20 Unforgettable Ideas How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday

A 30th birthday is a significant milestone marking a major shift in someone’s life. We no longer can say we’re still in our twenties no more. For most people, this transition can trigger some anxiety due to the anticipation of what is to come next. Yes, it can be scary since being more mature comes with more responsibilities.

However, turning 30 doesn’t always mean losing all the fun. You can be thirty and thriving. This is your opportunity to step up and do what you meant to do all along. This is why a 30th birthday is a moment worth celebrating in a particular way. To help you get ready for the incredible years to come, we listed the best ideas to celebrate your 30th birthday. Read along for the most unique and fun ideas you will always remember.

What Is The Symbol for A 30 Year Old?

There is no specific symbol representing a 30-year-old. However, this milestone is often associated with wisdom and maturity. In marriage, the 30th anniversary is symbolized by a pearl, but it is not the case on an individual’s birthday. However, you can still consider a pearl as a gift when someone turns 30.

Why Is 30 The Golden Birthday?

No, it is not. Golden birthday refers to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when the age meets the birth date. For example, if you were born on the 6th, your 6th birthday is your golden one. Therefore, 30 is the golden birthday only for those born on the 30th.

BEST Ideas How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday

1. Host A Masquerade Ball

Let’s start the 30th age strong with the most extra party ideas ever. A masquerade ball is a fancy thing we see in movies and TV shows, but we don’t always get the opportunity to get invited. So why don’t you take charge and do it yourself?

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Host A Masquerade Ball

How to host a masquerade ball:

  • Plan the party and book a venue. Also, decide on what the masquerade theme would be.
  • Send the invitations to the guest in advance. Ensure you give the guests enough time to prepare their masks and costumes.
  • Decorate the party venue with elegant birthday decorations according to the party theme.
  • Prepare a series of games and entertainment, including music, food, and drinks.

2. Retro Themed Party

Since the 30th birthday is a special milestone, it is a good idea to go back in time and see what’s going on in the year you were born. You can plan a retro-themed party, but not only retro; it is an excellent opportunity to highlight the best of the year you were born.

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Retro Themed Party

How to host a retro-themed birthday party:

  • Do thorough research on the year you were born. Highlight all of the essential aspects of that year, including the most popular music, songs, movies, TV shows, etc.
  • Plan the party according to the theme. Incorporate the different aspects from the previous point into the party plan.
  • Decorate the venue accordingly to get that throwback vibe.
  • Inform the guests about the theme and ask them to dress accordingly.

3. Limo Night Out

30th birthday parties may not be as festive as 17th birthday parties when everything was all fun and games. However, the 30th birthday is often celebrated in the most extravagant way marking the transition from a young adult to a more mature era. Hence, a limo night out is appropriate for the birthday party of your dreams. Since the limo seat is limited, you may want to celebrate this party only with the best people in your life.

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Limo Night Out

Here’s how you host limo night out:

  • Rent a limo according to your budget for the date.
  • Send the invitations to the guests.
  • Pick all of the guests with the limo and enjoy a night ride.
  • You can also provide champagne to pop in the limo to celebrate.

4. Cabin in The Woods

If you want to celebrate your 30th birthday with a private party, a cabin in the woods can be the best accommodation to choose from. It offers a more private and intimate atmosphere to celebrate with the closest people in your life.

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Cabin in The Woods

How to host a 30th birthday party in a cabin:

  • Rent a cabin that is large enough to accommodate all of the guests.
  • Prepare all of the necessary utensils, including plates and cups.
  • Prepare enough food and beverages for all of the guests.
  • Decorate the cabin with party decorations according to the theme.

5. Host a Game Night

When thinking of ways to celebrate a 30th birthday, we often think of something extraordinary to make a lasting memory. However, a good memory doesn’t always come with over-the-top parties. Sometimes, a simple game night will create even sweeter memories.

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Host a Game Night

How to host a game night for your 30th birthday:

  • Plan the party beforehand and send invitations to all of the guests.
  • Choose several games to play such as Dungeons and Dragons or Hues and Cues. The more the game option, the better.
  • Prepare food and beverages for the party.
  • Prepare gifts for the winners.

6. Party Bus Bar Crawling

Here’s how to celebrate a 30th birthday like you will be forever young and have all the fun. Why not rent a bus for a bar crawl? You can invite more people and have even more fun together. 

