26 Vintage Toys Cars for Antique Lovers

Nowadays, vehicles have evolved to use electric engines. For instance, the Tesla model is a car that does not rely on fossil fuel to make it run. Despite this, many people still love old-school vehicles. Consequently, vintage toy cars have become an outlet that allows you to reminiscence. The items still enjoy high popularity, especially for the rare ones.

Vintage toy cars take inspiration from the 20th-century vehicles or older. Fans will always try to complete their miniature Mercury, Mustang, Porsche, and Volga collections. These iconic cars have become some sort of national identity. For instance, the Volga is identic to Russian.

Are Vintage Cars Worth Money?

Even the old slot cars right now are better than the vintage ones. The old slot cars are still worth money. Especially if your kids like it and you want to collect one of those vintage toy cars.

BEST Vintage Toys Cars

1. Hot Rod Car Sculpture

Hot Rod Car Sculpture

This vintage toy uses the Mercury car as its base model. The original vehicle came out in 1949. During that period, every garage has this car inside it. The old-school design makes this item a perfect gift for vintage toys cars lovers. The elderly people will also enjoy it. More so if they used to drive the car back in the day.

2. 43 Richard Petty Great Shape 80’s

43 Richard Petty Great Shape 80’s

This retro slot car is one of the most extraordinary vintage toy cars ideas that come to mind. The 1980s slot car is in great shape and ready to race anytime, anywhere. There is no tear in the miniature toy, which is a sign of proper care.

3. 1996 Tyco Toy Slot Car Racing Car

1996 Tyco Toy Slot Car Racing Car

There are many more slot cars that are ready to have a race among them. The 1996 model is also ready to grab the first place. If your kids want to have a car toy competition with their friend, consider this one to buy.

4. Jeep Willys MB Metal Model

Jeep Willys MB Metal Model

Jeeps are cool vintage cars. If you haven’t ridden this gigantic off-road monster, you can buy the vintage toys cars version as a starter. Initially, the military was the primary operator of this awesome Jeep Willys MB Metal Model. So, if you have family members that work in the army, you can give them this item as a gift. 

5. Vintage Dinky Toys Car

Vintage Dinky Toys Car

By looking at the outer appearance, you can deduce that this is an authentic vintage car model. Nevertheless, the dinky toys play vanguard cars are still in good condition. Even though it looks super old and rusty, many people buy these vintage dinky toy cars in online stores. Better grab it fast.

6. Vintage Thimble Drome Champion Metal Toy Car

Vintage Thimble Drome Champion Metal Toy Car

The vintage toy cars were made 62 years ago in Santa Ana, Calif. It misses the brake handle, exhaust pipe, and front grill, but the body is still in good shape. This item is the ultimate vintage toy car for antique collectors because of its super old age.

7. 1967 Mustang Ski Country Special

1967 Mustang Ski Country Special

Mustang is one of Ford’s creations. The car initially came out in 1964. However, these vintage toy cars use the 1967 model as their inspiration. The miniature old-school vehicle is an excellent gift for Mustang fans and automotive lovers.

8. Great Shabby Vintage Car

Great Shabby Vintage Car

This toy car looks old and scarred, a true mark of a genuine vintage toy. The toy car is quite big, and it can still work just fine. Just push the vintage toy cars, and it will run automatically. The cars have many repairs in the steer and wipers.

9. Soviet Car Volga

Soviet Car Volga

These vintage toy cars take inspiration from the original Volga model, which came out in the 1970s Uni Soviet. The exact type is M24-01. If you know some elderly who happen to have ridden this car, you should give this antique car as a gift. Also, it is a good memento for your Russian friend.

10. Car Model GAZ 21 USSR Model

Car Model GAZ 21 USSR Model

This car model is also inspired by Uni Soviet engineering, just like the Volga before. It is a miniature of the GAZ 21 USSR model. It is lovely to have these vintage toy cars in your collection, especially if you love the USSR’s model car.

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11. Polistil Slot Car McLaren Toy Car F1

vintage toy cars

Here is another rare slot car that you can collect. This black-colored car is vintage and a must-have, especially if you are a slot car lover. The toy is inspired by pre-2000 car models. You should buy it as a gift for your antique collector’s birthday.

12. Vintage Ichiko Japan Tinplate Ford Falcon Fire

vintage toy cars

After Europe, here come the vintage toys cars from Asia. To be precise, this model is initially from Japan. The model is based on the 1960’s car. It is perfect for someone who collects vintage Asian toy cars since this item can be shipped worldwide.

13. Vintage 1920’s Wyandotte Pressed Steel Sedan

vintage toy cars

Sedan in the 1920s is entirely different from the one being produced nowadays. The design and technologies have advanced significantly. For miniature car collectors, this tiny car is worth collecting. The orange paint of this vintage toy might attract people to buy it. You should not let your toddler play with this car because it is a priceless collection.

