20 Winter Activities in Colorado for Your Next Cold Season Getaway

Are you planning to have some fun in Colorado this winter? We know you’ll have a lot of fun since you can indulge in many winter activities in Colorado. From unusual ski adventures to ice fishing, this city is an ideal destination to spend your day off during the snowy season. Even if you are not adventurous, we can assure you that Colorado still offers plenty of attractions that allow you to have lively winter days and nights.

With so many activities and events to join, your winter holiday in Colorado will never get dull. So, if you are planning on having a winter trip to Colorado, say no more! Get your winter boots laced up and your coat ready as we list the best things to do during the Colorado winter months below.

Is it Worth Going to Colorado in Winter?

Yes, it will be worth it to visit Colorado in the winter. From mountains to frozen lakes, it is one of the world’s cities with breathtaking winter views. It also has countless snow trails you can explore by hiking, fat biking, or snowmobiling. Also, Colorado also has numerous campsites with direct access to outdoor snow activity. And remember the fun of apres ski parties.

What Are the Worst Winter Months in Colorado?

The worst winter months in Colorado are vary each year, but on average, the second half of December is the coldest period during winter. So, it is recommended for you to consider this if you’re planning outdoor adventures that rely on the weather. When the weather is too cold with snowstorms, you may not be able to participate in some outdoor activities such as snowkiting and ice climbing.

BEST Winter Activities in Colorado

1. Heli Skiing At Silverton Mountain

Of course, you can go skiing in other parts of the world where there is snow, but skiing in Colorado should be more exciting if you choose a helicopter ski adventure. Unlike other ski spots that offer ski lifts to take you to the top, we have to say that the Silverton Mountain offers a more unique and memorable experience by taking you to go skiing with a helicopter ride.

Located at 6226 State Hwy 110, Silverton, the helicopter rides are available seven days a week, and you can afford the experience with only $184 for a single helicopter run. In addition, you can also choose other options, such as six helicopter runs to maximize your heli-skiing expertise, or even rent a private helicopter for $12.990.

2. Walk the Historic District

Besides breathtaking mountain views and thrilling adventures, Colorado is also home to dozens of historical sites. Therefore, if you are looking for free winter activity in Colorado, we recommend you to can walk these historic districts and learn a thing or two about the past.

Take Leadville, for example. It is a 70-square blocks designated as a National Historic Landmark since 1966. With so many things to enjoy, we have no doubt a historical walking tour of downtown Leadville is an activity that you should participate in.

3. Immerse in Winter Light Display

We can assure you that this city will not disappoint if you expect a festive winter activity in Denver, Colorado. Denver has several large fireworks festivals, including Downtown Denver Grand Illumination, Parade of Lights, Zoo Lights, Blossoms of Light, and Mile High Holidays that you can enjoy with your loved ones. However, we need to tell you that every display gets new designs that take your breath away, so document them and make sure you enjoy every moment of it.

4. Taking a Backcountry Hut Trip

A trip and staying in a hut can be a fantastic winter family activity in Colorado. In our opinion, it is one of the best ways to experience the true magic of Colorado’s backcountry winter with the family.

You can do so much in one trip, including skiing, snowshoeing, and trekking. Also, the huts provide shelter to warm your legs after a fun winter adventure. In addition, Colorado Hut Association also offers a variety of huts as well as guided trips. But before you go, be sure to check out their website for huts availability, and remember to prepare all the gears you need to go on the trip.

5. Go on a Winter Hike

With so many things to enjoy during winter, Colorado has a lot of winter hiking trails that will satisfy your adventurous soul. Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most famous destinations, with fantastic hiking trails and beautiful Alpine lake views. Moreover, the difficulty level on this trail is still considered easy, so it is beginner-friendly and you can take your kids, too. However, you still need to be aware of the avalanche terrain.

6. Try Ski-mountaineering

Ski-mountaineering is a must-do winter adventure in Colorado for those already experienced and trained in skiing. This activity is more challenging and requires a higher skill set as it combines climbing the mountain and going down by ski.

