26 Cool Small Camper Van Interior Ideas that Feel Like Home

A camper van is an ideal way to explore the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort and style. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time traveler, having a small camper van is a smart choice as it provides the perfect balance of convenience and affordability. With a few clever interior design ideas, you can transform your small camper van into a cozy and functional living space. From storage solutions and seating arrangements to stylish decor, these small camper van interior ideas will help you create the ultimate road trip sanctuary.

Are you looking for fun, creative and affordable ways to make the interior of your small camper van stand out from the rest? If you are, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will explore a variety of small camper van interior ideas that will help you make the most of your limited space, and create a unique and cozy living space on the road. Let’s get started!

How Can You Make Your Van Feels Like Home?

You can start by adding a comfy bed and cozy linens. You can also bring along some decorative pillows and throws. Then, hang a few pictures or artwork that make you feel happy. Moreover, invest in a small area rug to add warmth and texture. Don’t forget to install some shelves or other storage solutions to help keep your van organized.

Is It Cheaper to Build Your Own Camper?

It depends on several factors, such as the materials used and the level of knowledge and skill of the builder. In some cases it may be cheaper to build your own camper, while in others it may be more expensive. In addition, DIY van conversions allow you to customize the van to any standards your budget will allow, which can save you a significant amount of money.

VW Camper Van Interior Ideas

The Volkswagen Camper Van has been a symbol of freedom and exploration for decades, and no wonder why. Whether you’re taking a road trip, camping in the wilderness, or just want to add some personality to your ride, there’s plenty of VW Camper Van interior ideas to choose from. From customizing the furniture to sprucing up the walls and floors, these ideas will help you create a unique and cozy space that’s perfect for your travels.

1. All White VW Camper Van Interior

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

One of the best ways to make your VW transporter look spacious is by decorating it in all white. Choose white bedding sheets and pillows for your bed area. You can also cover the interior layout with white color. Moreover, use white curtain for the window and wall, while on the floor, you can put a white rug. In addition, make sure you don’t forget to add fairy lights for this small van interior to light up your small space.

2. Minimalist Blue and Gray VW Camper Van Interior

Source: Pinterest (@dubteriors.co.uk)

When it comes to minimalist ideas about van life, you can combine neutral tones such as blue and gray. This small camper van interior idea is using blue and gray furniture, which in our opinion comes as a great color combo. You can build the storages in blue and attach them to the light gray wall. Moreover, you can also design the light gray bed and seats with a blue frame. We can assure you that it will give a neat and clean look to your VW camper van.

3. Vintage VW Camper Van Interior

Small Camper Van Interior Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@thatadventurer.co.uk)

Using vintage style for your VW camper van is a smart idea to renovate the interior while bringing back the good old times. You can choose vintage style storages and cabinets for the mini kitchen area. Moreover, customize a wooden desk with trellis to give the vintage feel. On the bed area, you can put some vintage patterned pillows to add more colors.

4. Rustic and Cozy VW Interior

Source: Pinterest (@thatadventurer.co.uk)

Make your small VW camper van feel cozy with a bit of rustic accents. Simply add more wooden elements for the van interior design and you can build a wooden seat, bed frame, and and kitchen cabinet. Add more wooden accents to your kitchen area to make it look more inviting and adorable. Moreover, you can also use wooden racks or jars. Lastly, hang wooden wall decorations and photos to make your small camper van more lively.

5. Bohemian VW Camper Van Interior

Source: Pinterest (@gardenhouz.com)

Not only for your home, bohemian style is also one of the best interior ideas for a cool VW camper van. To create a boho look inside your van, all you have to do is focus on decorating the small camper van with bohemian things. For instance, you can put a Turkish throw blanket to cover your bed, and complete the look by putting some pillows in matching colors. Cover the ceiling and floor with wooden themed vinyl. Lastly, don’t forget to place a patterned rug to give the homey atmosphere.

6. Checkered Green VW Camper Van Interior

Source: Pinterest (@ebay.co.uk)

Suppose you need a brighter color option to make your small VW camper van stand out, we suggest that you choose green! This color is a great symbol of nature, which is a perfect theme for explorers and adventurers. To balance the color composition, you might need to just keep the wooden furniture in the original color. Meanwhile, customize checkered green mattresses, windows, and curtains.

7. Classic Gray VW Camper Van Interior

Source: Pinterest (@newatlas.com)

An elegant interior design to your VW camper van, the classic theme will never go wrong. It has a simple camper van layout that focuses on the cozy living space.  You can build a twin gray sofa seat with a folding table in the middle. Moreover, utilize the sofa seat as a storage option as well. Moreover, use wood style vinyl for the wall and ceiling to give the classic look.

DIY Small Camper Van Interior Ideas

Do you dream of taking your home on the road? With a little ingenuity and some hard work, you can transform a small camper van into a cozy and comfortable mobile home. Here, we have some inspiring DIY camper van interior ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

8. Aesthetic Small Camper Van Interior

Source: Pinterest (@camp-us.fr)

Inspired by the aesthetic small bedroom, you can turn your small camper van into a dream sanctuary for everyone, just like this one. In order to do that, build a customized storage bed, kitchen cabinet, and table first.

