A Revamped Classic: The Auto Fabrica BMW R80

The realm of motorcycle revamps has witnessed a spectacular newcomer. Enter the R80-based build Type 10. I mean, with such a killer platform, diving deep into the Type 10 was just begging to happen.

The blend of sleek aesthetics and a playful vibe has motorcycle enthusiasts drooling all over their leather jackets.

Bespoke Beauty

Auto Fabrica BMW R80
Auto Fabrica BMW R80 Bespoke Beauty

When the commission for the Type 10A came knocking, it wasn’t just any ordinary request. The client had a vision—a personalized touch.

Now, instead of going for the cliché “tough black” or “elegant silver”, they swerved and opted for… wait for it… bold yellow! The kind of yellow that screams “I’m athletic and ready to rock the streets!” It’s like the sunshine had a baby with a bolt of lightning.

More Than Just Looks

Auto Fabrica BMW R80
More Than Just Looks

Underneath that radiant exterior lies a beast of an engine. We’re talking a full rebuild, stretched out to a whopping 1000cc. That’s not your grandma’s tricycle!

It’s a machine itching for the open road, hungry for some asphalt action.

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1. Electrics & Exhaust: A Combo to Die For

Electrics & Exhaust
Electrics & Exhaust: A Combo to Die For

With a new wiring loom in place and an uprated headlight and taillight, it’s clear that this motorcycle means business. But the pièce de résistance?

The hand-bent stainless steel exhaust, which guarantees not just heads turning, but jaws dropping.

2. Suspension & Brakes: Safety Never Looked So Sexy

Safety Never Looked So Sexy
Suspension & Brakes: Safety Never Looked So Sexy

The Auto Fabrica BMW R80 boasts front uprated internals and rear uprated shocks, ensuring a smooth ride. But what’s a smooth ride without top-tier brakes?

This beauty features an upgraded master cylinder complemented with braided brake lines for precision stopping.

3. Wheeling In Style

Rolling on 18″ wheels both front and back, this motorcycle is as stable as it is stylish. It’s like the stilettos of the motorcycle world—sexy yet functional.

4. Bodywork Brilliance

Auto Fabrica BMW R80
Bodywork Brilliance OF Auto Fabrica BMW R80

Featuring a modified steel tank, a custom seat and tail unit, the bodywork is pure art. Topped off with an aluminium under-seat panel and a matching front fender, it’s clear that every detail was meticulously thought out.

5. Final Touches: Color & Trim

Auto Fabrica BMW R80
Final Touches: Color & Trim

The radiant yellow paint coupled with the plush brown leather seat is the kind of combination that can make anyone green with envy. It’s the motorcycle equivalent of wearing a sharp tuxedo with the perfect pair of shoes.

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Your Next Ride Awaits…

So, are you ready to make heads turn and be the talk of the town? Dive into the world of Auto Fabrica BMW R80 and experience the magic firsthand. Don’t just ride, own the road.

Give it a spin, and who knows? You might just find your new favorite toy.

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