25 Cool Truck Accessories for Your Old Truck

A truck is a big and strong vehicle that you can use for various purposes. But what if you want to give some new touches to your pickup truck? or what if you feel bored with the same truck interiors for a long time? Well, you may need to think about some cool truck accessories, interiors, decals, or even DIY truck accessories that you can make your own. Sometimes when you get into someone else’s truck, you might also think about what gifts suit their truck best. Well, you have just found the right page because we are going to show you the list of cool truck accessories of all time, whether it’s for you or as a gift for your loved ones.

Do you have an old truck that you want to transform into a new one? Are you looking for cool truck accessories that give a different atmosphere than your truck? Or do you want to look for some gifts for another truck owner?

Be happy because here we have compiled some cool truck accessories that will make your old truck become a new smart truck, plus give a whole new experience for you driving your truck. So, be ready to explore and check this list out!

How Can You Make Your Truck Badass?

You can make your truck look badass by giving any black accent that can give a strong appearance to your truck. Even an old truck can look new and strong by adding some black accent here and there. We also recommend adding custom wheels that are tailored to your style and preferences.

However, you better choose polished chrome or matte black finish if you want to have a dashing appeal. In addition, replacing the suspension with the one that is intended for heavy-duty purposes is preferable. Also, consider adding step bars, tonneau cover, mud flaps, hood text, tailgate assist kit, seat covers, and an army-patterned trash can into your truck. You can see how badass your truck looks with those accessories.

BEST and Cool Truck Accessories

For people who are fond of the automotive world, polishing their vehicles is an art that can hone creativity. Besides the work they can show off, having a cool truck also gives satisfaction to the owners. Apart from making over the vehicles by changing the suspension, LEDs, or tires, they also generally consider cool truck accessories to adorn their babies.

Hence, we have curated some of the BEST and COOLEST truck accessories for you to take a look below!

1. Dash Camera

Dash Camera

Add this exclusive dash camera to your truck and record your amazing trip through your dash. You will get the same vision of you driving your truck in this dash camera. It can elevate your old truck to be new and more innovative.

Imagine if you could record whatever happened on the road you passed.  What if you can be a hero by recording a robbery or accident unintentionally? It must be great to have this dash camera in your truck.

2. Wireless Backup Camera System

Wireless Backup Camera System

Trucks, especially big trucks, have more blind spots than smaller trucks. It can sometimes cause a road accident when other vehicles unintentionally hit the blind spot and the truck driver cannot manage it.

For this kind of obstacle, you can add this wireless backup camera system to get the back and side view where the blind spots are usually located. Besides, having this accessory will enhance the function of your truck, making it one of the cool truck accessories we have on the list! 

3. Waterproof Car Trash Can

Waterproof Car Trash Can

Littering is not a good habit even though you are in your truck. You need a small bag in your car to put any trash you have instead of throwing it out through your truck window.

This waterproof car trash can will be an awesome truck interior that comes with a lid and storage pockets. It is not only functional but also cool, as it has a gray army pattern. You can store it in the baggage, just in case you need it anytime. Moreover, it will give a sense of badass truck into your beloved truck.

4. Truck Bed Inflatable Air Mattress

Truck Bed Inflatable Air Mattress

Do you have a regular time to go on a camp? Or do you enjoy going out with kids and pets once in a while? You need this inflatable air mattress in your truck bed that allows your kids to sleep and sit comfortably on it.

Camping can be a great experience for kids and it does not have to hurt their back lying on the ground. So, you better take this truck accessory, have a portable LED lamp, and fire your BBQ to make the most of the event!

5. Truck Bed Storage Box

Truck Bed Storage Box

Are you a space saver who is concerned about the little space on your truck that you can effectively use? Be mindful to utilize the small space on your truck bed cover for tools and small things you need for your truck by installing this truck bed storage box.

You also can store your fishing tools in it as you plan to go fishing with your truck. Then, store the storage under the chair so it won’t get messy. It is indeed a useful storage and accessory for your lovely truck. 

6. First Aids Box

First Aids Box

Complete your truck with these cool truck accessories that will come very useful anytime you need them. It is the first aid kit, which includes anything you need when an incident occurs.

Just grab your first aid kit and give the first aid steps to anyone in need. This small compact box will save a lot of space in your lovely truck and is really helpful anytime you need it, especially when you are in an emergency that needs immediate action.

7. Seat Covers

Seat Covers

Cleaning any stain on your truck’s seats can be a big deal. Especially when you bring children or pets along, cleaning your truck’s seats will be a daily requirement. You need cool truck accessories that are not only required for an aesthetic purpose but also a necessity.