The experience can be very tiring and energy-consuming, so if you are inexperienced, we would advice you to go easy and make sure you don’t force yourself. In addition, the Mountain Guides has classes for those interested in learning ski mountaineering. Courses are also available for different levels of difficulty, from easy to moderate. The class price varies depending on the difficulties and starts from $250 for easy to intermediate.

7. Toam the Trails with a Fat Bike

Fat biking can be your Colorado winter activity of choice if you are more of a wheel person. In our opinion, it is one of the most exciting winter activities in Colorado, especially because the fat bike is an innovation that allows you to bike in the snow.

The many fat bike communities in Colorado organize fat bike races you can participate in. One of the most famous ones is Cloud City Wheelers, which is located in Leadville and Lake County. They also organize fat bike events, including group rides to Wheelie Cool Art Gala. You’ll also meet people with the same interest and have fun riding through the beautiful snowy trails.

8. Winter Denver Adventure 

Rocky Mountain National Park will come on the first list if you want snow activity in Denver. If you plan on taking your family to enjoy some of the best winter activities in Colorado, make sure you visit Denver. However, Denver has so much to offer other than snow activities. You can visit the Molly Brown House Museum, where you’ll learn more about Denver and Molly Brown’s activism.

9. Scenic Horseback Riding

You can only leave Colorado after you experience horseback riding. For those of you who don’t feel like skiing, we highly recommend you to go horseback riding. Local stables and ranches offer various options for trail rides of varying lengths and skill levels, making it a perfect Colorado winter vacation for non-skiers.

Fantasy Ranch Horseback Adventures offers winter rides through the mountains and valleys. The breathtaking landscape will give you an unforgettable experience, and halfway through the ride, you can warm up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate.

10. Van Camping in the Winter Campsite

Winter camping offers a different experience from summer camping. However, winter camping needs more proper planning since you’ll be spending time out in the the snow. Being one of the most exciting winter activities in Colorado, winter camping needs a campervan. It is recommended for winter camping since it can better protect you from the freezing winter wind.

Colorado has several camping spots, including Colorado National Monument, where you can camp at Saddlehorn Campground, which features drive-in camping and direct access to hiking trails.

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11. Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides

In our opinion, sleigh riding will be one of the best winter activities in Colorado for kids. Golden Horseshoe offers scenic sleigh rides with arm blankets and hot cocoa in hand. To your excitement, the rides will take stops at the most beautiful spot to enjoy the view. Tickets are $65 for adults and %55 for kids for a 30-minute ride.

12. Winter Wonderland Night Walk 

A unique winter activity that Colorado offers includes a walk. However, this one is more than just a walk, Cherry Creek North offers a musical light walk under a million twinkling lights. The lights on the trees will twinkle according to a musical melody. Personally, we can really say that it is a beautiful experience, as if you are in a real wonderland. And best of all, you can participate in this event for free.

13. Snow Kiting on Frozen Lakes

Snow Kiting On Frozen Lakes

Snow and winter sports are the activities people look for when winter hits. No matter if you are a professional athlete or you want to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience, snowkiting is definitely a fun activity to consider. In addition, you can take a lesson from Colorado Kite Force if you are a beginner. With $199, you can join a two-hour class where you’ll get to learn from the very basics.

14. Downhill Snow Kayaking

Downhill Snow Kayaking

You may already be familiar with water kayaking, but what about snow kayaking? It is a unique combination of boating and skiing, making it the perfect blend for people who love both. The activity involves the power of gravity by the downhill route.

The snow needs to be firm enough to hold the kayak while also fluffy sufficiently so that kayakers can use their paddle. If you are a professional kayaker, we recommend you to participate in the Kayak on Snow Competition. The entry fee is only $40, but it is only for experienced kayakers. Meanwhile, if you have zero snow kayaking experience, we suggest that you go watching the race, promises one ice mountain of knowledge.

