20 Best Spots to Exploring Fall Activities in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the most recommended cities in the country to visit in the fall. The weather is perfect and there are so many things to do there. Philadelphia has a bounty of activities and events to enjoy during the fall season. So, are you currently looking for fun and affordable activities for you and your family during the fall season in Philadelphia? If you are, then you have come to the right page. Philly is full of extraordinary events and activities that are perfect for the entire family. From educational and cultural attractions to outdoor activities, there’s something to do whatever kind of day you’re having.

Whether you’re looking for a great place for a walk, a new spot for dinner, or something fun to do with the kids, we have it all right here. Below, we have created a list full of the most recommended and most favorite things to do and places to go in Philly during the fall season. So, let’s start scrolling and get ready to be inspired!

Is It Worth Going to Philadelphia in the Fall?

Of course, going to Philadelphia in the fall is totally worth it. There are numerous fun and exciting activities you can think of, from indoor educational activities to adventurous and scary ghost-hunting experiences. Philly offers so many sites to explore. On top of that, the city also has various fall festivals you can join, which will give you long-lasting memories.

BEST Ways to Enjoy Fall Activities in Philadelphia

1. Old City Sightseeing

Going on a walking tour is definitely one of the best ways to experience all that Philadelphia has to offer during the fall season. Several tours are available and each offers a unique perspective of the city. One recommended tour is provided by Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours, which offers you a 90-minute walking tour through the old city of Philadelphia.

This tour allows you to experience historic sites such as Independence Mall, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and also the President’s House, along with local favorite market streets. They are open daily; tickets are only $32 for adults and $21 for children under 10.

2. Dark Philly Adult Night Tour

See the dark side of Philadelphia by joining the Philadelphia adult night tour to uncover Philly’s R-rated sites and stories. From vampires, pirate ghost ships, haunted attractions, torture, and executions to the red light district, we believe this tour is the perfect adult-themed activity to channel the Halloween spirit during fall in Philadelphia.

Uncover Philly’s darkest secrets and listen to spooky stories narrated by professional guides who are professors or teachers in history and folklore. You can get tickets for only $30 per person. However, do keep in mind that this tour is for adult-only and not suitable for kids.

3. Get Artsy at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a must-see attraction as it is full of exciting exhibits, sure to entertain visitors of all ages. They keep changing the exhibitions regularly, so if you visit the museum at different times, you will get a different experience.

Moreover, the museum also offers an educational program for kids under 12, which in our opinion will bring the kids’ artistic ideas to life. However, bear in mind that each event’s exhibition ticket varies, so you need to check their event calendar beforehand. Also, the art kid classes ticket is available for $200 per child.

4. Take a Walk at Fairmount Park

If you’re looking for outdoor fall activities to experience in Philadelphia with friends or family, why not go for a walk in Fairmount Park? As you probably know already, Fairmount Park is the largest park in Philadelphia, filled with beautiful gardens and historical landmarks.

With more than 2,000 acres of rolling hills, gentle trails, relaxing waterfront, and shaded woodlands, Fairmount Park offers a variety of activities, including cycling, horseback riding, historic mansion tours, outdoor concerts, and traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Best of all, you are free to enter this park all year long.

5. Explore Endangered Species at Philadelphia Zoo

If you’re looking for an exciting kid-friendly activity during Philly fall season, look no further than the Philadelphia Zoo. Considered one of the best in the country, the zoo has a variety of exhibits that will captivate you, from the rainforest exhibit to the lion and tiger habitat.

We recommend you to check out the new 4-D movie theater while you’re there. Explore endangered species worldwide, as well as interactive demonstrations about science and other educational activities. Tickets are only $16 for kids and adults, but it is best for you to book a reservation prior.¬†

6. Please Touch Museum

Looking for a substitute for snow activity for kids in Philadelphia before the winter hits? We think you might want to head over to the Please Touch Museum. This interactive museum is geared toward kids, but in our opinion, adults will have just as much fun playing with the exhibits.

Admission is free for kids under 4 and only $19 for non-members. PTM is open Monday and Wednesday-Saturday from 09:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. and Sunday from 11:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Online reservations are required.

