25 Creative Food Truck Ideas You Should Try

A food truck is a small food preparation business. Most of the time you will find a parked truck selling tasty and delicious food at the park or other outdoor spots. In terms of concept, food trucks are very different compared from standard restaurants, because they are essentially mobile restaurants. To attract more customers, food trucks generally apply creative decor and models to make it looks attractive and inviting. In addition, creative food truck ideas will gain publicity as an event marketing tool as well.

If you are going to start your food truck business and need creative and unique food truck ideas, then you come to the right place. In this article, we give you a complete compilation of the best food truck ideas. From simple and easy food truck design to unique and creative food truck design, we are sure these ideas below will give you more insights on what to do with your truck.

Let’s check them out now!

What Makes A Food Truck Stand Out?

You should use a unified brand with a recognizable logo. Decorate the whole food truck with unique colors that represent your brand and food product. If you have more budget, you can customize the shape similar to the food product. For example, if you sell hot dogs, you can create a hot dog shaped food truck.

BEST and Creative Food Truck Ideas

1. Boo-Yah Summer Food Truck

Creative Food Truck Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@roaminghunger.com)

Make your food truck stand out during the summer holiday with this idea. You should paint the whole food truck with the perfect sunset beach scene along with the palm tree and surfing board to radiate the fun summer vibes. Use word stencil to paint “Boo-Yah!!” wording and another description text.

It will be the most attractive and creative food truck idea in summer.

2. Hot Dog Shaped Food Truck

Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Imagine seeing a walking hot dog at the park! It would be a hilarious dream come for those who love hot dogs. To make your dream come true, you can use your creativity to decorate your food truck into a bread, plus the sausage and mustard on top.

This creative food truck design is inspired by the real hot dog shape, which you can use to sell real hot dogs. In our opinion, this kind of truck will be the center of attraction. It will be one of the best food truck ideas that resembles the real and eatable hot dog.

3. Delicious Hamburger Food Truck

Source: Pinterest (@thrillist.com)

We agree that hamburger made of food truck is one the best truck ideas. Turn your truck into a hamburger by recreate this super unique truck. We believe that your hamburger will become a lot more tempting after you decorate the food truck into a large and long hamburger.

It will make a unique and creative food truck, since you can see the mini hamburger come out from this “large” hamburger. By using your creativity, decorate each side into several layers of breads, patty, lettuce, onion, cheese and ketchup.

4. Creative Word Art Food Truck

Source: Pinterest (@99designs.com)

Suppose you have a large food truck but don’t know how to decorate it, don’t worry because we have the perfect solution for you. Utilize the blank space for creative word arts that represent how tasty your foods are.

You can also use customized word art stickers to decorate the whole space, which we believe will make the truck the most bizarre yet creative food truck idea you should try.

5. Little Food Truck with Charming Lights

Source: Pinterest (@thrillist.com)

If you are looking for easy food truck ideas, then you want want to take a look at this concept, especially when you only have a small food truck. We must say that this idea will come as a very suitable option to choose from.

You can start by using your creativity to add LED lights inside the truck, which will instantly create a homey and warm vibe. For a more inviting touch, don’t forget to place mirror stickers on the food truck canopy to give a spacious feel in your food truck.

6. Tiki Statue Food Truck

Source: Pinterest (@Nick Heiland)

Inspired by the Tiki statue sticker, you can paint the large caricature version of the status on your food truck. The amazing painting will be a creative food truck idea since some people believe it symbolizes power and also blessings. To make it look more attractive, we would suggest that you use colorful paints for flower garden backgrounds.

Moreover, you can also play with your creativity by painting the pattern of a bamboo window around the counter to bring the Hawaiian vibes around.

7. Day of The Dead Mexican Food Truck

Perhaps you are going to sell Mexican foods, we highly suggest that you try this creative food truck design for your truck. Make your food truck look more appealing with a large sugar skull from Day of The Dead wearing a sombrero hat and playing trumpet painted on it.

Furthermore, use your creativity to add creepy but attractive elements such as skeletons and roses, making it a creepy but creative food truck idea for Mexican dishes.

8. Bright Tosca Coffee Truck

Source: Pinterest (@Michael Morris)

With so many coffee trucks out there, you need to make sure that your coffer truck comes in a different and unique design to attract customers. Let’s talk about this one, for instance. This adorable coffee truck offers a sweet and elegant concept, which uses a bright tosca color that will make your truck pops among others out there.

