

25. The Famous Bonnie and Clyde Costume

The Famous Bonnie and Clyde Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Joanaavenue)

We know Bonnie and Clyde are a criminal couple, but we also know that they are also a stylish couple who always look good and stylish on screen. Being such a classic couple, we think this Halloween might be a good moment to become these two stylish criminals.

You can wear your mafia-themed attires and then add some accessories to complete the look. However, since funny is the touch that we are aiming for, let’s not forget to add some funny accessories such as a plastic gun or unique headpiece to make people smile when they look at you.

Tips for Enhancing The Funny Couple Look

The key to great costumes is not only the costume, but also the accessories, hairstyle, and makeup. There are many types of characters, even countless, so there are different characteristic features that we need to really pay attention to, in order to be all out in whichever character we choose to become.

Nowadays, you can search for accessories and hairstyles for different costumes pretty easily, but still, you will need to make sure those things look good on you. However, since we are now specifically discussing funny elements and humor factors from costumes, then it is necessary to make sure your costumes have that element.

Also, if you completed all the costumes and additional accessories, it is time to also make sure you adjust your upbringing by acting like your character does. Once you master all that, we have no doubt you and your partner will be the star of the night, and perhaps, win the best costumes award!

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen some cool recommendations and ideas on the best funny couples Halloween costumes, there are some things that you need to consider before you make your decision. You need to choose the perfect costume for you and your partner, and make sure you highlight the funny elements and humor factors from the costumes that you pick.

And last but not least, don’t forget to have fun with your costumes, because that is what Halloween parties are all about. Well, aside from the horror and spooky factors, that is. Also, we would be happy if you can share some unique stories and experiences after you wear your funny costumes on Halloween. So, make sure you share your stories!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you choose a funny couples costume that’s also comfortable for all-night wear?

You can choose funny couple costumes that you are comfortable wearing. Pay attention to the fabric, materials and also the accessories included. Choose costumes that have soft and light fabric, and make sure they are not too tight and not tool loose either.

Since you will be wearing your costumes all night, don’t wear heavy costumes and accessories. Accessories that are too heavy can feel too much to carry, so you need to be selective in choosing the accessories for your costume.

How do you choose a couples costume that’s both funny and relevant to current events or pop culture?

You can choose costumes that are inspired by today’s iconic TV couples or recent movie duos. Also, you can choose characters based on comic books and latest TV series like Stranger Things, they can provide you with major inspo from so many characters that we see on TV.

How should you care for and store your costumes after Halloween?

You need to make sure that you always store your costumes in a sealed or garment bag inside the wardrobe. Also, make sure to avoid places where mold can appear and in direct sunlight.

This will ensure your costumes stay fresh and clean until Halloween comes!

Can you rent a funny couple’s Halloween costume instead of buying it?

Yes, you can rent a funny couple’s Halloween costume instead of buying it. There are plenty of costume rentals available, both online and offline, that offer various types of costumes for couples at affordable prices. You can search online to find costume rental near you and contact them directly to ask about the costumes that you are planning to wear for Halloween.

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