14. VTG NOS 70s Kenner  Car Ford Mustang Hustlin Toy Yellow

vintage toy cars

Mustang has produced many models over the years. This yellow Ford car is one example that came out in 1967. The yellow vintage toy cars version will be an excellent item to enrich your collection. The toy is in mint condition and suitable for vintage car lovers, especially if they ride a Ford car.


vintage toy cars

The blue cool-looking car uses the 1970s car as an inspiration. Unlike average vintage toy cars, this one can unleash a beam of light. You can turn the light on by putting the batteries in the car. So, the car is not just for collection because it can help if there is a blackout

16. Vintage Porsche Shell 23 Metal Red Toy Car

vintage toy cars

Like the Jeep and the Volga, the old-school Porsche is also one of the most famous vintage cars. For miniature collectors, these Porsche vintage toy cars are in good condition. Porsche lovers would be delighted to have this red Porsche car toy. Furthermore, Gin fans from detective Conan might also like the car since it is his favorite car.

17. Vintage Beetle Diecast Pull Back Car Model

vintage toy cars

Despite its small size, this vintage toy car is quite a favorite for many people. The tires are real rubber, and you can also open the door. The body of the vintage toy cars is made of alloy. It is an excellent gift choice for someone who loves vintage toys.

18. 1955 Chevrolet Two-Ten Townsman Red

vintage toy cars

Chevrolet is General Motors’s signature brand car. As you may have already known, the vehicle is from the USA, just like Ford. For collectors, the old school Chevrolet car model is the ultimate vintage toy. The original retro model came out almost sixty years ago. Vintage toy cars are great for gifts, especially for your friends who own an antique Chevrolet car.

19. Jettingbuy 1PC Vintage red Wind Up Racing

vintage toy cars

This reddish vintage toy uses iron for the frame. It is suitable if your kids want to hold a toy car race. They can see who has the fastest retro racing car. The toy is excellent for people who love red-colored vehicles.

20. 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge

vintage toy cars

The 1970 Pontiac is another car made in the USA, just like Ford. This greenlights vintage car model has tires that are made of rubber. The body uses a metal frame, so it will last for generations. Furthermore, the exterior design is very detailed.

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21. MPC 1974 Plymouth Road Runner

vintage toy cars

The 1974 vintage toy car is again inspired by the American car model. The actual Plymouth Road Runner is a mid-size car focused on performance. It was built between 1968 and 1980. Now, the toy car version is made especially for roadrunner car lovers. You can play with this vintage car with your kids and hold a race.

22. QBOSO Metal Antique Vintage Car

vintage toy cars

The car can remind you about Tom in the Tom and Jerry series when Tom is trying to impress his future girlfriend but ends up losing to a limousine. The old-style vintage toy cars have moveable wheels. Also, the bronze and grey color adds some unique old-school vibes to it. This vintage car is suitable to decorate your home.

23. 1927 Ford T Vintage Police Car

vintage toy cars

Have you ever wondered about vintage police cars when they were patrolling on the road back in the 20th century? The 1927 police car (before the second world war) looked like this. Just imagine the police car chasing after a thief or fugitives. It should be thrilling. If you have friends who love history and automotive, make sure to give them this as a gift to celebrate their birthday

24. Kinsmart Canary Yellow 1957 Chevy Bel Air

Kinsmart Canary Yellow 1957 Chevy Bel Air 2 Door Coupe

The yellowish metal cars will be an excellent addition to your kid’s toy collection. The miniature itself uses a car model from 1957s for inspiration. Buy all the sets and be ready to hold an old-school race between siblings. The mini-vehicle model is also suitable as vintage toy cars for collectors. It will be a nice present if they love light colors like yellow, vermillion, and orange.

25. Die-Cast 1963 Aston Martin

Die-Cast 1963 Aston Martin

Aston Martin is a car brand that hailed from the Great Britain. The car model is inspired by the 1963 version. Zinc alloy, engineering plastic, and rubber are the main components of these vintage toy cars. The high-quality miniature also has openable doors. 

26. 1955 Buick Century Diecast Vehicle

1955 Buick Century Diecast Vehicle

Maisto is one of the Chinese car brands. The brand is introduced by the May Cheong group. The car has steerable wheels and is made of plastic. Because of its rather large size, it is only suitable for teenagers and older.

Final Thoughts

Many people love toy cars and many also make them as collection items due to the countless models, types and colors. A toy car is a toy that has been around since many years ago, which why many collectors tend to hunt for vintage and rare items that can make a valuable addition to their collection. In this article we have a list of vintage toy cars that will be something worth having and collecting.

Some items on our list are very rare and super vintage like the Great Shabby Vintage Car, Vintage 1920’s Wyandotte Pressed Steel Sedan, and also the Vintage Thimble Drome Champion Metal Toy Car. For collectors, the more vintage the toy car gets, the more value they will have. So for collectors out there, make sure you check out our list and grab the most vintage toy car to add to your collection before it runs out.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which model vintage cars are worth money?

The answer to the question is relative, based on your taste. If you like an American car, vintage Ford cars should be your first option to buy, and it also applies to the Volga if you like Russian cars. In any case, the older and the rare it gets, the price will be pricier too!

What old cars are worth money?

Age like a fine wine. The older the car, the more money to be at stake or to spend. Therefore, the vintage 1920 Wyandotte pressed sedan cars are one of the vintage toy cars that are worth buying.

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