Being a perfect concept, be all out with the design to make your small food truck stands out. As decor elements, you can decorate the cashier counter with small menu blackboards and some greeneries, too. Without a doubt, your truck will become one of the most creative food trucks ever.

9. Sports Tournament Poster Food Truck

Source: Pinterest (@designspiration.net)

In case you are going to open your food truck during a special sports tournament, then you can paint the whole area into the match of the day poster. You can request to paint the food truck in matching format with the poster.

We believe without a doubt that this kind of creative food truck design will attract sports enthusiasts to purchase some foods and drinks from your during the sports events. 

10. Koloa Underwater Scene Food Truck

Inspired by the amazing underwater view in Koloa, Hawaii, this next idea is probably one of the best creative food truck ideas for those who want to sell refreshing drinks or seafood dishes.

Paint the food truck with a large octopus that holds several sea creatures underwater, which will create an entertaining and refreshing visual for customers. In addition, make sure you don’t forget to place your special menu sign in front of the food truck.

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11. Cute Capsule Hawaiian Food Truck

Without too much painting or decor, we can still say that this adorable capsule food truck is definitely one of the most unique food truck ideas there is. Simply paint your food truck in navy blue, giving a large empty space to put menu posters and Hawaiian themed stickers on it.

In addition, you can decor the top of the food truck with your Hawaiian food brand, making it stands out from afar.

12. Colorful Large Ice Cream Truck 

Bring back the classic ice cream food truck into a large food truck with this creative idea. To recreate this idea, you can start by decorating your large white food truck with a painting of colorful awning and a large ice cream cone at the center. Then, you can draw several colorful little sweets and chocolates as the the background, making the design looks merrier.

After all, the more the merrier, right? Lastly, utilize the rest of black space for menu posters and other special promotions. Voila! You are all set for the upcoming food bazaar!

13. Homey Food Trucks with Mini Bulb String Lights

Homey Food Trucks With Mini Bulb String Lights

Let your customers enjoy their food near your food truck by applying this idea. In our opinion, this one is indeed a creative food truck idea that offers comfort for customers. Try to create a long order counter to give a spacious feel in your food truck, and continue by setting some chairs and tables in front of the food truck.

To create a more romantic ambience, you might also want to hang mini bulb string lights, which will light up the eating area as well.

14. Retro Style Black and Red Food Truck

Retro Style Black and Red Food Truck

For those who love elegant but easy food truck ideas, the retro style will be the best one. The two-toned food truck with black and red combination radiates the charming retro vibes. Hang some fairy lights around the food truck to add more glows.

To make this food truck becomes more comfortable for customers, you can also place a table with some chairs along with the outdoor food menu sign.

15. Pink Hot Dogs Food Truck

Pink Hot Dogs Food Truck
Source: Pinterest (@danielstratsblog.blogspot.pe)

When it comes to a fusion creative food truck idea, a pink hot dog food truck will definitely be an awesome concept. Show a little bit of feminine side in an elegant way by painting the whole hot dog food truck in pink.

Continue by adding little paintings of hot dogs, knives, mustard and other creative hotdog elements in black and white tones, balancing the feminine side. As a nice final touch, place your brand flag with the flag pole kit to make your food truck more lively.

16. Chic Purple Food Truck

Chic Purple Food Truck
Source: Pinterest (@thebalancesmb.com)

Suppose you use taro or purple sweet potato for your foods and beverages, then we would suggest that you try to paint the whole food truck in purple. Display some of the purple products on the counter, which will also add more decor in matching colors with the food truck. Also, don’t forget to place a large outdoor menu blackboard sign in front of the food truck.

We do think that this is definitely the most creative food truck idea, which has similar tones with the foods.

17. Elegant Black and White Food Truck

Elegant Black and White Food Truck
Source: Pinterest (@ruesterei.ch)

An elegant and masculine food truck design, you can optimize black and white paints for this idea. Use the black paint as the base color in your food truck, and then design the order counter area with some kitchen utensils and food ingredients images in white paint.

Place the menu blackboard in front of the food truck. In our opinion, this will be the most creative food truck idea for those who love masculine style.   