Make sure you use wood materials to decorate the ceiling and the floor as well. For the next step, decorate your van with macrame plant hangers, tablecloth, and rug to give the aesthetic vibe. Moreover, we would also suggest that you put decorative plants on the table to add a sweet touch to the decor.

9. DIY Bed with Multiple Storages Interior

Source: Pinterest (@trailandsummit.com)

For those who are planning to do a long trip and need to bring a lot of stuff, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! It’s time to renovate your camper van into this DIY camper van interior. First, build a bed in the same height as the kitchen cabinet. Below the bed, you can customize it into multiple storages. We can assure you that with this design, you can have up to 12 storages below your bed!

10. Compact and Stylish Van Interior

Source: Pinterest (@camperlife.co)

Suppose you want to do some interior remodel for your truck camper, how about making a compact, and homey design? The small camper van interior idea features two levels designed to optimize the storage room. On the first level, you can build the kitchen and mini living area. Meanwhile, design the second level for the bed area, so that you can save more stuff below it. Also, we recommend you to combine wooden style interior with decorative plants to give a stylish feel, too.

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11. Lift Up Storage Bed for Small Camper Van Interior

Source: Pinterest (@dwell.com)

Using a lift up storage bed is definitely a smart space-saving idea for your DIY small camper van interior. Especially for those travelers with their van life, this bed will give a simple solution to keep all your belongings. Moreover, create DIY hanging storages from fabric to keep lighter stuff you use frequently. For decorative purposes, hang a world map and inspiring quote on the wall to motivate yourself.

12. Calming Blue Camper Van Interior

Source: Pinterest (@quirkycampers.com)

What a gorgeous DIY camper conversion! In our opinion, this is one of the most creative camper van interior ideas. To recreate this idea, build your cozy tiny home inside with this calming blue camper van decor. Create a welcoming entrance by placing a blue rug on the floor. Moreover, cover the floor with calming blue vinyl as well, in matching color with the seating area. Combine this wonderful design with wooden cabinets, hanging desks, and storages.

13. Earth Tones Camper Van Interior

Source: Pinterest (@van-crush.tumblr.com)

Inspired by the wildlife and outdoors, we think earth tones are a perfect theme to bring you closer to nature. With this idea, all you have to do is to bring some shades of brown color to your furniture. For example, you can customize the brown ombre seats in matching color with dark brown pillows. Moreover, you can also put decorative woods and frames since they give natural brown shades.

14. Beach Style Living Interior

Beach Style Living Interior
Source: Pinterest (@camperlife.co)

For beach lovers, we believe without a doubt that this DIY small camper van interior idea is surely impressive. It features a cozy living area where you can do many activities inside. You can have a sofa bed, table, and kitchen cabinet to sleep, work, and eat in the small space. However, we personally think that the creative decor definitely gives a statement to the whole interior. Moreover, you can store your surfing board at the ceiling, giving a beach vibe wherever you go.

Unique Small Camper Van Interior Ideas

Are you looking for some unique and creative ideas to spruce up the interior of your small camper van? From installing custom-made furniture to adding statement decor pieces, explore some of the most creative and inspiring interior design ideas for your camper van in the following points. Let’s dig in!

15. Dreamy Magical Camper Van Interior

Dreamy Magical Camper Van Interior
Source: Pinterest (@dailymail.co.uk)

Perhaps your childhood dream is waking up in a fantasy and dreamy world. Now, we are excited to tell you that you can make your dreams come true with a van conversion! To have a magical sanctuary, you can use classic European bedding sheets and pillows in your small camper van. Make sure you choose pastel colors. Later, you can put a pink pastel curtain and hang some flowers and green vines around.

16. Homey Master Bed Camper Van

Homey Master Bed Camper Van
Source: Pinterest (@flippedcase.com)

Create a romantic atmosphere in your small camper van with a special master bed design. This small camper van interior idea is perfect for couples who are planning to have a romantic trip. For this idea, instead of making a compact interior layout, you can build a large master bed. To keep your room looking spacious, you can design a simple storage beneath the master bed. Don’t forget to put some plants in the corner to give a refreshing atmosphere.

17. Fully-Functional Small Camper Van Interior

Fully-Functional Small Camper Van Interior
Source: Pinterest (@diydesign.selbermachendeko.com)

Despite its small size, in our opinion this unique design allows you to have a fully-functional room inside the camper van. You can customize the kitchen cabinet and washing area connected in the first level. Then, build a staircase storage which is connected to the bed area in the second level. With this idea, we also think you can store your stuff below the bed and beneath the staircase as well.