15. Huskies Dog Sledding Adventure

Huskies Dog Sledding Adventure

The Call of The Wild fans must have dreamed of going on a dog sledding adventure at least once. This non-skiing activity offers a different experience that we will remember for life. Moreover, you can also glide over snow trails with the help of a team of huskies in Colorado.

One of the places you can visit to book a dog sledding experience is called the Good Times Adventures. The fee is $160 per person, and you must book a reservation beforehand.

16. Ice Fishing at Frozen Lakes

Philadelphia Film Festival

Like the way you see it in movies, ice fishing is yet another unique winter activity in Colorado you must try. This city has countless lakes you can visit for ice fishing, such as Chamber Lake, Delaney Butte Lake, and Twin Lake. Head to Ice Fish Colorado to book your ice fishing trip. The trip price starts from $300 per person for a three-hour experience. Moreover, it can be a lot cheaper if you book a group trip.

17. Pump Your Adrenaline with Ice Climbing

Pump Your Adrenaline with Ice Climbing

The ice mountains are calling for brave souls to go on ice climbing. And if you haven’t tried ice climbing your entire life, then we think this is the sign to start taking courses and unlock a new skill.

Lake City Ice Park is a favorite ice climbing site among ice climbers, and you can ice climb here for free. It has three ice-climbing areas that are great for beginners and experienced climbers. Moreover, fire pits and warming huts are also available for you to rest in between climbs.

18. Snowmobile Tour Experience

Snowmobile Tour Experience

Snowmobile tours are perfect for you who love to roam the snow with raving engines. Colorado has many snowmobiling trail options for beginners and advanced snowmobile riders. Therefore, snowmobiling is one of the most fun winter activities in Colorado.

Grand Adventures provides snowmobile tours with different options you can customize based on your needs. In terms of price, it varies depending on your trip options, such as non-guided, solo, tandem, and so much more.

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19. Enjoy Apres Ski with the Locals

Enjoy Apres Ski with The Locals

One of the things to do in Colorado during winter is find the best apres ski spot. While all the outdoors and snow activities are fun, we have to say that the party has yet to start before we get to the apres ski Coloradans adopted from the French tradition.

In our opinion, going out, having drinks, and socializing with the locals are the best way to rest your sore legs. The Red Lion is a bar located at Vail Village that offers a warm and intimate ambiance. They also have live entertainment daily to accompany you while enjoying food from their menu.

20. Rest Your Muscles at Hot Springs

Rest Your Muscles At Hot Springs

And finally, after all the adventurous outdoor activity, we believe that there is nothing better than immersing yourself in a hot spring and letting your sore muscles relax. For that particular reason, Colorado has several mineral springs and geothermal pools surrounded by beautiful views.

Based on our experience, the Iron Mountain Hot Springs has hot springs enriched by healing minerals that are good for your body. The entry fee is $30 per person, and you can enjoy tasty treats after your hot bath.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know better about the most recommended winter activities in Colorado, there is no need to wait to plan for your winter trip to the city. Whether it’s a solo trip of a group holiday with your family and friends, spending winter in Colorado is an excellent idea. To make sure you enjoy the best of your time there, create a to-do list and make sure you add some of the most fun activities to do in Colorado from our list above. We can guarantee you will have a fun and memorable time in Colorado!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to do in Colorado when it’s snowing?

There are countless activities you can think of in Colorado when it’s snowing. From basic snow activities such as skiing to more challenging ones such as ice climbing, and even the entertaining ones like the apres ski socializing. This city has so much to offer during the winter season, and you can relax and enjoy the view if you don’t feel like going on an outdoor activity.

What activities can kids do in Colorado in the winter?

Dog sledding and sleigh riding are examples of winter activities kids will enjoy. They will get entertained and safely have lasting memories. Kids can also go to the winter wonderland light show. It will be great for their imagination and make a great memory that will last until adulthood.

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