18. Colorful Doodle Art Food Truck

Colorful Doodle Art Food Truck
Source: Pinterest (@placesiveeaten.com)

As a creative food truck idea will look more impressive with colorful tones, this doodle design is a perfect theme you should try. Use your creativity and doodle stencil to create the doodle sketch before applying in your food truck.

This creative food truck design allows you to use colorful tones, making your food business look attractive and appealing for customers.

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19. Caribbean Food Truck with Warm Tones

Caribbean Food Truck with Warm Tones
Source: Pinterest (@thereefrestaurant.com)

Caribbean food trucks come with delicious foods, so they deserve a creative food truck idea. Inspired by the vibrant summer tones, use warm colors such as yellow, light green, light blue, and red to paint your food truck background.

Moreover, you can use spray paint with palm tree shape stencil to create colorful palm tree images, which will bring a Caribbean vibe around.

20. Hawaiian Shave Ice Food Truck with Surfing Boards

Hawaiian Shave Ice Food Truck with Surfing Boards
Source: Pinterest (@arockinice.com)

Create a refreshing feel in your shave ice food truck with this idea. The combination of purple and yellow colors make your food truck look stunning under the hot sun light. Decorate the small awning on the order counter with coconut coir to give a beach atmosphere in your food truck.

To add more summer feel, you can place a pair of surfing boards on the side of the food truck.

21. Funny Circus Food Truck

Funny Circus Food Truck
Source: Pinterest (@creativemarket.com)

Food trucks with cute graphics will attract more customers, they say. If that’s the case, then you can choose to have this funny circus food truck that is suitable for coffee, burgers, or hotdogs. The image of circus players in their bicycles will be an attractive image that makes more people come to your truck and buy your coffee. 

22. The Simple White Food Food Truck

The Simple White Food Food Truck
Source: Pinterest (@gettyimages.com)

This sweet, clean and simple looking food truck looks super adorable. The combination of white as the main color and elements of natural wood will create a nice overall appearance of the truck. If you are using the truck to sell coffee, burgers, or tasty croissants, then we are on your team.

You can also use this truck as a special truck that sells breakfast and coffee on the go!

23. Airstream Style Food Truck

Airstream Style Food Truck
Source: Pinterest (@defabrique.nl)

This one is probably one of the most unique pasta food trucks that you have ever seen. It comes in the shape of an airstream truck with its iconic silver color. The unique shape also comes as another element of uniqueness that will make people feel curious about your truck, inducing the dish that you are selling, for sure. 

24. Open Style Industrial Food Truck

Open Style Industrial Food Truck
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Try something new by recreating this open style industrial food truck to market your specialty menus. With wide-open windows you will allow your customers to see the inside of your food truck kitchen. Therefore, you need to make sure that everything is neat and in order inside, so people will be impressed by the cleanliness of your truck, and will be interested to taste your dish, too!

25. Classic Volkswagen Food Truck

Classic Volkswagen Food Truck
Source: Pinterest (@thesamba.com)

The famous Volkswagen can be transformed into a great food truck. If you happen to have an old Volkswagen in your garage, then you can turn it into a food truck that sells classic meals. Play with color combinations that will make your truck look attractive and stand out among other trucks out there. Add a colorful canopy, and voila! Your Volkswagen is now officially everyone’s favorite.

Final Thoughts

When you sell food and dishes using a food truck, you need to know that the food is not the only thing you sell, because you also sell the truck’s design and appearance, too! People will be more attracted to buy food from a food truck that looks attractive and different from others.

Therefore, make sure your truck is unique and one-of-a-kind. If you need some inspirations on the best food truck designs, make sure you check our list above, and be prepared to be inspired.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you make your food truck unique?

The best way to make your food truck unique is by decorating the visual appearance. Choose a distinctive and unique color that represents your food truck well. You can customize a specific painting on your food truck for the focal point. For more creative food truck ideas, please read the article above.

What is a good idea for a food truck?

At the moment, BBQ is the food truck dish that is most in demand. Tacos, burgers, hot dogs, desserts, and fries are just a few examples of foods that might be profitable if they are simple to prepare and serve in a local area.

How do food trucks attract customers?

You should promote your unique selling points which only your food truck has. In addition, strong social media presence can bring in new clients while maintaining the loyalty of your current ones. Increase your audience by being active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This will let people know where your food truck is every day and what you serve.

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