7. Franklin Institute

Franklin Institute is filled with fun exhibits that will keep the little ones entertained for hours during fall in Philadelphia. This museum is dedicated to science education and has many activities for visitors of all ages. We believe you can enjoy their current exhibition that is scheduled every year, as well as other attractions such as planetarium shows.

The admission ticket varies depending on the time you choose to visit, but you can get a cheaper ticket if you book a group visit for only $28 for a school group and $34 for the general adult group.

8. Explore Underwater Life at Adventure Aquarium

If you are looking for fall activities in Philadelphia that are totally unique, then you should visit Philly’s newest attraction, Adventure Aquarium. The Adventure Aquarium is one of the most popular kid-friendly attractions in the city. From fun shows to exciting animal experiences, it’s a great way to spend the day exploring the wonders of marine life.

However, we suggest that you plan ahead to get your hands on one of the tickets. The general admission varies, starting from $28,99 per person, and you’ll see over 15,000 aquatic animals in one of the top 8 aquariums in the US.

9. Join Philadelphia Fall Festival

No matter what you choose to do, make sure to check out the Philly Fall Festival. It is an annual family-friendly event usually held in late October that was initially created over 30 years ago under the name Halloween and Harrisburg.

Aside from this festival, this city also has several festivals that we believe will also be worth visiting, from Harvest Festival, Honey Festival, Fringe Festival, and Mushroom Festival, to Philadelphia Fall Art Fest. Also, most festivals are free to attend, with pay-as-you-go food, beverages, and other goodies and merchandise. Super fun!

10. Play at Smith Playground & Playhouse

Another great fall activity to experience in Philadelphia is visiting Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse. It’s an interactive playground with exciting adventures like giant slides and climbing walls. You can also walk through Longwood Gardens, with over 1,000 acres of gardens and woodlands to explore.

We have no doubt, visiting the place will be a beautiful way to spend a fall day outdoors during the fall season in Philadelphia with the kids. Located in East Fairmount Park, playing in this park has become a favorite fall activity for children under 10.

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11. Meet Elmo at Sesame Place

While discussing kids’ activities, make sure you remember Sesame Place. This family theme park comprises rides geared towards young children and plenty of character meet-and-greets. Undoubtedly, your kids will have a lot of fun in this park by joining activities, including having a meal with Elmo and having Captain Cookie’s pirate feast.

If you ask us, we would say that this is definitely the place to go if you are looking for a fall travel activity in Philadelphia for your entire family. Tickets start from $49,99 for one day visit, but you can get cheaper deals for group visits.

12. Explore the Magic Gardens

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do solo, we recommend you to consider exploring the Magic Gardens on South Street. This is a unique outdoor art installation with an ever-changing collection of mosaics and sculptures. During the fall, prices are super reasonable, making it an excellent way to spend one afternoon in nature.

If you have your eyes on artsy things to do in Philly, then we have no doubt this is the place to visit. You can join various events, enjoy the exhibitions, and get some goods at the shop. The tickets are relatively affordable, with only $15 for adults.

13. Halloween Nights at Eastern State Penitentiary

Now, if you want unique fall things in Philly and are interested in experiencing the Halloween spirit, you can join the Halloween Festival at Eastern State Penitentiary. You’ll join an immersive experience with more than five thrilling haunted houses inside a real abandoned 10-acre prison.

In addition, you can also opt for a historical tour, enjoy live entertainment, and get some drinks at the themed bars and lounges. Located at Fairmont Avenue, you must book your ticket before the events. Tickets are usually available to purchase from June every year.

14. Paranormal Investigation at Pennhurst Asylum

Want to get a real ghost-hunting experience? Then look no more, because you should join the Overnight Paranormal Investigation at Pennhurst Asylum. You can investigate spirit activities at all for floors of the asylum as well as underground tunnels.

Investigations will begin at 08:00 P.M. and run until 02:00 A.M., and you are allowed to bring your own investigation tools or use the tools they provide. Bear in mind that this is an actual ghost-hunting activity; investigators should be at least 18 years old. The admission ticket varies starting from %50 per person.