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Party Bus Bar Crawling

how to host a party bus bar crawling:

  • Rent a bus with enough seats for all the guests you plan to invite.
  • Plan the trip around the town with several stops at the best bars.
  • Invite the guest and inform them whether it will be a fancy party or a casual one.
  • Get everyone on the bus and have fun!

7. Rent a Yacht

Blow your 30th birthday wishes on the ocean. Why not? Isn’t it a unique way to enter the thirties? Here’s

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Rent a Yacht

how to celebrate a 30th birthday in a yacht:

  • Book a private yacht party service. It is usually cheaper for groups compared to single ticketing. The service usually already provides a selection of meals and beverages too.
  • Invite the guest and make sure to inform them about the party theme.
  • Get on board and enjoy an offshore dinner party!

8. Sushi Making Party

Your 30th birthday is an excellent time to try something new. Even though you and your friends may already enjoy delicious sushi, have you all tried to make it yourself?

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Sushi Making Party

How to plan a sushi-making party:

  • Be sure that everyone you invite loves sushi; otherwise, they will not enjoy the party.
  • Invite a professional sushi chef to guide you through the process, or go to a sushi bar providing a sushi-making class.
  • Prepare all the ingredients and tools needed if you plan to do it at home.
  • Get the party started and enjoy the delicious sushi you make yourself.

9. Hot Air Balloon with Champagne

If you plan to give your loved one a surprise 30th birthday celebration, a hot air balloon ride is something you can consider. It is a romantic way to celebrate a milestone, and the birthday girl/boy will surely be happy about it.

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Hot Air Balloon with Champagne

how to plan a hot-air balloon birthday celebration:

  • Book a hot air balloon ride for the birth date.
  • Keep it a secret from the birthday girl/boy until D-day.
  • Take your loved one in the hot air balloon.
  • Surprise them with a gift and pop champagne up in the sky.

10. Paint and Sip

Dirty thirty is often used to refer to the 30th birthday. Now you can celebrate your special day in a dirty way but still fun and creative. Here’s all you need to do when hosting paint and sip: 

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Paint and Sip
  • Plan a creative party that involves art and delicious beverages.
  • Prepare art supplies, including painting kits, paints, and other craft materials.
  • Get the guests to take turns completing a modern art-style painting while sipping on the cocktails you prepared.
  • You may get dirty in the paint, but it is a fun kind of dirty that no one will resist.

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11. DIY Cocktail Party

Good drinks are definitely an aspect you can’t miss at your thirtieth birthday party. Why not make it the theme of the party instead? Here’s

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
DIY Cocktail Party

how to host a DIY cocktail party:

  • Prepare all the ingredients and tools you need to make cocktails, such as liquor, mixers, shakers, ice, glasses, and garnishes.
  • Provide a cocktail recipe book if necessary.
  • Let everyone come up with their own signature mix.
  • Get a testing party where everyone can get a sip of each mix.Prepare food and treats to eat with the cocktails.

12. Fairy Garden Party

Are there people who are into fairycore here? The fairy fantasy dream is one of the most unique and remarkable 30th birthday party themes you can choose. It is amazing and fun for creative souls who love living in a fantasy world. Here’s

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Fairy Garden Party

how to host the best fairy garden party ever:

  • Make invitations with the fairycore aesthetic, including dried flowers and wax stamps.
  • Inform the guests to dress up as a fairy.
  • Prepare a party spot, whether in a park or backyard. Make your own party decorations, including different kinds of flowers, butterflies, and maybe mushrooms.
  • Set up a sweet bar where you place cakes, cookies, chocolates, nuts, and beverages.
  • Sing and dance to celebrate life together with your fairy friends.

13. Beach Bash

A 30th birthday celebration can also be done under the sun accompanied by the ocean breeze. Yes, it is the right time to gather your closest friends at a beach party.

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Beach Bash

How to host the best beach party:

  • Plan ahead and research the best spot to host your party.
  • Prepare a beach tent so everyone can enjoy the party comfortably.
  • Create a playlist to hype up the guests.
  • Provide food and cold drinks.Don’t forget to host beach party games to liven up the party.