18. Upcycled Small Camper Van Interior

Upcycled Small Camper Van Interior
Source: Pinterest (@vanlifeeats.com)

A wonderful space for environment enthusiasts, this unique design shows that you can renovate the campervan using upcycled stuff. Using upcycled wood materials, you can have a vintage kitchen cabinet in your camper van. Moreover, use old baskets or pottery for plant pots, then place them on the cabinet. To add more green touch, you can hang green vines around the campervan.

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19. Camper Van with Floor Storages

Camper Van with Floor Storages
Source: Pinterest (@camperlife.co)

Suppose your camper van is full of stuff and belongings, we believe it’s time to renovate it and make a new storage space. However, instead of creating a floating storage, how about building more storages on the floor? Although it may be too complicated, we have no doubt this unique idea will make your room look spacious. You can store glass materials like drink bottles safely as it won’t fall to the ground.

20. Warm Autumn Camper Van Interior

Warm Autumn Camper Van Interior
Source: Pinterest (@thatadventurer.co.uk)

As the fall season comes, you may want to go for a camper van trip. And for that reason, we think the autumn colors would be amazing for your camper van. Choose an autumn style curtain with brown, orange, yellow, and green shades. Moreover, cover your bed with traditional patterned brown sheets. In addition, put some pillows in matching colors to the bedding sheets to finish this unique small camper van interior idea.

21. Modern African Design Inspired Campervan

Modern African Design Inspired Campervan
Source: Pinterest (@vanclan.co)

Last on our list we have the perfect combination of modern working space with African design room. It features a unique small camper van interior idea with an adorable color combination. To recreate this look, you can build a modern, cozy working space with a table and seats. Meanwhile, you can also hang animal skull decor on the wall and put a little fir plant on the table. Don’t forget to cover the ceiling with synthetic leather to give the wildlife vibe.

22. Simple Hobo Design Camper Van

Simple Hobo Design Camper Van
Source: Pinterest (@Elle Fielding)

Those who love simple hobo design will surely fall in love with this simple hobo camper van interior design. It has a multi-functional cabinet behind the driving seat. It also comes with a bed that has a drawer underneath to keep our stuff and belongings inside, which we believe can keep your stuff securely stored and keep the whole space clean. To add a touch of bohemian style, you can also add a boho-style blanket.

23. Clean and Bright Design Camper Van

Clean and Bright Design Camper Van

This camper van interior idea is super neat, offering a sweet and tidy interior using a soft and bright color combination. You can create a cabinet on the right side of the space to store your belongings and put a wooden seater that you can also use as a bed, too. Place some sweet decor items such as a large hanging Dream Catcher and apply wooden panels throughout the floor area to make the space feel homey.

24. Mini Camper van with Double Bed

Mini Camper van with Double Bed
Source: Pinterest (@quirkycampers.com)

Don’t let your mini camper van stop you from providing an extra space for a loved one who wishes to join your road trip. With this next camper van idea, we’re pretty sure you will have no problem placing an extra bed for that reason. You can fold the bed when it’s not needed, and simply unfold it when it is needed. In our opinion, this is the perfect idea for those of you who plan on having a road trip with a group of two or three.

25. Compact Vehicle Wooden Camper Van Design

Compact Vehicle Wooden Camper Van Design
Source: Pinterest (@parkedinparadise.com)

If you want to make sure you make the most of the space in your minivan, we’re pretty sure you want to check out this next interior idea. As you can see, it features a design that highlights the use of wood materials. The space looks very cozy and comfy, especially with the combination of wood materials and green sheet and decor items. We can assure you that you will have a great time inside this van.

26. Mini Camper Van Design with Extended Table

Mini Camper Van Design with Extended Table

This next idea comes with an extended table and drawer that can be supre useful when you need to do things that require more space. Since your mini van will not fit everything inside, having an extended table would be a great idea. You can use the table to cook your meals, and once you’re done cooking you can simply slide the table inside and under the bed and you’re all set to go!

Final Thoughts

Small camper van interior ideas offer a great way to enjoy the open road without breaking the bank. With thoughtful design and clever storage solutions, you can create a functional and comfortable living space that is as unique as you are. Whether you’re looking for a luxury camper or a simple weekend getaway, we hope our small camper van interior ideas can provide the perfect balance of comfort and adventure.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you decorate a small van?

There are many creative ideas to decorate a small van. If you have a plain, white van, wall decals are an easy way to add some personality and design to your vehicle. Moreover, lights are a great way to add some style and personality to your van. You can use LED strips, rope lights, or even neon lights to create a unique look. Add a few plants or other decorations to make yours stand out.

What is the cheapest material to put on a ceiling?

The cheapest material to put on a ceiling van is fiberglass-faced gypsum board. It is lightweight, easy to install, and inexpensive. It is also fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, and provides good soundproofing.

What can you use for RV interior walls?

For RV interior walls, you can use paneling, vinyl wallpapers, or wall decals. These materials are lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for RV interiors. Additionally, paneling, vinyl wallpapers, and wall decals are also water-resistant and durable, making them suitable for RV interiors where water can be a concern.

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