15. Philadelphia Film Festival

Moving on from the scary fall activities, Philly also has the Philadelphia Film Festival, which is usually held in October. As a world-class film festival, PFF is a notable film festival presenting, on average, 100 films annually.

We personally love this event because here, you’ll get to be involved in original movie screenings from talented movie makers around the world. The tickets are also very affordable, with only $ 17 for regular screenings. You can book your ticket any time during the year to secure your spot.

16. Lincoln Mill Haunted House

Lincoln Mill Haunted House is Philly’s haunted attraction with a production-quality set supported by professional actors, animatronics, props, and special effects. The experience is designed to be super scary and therefore, it is a must-do activity in Philly Falls.

The event runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday through October into the first week of November. However, if you prefer a less scary experience, you can join their daytime scavenger hunt on Saturdays.

17. Pumpkin Picking at Linvilla Orchards

Pumpkin Picking at Linvilla Orchards

Linvilla Orchards is located in Media, about 30 minutes south of Philadelphia and 20 minutes north of Wilmington. You should visit their farm market and treat yourself to fresh produce, baked goods, and handmade candies. You can also visit their garden center if gardening is your hobby.

However, the most exciting thing about this place is the pick-your-own feature, where you can pick the farm product yourself. It means you can pick your own pumpkin during the fall season. In our opinion, this is one of the best spots to visit with the kids. The place is open daily except during the winter.

18. Elevate Your Street Food Experience

Elevate Your Street Food Experience

Good news for foodies who want to elevate their street food experience. Among all events, we highly recommend you to attend the Philadelphia Street Food Festival. The family-friendly event usually takes place in October, featuring the best food trucks in the city. Best of all, the foods are cheap at only $5 each or less. Moreover, you can also enjoy live entertainment and other fun activities, including crazy eating challenges.

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19. Halloween After-Hours Party at the Museum of Illusions

Halloween After-Hours Party at the Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusion is home to fantastic exhibits providing an engaging visual through a series of optical illusions. The museum offers guests a mind-bending experience and hosts experimental events such as Halloween after-parties during the fall in Philly.

With beats played by well-known DJs and various drinks to enjoy, we believe you can explore the museum with an enhanced experience. General admission tickets are around $24 for adults, but special event tickets might have different pricing.

20. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Get Lost in A Corn Maze

The first corn maze was built in 1993 and ever since, it has been a tradition in Pennsylvania. Based on that reason, we recommend you to experience the maze game while in Philadelphia. Plus, it is safe even for children. And if you want a more thrilling adventure, we suggest that you go in the nighttime hours.

Cherry Crest Farm is one of the places you can visit for a corn maze adventure. It is voted the number 1 corn maze in the USA, so we can assure you that experience is good. It is located at Cherry Hill Road, and the tickets are available only during the season.

Final Thoughts

Philadelphia is one of the best cities to visit in the fall. It offers so many fun and exciting activities, plus some of the best ghost-hunting activities in the country. If you up for some exciting horror and ghosty activities, Philadelphia is definitely the place to go. From a visit to a haunted house, paranormal tour, to Halloween Festival celebration, the city has it all. Moreover, it also the home of so many exciting festivals for you to visit with the family, including the Fall Festival, Harvest Festival and Honey Festival. So, ready to enjoy the beauty of fall in Philadelphia?

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What activities can kids do in Philadelphia in the fall?

There are countless activities kids can do in Philadelphia in the fall. Playing with their peers in Smith Playground & Playhouse is an option. They can also join the art class to enhance their artistic ability. They can learn about history in the museums and even get to know the marine creatures at the adventure aquarium.

What is a fun fall activity in Philadelphia?

All fall activities in Philadelphia are fun. For adults, you can try the adult dark night tour or join the after-hours Halloween party. Not to mention that you can partake in a real ghost-hunting experience if you are into scary adventures. And sometimes, pumpkin picking with the whole family is the best way to enjoy fall.

What fall activities can you do with your boyfriend in Philadelphia?

You can join the walking tour through Philadelphia Old City. Mark your way and create a beautiful memory through the historic sites and landmarks. You can also go to the Philadelphia Film Festival and watch the year’s best movies. If you want a more humble experience, take a walk at Fairmount Park or get some food at the street food festival.

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