These waterproof and stain-resistant seat covers will be your lifesaver. Forget the hard work to remove stains or any spilled liquid on your seat because you just need to wipe it up, give it some fragrance, and you’re all set! 

8. Cozy Seat Cushion Pad

Cozy Seat Cushion Pad

Prevent any pain that you can get from sitting for a long time in your truck by having this cozy seat cushion pad. Your tailbone will thank you a lot for having this because it will reduce any pressure on your tailbone while driving your truck.

It also allows you to adjust your sitting posture which will keep your backbone straight and comfortable. This cool truck accessory does not only make your truck look smarter but is also good for your health. 

9. Picture Air Freshener

Picture Air Freshener

Bad odor in your truck can be a big deal, especially when you drive your truck every day and have to smell it every time you are in your truck. You need this one of the coolest truck accessories that also has a wonderful function to refresh how your truck smells.

It is a picture air freshener that can be customized with your lovely picture. It is awesome to have your picture hanging in your dash, and smells so good yet nice to look at.

10. Air Conditioner Outlet Vent Decoration Strip

Air Conditioner Outlet Vent Decoration Strip

Are you bored with the default look of your air conditioner outlet vent? Do you know that you can customize it with any color you would like? Add your favorite color to your air conditioner outlet vent with decoration strips.

You can choose any single color you like or a rainbow color for your air conditioner outlet vent. But for those who want a dashing appeal, pick black or navy ones. Give a sense of colorful strips to your lovely truck with these decoration strips!

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11. Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Make your truck even smarter with this portable air purifier that would blow any odors, dust, and germs away. Your truck is not only smarter, but also fresher and healthier for you and your family.

Its slim design would save a lot of space in your truck and could bring a lot of benefits for you, especially in providing clean air when it is dusty outside. Grab this one of the coolest truck accessories into the front of your truck and get the advantage of having it with you!   

12. Hands-free Bluetooth Speaker

Hands-free Bluetooth Speaker

Enhance your driving experience with a hands-free Bluetooth speaker that can do anything for you. It can help you to call, play music and look for a map only by giving it commands through your voice.

It will be an awesome truck accessory to have, especially when you drive alone without anyone to help you with your phone. Attach it around the air conditioner section for a handy reach. Complete your cool truck accessories with this hands-free Bluetooth speaker right away! 

13. Door Lock Knob Pins

Door Lock Knob Pins

Does your truck still use the default door lock knob pins? Do you know that you can give blue color to your door lock knob and make it look awesome? These cute door lock knob pins are truck accessories that can give your truck a different atmosphere.

Besides, it features a modern appearance to attract anyone getting in your truck. The blue aluminum can elevate your old car into a new smart truck with just a small touch. Just make sure you tuck it tightly to provide extra security.

14. Truck Bed Lights

Truck Bed Lights

Give a little light to your truck bed, especially when you love going out at night with your truck. Looking for your stuff in your truck bed will be a lot easier when there are lights on it.

For that reason, we recommend completing your truck with these lighting kits that will be helpful for you. You can attach them to the roof to provide a wide length of light or near the door lock controls. But make sure you don’t block access to the controls.

15. Car Steering Wheel Tray

Car Steering Wheel Tray

If you find your restaurant destination is busy or you want to eat in your truck, this car steering wheel tray is a must-have accessory for you. You can install it on your steering wheel and you are ready to eat.

Besides eating, this tray is handy for arranging your laptop and other devices, like a mouse or mini keyboard. So, you can work anywhere in your truck. Grab this cool truck accessory and carry it wherever you go!

16. Car Mirror Decal

Car Mirror Decal

What do you expect when you are looking at your car mirror before going out of your car? Do you expect someone to tell you that you look good or you look amazing?

Well, make it into reality by sticking a car mirror decal, saying “You Look Good”. You also can customize it with any phrases you need to motivate yourself every day. You will surely get that confidence every time you look at your car mirror.

17. Portable Refrigerator

Portable Refrigerator

For you who love camping and traveling with your truck, you surely need a portable refrigerator installed in your truck. It will allow you to enjoy any cool drink on the way as well as during your camp.

Besides, you also can store your favorite fruits, even milk, for your baby. So, no more morning rush! Pack up your favorite drink into this portable refrigerator and enjoy your time with your truck and family. 