14. Casino Night

A milestone birthday party deserves to be celebrated in a flamboyant way. So what are you waiting for? Leave your busy life for a while and go to Vegas! Here are a few tips to get the best Vegas experience:

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Casino Night
  • Make an itinerary plan so you’ll know where to go among Vegas’s many attractions.
  • Set a budget and stick to it to avoid overspending.
  • Dress to impress but keep it comfortable.
  • Visit the iconic hotels and casinos, and catch a performance.
  • Take advantage of the bar’s and restaurants’ happy hour special offers.

15. DIY Craft Party

While for creative-minded people, a creative birthday party is something you can do to celebrate your 30th birthday. For instance, you can invite your crafty besties to a DIY craft-making party. Here’s how to do it:

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
DIY Craft Party
  • Provide a comfy space to do the crafts.
  • Prepare all of the craft supplies needed.
  • Get everyone creative and create their own art, crafts, or jewelry.
  • They can bring the craft products home as party favors.

16. Murder and Mystery Game Night

Murder and mystery seem like one of the most compelling adult birthday party themes for your 30th birthday. Therefore, you can celebrate your 30th birthday party most excitingly, especially if your guests love murder and mystery as well. Here are some

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Murder and Mystery Game Night

tips for hosting an immersive murder and mystery game night:

  • Pick a murder and mystery game according to your personal preferences. 
  • Decorate the space to match the game theme.
  • Encourage the guests to dress up according to the theme.
  • Assign the guests the game’s roles and ensure everyone understands the rules.
  • Remember to provide refreshments as the game goes on.

17. Hollywood Glam Party

Hosting a Hollywood glam party can be a fun and glamorous way to celebrate your 30th birthday that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Here are some

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Hollywood Glam Party

steps to help you plan and execute a successful Hollywood glam party:

  • Pick a specific era, such as the 20s, the 40s, or modern-day Hollywood, to guide your decor, music, and dress code.
  • Decorate the venue with Hollywood theme props to create a red-carpet atmosphere.
  • Create a playlist of popular Hollywood songs according to the era you chose.
  • Inform the guests to dress in glam Hollywood attire.
  • Play a movie trivia game and best dress contest.

18. Mansion Weekend Getaway

And, of course, if you want to feel like a true queen/king ruling a small empire on your 30th birthday, you can rent a mansion for a weekend. Here are some tips to follow:

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Mansion Weekend Getaway
  • Choose the mansion that fits your preferences and budget.
  • Read the rental agreement carefully to understand its policies and restrictions.
  • Prepare some activities to do during the getaway.
  • Invite your best friends and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime moment there.

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19. Fundraising Party

Celebrating the milestone while doing some good deeds for others is good. Instead of spending an enormous amount of money for a single party, you can consider a fundraising party. Here’s

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
Fundraising Party

how you do fundraising party:

  • Pick an issue or problem you want to help, such as education for girls or food for the homeless.
  • Invite the guests and inform them about the fundraiser so they can come to the party ready.
  • Gather donations while having normal party activities.
  • Send the money to those in need.

20. At Home Spa Day

There is no better gift other than pampering yourself. Even the most productive people need a breather and a space from work and life. Therefore, a spa day can be the perfect gift for yourself. Here’s

How To Celebrate A 30th Birthday
At Home Spa Day

how to have a spa day at home:

  • Gather all of your favorite skin and body care products.
  • Prepare a bath. Use a bubble bath with a luxurious smell to make it feel like a professional spa.
  • Light up some aromatic candles.
  • Play relaxing music and turn off your phone as you take your time to take care of yourself.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is special about your 30th birthday?

The 30th birthday is often seen as a significant milestone when someone starts a new life phase. In your 30th year, you usually already have better understatement regarding what you like and which life path to pursue. Therefore, it is when you feel like you have more responsibilities, but at least you have better clues in life.

What color represents your 30th birthday?

There is no exact answer for what color represents a 30th birthday. In some regions, green is associated with the 30th birthday because it represents growth and harmony. However, some also say burgundy, pearl, ruby red, and even black and gold is the color of the 30th birthday. Ultimately, the color choice for a 30th birthday can vary depending on personal preferences.

What is the theme name for 30th birthday?

Dirty thirty is a common term used for a 30th birthday celebration. However, if you plan for your 30th birthday, you can always pick themes such as Fabulous 30, Thirty and Thriving, and many more. Ultimately, there is no specific theme name for a 30th birthday, and you can always come up with your own ideas.

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