18. Cup Holder Coaster

Cup Holder Coaster

If you are a fan of iced drinks or cold beverages, you will need this coaster in your car cup holder. It surely helps you to catch any drips of your cold and iced beverages, so it will be a lot easier for you to clean your car cup holder afterward.

You surely need this accessory in your beloved truck and enhance your truck look and your life in your truck. Forget any old ways to clean your cup holder because these cup holder coasters will be your new hero.

19. Tailgate Assist Kit

Tailgate Assist Kit

Have you ever experienced your hands full of things, and you need to open your truck tailgate to put those things down? If yes, you definitely want to buy this cool kit.

Without a tailgate assist kit, opening your truck tailgate may injure you or damage your truck as well. You need a cool truck accessory that can give you a better experience with your truck. By installing a tailgate assist kit to your truck tailgate, it will control the movement of your truck tailgate.

20. Tonneau Cover

Tonneau Cover

The best-needed accessory for your beloved truck is a tonneau cover. It is necessary to prevent any unwanted strange things from reaching your truck bed as well as protect your belongings in it.

Besides, driving your truck with a covered truck bed will not cost you time to make it look neat. So when everything in your truck bed is messy, just cover it with a tonneau cover and that’s it. Finished.

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21. Step Bars

Step Bars

Trucks are usually higher than cars that need step bars to get into the truck. Otherwise, you may need to make more effort to get into the truck, or you may end up hurting yourself as you slip down the truck and cannot manage to get into it.

Thus, you need an accessory that can help you with this obstacle as well as make your truck look even more badass. Choose these black and oval curved step bars for your truck and see how badass your truck can be!

22. Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps

Prevent any mud and dirt coming up to your truck by installing these mud flaps behind your truck wheels. It will give you a lot of advantages, especially in minimizing any mud mess in your truck body.

It is one of the coolest truck accessories that may look simple but could change your life a lot. With black color, these mud flaps can also give a sense of strength to your truck and make your truck look badass.

23. Cargo Net

Cargo Net

Sometimes, putting boxes to store your belongings on your truck bed is not necessary. It is because you can put them in luggage or bags instead of boxes. But you need something to keep these bags in place and prevent them from moving offside.

Hence, a cargo net will be the best solution. It is one of the most flexible truck accessories you can have for your pickup truck that will hold your cargo together. And when you do not need it, you can store it in its zip bag and save a lot of space to store it in your truck.

24. Windshield and Side Windows Sun Shade

Windshield and Side Windows Sun Shade

Do you usually have to park your truck under the sun because there are no other parking spaces?  Do you feel uncomfortable getting into your car after it is parked under the sun because of the hot temperature?

Well, you can still protect the instrumental panels and maintain a good temperature in your truck by installing this sun shade on your windshields and windows. Besides, it will make an amazing addition to cover the windows at night when you have a camping, for example. Complete your truck accessories and enjoy your truck!

25. Customized Hood Text Decal

Customized Hood Text Decal

Put your name or any text you like on your truck hood by making a customized text decal. Make your truck seem badass and personalized because no one can do it like yours.

There are fonts and text colors that you can choose based on your preference. By having a hood text decal, your truck will seem awesome with your name on it. Make one of these cool truck accessories and drive your truck confidently!

Final Thoughts

For truck enthusiasts, giving them a makeover might be the most popular hobby. Besides painting and changing tire or exhaust styles, adding truck accessories is the right choice. Nowadays, truck accessories come in a wide range of options, enabling owners to experiment and explore their creativity in modifying their vehicles.

Although these tempting and cool truck accessories are available, it is important to remember to only purchase what is necessary. Having too many accessories can also make your truck appear cluttered and messy.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are cool things to add to your truck?

Cool things you can add to your truck are interior such as seat covers, exterior such as step bars, decals like hood text decal, useful widgets like trash can, and any DIYs you can make by yourself. The cool things to add to your truck should improve your truck’s appearance and well functionality for you and anyone getting in your truck.

The most popular truck accessory is the most useful accessory that can give you great advantages. Such as a tailgate assist kit, which can give you a safer experience when opening your truck tailgate, and step bars, which surely help you to get into your truck easier and safer. Another popular truck accessory is tonneau cover that can be folded into some pieces or rolled into one piece. You can choose your necessary accessories for your lovely truck. 

How can you make your old truck feel new?

Your truck will feel like a new truck by adding the most updated widgets and devices, such as backup cameras, dash camera, hands-free bluetooth speaker, air purifier, truck bed lights, and waterproof seat covers to give new colors to your truck.

New colors give a new atmosphere that can lead you to feel like you are driving a new truck. 

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